New York Civil War Soldiers Buried
at Staunton National Cemetery
in Staunton, Virginia

Please note that I do not have additional information about these soldiers. Researchers desiring additional information should contact the cemetery at this address:

Staunton National Cemetery
901 Richmond Avenue
Staunton, VA 24401

NameRankRegt.Co.Date of deathBurial Lot
Anderson, _____unknown1st NY Cav.FAug. 28, 1864grave 7, sect. A
Atrick, _____unknown1st NY Cav.unknownunknowngrave 31, sect. A
Baylor, Johnunknown1st NY Cav.DJune 9, 1862grave 3, sect. A; died on battlefield
Beal, Peleg H.unknown1st NY Cav.Hunknowngrave 104, sect. A
Campbell, R.unknown61st NYCSept. 15, 1864grave 42, sect. B
Cooper, Davidunknown5th NY Art.DJuly 27, 1864grave 41, sect. A
Cridell, W.unknown5th NY Cav.BMay 11, 1865grave 38, sect. A
Dales, Jamesunknown1st NY Dragoonsunknownunknowngrave 4, sect. C
Daniel, Georgeunknown1st NY Cav.Hunknowngrave 15, sect. A
Davis, D.unknown1st NY Cav.Aunknowngrave 31, sect. C
Frisby, N.,unknown9th NYCAug. 10, 1864grave 123, sect. B
Garno, Davidunknown28th NYGMay 30, 1862grave 10, sect. A
McShinn, _____Sergeant45th NYunknownunknowngrave 102, sect. A
Miller, G. H.unknown5th NY Art.GJuly 27, 1864grave 42, sect. A
Miller, S. H.unknown__ NY Cav.BJune 23, 1864grave 46, sect. B
Pierce, William A.unknown2d NY Cav.COct. 3, 1864grave 10, sect. D
Rodgers, A.unknown28th NYAApril 23, 1862grave 123, sect. A
Shafer, Charlesunknown1st NYDJune 22, 1864grave 41, sect. B
Spendlow, W. C.Sergeant1st NY Cav.EJune __, 1864grave 27, sect. A
Sullivan, Thomasunknown2d NYBOct. 24, 1864grave 80, sect. B
Tulch, C.unknown15th NYBunknowngrave 105, sect. A
Windock, C.unknown30th NY Art.IAug. 5, 1864grave 23, sect. A

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