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Genealogical Resources for Staten Island
1860 Federal Census Index

Note: This Census is Partial

Bob O'Connor and Jim Elbrecht are transcribing the Federal census for Staten Island of 1860. This data belong to Bob and Jim who took the trouble of transcribing it. This data is lent to us by them. Please DO NOT copy it without their permission! Email rwoconnor at bigfootdot com and/or elbrecht at email dot com .
Thanks so much to you both!!!

1860 Census Main Page || Mortality Schedules || Index (53K) || Everyname Index (160K) || Castleton || Middletown || Northfield || Southfield || Westfield

Castleton77 AchillesAgustus
Southfield411 Ad????Fanny
Southfield411 AdamsDaniel
Northfield392 AlstonWarren
Northfield375 AndersonJohn
Northfield323 ArmbrustoChristiana
Southfield430 AustinHohn H.
Northfield298 BainesMoris
Northfield325 BakerPeter
Southfield406 BandazerMargaret
Westfield187 BankerEdward
Northfield336 BarcaloMary [W]
Northfield298 BarrettRheuben
Northfield329 BarryDavid
Northfield329 BarryDavid
Middletown524 BartlettJane
Northfield377 BaslerCharles
Castleton159 BeachOakley
Southfield408 BellHenry R.
Westfield229 BerbankAbia???
Castleton130 BerbankDaniel
Castleton79 BerbankHenry
Northfield393 BerbankJames
Northfield352 BerbankJohn
Southfield478 BerbankJohn
Castleton158 BerbankJohn W.
Northfield355 BerbankPeter
Northfield375 BerbankStephen
Northfield354 BerbankSusan [W]
Northfield351 BerbankWilliam
Castleton97 BermanhowThomas
Castleton77 BerryJohn
Westfield271 BertineJohn B.
Southfield408 BishopMary A.
Northfield352 BlakeMary [W]
Southfield411 BohertzJohn
Middletown551 BonheimerWenton
Westfield177 BoramSidney
Castleton97 BoxJoseph
Middletown628 BoyleFrancis
Castleton158 BraistedEllen
Southfield430 BrannonCharles M.
Northfield292 BreeanEllen
Southfield457 BrintnallWilliam P.
Northfield355 BrittBenjamin
Castleton18 BrittonJacob
Westfield178 BrittonJoseph
Middletown620 BroderickEd.
Castleton83 BrownWilliam
Northfield298 BurbankPeter
Middletown500 BurnsPatrick
Castleton79 BurtisTownsend
Northfield356 BushJacob
Castleton82 BushWilliam
Northfield393 ButlerAbram
Castleton79 ButlerAnn
Westfield255 ButlerWesley
Northfield292 ButtlerThomas J.
Southfield411 CafreyJane
Southfield430 CannorEllen
Westfield251 CanonAbram [Jr.]
Westfield268 CanoriBarbary A.
Castleton82 ClarksonMary
Southfield469 CocroftJames
Southfield430 CoffeeMichael
Southfield442 CoffeePatrick
Southfield439 CoilMary
Northfield290 ColderbankJonithan
Westfield178 ColeGilbert A.
Castleton9 CondouPatrick
Middletown524 ConnerAbram V.
Northfield286 ConnerMargaret
Northfield298 ConnerMargaret [W]
Middletown628 ConnorEdward
Castleton37 ConnorEllen [W]
Northfield329 ConnorJames
Northfield329 ConnorJames
Castleton72 ConnorJohn
Southfield426 ConnorLawrence
Southfield406 ConnorMary A.
Southfield418 ConnorMichael
Northfield274 ConnorMorris
Southfield408 ConnorPatrick
Westfield187 ConnorRichard
Northfield386 ConnorWilliam
Northfield386 ConnorWilliam
Southfield442 ConnorsBridget
Southfield411 CorlerBridget
Middletown524 CotantJane
Middletown514 CoulanJohn
Southfield411 CourneyAnn
Northfield321 CoustraryJosiah
Westfield270 CoveArihes
Northfield292 CoyleCornelius
Northfield355 CoyneMartha [W]
Northfield392 CraneCharlotte [W]
Southfield408 CrawfordJanet
Southfield442 CrocheronEdmund
Northfield290 CrocheronNicholas
Castleton44 CronanJohn
Westfield192 CroninRobert
Southfield411 CrosbyEvastus H.
Westfield264 CumerfonBridget
Northfield336 CuninghamJames
Castleton82 CunninghamBridget
Northfield375 De HartJohn G.
Northfield376 De HartSamule
Northfield375 De PewLewis H.
