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Genealogical Resources for Staten Island
1860 Federal Census Index

Note: This Census is Partial

Bob O'Connor and Jim Elbrecht are transcribing the Federal census for Staten Island of 1860. This data belong to Bob and Jim who took the trouble of transcribing it. This data is lent to us by them. Please DO NOT copy it without their permission! Email rwoconnor at bigfootdot com and/or elbrecht at email dot com .
Thanks so much to you both!!!

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Castleton 077AchillesAgustus
Castleton 077AchillesCharles
Castleton 077AchillesGertrude
Castleton 077AchillesGertrude
Castleton 077AchillesMary
Southfield 411Ad????Fanny
Southfield 411AdamsDaniel
Southfield 411AdamsNellie
Northfield 392AlstonCaroline
Northfield 392AlstonMary E.
Northfield 392AlstonWarren
Northfield 375AndersonJohn
Northfield 323ArmbrustoChristiana
Southfield 430AustinAlice
Southfield 430AustinElizabeth
Southfield 430AustinHohn H.
Southfield 430AustinMinnie
Southfield 430AustinPeter
Northfield 298BainesCatherine
Northfield 298BainesJames
Northfield 298BainesMary
Northfield 298BainesMoris
Northfield 298BainesThomas
Northfield 325BakerPeter
Northfield 325Baker
Southfield 406BandazerMargaret
Westfield 187BankerEdward
Westfield 187BankerEmma
Westfield 187BankerSusan F.
Westfield 187Banker [Jr.]Edward
Northfield 336Barcalo [W]Mary
Northfield 298BarrettRheuben
Northfield 298BarrettSophia
Northfield 329BarryAnn
Northfield 329BarryAnn
Northfield 329BarryDavid
Northfield 329BarryDavid
Northfield 329BarryElla
Northfield 329BarryWilliam
Middletown 524BartlettJane
Northfield 377BaslerCharles
Castleton 159BeachGeorge
Castleton 159BeachHannah
Castleton 159BeachOakley
Southfield 408BellEliza
Southfield 408BellHenry R.
Westfield 229BerbankAbia???
Northfield 351BerbankAlfred
Castleton 158BerbankAnn
Northfield 351BerbankAnn M.
Castleton 158BerbankAnna
Castleton 079BerbankAnria
Westfield 229BerbankAugusta
Northfield 352BerbankCatharine
Northfield 352BerbankCatharine
Castleton 130BerbankCharles
Castleton 130BerbankDaniel
Castleton 079BerbankDavid
Castleton 130BerbankDebera A.
Castleton 130BerbankEliza A.
Castleton 079BerbankElizabeth
Westfield 229BerbankElizabeth
Northfield 352BerbankElizabeth
Northfield 352BerbankElizabeth
Castleton 079BerbankElvira
Northfield 352BerbankEmlietta
Castleton 158BerbankEvalina
Castleton 158BerbankFerdinand
Northfield 351BerbankGeorge
Northfield 354BerbankGeorge
Castleton 079BerbankHenry
Castleton 158BerbankHyram
Northfield 354BerbankJacob
Northfield 393BerbankJames
Southfield 478BerbankJames H.
Castleton 158BerbankJohn
Northfield 352BerbankJohn
Southfield 478BerbankJohn
Castleton 130BerbankJohn H.
Southfield 478BerbankJohn H.
Castleton 158BerbankJohn W.
Northfield 352BerbankJohn W.
Castleton 130BerbankJosephine
Northfield 354BerbankJulia
Northfield 354BerbankLucy M.
Southfield 478BerbankMartha L.
Castleton 158BerbankMary
Northfield 355BerbankMary
Northfield 375BerbankMary
Westfield 229BerbankMary A.
Northfield 351BerbankMary E.
Northfield 352BerbankMary J.
Northfield 352BerbankMatilda
Westfield 229BerbankMilton
Northfield 351BerbankMose
Northfield 352BerbankNicholas
Westfield 229BerbankOakley
Northfield 355BerbankPeter
Westfield 229BerbankRebeca
Northfield 352BerbankRobert
Southfield 478BerbankSamuel O.
