New York Civil War soldiers
Buried at Hampton National Cemetery
in Hampton, Virginia

Please note that I do not have additional information about these soldiers. Researchers desiring additional information should visit the cemetery's website or contact the cemetery at this address:

Hampton National Cemetery
Cemetery Road at Marshall Avenue
Hampton, VA 23669
Phone: (757) 723-7104 or (757) 722-9961
Fax: (757) 728-3144

To view information about the burial of a New York Civil War soldier in the National Cemetery in Hampton, VA, click on the first letter of his surname.


NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Abrahams, Danford J. Private 148th NY I 12 Nov 1864
Abrams, Robert Private 100th NY K 21 May 1864
Adams, Levi Private 158th NY D 5 Jun 1865
Allinson, William Private 142d NY G 27 May 1864
Amel, Charles Private 118th NY F 25 Oct 1864
Anisley, George Private 148th NY F 5 Mar 1864
Anson, Nelson F. Private 118th NY G 20 Aug 1864
Ashman, James Corporal 6th NY H. Art. L 28 Jun 1865
Austin, Alexander Corporal 16th NY Art. K 6 Nov 1864
Ayles, Thomas Corporal 16th NY Art. M 3 Oct 1864
Ayres, Austin Corporal 16th NY Bat. ? 4 Feb 1865

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Babcock, Daniel Private 75th NY K 30 Jul 1864
Babcock, Elias Private 10th NY H. Art. B 29 May 1865
Backus, William Private 142d NY E 12 Jun 1864
Baker, Charles Private 142d NY H 12 Mar 1865
Ball, Andrew Private 100th NY G 14 Jun 1864
Bancroft, Conrad Private 148th NY G 3 Aug 1864
Barlow, _____Private 169th NY B 13 May 1864
Barnes, James Private 126th NY K 10 Aug 1864
Barnes, W. H. Sergeant 81st NY A 1 Feb 1864
Baxter, Parter Private 142d NY H 2 Aug 1864
Beach, Charles Private 81st NY E 24 Nov 1864
Bechstedt, Frederick Sergeant 81st NY B 5 Sep 1865
Benedict, L. H. Private 16th NY Art. H 2 Sep 1864
Bennett, Edgar Private 118th NY G 24 Nov 1864
Bennett, Eli Private 118th NY K 2 Jun 1864
Bennett, Jacob Private 47th NY C 31 May 1864
Benson, Isaac Private 16th NY Bat. ? 31 Oct 1864
Billings, Martin Private 13th NY Art. A 25 Oct 1864
Blair, William A. Private 16th NY Art. G 5 Dec 1864
Bliss, David A. Private 16th NY D 3 July 1865
Bloodaugh, James W. Private 16th NY Art. F 21 Aug 1864
Bloom, John Privae 100th NY F 13 Nov 1864
Bond, John D. Private 115th NY A 20 May 1865
Bootle, William Private 16th NY Art. A 16 Sep 1864
Bordage, Henry Private 169th NY D 17 Aug 1864
Borton, Peleg Private 96th NY I 30 Sep 1864
Boyd, James H. Private 16th NY Art. A 28 Aug 1864
Breast, Henry L. Private 8th NY Cav. F 25 Jul 1864
Brill, Horatio M. Private 3d NY Art. K 1 Oct 1864
Brooks, Henry A. Private 115th NY A 4 Jun 1864
Brooks, James G. Private 10th NY Art. H 6 Aug 1864
Brown, Adrian V. Private 75th NY G 25 Jul 1864
Brown, B. Private 100th NY K 24 Dec 1864
Brown, Charles E. Corporal 13th NY Art. H 24 Sep 1864
Brown, James D. Private 16th NY H 13 July 1864
Brown, William Private 117th NY I 11 Dec 1864
Bruce, Albert Private 3d NY Cav. I 14 Jul 1864
Brugdon, Albert Private 142d NY H 18 Oct 1864
Brunagin, Andrew J. Sergeant 118th NY A 17 May 1864
Bryant, A. J. Private 142d NY F 25 Aug 1864