Westfield258 De PuyDavid
Northfield351 DeckerAbram
Northfield361 DeckerAlethea [W]
Northfield324 DeckerAndrew
Northfield329 DeckerJohn
Northfield329 DeckerJohn
Northfield361 DeckerLelick
Northfield336 DeckerMary
Northfield377 DeckerWilliam
Northfield366 DeckerWinant
Castleton77 DegrootElizabeth
Northfield393 DemsterJames
Northfield292 DennyJohn
Castleton97 DepoysterFrederick A.
Middletown518 DeveryJane
Westfield255 DissoswayCornelius
Westfield255 DissoswayMary
Castleton72 DonahenMargaret
Northfield286 DonnellyMary
Northfield351 DoyleCatharine E. [W]
Northfield377 DoyleIsabella
Southfield452 DoyleJoseph
Northfield357 DrakeEllen [W]
Castleton97 DrewEzra
Westfield254 DudleyJulius
Northfield338 DuffeyAnn
Northfield292 DuganMary A.
Middletown524 DunnCatherine
Westfield210 EatonJohn
Southfield398 ErringtonGeorgiana
Castleton65 FaileyPhilip
Castleton44 FarmerChristopher
Southfield460 FenceJohn
Castleton9 FitzgeraldDaniel
Southfield457 FitzgeraldMary
Middletown551 FlannaganCharles
Westfield190 FlynnThomas
Westfield198 FoleyJohn
Castleton65 FordOwen
Castleton74 FosterJulia
Castleton74 FountainHenry
Castleton77 FradeSophia
Westfield216 FrayAmos
Castleton130 FryerWilliam
Northfield377 GaleMatilda
Southfield411 GalwayEllen
Southfield418 GanningEliza
Northfield354 GarthwaitLewis M.
Castleton77 GeisenhofFrank
Southfield478 GirlingJohn
Southfield405 GislerAugust
Westfield210 GlocklanMary W.
Southfield418 GobletHelena
Southfield405 GonintJacob
Westfield191 GormanCornelius
Southfield478 GreenVioletta
Middletown620 GriffinDaniel
Southfield486 HaidyVirginia
Northfield336 HallWilliam
Southfield398 HankedayH.
Southfield460 HardyJohn
Southfield426 HarrisonJohn
Castleton65 HartCatharine
Northfield325 HaughwoutFrancis
Middletown551 HawkinsHenry
Westfield264 HazeltonSamuel B.
Castleton159 HealyEliza
Northfield286 HeathJoseph K.
Castleton44 HendersonJohn
Southfield411 HenrifMargaret
Northfield358 HersckewGeorge
Southfield418 HeysPatrick
Castleton77 HibbardSarah
Westfield187 HickieWilliam
Northfield333 HopkinsElizabeth [W]
Southfield406 HornMary
Castleton159 Hou??? [Honican?]Elizabeth
Northfield299 HousmanJames B.
Northfield352 HowardDavid
Castleton161 HowardHyram
Castleton161 HowardWilliam
Southfield469 HowarthJohn H.
Southfield439 HuffMary
Northfield386 IrvingMary
Northfield386 IrvingTheodore
Northfield386 IrvingTheodore
Westfield220 JacklinHannah
Castleton159 JacksonSarah
Castleton18 JohnsHenry
Southfield406 JohnsonCharles
Westfield242 JohnsonCornelius
Castleton158 JohnsonHannah
Northfield333 JohnsonMargurete
Westfield268 JolineWilliam
Castleton82 JonesAbram
Northfield352 JonesJames
Northfield334 JonesKatie
Southfield486 JonesMary A.
Northfield370 JonesSophia [W]
Northfield377 KatingMargaret
Southfield452 KeidyBryan
Northfield292 KingDennis
Northfield274 KirkmanJames
Northfield354 KohlerJohn P.
Northfield338 KuitzerIsaac
Westfield191 La ForgeCharles
Northfield292 La ForgePeter
Westfield218 La ForgeRichard
Westfield191 La ForgeWilliam
Southfield469 LackmanJacob
Westfield264 LaForgeHenry
Castleton13 LaforgeJacob
Northfield321 LairaAlexander
Northfield377 LakeAlfred
Castleton77 LaneRebecca
Middletown628 LangerJohn H.
Southfield415 LarkinChristian
Northfield292 LarkinJames
Southfield439 LarkinJames
Southfield439 LarkinJohn
Southfield452 LarkinJohn
Southfield457 LarkinPatrick
Southfield457 LarkinWilliam
Castleton44 LathJames
Northfield351 LautorettPaul
Castleton65 LearingThomas
Southfield442 LearyCade O.