Northfield 375BerbankStephen
Northfield 352BerbankSusan
Southfield 478BerbankSusan
Northfield 354BerbankSusan [W]
Northfield 351BerbankSusan M
Westfield 229BerbankUnis R.
Northfield 351BerbankWilliam
Castleton 158BerbankWillie
Castleton 097BermanhowThomas
Castleton 077BerryJohn
Westfield 271BertineJohn B.
Westfield 271BertineMargaret
Westfield 271BertineStephen B.
Southfield 408BishopMary A.
Northfield 352Blake [W]Mary
Southfield 411BohertzCatharine
Southfield 411BohertzJohn
Southfield 411Bohertz
Middletown 551BonheimerSusan
Middletown 551BonheimerWenton
Westfield 177BoramIsaac
Westfield 177BoramJohn
Westfield 177BoramLemuel
Westfield 177BoramMary C.
Westfield 177BoramSidney
Castleton 097BoxJoseph
Middletown 628BoyleFrancis
Castleton 158BraistedEllen
Castleton 158BraistedPauline
Southfield 430BrannonCharles M.
Northfield 292BreeanEllen
Southfield 457BrintnallMary
Southfield 457BrintnallWilliam P.
Northfield 355BrittBenjamin
Northfield 355BrittFrances
Northfield 355BrittThomas
Castleton 018BrittonJacob
Westfield 178BrittonJoseph
Castleton 018BrittonLaner
Castleton 018BrittonMartin
Westfield 178BrittonMary
Middletown 620BroderickEd.
Castleton 083BrownAnna
Castleton 083BrownJames E.
Castleton 083BrownWilliam
Northfield 299BurbankCharles D.
Northfield 298BurbankJohn
Northfield 299BurbankLena F.
Northfield 299BurbankLucretia
Northfield 298BurbankMaria
Northfield 298BurbankPeter
Northfield 299BurbankPeter
Northfield 299BurbankSarah J.
Middletown 500BurnsCatharine
Middletown 500BurnsJohn
Middletown 500BurnsPatrick
Castleton 079BurtisGertrude
Castleton 079BurtisTownsend
Northfield 356BushJacob
Northfield 356BushMary
Castleton 082BushSarah
Castleton 082BushWilliam
Northfield 393ButlerAbram
Castleton 079ButlerAnn
Northfield 393ButlerAnna E.
Westfield 255ButlerEmma
Northfield 393ButlerMaria
Westfield 255ButlerMary
Westfield 255ButlerWesley
Northfield 292ButtlerThomas J.
Southfield 411CafreyJane
Southfield 430CannorEllen
Westfield 251CanonCatherin
Westfield 251CanonCatherin M
Westfield 251CanonEliza M
Westfield 251CanonWilliam H.
Westfield 251Canon [Jr.]Abram
Westfield 268CanoriBarbary A.
Castleton 082ClarksonMary
Southfield 469CocroftHenrietta
Southfield 469CocroftJames
Southfield 469CocroftJames
Southfield 469CocroftJohn
Southfield 469CocroftLaura
Southfield 442CoffeeBridget
Southfield 430CoffeeMichael
Southfield 442CoffeePatrick
Southfield 439CoilMary
Northfield 290ColderbankJonithan
Westfield 178ColeCatherine E.
Westfield 178ColeGeorgette
Westfield 178ColeGilbert
Westfield 178ColeGilbert A.
Westfield 178ColeJane
Westfield 178ColeMary
Westfield 178ColeMayetta
Westfield 178ColeTeressa
Westfield 178ColeWilliam
Castleton 009CondouJane
Castleton 009CondouPatrick
Castleton 009CondouPatrick
Middletown 524ConnerAbram V.
