Wagar / Wager Gravestone Photographs
Grafton Center Cemetery
Town of Grafton, Rensselaer County, NY

Diane McCormick, who is a granddaughter of John Wagar of Grafton, Rensselaer County, NY, has collected more than 200 photographs of gravestones of members of the WAGAR or WAGER family from various cemeteries in Rensselaer County, NY since 2007. She has kindly contributed them to this website for the benefit of all you who are researching the WAGAR or WAGER surname. Please be advised that the copyright for these photographs remains with Diane McCormick. If you wish to make commercial use of them, please obtain Diane's written permission in advance. If you wish to contribute them to another party, you should credit Diane McCormick.

Grafton Center Cemetery
Grafton, Rensselaer County, NY

Grafton Center Cemetery, general view, 17 May 2009

Grafton Center Cemetery: Clinton A. Wagar, 1884--1956

Grafton Center Cemetery: Edgar A. Wagar, 1865--1935

Grafton Center Cemetery: Everett L. Wagar, 1918--2003

Grafton Center Cemetery: Grace S. Wagar, daughter of Edgar & Ida Wagar, b 1893

Grafton Center Cemetery: Harriet Wagar, wife of A. G. Durkee, d 4 Oct 1897, age 75y (first view)

Grafton Center Cemetery: Harriet Wagar, wife of A. G. Durkee, d 4 Oct 1897, age 75y (second view)

Grafton Center Cemetery: Arial G. Durkee (husband of Harriet Wagar), d 16 Jan 1894, age 79y 11m

Grafton Center Cemetery: Hazel L. (Wagar) Burdick, daughter of Edgar & Ida Wagar, 1898-1939

Grafton Center Cemetery: Ida S. Wagar, wife of Edgar A. Wagar, b 1864

Grafton Center Cemetery: Irma Corbin, wife of Everett L. Wagar, 1914--2007

Grafton Center Cemetery: James Wagar, 1873--1964

Grafton Center Cemetery: John S. Wagar, 1866--1939

Grafton Center Cemetery: Lois E. Moore, wife of Clinton A. Wagar, 1902--1944

Grafton Center Cemetery: Mamie Wagar, 1863-1926 (first view)

Grafton Center Cemetery: Mamie Wagar, 1863-1926 (second view)

Grafton Center Cemetery: Selina M. Jones, wife of James Wagar, 1878--1951

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