Southfield405 LegatJohn H.
Northfield286 LeroyWilliam
Southfield486 LockmanAbraham
Westfield178 LockmanCatherine [W]
Northfield303 LockmanFrancis
Middletown500 LockmanJames
Castleton83 LockmanRichiard
Castleton159 LockmanTheodore
Middletown496 LockmanWilliam
Southfield418 LydiaThomas
Castleton97 MahonyJohn
Northfield274 MahonyWilliam
Northfield393 MalaleyBridget
Castleton83 MalletteJoshua
Castleton83 MalletteRebecca J.
Westfield210 ManceAlfred
Westfield218 ManeeAbraham
Southfield406 ManeeJustree
Northfield386 MansonGeorge
Westfield220 MarshallGeorge
Westfield258 MartinAbel
Northfield298 MartlingAbraham
Castleton77 MathiasJohn H.
Castleton97 MathiasTheodore
Westfield240 Maua [Manee]Jonas
Northfield290 Mc BurneyMargaret
Middletown518 Mc CaffreyAnn
Castleton97 McCartyMichael
Middletown524 McClaronMary
Southfield406 McCluskyNaney
Northfield290 McGlandinJohn
Middletown620 McKennySarah
Northfield386 McLaneIsabella
Westfield177 MefseroleDavid A.
Castleton9 MenceFrederick
Castleton79 MercereauAbram
Northfield303 MercereauAlfred
Middletown551 MichaelPhilip
Southfield408 MicksRosco
Castleton97 MilesJohn
Castleton74 MiningJerimiah
Southfield442 MonahanRichard
Southfield415 MonkinTheadore
Westfield270 MoorJohn
Northfield334 MoorSathanell [Nathaniel]
Westfield266 MooreCatherine W.
Westfield190 MooreJames
Northfield386 MorganAnn
Northfield298 MorrisSusan
Northfield370 MorseCharles
Castleton77 MottCaleph
Northfield335 MottMartin W.
Westfield269 MoverEdmond
Southfield406 MulfordSamuel L.
Middletown572 MullarWm.
Southfield408 MullenAnn
Southfield439 MullenCatharine
Castleton77 MullerFrederick
Southfield398 MunirEd F.
Northfield393 MurphyAnn
Castleton37 MurvyMary [W]
Castleton77 MyerHeiman
Westfield271 NeinorFrancis
Castleton77 O'BrienAustacia
Southfield430 O'ConnorCharles
Southfield411 O'ConnorElizabeth
Castleton9 O'ConnorMargaret
Northfield290 O'ConnorMargaret
Middletown628 O'ConnorMichael
Castleton65 O'ConnorPatrick
Northfield356 PageJane
Westfield240 ParmerChristiana
Northfield298 PaulingPrudence [W]
Northfield392 PelletWilliam
Southfield406 PennyJohn
Westfield177 PerkinsFrancis
Northfield290 PlantJoseph P.
Westfield191 PolionAlbert C.
Northfield357 PostChristopher
Northfield377 PostGarret A
Northfield354 PostWilliam P.
Northfield333 Post
Northfield366 PrallEdwin
Southfield486 PriorWilliam
Northfield357 QuiganMary W.
Northfield323 QuirkCatherine
Westfield192 RafterDennis
Castleton72 RanisfordGeorge L
Westfield266 ReckhowAbraham
Westfield268 ReckhowNathaniel
Westfield251 ReedPeter
Castleton77 ReinhardtGeorge
Middletown560 RobertsWm.
Southfield406 RobinsonJames R.
Westfield191 RomerJoseph
Southfield452 RulerJacob
Westfield229 RussellGeorge E
Southfield439 RyanPatrick
Southfield439 RyanThomas
Northfield386 RyleyAnn
Southfield405 SchraederJohn
Southfield398 ScottJohn W.
Southfield398 ScottThomas
Southfield406 SeaIsaac C.
Northfield336 SeastertoroAnn
Castleton130 ShepperdCaroline
Southfield430 ShortellMary
Westfield191 SilkJames
Middletown518 SimonsonAbraham
Northfield323 SimonsonCatherine
Northfield393 SimonsonGeorge
Northfield392 SimonsonJohn
Castleton77 SkinnerAnn
Westfield217 SlaghtJacob
Westfield269 SlaghtPeter M
Middletown524 SmithDaniel
Castleton77 SmithJohn
Westfield187 SmithJulia
Northfield394 SmithKaty
Northfield394 SmithSidney E.