Northfield 298ConnerBridget
Middletown 524ConnerCaroline
Middletown 524ConnerClinton
Middletown 524ConnerInfant
Northfield 286ConnerMargaret
Middletown 524ConnerMary
Middletown 524ConnerWillet
Northfield 298Conner [W]Margaret
Westfield 187ConnorAnn
Northfield 274ConnorBridget
Southfield 426ConnorBridget
Middletown 628ConnorBridget
Northfield 274ConnorCatharine
Westfield 187ConnorCrowell
Westfield 187ConnorDewitt
Northfield 329ConnorEdward
Northfield 329ConnorEdward
Middletown 628ConnorEdward
Southfield 426ConnorHonora
Northfield 329ConnorJames
Northfield 329ConnorJames
Northfield 329ConnorJames
Northfield 329ConnorJames
Castleton 072ConnorJohn
Northfield 274ConnorJohn
Northfield 329ConnorJohn
Northfield 329ConnorJohn
Southfield 426ConnorJohn
Southfield 426ConnorLawrence
Southfield 426ConnorMargaret
Castleton 072ConnorMary
Northfield 329ConnorMary
Northfield 329ConnorMary
Northfield 329ConnorMary
Northfield 329ConnorMary
Southfield 426ConnorMary
Castleton 072ConnorMary A.
Northfield 274ConnorMary A.
Southfield 406ConnorMary A.
Northfield 329ConnorMatthew
Northfield 329ConnorMatthew
Southfield 418ConnorMichael
Northfield 274ConnorMorris
Northfield 329ConnorMorris
Northfield 329ConnorMorris
Castleton 072ConnorPatrick
Southfield 408ConnorPatrick
Westfield 187ConnorRichard
Northfield 386ConnorWilliam
Northfield 386ConnorWilliam
Castleton 037Connor [W]Ellen
Southfield 442ConnorsAndrew
Southfield 442ConnorsBridget
Southfield 411CorlerAnn
Southfield 411CorlerBridget
Southfield 411CorlerCelia
Southfield 411CorlerMary
Middletown 524CotantJane
Middletown 514CoulanJohn
Middletown 514CoulanJohn
Middletown 514CoulanMargaret
Middletown 514CoulanMary
Middletown 514CoulanPatrick
Southfield 411CourneyAnn
Northfield 321CoustraryJosiah
Westfield 270CoveArihes
Westfield 270CoveDuncan
Northfield 292CoyleAnna M.
Northfield 292CoyleCornelius
Northfield 292CoyleMartha
Northfield 355CoyneHarriet
Northfield 355CoyneMartha [W]
Northfield 355CoyneMary L.
Northfield 392CraneCharlotte [W]
Northfield 392CraneWilliam M.
Southfield 408CrawfordJanet
Northfield 290CrocheronAnthony
Southfield 442CrocheronEdmund
Northfield 290CrocheronFanny
Southfield 442CrocheronLucretia
Northfield 290CrocheronNicholas
Northfield 290CrocheronNicholas
Castleton 044CronanEllen
Castleton 044CronanJohn
Castleton 044CronanJohn
Castleton 044CronanPatrick
Westfield 192CroninElizabeth
Westfield 192CroninEllen
Westfield 192CroninEllen
Westfield 192CroninJohn
Westfield 192CroninKate
Westfield 192CroninMary
Westfield 192CroninPatrick
Westfield 192CroninRobert
Westfield 192CroninRobert
Southfield 411CrosbyCerethia E.
Southfield 411CrosbyEvastus H.
Westfield 264CumerfonBridget
Northfield 336CuninghamGeorge
Northfield 336CuninghamJames
Northfield 336CuninghamSusan
Castleton 082CunninghamBridget
Northfield 375De HartElizabeth
Northfield 375De HartEmily
Northfield 375De HartGertrude
Northfield 375De HartJohn G.
Northfield 375De HartJoseph
Northfield 375De HartPeter D.
Northfield 376De HartSamule
Northfield 375De HartSophia
Northfield 375De PewLewis H.
Westfield 258De PuyDavid
Westfield 258De PuyMary E.
Westfield 258De PuyMary E.
Northfield 351DeckerAbram
Northfield 361DeckerAbram A.
Northfield 361DeckerAbram L.
Northfield 361DeckerAlethea [W]
Northfield 377DeckerAmagenia
Northfield 324DeckerAndrew
Northfield 361DeckerAriana
Northfield 329DeckerCatharine
Northfield 329DeckerCatharine
Northfield 361DeckerCatharine
Northfield 377DeckerCatharine
Northfield 361DeckerCora
Northfield 324DeckerEliza
Northfield 351DeckerEmily
Northfield 329DeckerEmma
Northfield 329DeckerEmma
Northfield 329DeckerJohannah
Northfield 329DeckerJohannah
Northfield 329DeckerJohn
Northfield 329DeckerJohn
Northfield 361DeckerLelick
Northfield 324DeckerLewis H.
