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"God could have made a more beautiful place than Staten Island, but he never did." - George William Curtis

"Staten Island... is one of the sweetest spots on our globe. Travel where he may, the voyager fails to find a place where all the comforts and elegance of life are more profusely concentrated than on this island-suburb of the great metropolis America." - John Overton Choules, The Cruise of the Steam Yacht North Star (New York: Evans & Dickerson; Boston: Gould & Lincoln, 1854), p. 349

Just for fun: Top Ten Internet Abbreviations for Genealogists

Thought for Today by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) From Ancestry Daily News, 12 May 2005
"Whatever you would do, begin it. Boldness has courage, genius and magic in it."

Updated and reworked History, Geography and Community.
Updates continue to Obituaries.

Updated Censuses and directories.
Updates continue to Obituaries.

Updated Churches and Smiths.
Updates continue to Obituaries.

Updates COMPLETED at War of 1812
Updates continue to Obituaries.

Updates continue to War of 1812
Updates continue to Obituaries.

14Jun2014: Cleaned up 1855 Census Schedules
Updates continue to War of 1812
Updates continue to Obituaries.

24May2014: 1855 Census Schedules added - completely new!
Updates continue to Obituaries.

02May2014: Search page updated

New 01Mar2014: Additional Lake burials Some Blazing Star/Rossville burials Brighton Heights/Silver Mount Burials
Bible Records are completed.
Updates continue to Obituaries.

11Jan2014: Information on the Wyandotte Hook and Ladder Company and updates continue to Bible Records, and Obituaries.

25Feb2013: Staten Island Deaths 1957-1962 and updates continue to Bible Records, and Obituaries.

06Feb2013: Hillside Burials and updates continue to Bible Records, and Obituaries.

19Mar2012: Updates continue to Bible Records, and Obituaries.

18Mar2012: Dempsey is complete!

17Mar2012: Several updates to Dempsey

15Mar2012: More updates to Dempsey, Bible Records, and Obituaries.

12Mar2012: Dempsey

28Feb2012: Dempsey

25Feb2012: Dempsey

23Feb2012: Dempsey

19Feb2012: Two more Dempsey

13Feb2012: Dempsey 1894-1895

Many updates 11Feb2012: Bible Records

06Feb2012: Dempsey 1893-1894

05Feb2012: Dempsey 1891-1892 and 1911-1914

Updated 03Feb2012: Bible Records

03Feb2012: Dempsey 1886-1889

29Jan2012: Dempsey 1899-1900 and 1900-1901

17Jan2012: Bible Records

17Jan2012: Dempsey 1907-1908

10Jan2012: Dempsey 1919-1920

02Jan2012: Dempsey 1910-1911 and 1916-1919

16Dec2011: The early Northfield deaths (1847-1848) have been transcribed and are linked to the images. Please see Early Northfield Deaths.

12Dec2011: Dempsey and Son burials 1938-1948

11Dec2011: Dempsey and Son burials 1912-1916

08Dec2011: 1908 Trivia

06Dec2011: Scans of some Early Death Records

05Dec2011: Vosburgh Leng Davis transcription

PearlPearl, from Bill Staples

AliceAlice, from Janet

...I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time and made the effort to make our site one of the best of its type, anywhere. All of the material we currently have available has been lovingly and painstakingly transcribed and then donated for the information and enjoyment of all. It is only through the generosity of so many that this data can be brought to you without cost. We look forward to continued growth in the coming year and hope you enjoy what is yet to come.

If you have material of genealogical interest and would like to have it included on our website, please contact me.

Your coordinators

Please make sure you read our Crash Course in Staten Island Genealogy

NY State and Staten Island Towns

Snug Harbor Hello and Welcome! This page is intended to be THE ULTIMATE collaborative online source for Staten Island, Richmond County, New York genealogy. No one of us is an expert, though we welcome all contributions such as surnames, help offers, resource information, etc. Please feel free to send e-mail to with any questions or expression of interest regarding the website. For research questions, join our e-mailing list!
We may not be able to answer all questions, but we will certainly try!

SI Ferry Help needed! If you have ANY public domain records relating to Staten Island, please consider submitting them to this site. (Public domain includes anything published 72 or more years ago.) What kinds of documents are we looking for? We are looking for Deeds, Wills, Marriage Records, Census Records, Bible records, Photos, Military Rosters, Military Records and Pensions, etc. You will receive credit for any transcription you submit to us, on the page which it is posted. You shall also retain copyright of the material. If you have anything to donate or lend us, please send us e-mail at Coordinator: .

Richmond County was the Featured NYGenWeb County for October 1999! Read the wonderful writeup and keep coming back! Thanks so much for making this site what it is! Featured October 1999

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