Bryant, Isaac Private 139th NY A 7 Oct 1864
Buckley, Philip Private 8th NY Cav. M 22 Jun 1864
Bummerman, Herman Corporal 100th NY F 30 Apr 1865
Burd, Adam Corporal 118th NY F 28 Jun 1864
Burnes, John Private 142d NY K 17 Mar 1865
Burton, John J. Private 16th NY Art. G 8 Dec 1864
Bust, Abner Private 8th NY H. Art. E 5 May 1865
Butler, Patrick Private 16th NY Art. E 19 Dec 1864
Byund, Paul Private 169th NY D 19 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Cain, T. Private 96th NY E15 Oct 1864
Call, Patrick Private 16th NY Art. A10 Jan 1865
Campbell, Isaac S. Private 48th NY K30 Oct 1864
Campbell, Martin V. B. Private 81st NY I23 May 1864
Campbell, Ward Private 148th NY I23 Jul 1864
Cann, T. W. 1st Sergt. 16th NY Art. C30 Oct 1864
Carpenter, David Private27th NYI26 May 1917
Carr, Clancy D.Private 98th NY B30 Jul 1864
Carr, WilliamPrivate 98th NY H20 May 1864
Carver, LuciusPrivate 89th NY E2 Jul 1864
Castle, JohnPrivate 100th NY D12 May 1864
Chapman, RichardPrivate 148th NY B2 Sep 1864
Church, James T.Private 16th NY Art. K15 Oct 1864
Clapper, Eldridge Private 89th NY H13 July 1864
Clark, George E. Private 98th NY G13 Oct 1864
Clausy, David Private 169th NY I23 Aug 1864
Cleaveland, George E. Private 5th NY H. Art. F16 Apr 1865
Cleveland, Ezra Corporal 89th NY F7 Dec 1864
Cline, Jacob Private 33d NY Art. I27 Dec 1864
Coighaman, Thomas Private 115th NY H4 Sep 1864
Colan, Joseph Corporal 142d NY K11 Aug 1864
Cole, Frank Private 142d NY A11 Dec 1864
Coleman, Ezra Private 115th NY I11 Nov 1864
Comb, Elijah Corporal 143d NY I7 Aug 1864
Comstock, C. Private 10th NY Art. C5 Aug 1864
Comstock, James Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles E4 Aug 1864
Connor, B. J. Private 10th NY Art. A10 Aug 1864
Conway, Owen Private 148th NY F7 Sep 1864
Cool, H. Private 115th NY E3 Jan 1865
Cooms, Henry M. Private 98th NY Regt. I4 Oct 1864
Coons, Henry Private 100th NY K25 Jan 1865
Cooper, Eugene H. Private 112th NY G29 Jul 1864
Cortrell, W. W. Private 16th NY Art. F25 Dec 1864
Countraman, James M. Private 115th NY D4 Apr 1865
Crandall, William H. Private 81st NY A17 Sep 1865
Cranson, A. B. Private 169th NY B13 Sep 1864
Crewis, William E. Corporal 1st NY Eng. F23 Oct 1864
Crossman, William H. Private 50th NY Eng. A15 Jun 1864
Crouch, J. C. Private 148th NY I28 Sep 1864
Cummings, John Private 5th NY Art. E16 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Danolo, John Private 89th NY K5 Aug 1864
Darcey, Edward Private 48th NY E11 Jun 1864
Davis, Peter Private 16th NY Art. K18 Oct 1864
Davis, M. Private 118th NY A20 Oct 1864
Davenport, Henry Private 3d NY Cav. C7 Jan 1865
Dayford, R. Private 96th NY C2 Oct 1864
Dean, Alfred J. Private 115th NY F1 Jun 1865
DeBar, George Private 169th NY H25 Sep 1864
Delong, C. R. Sergeant 117th NY G14 Jan 1865
Dellingham, A. Private 115th NY H14 Feb 1865
Delany, John Private 152d NY I8 Apr 1865
Devine, D. S. Private 117th NY I30 Oct 1864
DeWitt, _____Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles H.1 Sep 1864
DeWolf, Charles Corporal 96th NY H10 Oct 1864
Dibble, Joseph Private 3d NY Art. M26 Mar 1865