Northfield 351DeckerMargaret
Northfield 336DeckerMary
Northfield 361DeckerMary E.
Northfield 377DeckerMary E.
Northfield 377DeckerSophia
Northfield 377DeckerWilliam
Northfield 366DeckerWinant
Castleton 077DegrootWashington
Castleton 077Degroot [W]Elizabeth
Northfield 393DemsterJames
Northfield 292DennyGeorge
Northfield 292DennyJohn
Castleton 097DepoysterFrederick A.
Middletown 518DeveryJane
Westfield 255DissoswayCornelius
Westfield 255DissoswayMary
Castleton 072DonahenMargaret
Northfield 286DonnellyMary
Northfield 351DoyleCatharine J.
Northfield 351DoyleIsabella
Northfield 377DoyleIsabella
Northfield 351DoyleJames
Southfield 452DoyleJoseph
Southfield 452DoyleMaria
Southfield 452DoyleMary
Northfield 351Doyle [W]Catharine E.
Northfield 357DrakePaul
Northfield 357Drake [W]Ellen
Castleton 097DrewEzra
Westfield 254DudleyJerusha
Westfield 254DudleyJulius
Westfield 254DudleyVictoria
Northfield 338DuffeyAnn
Northfield 292DuganAbbie
Northfield 292DuganMary A.
Middletown 524DunnCatherine
Westfield 210EatonGeorgeanna
Westfield 210EatonJohn
Westfield 210EatonMary I.
Westfield 210EatonSarah L.
Southfield 398ErringtonGeorgiana
Castleton 065FaileyJames
Castleton 065FaileyMargaret
Castleton 065FaileyMargaret
Castleton 065FaileyPhilip
Castleton 044FarmerAlice
Castleton 044FarmerChristopher
Castleton 044FarmerSarah
Castleton 044FarmerSusana
Southfield 460FenceCatharine
Southfield 460FenceJanet
Southfield 460FenceJohn
Southfield 460FenceJohn
Southfield 460FenceMaria
Castleton 009FitzgeraldDaniel
Castleton 009FitzgeraldJohanna
Castleton 009FitzgeraldMargaret
Southfield 457FitzgeraldMary
Middletown 551FlannaganCharles
Middletown 551FlannaganJames
Middletown 551FlannaganJulia
Middletown 551FlannaganThomas
Westfield 190FlynnAnn
Westfield 190FlynnEliza
Westfield 190FlynnPatrick
Westfield 190FlynnThomas
Westfield 190FlynnThomas
Westfield 198FoleyJohn
Westfield 198FoleyMary
Castleton 065FordJames
Castleton 065FordOwen
Castleton 065FordSally
Castleton 065FordWilliam H.
Castleton 074FosterJohn
Castleton 074Foster [W]Julia
Castleton 074FountainHenry
Castleton 074FountainMercy
Castleton 077FradeSophia
Westfield 216FrayAmos
Castleton 130FryerCatharine
Castleton 130FryerWilliam
Northfield 377GaleMatilda
Southfield 411GalwayEllen
Southfield 418GanningEliza
Southfield 418GanningJames
Southfield 418GanningJohn J.
Northfield 354GarthwaitCatharine A.
Northfield 354GarthwaitLewis M.
Castleton 077GeisenhofFrank
Southfield 478GirlingJohn
Southfield 478GirlingMary A.
Southfield 478GirlingSarah M.
Southfield 405GislerAugust
Westfield 210GlocklanMary W.
Southfield 418GobletHelena
Southfield 405GonintCaraline
Southfield 405GonintJacob
Southfield 405GonintMargaret
Westfield 191GormanCornelius
Southfield 478GreenVioletta
Middletown 620GriffinDaniel
Middletown 620GriffinLorna
Middletown 620Griffin
Southfield 486HaidyElwood S.
Southfield 486HaidyVirginia
Northfield 336HallWilliam
Southfield 398HankedayH.
