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Staten Island, Richmond County, NY
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1855 Census Schedules

Castleton ED 1 Northfield ED 2 Southfield ED 2 Westfield ED 1 Westfield ED 2


ED 1

II Agriculture and other Manufactures



III. Industry other than Agricultural

J & L Dejonje & Co., Paper Staining, employs 20 men, 20 woman, 10 boys, 10 girls

Crabtree & Wilkinson, Silk Kerchief printing, employes 90 men, 3 women, 60 boys, 30 girls

IV. Marriages and Deaths

7 marriages

16 deaths

V. Churches, Schools, & c.

Unknown, Protestant Episcopal

Unitarian, Unitarian

Reformed Dutch Church Tompkinsville, Dutch Reformed

Christ Church New Brighton, Protestant Episcopal

St. Peters Church New Brighton, Catholic


VI. Nothing




ED 2


II. Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures

U526Abm Unkart
W320Sarah Woods
B263Simon Bogart
H230Peter Haughwout
E430William Elliot
K530James Kennedy
W320_ J Wood
Non Resident
Non Resident
V650Henry Vroome
F000James Foy
S530John Smith
W422Albert O Wilcox
M626David Mersereau
M626Peter Mersereau
C600W F Carey
M640Thomas Merrill
M635Sarah Morton
N640Mary Merrill
M640Charles Merrill
Non Resident
Non Resident
Non Resident
V650Abraham Vroome
S552Daniel Simonson
S552Matthias Simonson
S552David Simonson
V645Israel Vreeland
C626Leah Crocheron
D260Daniel C Decker
H460Lawrence Hillyer
B420Edward Blake
D260Silvanus Decker
M640John I Merrill
M640Isaac Merrill
L200John Lisk
Non Resident
Non Resident
D260John M Decker
M640Mary Merrill
C623Thomas Christopher
Non Resident
E216William Egbert
M640Catharine Merrill
M640John I Merrill
D260Daniel Decker
S530Francesca Schmidt
G635D L Gardiner
D100Enos Dupuy
S512Solomon Simpson
M640Abraham L Merrill
M460Henry Miller
H300Sarah Heath
S552Adr_ Simonson
M640Egbert Merrill
W300George White
C650William M Crane
D260Abraham D Decker
W553Jacob Winant
P640Benjamin Prall
S552Abraham Simonson
R320James L Ridgway
A423Warren Allston
M460Peter Miller
C550Marsh Cannon
E216Joseph Egbert
C550David Cannon
W452Eliza Williams
C550Andrew Cannon
W320John Wood
H522John S Hancock
D260Sallie Decker
P620Elias Price
P620Benjamin Price
L000Charles Lowe?
L535Eliza Landmanor?
H522Richard Hancock
F623Henry A Frost
D260Elizabeth Decker
D260Edward Decker
D260Jemima Decker
D260Silvanus Decker
D260Jacob R Decker
D260Matthew Decker
M625Alice Morgan
V512Peter & Clark Van Buskirk
L363David Latorette
H460John B Hillyer
W420Sarah Wells
F652F? W? Franklin?
D260Mahala Decker
D260Samuel Decker
D260James T Decker
D260Henry Decker
E363Joseph Edwards
D260Samuel Decker
J520Edward Jones
N140Edward Noble
C634Jacob Coretelyou
M260James Mesier?
P620David Price
D220Jesse O Disosway
D260David Decker
H230Daniel Haughwout
H525George Hencken
C626Stephen Crocheron
M600David Moore
L340Richard D Little
K325Philip Ketchum
C626Richard Crocheron
D260Moses B Decker
D260Richard Decker
Non Resident
D100Barnet Dupuy
D100Daniel Dupuy
A423Japhet Alston
D100David Dupuy Sr?
L200Isaac Lake
D100Susan Ann Dupuy
C625Hiram J Corsen
S552Abraham C Simonson
B340Benjamin P Bedell
P640Arthur Prall
Non Resident
D260James Decker
D420F C Delius?
S530Jane Smith
H430J P Hellett
J525J W Johnson
G630Kasima Gerrity
S436Frederick Schluter
H200John Hoose
B623Thomas Braisted
L200John Lewis
M640Abraham Merrill
B200John Bush
B623Peter Braisted
S530Ira B Smith
D260Barnet Decker
C600W F Carey
V514Sarah Van Pelt
T616Jacob Travers
C600W F Cary
D260Silas R Decker
S552Cornelius Simonson
C626Mary Crocheron
B420Daniel Blake
W553Freeman Winant
S552Jacob Simonson
S552J W Simonson