Dicker, Peter Private 96th NY H18 Oct 1864
Dietrick, C. Private 47th NY F9 Aug 1864
Ding, Lewis Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles L14 Oct 1864
Disbrow, William Private 115th NY I12 Feb 1865
Dixon, Samuel Y. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles D5 Oct 1864
Dixon, H. Private 42d NY D18 Jan 1865
Dodge, Luwellyne Private 96th NY K3 Aug 1864
Dodd, Joseph Private 10th NY Art. K8 Jul 1864
Dolan, Peter Private 48th NY F3 Aug 1864
Dolan, Michael Private 112th NY A26 Aug 1864
Doland, R. W. Private 97th NY B2 Nov 1864
Donegan, William Corporal 169th NY D15 Jun 1864
Donavan, Daniel Private 89th NY I13 Jul 1864
Donalson, Charles G. Private 112th NY H9 Aug 1864
Doubleday, John H. Private 169th NY D10 Aug 1864
Duel, Jacob N. Private 142d NY D25 Aug 1864
Dunhan, John H. Private 117th NY D17 Nov 1864
Dye, Curtis S. Sergeant 148th NY A16 May 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Edelman, Michael Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles I__ Aug 1864
Edgerton, George C.unknown 169th NY E3 Jun 1864
Eggleston, Cornelius Private 98th NY F12 Sep 1864
Ellis, Solomon Private 112th NY h8 Jan 1864
Ellis, Joseph W. Hospital steward 3d NY Cav.unknown27 Jan1865
Elliot, Henry Private 142d NY C19 Jul 1864
Elson, James Private 89th NY F23 Aug 1864
Essling, John Private 112th NY D7 Feb 1865

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Falley, Bernard Private 100th NY K21 Jul 1864
Farrar, Eben Musician 96th NY I4 Jul 1865
Fary, John Private 98th NY A19 May 1864
Ferris, Richard Private 16th NY Art. B24 Oct 1864
Fish, Charles S. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles K20 Sep 1865
Fisher, E. D. Private 148th NY I3 Jun 1865
Fisher, Joel R. Sergeant 112th NY I9 May 1865
Fisk, Washington B. Private 16th NY Art. H2 Aug 1864
Fitzgerald, Michael Private 148th NY B19 Jun 1864
Fitzpatrick, J. Private 96th NY F2 Oct 1864
Fitzsimmons, R. Private 69th NYSNGA unknown14 Dec 1864
Foster, Cassius Private 75th NY E1 Aug 1864
Fowler, T. Private 92d NY H12 Dec 1864
Fradenburgh, George L. Sergeant 1st NY Mtd. Rifles F27 Oct 1864
Franklin, H. Private 13th NY Art. L17 Aug 1864
Fredly, David Private 148th NY I22 Oct 1864
Freligh, Charles Private 142d NY E8 Nov 1864
Frink, Christopher Private 16th NY Art. G25 Oct 1864
Fuller, Henry G. Private 17th NY Bat.unknown21 Jul 1864
Fuller, Levi Private 118th NY D1 Jun 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Gandrow, Levi Private 118th NY I5 Oct 1864
Garrett, Joseph Private 118th NY Regt. I5 Oct 1864
Garritt, Jaames Private 87th NY B25 Jul 1864
Gibson, William Private 139th NY H4 Jul 1864
Gleason, Charles Private 117th NY H19 Oct 1864
Glinn, John Private 158th NY A8 Nov 1864
Goff, James Private 118th NY H25 Jun 1864
Goff, John Private 142d NY D17 Dec 1864
Goiles, John Private 112th NY K15 Aug 1864
Goodnow, R. H. Private 8th NY E4 Sep 1864
Goodrich, James Private 148th NY G5 Jun 1864
Gordes, William Private 117th NY K8 Nov 1864
Gould, John M. Corporal 81st NY G3 Sep 1864
Grace, Benjamin Private 148th NY B25 Jul 1864
Graham, Peter Corporal 98th NY E26 Dec 1864