Southfield 460HardyAmelia
Southfield 460HardyAmelia
Southfield 460HardyJohn
Southfield 460HardyJohn
Southfield 426HarrisonBarbara
Southfield 426HarrisonJohn
Castleton 065HartCatharine
Northfield 325HaughwoutFrancis
Northfield 325HaughwoutMargaret
Middletown 551HawkinsCharlotte
Middletown 551HawkinsEllen
Middletown 551HawkinsHenry
Westfield 264HazeltonMaria
Westfield 264HazeltonSamuel B.
Castleton 159HealyEliza
Northfield 286HeathAgnes
Northfield 286HeathAgnes E.
Northfield 286HeathCharles
Northfield 286HeathJoseph
Northfield 286HeathJoseph K.
Northfield 286HeathLouisa
Northfield 286HeathTheodore
Castleton 044HendersonJohn
Castleton 044HendersonMargaret
Castleton 044HendersonMary
Southfield 411HenrifMargaret
Northfield 358HersckewGeorge
Northfield 358HersckewSophia E.
Southfield 418HeysPatrick
Castleton 077HibbardSarah
Westfield 187HickieWilliam
Northfield 333HopkinsElvira
Northfield 333HopkinsJoannah
Northfield 333HopkinsMary L.
Northfield 333HopkinsSarah
Northfield 333Hopkins [W]Elizabeth
Southfield 406HornMary
Castleton 159Hou??? [Honican?]Elizabeth
Northfield 299HousmanJames B.
Northfield 299HousmanSarah A.
Northfield 299HousmanSusan A.
Castleton 161HowardAlabella
Castleton 161HowardCatharine
Northfield 352HowardCatharine
Northfield 352HowardDavid
Castleton 161HowardEldora
Castleton 161HowardHenry
Castleton 161HowardHyram
Castleton 161HowardJohn
Castleton 161HowardLydia
Castleton 161HowardMary A.
Castleton 161HowardRobert
Castleton 161HowardWilliam
Southfield 469HowarthJohn H.
Southfield 439HuffMary
Northfield 386IrvingGrace
Northfield 386IrvingMaria L.
Northfield 386IrvingMaria L.
Northfield 386IrvingMary
Northfield 386IrvingTheodore
Northfield 386IrvingTheodore
Westfield 220JacklinHannah
Castleton 159JacksonSarah
Castleton 018JohnsHenry
Castleton 018JohnsHenry
Castleton 018JohnsJosephine
Southfield 406JohnsonCharles
Westfield 242JohnsonCornelius
Westfield 242JohnsonEsek
Westfield 242JohnsonEster
Southfield 406JohnsonFrederick
Castleton 158JohnsonHannah
Castleton 158JohnsonJane C.
Castleton 158JohnsonJaphet A.
Northfield 333JohnsonMargurete
Westfield 268JolineAnn
Westfield 268JolineWilliam
Castleton 082JonesAbram
Northfield 370JonesAllida
Castleton 082JonesEmidine
Castleton 082JonesEmma
Northfield 352JonesJames
Northfield 334JonesKatie
Southfield 486JonesMary A.
Northfield 370JonesSophia [W]
Castleton 082JonesWilliam H.
Northfield 377KatingMargaret
Southfield 452KeidyBryan
Southfield 452KeidyMary
Northfield 292KingDennis
Northfield 274KirkmanJames
Northfield 354KohlerJohn P.
Northfield 354KohlerSarah
Northfield 338KuitzerElizabeth
Northfield 338KuitzerIsaac
Northfield 338KuitzerJames E.
Westfield 191La ForgeCharles
Westfield 191La ForgeCharles F.
Westfield 191La ForgeHarriet A.
Northfield 292La ForgePeter
Westfield 218La ForgeRichard
Westfield 191La ForgeSarah A.
Westfield 218La ForgeSusan
Westfield 191La ForgeWilliam
Southfield 469LackmanJacob
Southfield 469LackmanLouisa
Castleton 013LaforgeAnna E.