Northfield358 SmithVincent
Castleton83 SmithWilliam
Northfield376 SnowNathaniel
Middletown500 Sorn??gJohn
Northfield377 SpaldingBenjamin
Northfield274 SpingerJohn B
Westfield264 SpragueAbraham
Westfield242 SpragueAlfred
Westfield268 SpragueAndrew
Westfield198 SpragueAnn
Westfield268 SpragueCatherine
Westfield217 SpragueCharles
Westfield271 SpragueIsaac
Westfield266 SpragueJacob
Westfield255 SpragueJames
Westfield270 SpragueJohn
Westfield218 SpragueJohn M.
Westfield242 SpragueShotwell B
Westfield216 SpragueWilliam
Westfield269 SpragueWilliam I.
Middletown560 StapletonChristopher
Westfield210 StillwellGertrude
Northfield303 StocpheFrederick W.
Northfield394 StoddardEleanor L.
Castleton77 StothersWilliam
Southfield406 StubdaleJohn
Castleton37 SturnFrederick
Castleton77 StuythersWilliam
Westfield177 TaylorSusan
Northfield321 ThompsonJohn
Northfield274 TirmensteinMartin
Westfield242 TottenJohn
Southfield439 TraceyRosa????
Castleton77 TysonCharles
Southfield411 ValentineBorest
Westfield240 Van NameAaron
Northfield351 Van NameAaron
Northfield357 Van NameCaleb
Westfield266 Van NameCharles
Northfield356 Van NameCharles
Northfield352 Van NameCornelius
Northfield351 Van NameDaniel
Castleton74 Van NameDavid
Westfield255 Van NameDavid
Northfield333 Van NameDavid
Northfield335 Van NameDavid
Northfield338 Van NameEdward
Northfield377 Van NameElizabeth [W]
Northfield358 Van NameEllen
Westfield254 Van NameHenry
Northfield352 Van NameHyram
Northfield334 Van NameIsaac
Northfield323 Van NameJacob
Northfield334 Van NameJames
Castleton82 Van NameJohn
Northfield376 Van NameJohn K.
Northfield321 Van NameJohn P.
Northfield292 Van NameJoseph H.
Northfield357 Van NameMichael
Northfield393 Van NameMichael
Northfield336 Van NameMoses
Northfield356 Van NameMoses
Northfield335 Van NameNicholas
Northfield323 Van NamePeter
Northfield354 Van NamePeter
Northfield333 Van NameSimon
Northfield324 Van NameWilliam
Northfield361 Van PeltAaron W.
Middletown620 Van PeltAbraham
Westfield258 Van PeltAnn W.
Middletown518 Van PeltAugustus
Westfield191 Van PeltCatharine
Northfield377 Van PeltCatharine
Northfield325 Van PeltCornelius
Castleton161 Van PeltDavid
Northfield377 Van PeltDavid
Northfield366 Van PeltEdward
Northfield394 Van PeltEleanor [W]
Westfield191 Van PeltGeorge
Northfield377 Van PeltHannah [W]
Middletown514 Van PeltHenry
Middletown572 Van PeltHoward
Northfield370 Van PeltJacob
Northfield376 Van PeltJacob
Northfield392 Van PeltJacob
Middletown560 Van PeltJacob
Castleton18 Van PeltJohn
Northfield370 Van PeltJohn
Northfield392 Van PeltJohn
Westfield190 Van PeltJohn C.
Westfield251 Van PeltJohn M.
Northfield336 Van PeltNicholas
Castleton13 Van PeltPeter
Westfield220 Van PeltPeter
Southfield405 Van PeltPeter
Westfield190 Van PeltSusan [W]
Southfield442 Van PeltSusana
Westfield191 Van PeltTunis
Southfield426 VanderliethJohn H.
Northfield336 WadeOliver D.
Westfield190 WaglornJames G.
Castleton79 WalshMary
Northfield298 WarerHenry
Southfield442 WeetleyHarriet
Westfield187 WenethJohn
Southfield457 WesthroakJames
Castleton9 WhiteGotleb
Westfield251 WhiteGriffin
Middletown572 WiggensChas R.
Northfield290 WildeFrank
Northfield290 WildeMary J. [W]
Westfield270 WilliamsFrancis
Westfield229 WilliamsJohn
Westfield240 WilsonWilliam
Westfield198 WinantMary
Southfield418 WinnisBridget
Castleton77 WolfJohn
Westfield255 WoodEmily
Middletown524 WoodJohn
Northfield323 WrightGarret O.
Castleton72 WrightGeorge W.

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