Grandy, John M. Corporal 28th NY F27 Oct 1864
Griffin, Michael Private 16th NY Art. G28 Aug 1864
Griswold, John Private 10th NY Cav. G29 May 1864
Groom, William H. Private 118th NY A13 Jun 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Hail, E. E. Private 13th NY Art. M1 Nov 1864
Hall, Clark W. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles A27 Oct 1864
Hall, John Private 117th NY H22 Sep 1864
Halligan, Thomas Private 5th NY Cav. K30 Oct 1864
Hardenburg, J. W. Private 16th NY Art. F19 Sep 1864
Hardwick, John Private 37th NY E20 Aug 1864
Hardy, Thomas Private 98th NY H16 Jul 1865
Harle, B. B. Sergeant 158th NY E16 Nov 1864
Harrover, Isaac Private 115th NY D7 Aug 1864
Harrover, William J. Private 3d NY C1 Aug 1864
Hart, J. J. Sergeant 10th NY Art. B25 Apr 1865
Harvey, G. C. Sergeant 17th NY Bat. unknown28 Nov 1864
Harvey, Rufus L. Private 142d NY H20 Jun 1864
Hays, John Private 89th NY H24 Aug 1865
Haywood, Caleb Sergeant 117th NY K21 May 1864
Heaton, Alfred Private 20th NY Cav. H16 Apr 1865
Henderson, Charles Private 158th NY C17 Apr 1865
Henrick, A. Private 16th NY Art. K20 Nov 1864
Herron, Thomas O. Private 10th NY Art. A27 Aug 1864
Hess, Randolph Private 39th NY K9 Apr 1865
Hibbard, D. W. Private 16th Ny Art. F17 Dec 1864
Hickley, Charles W. Sergeant 118th NY D22 Jun 1864
Hildebrandt, Augustus Private 13th NY H. Art. M3 May 1865
Hineman, Henry Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles F8 Oct 1864
Hinman, James R. Private 10th NY Art. B5 Jul 1864
Hopkins, George Private 96th NY B22 Aug 1864
Houghton, John Private 48th NY C25 May 1864
Howe, Lester B. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles K8 Aug 1864
Hubbard, William H. Private 112th NY H2 Nov 1864
Hueh, Michael Private 10th NY Art. B20 Jul 1864
Hughes, John Private 169th NY G16 Aug 1864
Hunter, George D. Sergeant 48th NY A30 Sep 1864
Hurman, Samuel B. Private 10th NY Art. E22 Aug 1864
Huser, C. W. Sergeant 148th NY G11 Nov 1864
Hustedt, W. Private 142d NY I15 Nov 1864
Hutchingson, Johnson Private 142d NY K18 Aug 1864
Hynly, John C. Corporal 98th NY F13 Aug 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Insign, Nelson Private 16th NY H. Art. L18 May 1865
Irelan, Robert Private 142d NY A10 Aug 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
James, Nelson Private 2d NY Art. A17 Oct 1864
Jedwith, ?ewell Private 98th NY E9 Oct 1864
Jellot, George E. Bugler 7th NY Bat. unknown10 Aug 1864
Jerome, Edward Private 148th NY K27 Feb 1864
Johnson, Henry M. Private 118th NY I22 Oct 1864
Johnson, J. S. Private 148th NY F18 Apr 1865
Johnson, Jesse Corporal 98th NY H18 Sep 1864
Johnson, John Private 112th NY D13 Nov 1864
Johnson, John Private 169th NY F18 Dec 1864
Johnson, William H. Private 89th NY K5 Jul 1864
Johnson, William Private 36th NY C8 Aug 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Kahoon, Allen Private 148th NY D28 Sep 1864
Kaley, Michael Private 115th NY Regrt. G29 Aug 1864
Kearney, John Corporal 96th NY H2 Nov 1864
Keenholdt, C. Private 115th NY C17 Jun 1864
Kehoc, William Sergeant 139th NY K11 Aug 1864
Kelley, Thomas G. Private 118th NY I23 Oct 1864