III. Industry other than agricultural

Isaac M Marsh, Carriage Manufactory, employs 14 men, 5 boys

Dupuy & Winant, Butchers, employs 3 men

Frost & Hessler, Paint & Oil Manufactory, employs 8 men


IV Marriages and Deaths

5 marriages

20 deaths


V Churches, Schools, &c.

St. Andrew’s, Protestant Episcopal

Asbury M E Church, Methodist Episcopal


N.B. We have a woman 18 years old who has had 3 husbands and a child living by each husband



VI. Newspapers and other Periodicals

5 hotels, inns, and taverns

0 wholesale stores

9 retail stores

9 groceries


Drought impacted yields of winter wheat, rye, oats, peas, corn, buckwheat, potatoes, turnips, meadows

12 horses, 25 heads horned cattle, 20 swine, $30 worth of poultry.

Several agricultural owners moved off the Island.




ED 2


I. Population


II. Agriculture andDomestic Manufactures

C425Daniel L Clawson
B652Robert Barnes
B652George Barnes
V536William H ? Vanderbilt
M324Thomas Metcalf
C400John B Cole
C462Ephraim Clark
J525Anthony Johnson
R560Isaac Romer
E216Tunis Egbert
K626Abraham Kruser
E216Barnet Egbert
C400Joseph Cole
M634Jacob Martling
S552Benjamin Simonson
M530Ann Mundy
M626John W Mersereau
S600Horatio Squire
G500Catherine Guyon
N140Abraham Noble
P450James Poillon
S250Joseph G Seguine
C626Joseph W Crocheron
G500James Guyon
C626Edmund Crocheron
R163Elizabeth Roberts
H516John Humphris
O452John H Olmstead
F236James Foster
L200Henry Lewis
C450James Colon
J650Albert Journeay Jr
S630Catherine Sharrott
J520Robert Jones
S300Andrew Scott
C400Abraham Cole
C500James Coyne
M600T W C Moore
C400Abraham Cole
B652John Barnes
P650Henry Perine
P650Cornelius Perine
G632John C Garretson
E216Joseph Egbert
R262Richard Rogers
W452Benjamin F Williams
L265Abraham Lakerman
B635Edward P Barton
B635Samuel Barton
G632Abraham Garretson
T460Edward Taylor
L630Harriet Lord
D400James Dill
T250David J Tysen


III. Industry other than Agricultural

New York Rubber Co’s India Rubber Toys, steam power, 30 men employed, 50 women, 20 boys, 15 girls, monthly wages $16-$28

Lee & Morris’ Hat Manufactory, steam power, 38 men employed, 18 women, 6 boys, 1 girl, monthly wages $12-$36

Barnabas Siddell’s Saw Manufactory, steam power, 4 men employed, monthly wages $25


IV. Marriages and Deaths (no names)

1 marriage, 1 death

Then later 3 marriages, 58 deaths


V. Churches, Schools, &c.

Reformed Dutch Church, Stapleton

St. Marys RC

St Johns Church Clifton, Episcopal

St Simons German PE Free Church, Episcopal


VI. Newspapers and other Periodicals, Inns, etc.

Semi Weekly Staaten Islander; F L Hagadorn Ed.

Der Deutsch Staaten Islander; August Fries, Ed.