Kellogg, Charles Sergeant 100th NY A24 Feb 1865
Kennedy, George W. Private 112th NY I13 Apr 1865
Kibble, Amos Private 81st NY G25 May 1864
Kimball, Hiram Private 10th NY Art. F5 Aug 1864
King, George W. Private 81st NY G2 Jan 1865
King, John W. Private 117th NY H30 Jun 1864
King, Patrick Private 117th NY F7 Oct 1864
Knapp, D. Private 16th NY Art. D24 Apr 1865
Knowles, H. Private 3d NY F1 Jul 1865
Krabb, Andrew Private 10th NY Art. C6 Aug 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Laforge, Eli Private 7th NY Bat. unknown6 Jul 1864
Lama, Joseph Private 98th NY E1 Jun 1864
Lamory, Julius Private 118th NY C14 Apr 1865
Lamphier, James Private 100th NY H17 Sep 1864
Lander, John 1st Sergeant 96th NY H5 Oct 1864
Lanton, William Private 10th NY Art. H21 Jul 1864
Lapin, Abraham Private 118th NY B6 Jul 1864
Lashker, James A. Private 117th NYE11 Jan 1865
Lawrence, Stephen D. Private 89th NY A18 Oct 1862
Leech, James Private 96th NY E2 Oct 1864
Liddle, John Private 81st NY H16 Jul 1864
Linz, Henry Private 10th NY H. Art. K27 Apr 1865
Little, Martin Private 100th NY B30 Sep 1864
Littleton, John Private 139th NY E1 Sep 1864
Lloyd, Robert Private 117th NY D21 Jun 1864
Lorton, Horatio Private 48th NY E27 Dec 1864
Lounsbury, James Private 100th NY H17 Sep 1864
Louroy, George B. Private 118th NY F26 Oct 1864
Lukes, Cyrus C. Private 3d NY Cav. C7 Dec 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Madden, John Private 48th NY F20 May 20 1864
Madden, Sylvester Private 169th NY D11 Jul 11 1864
Mahoney, Edward Private 16th NY C26 Sep 1864
Malb, William L. Private 117th NY E1 Nov 1864
Mallory, George Private 117th NY C30 Jun1864
Manwarning, S. Private 89th NY E21 Sep 1864
Mapes, Maded Private 4th NY C11 Sep 1864
Marshall, William A. Corporal 3d NY Cav. B5 Jul 1864
Martin, Levy Private 47th NY B10 Aug 1864
Martin, Peter S. Private 98th NY B3 Nov 1864
Mattice, Spender Private 81st NY D2 Aug 1864
McAnui, John Private 118th NY C17 April 1865
McCue, Daniel Private 96th NY B25 Oct 1864
McDonald, Henry Private 10th NY Art. E1 Sep 1864
McDonald, William Private 139th NY K19 Jul 1864
McGuff, Anthony Private 16th NY H. Art. C16 Jun 1864
McGuire, Patrick Private 3d NY I10 Nov 1864
McKnabe, Charles Private 117th NY B6 Jun 1864
McLaughlin, John Private 142d NY E6 Aug 1864
McMaster, John Corporal 115th NY D4 Sep 1864
McNamara, William Private 142d NY D6 Jul 1864
McNatt, Andrew Private 10th NY Cav. G28 Jul 1864
McNeil, George H. Private 2d NY Art. H4 Aug 1864
Mehlhop, Henry Private 16th NY K29 Aug 1864
Mellen, Proctor Private 16th NY K22 Aug 1865
Miller, G. N. Private 148th NY F19 Dec 1864
Miller, Gilman Private 117th NY A5 Jul 1864
Miller, John Private 113th NY Art. M13 Sep 1864
Miller, William Private 117th NY C20 Mar 1865
Mitchell, John Private 7th NY Bat. unknown13 Aug 1864
Mohukern, Albert Private 47th NY D1 Jan 1865
Morgan, John Private 47th NY A23 Aug 1864
Morrill, William B. Private 96th NY I5 May 1865
Morrison, John Private 142d NY K30 May 1864
Morton, Harvey Private 81st NY H26 May 1864
Mulligan, Patrick Private 158th NY B25 Apr 1865
Murdock, A. L. Private 10th NY Art. A19 Jul 1864
Murphy, Thomas C. Private 139th NY B23 Jul 1864
Murrey, Michael M. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles E16 Oct 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Neals, John Private 39th NY I29 Jul 1864
Near, Charles H. Private 115th NY H27 Jun 1864
Nelson, Peter Private 100th NY H15 Apr 1865
Newcome, George Private 16th NY Art. A25 Nov 1864
Newton, Jerome Private 117th NY E3 May 1864
Nichols, Major H. Private 16th NY Art. unknown6 Jul 1864
North, Thomas R. Private 148th NY E30 Sep 1964
Northroup, William C. Private 6th NY H. Art. B8 May 1865
Nuffer, George Private 10th NY Art. D9 Aug 1864
Nugent, John Private 139th NY G31 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
O'Brien, Thomas Private 169th NY D8 Sep 1864
Oakly, William H. Corporal 117th NY G15 Jun 1864
Oherley, F. A. Sergeant 10th NY Art. D31 Jul 1864
Osburn, David C. Private 16th NY Art. K4 Oct 1864
Osburn, Leonard R. Private 3d NY Cav. G27 May 1864
Ostrander, William J. Private 142d NY I25 Nov 1864
Owens, James Private 3d NY Art. I24 Jan 1865

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Paddock, Richard Private 81st NY K3 Sep 1864
Pappino, Franklin G. Sergeant 89th NY C12 Jul 1864
Parker, Charles L. Private 115th NY F23 Aug 1864
Parker, E. Private 142d NY E1 Nov 1864
Parmatur, Elias Private 98th NY B30 Oct 1864
Parsons, H. C. Private 3d NY unknown19 Jun 1864
Pasca, S. E. Private 96th NY I2 Sep 1864
Patterson, James Private 117th NY K27 Sep 1864
Patton, Robert A. Private 1st NY Engineers H Nov 1864
Pecler, John H. Corporal 115th NY A19 May 1864
Pendleton, Samuel Private 16th NY Art. F1 Jun 1865
Perkins, William J. Private 16th NY Art.L1 Nov 1864
Perrigo, Henry A. Private 159th NY G16 Sep 1864
Perrin, William Private 158th NY I13 April 1865
Pervis, John A. Private 142d NY I30 May 1865
Philbrick, R. Private 117th NY D17 Jun 1864
Pinkerton, J. A. Private 16th NY Art. B16 Sep 1864
Ploof, Peter Private 142d NY F2 Oct 1864
Porter, C. W. Private 16th NY Art. K13 Feb 1865
Post, Levi Sergeant 16th NY Art. G12 Nov 1864
Potter, George Private 117th NY D2 Jul 1864
Potter, J. L. Corporal 148th NY I6 Nov 1864
Poucher, William Private 3d NY K24 May 1864
Powell, D. Private 13th NY Art. unknown28 Sep 1864
Price, Hugh Private 110th NY A10 May 1865
Prout, Orrin T. Private 12th NY Cav. G17 Feb 1865
Provost, Joseph Private 13th Ny Art. L3 Sep 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Quigley, Patrick Private 16th NY Art. B5 Jan 1865
Quinn, Edward Private 100th NY G17 Mar 1865
Quinn, Felix Private 47th NY K3 Aug 1864
Quinn, Michael Private 169th NY E7 Sep 1864
Qusor, Joseph Private 142d NY H14 Oct 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Race, George Private 89th NY H26 Sep 1864
Rackmyer, A. Private 115th NY K14 Mar 1865
Reed, Joseph Private 16th NY Art. H3 Jul 1864
Rice, Seth Private 142d NY A22 Oct 1864
Richardson, Edwin O. Musician 10th NY Art. B2 Aug 1864
Richardson, James B. Corporal 16th NY Art. H3 Sep 1864
Richardson, James Private 9th NY Cav. C4 Jul 1864
Riley, Cornelius Private 89th NY A2 May 1864