3 Hotels, 37 taverns, 4 wholesale stores, 8 retail stores, 22 grocery stores

No crops noted





ED 1


I. Population


II. Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures

T350William Totten
T350Wm H Totten
T350John Totten
S162S B Sprague
S162Abraham Sprague
S530Alfred Smith
S162J? W Sprague
L550Alex Lamono
A322Ephraim Atchison
B346James Butler
B346James Butler
T350Fanny Totten
L252Adam C Legong?
N425Danson Nilson
L162Benjam Laforge
L550John Lamono
H243Saml B Hazelton
B346James Butler
J450David Joline
P162Kezri? I Peppers
W320John L Woods
H200John Haws
J220Mifle? & Jaques
L162Cornelius Laforge
J450Catharine Joline
 Non resident
S143Jefferson Sofield
F260George D Fisher
S552Daniel W Simonson
B346Israel Butler
B346Israel Butler Store
D620Chas Drake
B346Israel Butler
D525John Danson
W300Edmund Wood
B346Daniel Butler Jr
D514George Dunville
B346Daniel Butler Sen
V550Henry Van Name
R200Lot Rickhow
R550Abraham Romaine
J650John Journeay
B346Daniel Butler Sen
R560Henry Romer
C623John Christopher
R550Abraham Romaine
A536Charles Androvette
H163Eben W Hubbard
B346James Butler
C400Abraham B Cole
J525James Johnson
W632John T Wirtz
L520Moses Lyons
L520Moses Lyons
V550Aaron Van Name
D630Henry DeHart
J525Cornelius Johnson
C400Margaret E Cole
J525Cornelius Johnson
J525Cornelius Johnson
M500Elias P Manee
W300Reuben Wood
W553____ Winant
W300John L Wood
W300Abraham H Wood
N160William Newberry
S423Peter M Sleight
B640Walter C Brily ?
L162William Laforge
B346Israel Butler
B346James Butler
K521Harmon Kingsbury
D120John Dubois
T350Phillip B Totten
C623Henry A Christohper
M635Able Martin
M500John D Manee
T350Wm Totten
D230Lydia Daggett
T350Joseph G Totten
S162Alfred Sprague
J450William Joline
H152Saml L Hopping
S423Henry M Sleight
S423Cornelius W Sleight
D120John Dubois
C625Nicholas Corson
J525Esek Johnson
T350Polly Totten
P456James Palmer
M500John P Manee
M624Thomas Marshall
M500Peter Manee
S162James W I Sprague
S162Joseph W Sprague
J450Benjamin Joline
T350James C Totten
N120Peter W Neefus?
A653Stephen D Arrents?
A453Stephen D Allents ?
F623S Frost & Co
V514John Van Pelt
F260Elias R Fisher
W300Wesley Wood
P456Alford Palmer
 Odd Fellows
J650Robt Journeay
T620William Trask
P456Cornelius Palmer
R200Wm/Mrs? Rickhow
C550Abraham Canon
V514Peter Van Pelt
R300Peter Reid
R300William Reid
T350Sally A Totten
P620Abraham Price
G200William Gugz?
 Non resident
T350Rachael Totten
G655Radcliff Garman
W452William Williams
T656Charles M Turner
B340John F Bedell
B346Daniel Butler Sen
L162Cornelius Laforge
M610Edwin Murphy
S360Abraham Story
J525Sarah Johnson
S423Johnson Sleight
S416Peter V Selover
M600Daniel Moore
W320Elias P Woods
C652S? W Cronsc?
H610John Harvey
C236Augustus Castrien?
S162Isaac P Sprague
J525Louis Johnson
B635John Bertine?
M550Henry Monen?
M635John Martin
R360Wm Ryder
S162Jacob Sprague
S162Andrew Sprague
 Methodist Parsonage
R220Catharine Rickhows
J525John _ Johnson
W300E P Wood
H160Daniel Hooper
H160William Hooper
H550Garret Homan
R360David Ryder
B340Henry H Biddle
R350Wm H Rutan
R350I & L ? M Rutan
W320Saml Woods
L600Theodore Leroy?
M626John Mersereau
P262Leonard Paskerson Estate
R152David Robbins
V550Charles Van Name
A416Wm Alberts
J450Benjamin Joline
B346James Butler & Sleight ?
G632Garret Garretson
A425Augustus Allison
S423John Slight
W300Joseph M Wood
W300David Wood
R200Abraham Rickhow
R152Henry Robinson
W300James L Wood
W320_imost__ Woods
V550Aaron Van Name
M620Thomas Marsh
M500John P Manee
M500Jacob Manee
S530John Smith
D120Daniel Duboise
L516John Lambert
W300Elias P Wood
C400Eliza Cooly?
R152James C Robinson
T460M S Taylor
C512W Combs
V525Thadeus O Vanzandt?
D120Nathaniel Dubois
S350Isaac Sutton
A536Daniel Androvatte
M624Denas Marshall
A536Charles Androvette
W553Wm Wynant
S360A___ Story
A536Lewis Androvette
S000Cornelius Shea
B346Henry Butler
L520John Lang
E352Cornelius H Etting
P620Elias Price
D120Thomas Dubois
K624E Kreisling?