Riley, William H. Private 151st NY A8 Apr 1865
Rinney, Isaac Private 176th NY G28 Aug 1865
Robins, Elisha Private 184th NY I14 Jun 1865
Rogers, Edson C. Recruit 16th NY Art. unknown11 Jun1864
Rolloson, Jacob Private 4th NY Bat. unknown11 Jun 1864
Ross, James Private 6th NY H. Art. E 28 Apr 1865
Rouse, Wilbur C. Private 148th NY K30 Jun 1864
Russell, Martin Private 118th NY D5 Jun 1864
Ruther, John G. Private 142d NY F28 Nov 1864
Ryan, Patrick Private 118th NY C13 Aug 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Scarlott, Richard Sergeant 96th NY F18 Jul 1864
Schaup, Henry Private 100th NY K15 Jun 1864
Schoff, John Private 33d NY Bat. unknown24 Sep 1864
Sears, Henry Private 148th NY F14 Nov 1864
Sellers, Robert Private 20th NY Cav. A1 Mar 1865
Serim, William H. Private 89th NY F15 Apr 1865
Sevoice, Squire Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles A10 Jul 1864
Shannon, Clayton Private 148th NY F17 Jan 1865
Shaw, Jos. C. Private 89th NY H31 Oct 1864
Shaw, Robert 1st Sergeant 142d NY E13 Feb 1865
Shephard, B. Private 16th NY Art. F22 Nov 1864
Sherman, Caleb D. Sergeant 98th NY F12 Aug 1864
Sherman, George W. Private 118th NY D3 Oct 1864
Sherman, James Musician 153d NY D22 Aug 1864
Sherwood, Benjamin Artificer 1st NY Eng. L13 Jul 1864
Shoiter, Edward Private 112th NY A10 Jun 1864
Shufelt, William Private 169th NY A7 Jul 1864
Shultz, F. E. Private 142d NY D23 Dec 1864
Siegel, Heugo Private 3d NY Cav. K10 Aug 1864
Slee, Christian Private 13th NY Art. M4 Sep 1865
Smith, Aurelius C. S. Private 89th NY A30 Jun 1864
Smith, Freeman Private 13th NY Art. H.19 Sep 1864
Smith, H. Private 115th NY I11 Dec 1864
Smith, Henry Private 75th NY I28 Apr 1865
Smith, John Private 162d NY B23 Aug 1864
Smith, John Private 2d NY C10 Jul 1864
Smithers, Edwin R. Private 142d NY G21 Jun 1864
Smithers, William Private 142d NY G26 Nov 1864
Smyth, John S. Private 139th NY E17 Apr 1864
Snell, Jerome Private 10th NY Art. G18 Aug 1864
Soe, Andrew Private 148th NY H6 Sep 1864
Sprague, Ira Private 3d NY Cav. K26 Nov 1864
Srong, George W. Private 117th NY I2 Aug 1864
Stafford, James Private 112th NY C25 Nov 1864
Stead, James W. Private 3d NY K14 Jul 1864
Steamworks, Jeremiah Private 115th NY D26 Aug 1864
Stewart, Columbus Private 169th NY H6 Oct 1864
Stewart, J. N. Private 22d NY Cav. H19 Oct 1864
Stiffenhoden, C. Private 158th NY G12 Nov 1864
Stoekle, John Private 1st NY Eng. B21 Jul 1864
Stokes, Oakley Private 100th NY F3 Sep 1864
Stoothoof, William Private 139th NY G4 Apr 1864
Strailey, Frederick Private 3d NY Art. K27 Sep 1864
Stratton, J. J. Private 142d NY A5 Nov 1864
Symoure, Oscar Private 75th NY H21 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Tenant, Samuel R. Private 48th NY B20 Jun 1864
Terhune, Abraham B. Private 148th NY H22 Jul 1864
Thomas, Richard Private 162d NY D7 Aug 1864
Thompson, George Private 89th NY D30 Apr 1865
Thompson, Henry Private 16th NY Art. G26 Nov 1864
Thompson, Samuel Private 169th NY C16 Feb 1865
Thurston, George H. Private 20th NY Cav. G13 Sep 1865
Tilley, Henry Private 47th NY C16 Jul 1864
Tillostan, Charles Private 10th NY Art. D20 Jun 1864