W630Reuben Worth?
A536Peter Androvatte
K626P Kreischer
D220Daniel Dissosway
C400Abraham Cole
F620Wm Fries?
D220Ann Dissosway
D620Wm Drake
K626P Kreicher
A536John Androvatte
S552David Simonson
A536Asher Androvatte
V545___ Van Alen?
F260James W Fisher
C460Bailer Cooler
E350Johanna? Eaton
S362Jacob Stores
G416Isaac S Gilbert
C400John H Cole
E420Garret Ellis
D120Isaac Dubois
S366John W Storer
K626P Kreischer
A536Joseph Androvatte
S423Henry Slaght
K626P Krischer
E420Abraham Ellis
E420Catharine Ellis
N425Ambrose Nelson?
O340Washington Odell
B346Rachael Buttler
D220Peter Dissosway
M560Frank Miner
D613John R Dervater ?
C400John H Cole
T460Wm Teller
L162Henry Laforge
T350James Totten
G650James Graham
S530Wm Smith
W553Moses Wynant
T350Ephraim J Totten
B346James Butler
M500Alfred Manee
A425Samuel Allison
D260David Decker
B346Anthony Butler
C400Ann Cole
S366John Storer
C320James Chadwick
D120R C Dubois
C600Wm H Carr
B346Thomas Buttler
B346Sebastian Buttler
B346Wm Buttler
B530Edwin R Bennett
G200William Gage
S250John Seguine
T616___ Trobridge
D550A F Dunham
B552James Bonnington
S250Joseph H Seguine
 United States Govern.
B346Israel Butler
W553B B Wynant
W410William Wolf
M624John Marshall
K524Wesly Kingsland
L245William Lockland__
W300John W Wood?
C634Peter L Cortelyou
M260John McGuire
S000Wm Sheay
M250H McCune
G652John Grimes
M250John McCume
R152Saml Robbins
B340John Butell?
W630Isaac Wirt ?
T512Isaac Thompson
K453Hugh Kelland
W553Peter Wynant
M626George Mercereau
F623Frances Forster
F623Emma Forster
M252John McNish
M250Hugh McCune
K250Eugene Kissam
B210Joseph Bishop
M425Bernard Muligan
B210Ephraim Bishop
V525George Van McGones ?
S530Saml Smith
L251Henry Lascombs
W553Isaac Wynant
W553Cornelius Wynant
D120Thoms Dubois
G500James S Guyon
P654Minie Pernell ?
H620Moses K Harris
P320Wm H Pitts
H620Silas Harris
J162Francis Jefferson
L000John Leehy
D100__ Depew
R500Estate of B Rueny ?
D260Mathew Decker
S360Saml Story
B346Isaac Butler
L000Robt Lee ?
F620Roderick Frazee
D120John Dubois
J525J W Jensson
L162John Laforge
B346Israel Butler
M620Jacob Mirs?
D100Wm Depew
W300A Wood
F623Wm? Forsston?
M500Wm Manie
L363Abraham Latourette
L162Israel Laforge
B340John Bedell
L162Israel Laforge
M626John Mercereau
B340Daniel Bedell
M624Abraham Marshall
S630Wm H Sharrot
B340Isaac Bedell
T520Ellen Thomas
A120James K Abis?
S362Israel Stark
W300John L Wood
M530Martha Mundy
B340Joseph Bedell
B340Ezra Bedell
B340Cornelius Bedell
L162Nicholas Laforge
W300Mary Wood
M500James Manee
M500Wm Manee
J525Abraham Johnson ___
H400Eugene Halley
R460Agusta? L Roller
M624George Marshall
B340John Bedell
W300Wesley C Wood
L363John Latourette
L162Richard Laforge
M500Abraham Manee
G420William Giles
R560Joseph Romer
L162James Laforge
C311William S Cothfif?
W300Abraham J Wood
D350John Dewaten?
J525Ephraim Johnson
J650Jackson Journeay
T520Thomas Thomas
M500Isaac Manee
S162John Sprague
D100Rachael Depew
J255___ Jackman
S162Wm C Sprague
H560Thomas Henry
W420Wm H Wells
M624Mrs Marshall
M620Edward Mir?
W320Joseph Woods
W553Jacob Wynant
M425Charles Muligan
M420Andre Mills
M632Max Maretzeke ?
S630Daniel Sharrot
W553Randall Wynant
W553L Wynant
W245Abraham Woglom
W245John Woglom
M212Rebecca McFessen?
S315Henry Stephens
J250John Jackson
W553Wynant Wynant
S250___ S Seguine
W553Jacob G Wynant
B626John Burgher
 Jacob ___?
G625Mrs Grayson?
C634Peter C Cortelyou
W452John Williams
W553C J Wynant
B626B Burghark?
M626L Mercereau
G500Martha Guyon
M624S B Marshall
A620Joel Ayers
V523Theressa Van Scoit
W245Israel Woglom
W245Belacha Woglom
W553Wynant Wynants
J525James Johnson
J525James Johnson
K510Abraham ? H Kemp
W553Joseph C Wynant
S366Thomas Storer?
W553Mark Winant
W553Peter Winant
D220Gabriel Disosway
W245John S Woglom
W245Harriet Woglom
O240Israel Oakley
W553Johnson Wynant
M250Henry Mason
 Cornelius ___
M624Phoebe Marshall
W553Daniel Winant
G500Joseph Guyon
W553Wm W Wynant
C400John Cole
V522John van Schaik

III. Industry other than Agricultural

Jo J W Totten, oyster __, employs 10 men, 5 boys, average $30/mo

Wille & Jaques, bakery, employs 1 man, $25

J P Bedell, house carpenter, 2 boys, $16

Journeay & Lamond, ship blacksmiths

Eben W Hubbard, Physician

William Reckhow, boot & shoe maker

Jacob Reckhow (crossed off), 12 men, $30

Wm H & J M Rutan, ship builders

Theodore Levy, shoe maker

Butler & Sleight, ship builders, 8 men, $30

James C Robinson, cigar manufacturer, 3 men, $10

M S Fa_tor, cigar manufacturer, 3 men, $20

Isaac Dutton & Son, blacksmiths

Wm Mirs, miller

Abraham Ellis, Keolean Clay, 2 men, $20?

James Totten, blacksmith, 1 girl, $5?

James Graham, sash & blind maker, 2 men, 2 girls, $22

Israel Butler, carpenter, 6 men, $20

William Wolf, shoemaker, 1 man, $6

Wm Shea, carpenter, 7 men, $25

James Wor_, shoemaker

Isaac Butler, wheelwright, 1 man, $3

Jacob M Guyon, tin smith, 2 men, $30

James R Goney?, druggist, 5 men, 5 girls, $20


IV. Marriages and Deaths (no names)

12 marriages, 30 deaths

V. Churches, Schools, &c.

Bethel M E Church, Methodist

West Baptist Church, Baptist

St Luke’s, Catholic

Zion M E Church (colored), Methodist

St Lukes, Episcopal


VI. Newspapers and other Periodicals, Inns, etc.

Possibly 2 hotels/inns/taverns

Affected by drought: spring wheat, winter wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, buckwheat, potatoes, turnips, market gardens, meadows