Tilloston, W. H. Private 148th NY G13 Dec 1864
Tills, Edward Private 100th NY G10 Oct 1864
Toy, Edward Private 16th NY Art. F1 Sep 1864
Toy, Henry Private 173d NY D3 Nov 1864
Tubbs, George R. Private 148th NY B13 Jul 1864
Tubbs, Joseph Private 142d NY E27 Jan 1865
Tully, Joseph Private 142d NYRegt. A13 Dec 1864
Turner, James Private 115th NY D15 Oct 1864
Turner, Michael Private 142d NY C13 Nov 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Underwood, Oscar Private 148th NY K28 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Van Alstyne, Henry Drummer 16th NY Art. L19 Aug 1864
Vattaki, C. Private 160th NY A18 Jul 1864
Veber, John Private 20th NY Cav. H1 Apr 1865
Vernan, Byron Private 142d NY E20 Nov 1864
Voucher, E. Private 47th NY E1 Feb 1865
Vreeland, Abraham Private 40th NY E24 May 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Wade, S. C. Corporal 169th NY H18 Nov 1864
Wager, James A. Private 1115th NY C6 Jun 1864
Wakefield, M. Private 100th NY K5 Nov 1864
Walker, A. J. 1st Sergeant 96th NY F30 Oct 1864
Walker, Gotleib Private 176th NY B13 Aug 1864
Walker, Lewis Private 47th NY F2 Sep 1864
Walker, Louis Private 142d NY K29 Jun 1864
Ward, James Private 1st NY Eng. F18 Jun 1865
Ward, James Private 81st NY I24 Nov 1864
Ward, William Private 100th NY K8 Jun 1865
Watson, Lewis B. Private 158th NY B22 Oct 1864
Weaver, David Private 13th NY Art. M13 Dec 1864
Wellman, Edward Private 22d NY Cav. K20 Jun 1864
Wendworth, Robert H. Private 117th NY B18 Oct 1864
Wesley, John Corporal 169th NY G3 Jul 1864
Westerly, William H. Private 112th NY G18 Jul 1864
Wheeler, William Private 16th NY Art. A26 Sep 1864
Whitcher, Charles B. Private 1st NY Mtd. Rifles I24 Nov 1864
White, David M. Sergeant 100th NY H1 Dec 1864
White, James Private 118th NY B5 Aug 1864
White, John E. Corporal 3d NY G4 Oct 1864
Whittacker, John E. Private 133d NY Eng. I28 Jul 1864
Williams, Franklin Private 148th NY H10 Apr 1864
Williams, G. R. C. Private 112th NY D7 Aug 1864
Williams, George Private 118th NY G16 Jul 1864
Williams, James J. Private98th NY D24 Jul 1864
Willivarst, J. Private 100th NY H19 Aug 1864
Wilson, Charles Private 16th NY Art. B21 Oct 1864
Wilson, George Private 100th NY K25 Aug 1865
Wilson, Leander Private 118th NY I17 Aug 1864
Winch, Clark Private 5th NY Cav. B27 Jul 1864
Wise, Henry Private 48th NY B1 Sep 1864
Wisman, George Private 10th NY Art. D18 Jul 1864
Wisner, Samuel Private 81st NY B2 Oct 1864
Wohkrank, Charles Private 16th NY Art. K3 Oct 1864
Wood, James Private 98th NY C29 Aug 1864
Wood, William Private 3d NY Cav. E9 Jul 1864
Wooder, Edwin Private 16th NY Art. C7 Sep 1864
Woodward, A.. M. Private 75th NY F8 Sep 1864
Wright, George W. Privae 10th NY Art. K2 Jul 1864
Wrightman, Peter R. Private 148th NY E29 Jul 1864

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of death
Yarrington, A. Private 13th NY Art. L13 Jan 1865
Yatton, Lucius Private 118th NY H28 May 1864
Yotter, Daniel F. Private 140th NY D4 Aug 1864
Young, Abram Private 148th NY H12 Aug 1864
Young, James Private 96th NY B16 Jul 1864

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