Tottenville contains about 600 inhabitants

Rossville contains about 300 inhabitants

Pleasant Plains contains about 200 inhabitants  


From film:

RDC Stapleton, RD

St Marys, RC

St. Johns Clifton, Episcopal

St. Simons, Episcopal


ED 2



I. Population,237470301


II. Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures

L162Bornt P Laforge
F236Emelia Foster
F423Chuck? Flightand?
M500John Meehan
O240Jesse Oakly
P430Thomas Plat
L236Abraham Lester?
K520Daniel Kainsey?
L162Henry Laforg
H200Jost Hag
B532Aleseender Benedict
W553Francis Winant
E252John Eagons
B532Bea_ Benedict
L520Richard Lenes?
S500Marshall Swaim
A536Benjamin Ander___
C400Long Clay?
W553John Winant
P450William Poilon
L162James Laferge
B526Janad Banker
B635Cornelius Breton
V516James Van Hoverburge?
S552Henry Simonson
L363David Latouratt
V514John Van Pelt
S500Jacob Swaime
S420James Silk
B616Caanls? Barbour
A536Cornelious I Andervet
C612Jacob R Cropsey
E326David A Edgar
F623Samuel Frost
S163George Shepard
W553Peter Winant
B340Henry Bedell
M420John Mills
G632Jacob Garretson
S550Henry J Seamon
P432William L Pultz
C400Gilbert A Cale?
C400Betsey Cale
R524Thomas Renzels?
J650Albert Journeay, ___
B526Edward Banker
B550Thimenthy G Benham
C612Harmond B Cropsey
J650William Journeay
V532Edmond E Van Dike
R360William C Ryder
B346Henry Butler
 Peter _______
W256Henry C Wagner
J210Isack H Jessop
N450Peter Noulan
H420Jamer? Helsey
L363Marg Latourett
J650Elizabeth Journeay
G500John M Guyon
T512Edmond Tompson
P640Benjamin Prall
M600James Moore
L162Chants? Laforge
U235Michal Usten
M253Catharine Musentine
W450Joseph _ Williame
W245John Woglom
M624John Marshal
J650Nicklous Journeay
W300William Wood
O340James J Odell
M500John Mooney
M626Isac? Mersereau
C450James Colon
J525William Johnson
M200Francis Mass?
K524Thommy Kingsland
M600Danial Moore
W452William Williams
S344John Stilwell
M320Louisa Medach
P620Jubon? Powers
E300James Eddey
V515Henry van Hovanburg
E524John Englelnenght
L354James Latounnellee
L162John Laforge
S250Stephen Seguine
A536Cornelious Androvett
F500Samuel Fannou_
T460Harmond Taylor
B320Louisa Bidach
S250Mary Seguine
V200Robert? C Vooice?
M324Henry B Metcalf
C634Laveenee? H Cortelyou
F000Jeremiah Fay?
F000Martha Fay
J650Israel Journeay
J650___ Journeay
D300Thomas Doty
C434Solomon Caldwell
M460Danial Miller
B553Joseph Benants
W553Moses Winant
C650Robert Croney?
B660Samuel Breauer
S563Danial Smierden?
L250Zenas Lachen
E300Anna? Eddy
P660Catharine Pryer
H300Edward Hote
L200Isack Lewes?
K400Benjamin Kelley
L162Bornt T Laforge


III. Industry other than Agricultural

Staten Island, ___ Oil Co, 44 men, 5 boys


IV. Marriages and Deaths (no names)

0 marriages, 1 death


V. Churches, Schools, &c.

Reformed ___, Dutch reformed

Wodrow Episcal Church, Methodes

VI. Newspapers and other Periodicals, Inns, etc.

Spring wheat, winter wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, potatoes, apples


Also note that some of the 1855 census seems to be missing

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