Westfield 264LaForgeCastella
Westfield 264LaForgeCatherine
Castleton 013LaforgeHenry
Westfield 264LaForgeHenry
Castleton 013LaforgeJacob
Castleton 013LaforgeMary
Castleton 013Laforge [Jr.] Jacob
Northfield 321LairaAlexander
Northfield 321LairaMargaret
Northfield 377LakeAaron
Northfield 377LakeAlfred
Northfield 377LakeAngeline
Northfield 377LakeElizabeth
Castleton 077LaneRebecca
Middletown 628LangerJohn H.
Northfield 292LarkinAnitta
Southfield 452LarkinBridget
Southfield 415LarkinCaroline
Southfield 415LarkinCath
Southfield 415LarkinChristian
Southfield 439LarkinElizabeth
Northfield 292LarkinGeorge W.
Northfield 292LarkinJames
Southfield 439LarkinJames
Southfield 439LarkinJames
Northfield 292LarkinJames H.
Southfield 415LarkinJane
Southfield 439LarkinJohn
Southfield 439LarkinJohn
Southfield 439LarkinJohn
Southfield 452LarkinJohn
Southfield 452LarkinJohn
Southfield 415LarkinLefsie
Southfield 439LarkinMary
Southfield 439LarkinMary
Northfield 292LarkinMary A.
Southfield 457LarkinMary A.
Southfield 457LarkinMichael
Northfield 292LarkinMoses V.N.
Southfield 457LarkinPatrick
Southfield 457LarkinWilliam
Castleton 044LathJames
Northfield 351LautorettJohn
Northfield 351LautorettMary
Northfield 351LautorettPaul
Northfield 351LautorettSarah
Castleton 065LearingThomas
Southfield 442LearyCade
Southfield 442LearyCade O.
Southfield 442LearyCornelius
Southfield 442LearyDenis
Southfield 442LearyFlorence
Southfield 442LearyJeremiah
Southfield 442LearyMary
Southfield 442LearyMary
Southfield 405LegatDavid
Southfield 405LegatIsabella
Southfield 405LegatJohn H.
Southfield 405LegatJohn H.
Northfield 286LeroyWilliam
Southfield 486LockmanAbraham
Northfield 303LockmanAdelade
Southfield 486LockmanAlexander
Middletown 500LockmanAlthea
Southfield 486LockmanAugustus
Northfield 303LockmanCaroline
Middletown 500LockmanCarrie
Southfield 486LockmanCornelius
Middletown 500LockmanElizabeth
Northfield 303LockmanFrancis
Middletown 496LockmanHenry
Middletown 500LockmanJacob
Middletown 500LockmanJames
Middletown 496LockmanJohanna
Castleton 083LockmanLydia
Castleton 159LockmanMagdalina
Northfield 303LockmanMargaret
Northfield 303LockmanMary
Middletown 496LockmanRachel
Middletown 500LockmanRachel
Southfield 486LockmanRichard
Castleton 083LockmanRichiard
Castleton 159LockmanRobert L.
Middletown 496LockmanSarah
Middletown 500LockmanSarah
Castleton 159LockmanTheodore
Middletown 496LockmanWilliam
Middletown 496LockmanWilliam
Westfield 178Lockman [W]Catherine
Southfield 418LydiaElizabeth
Southfield 418LydiaThomas
Southfield 418Lydia
Northfield 274MahonyBridget
Northfield 274MahonyElizabeth
Castleton 097MahonyJohn
Northfield 274MahonySarah
Northfield 274MahonyWilliam
Northfield 393MalaleyBridget
Castleton 083MalletteDaniel
Castleton 083MalletteJoshua
Castleton 083MalletteMaria
Castleton 083MalletteMarkham
Castleton 083MalletteRebecca J.
Westfield 210ManceAlfred
Westfield 210ManceEmaline
Westfield 218ManeeAbraham
Westfield 218ManeeEmaline
Southfield 406ManeeFrances M.
Southfield 406ManeeJustree
Northfield 386MansonChristina
Northfield 386MansonElizabeth
Northfield 386MansonGeorge
Northfield 386MansonJames
Northfield 386MansonRobert
Westfield 220MarshallAdaline
Westfield 220MarshallGeorge
Westfield 220MarshallGeorge
Westfield 220MarshallMary A.
Westfield 258MartinAbel
Westfield 258MartinChristiana W
Northfield 298MartlingAbraham
Northfield 298MartlingElizabeth
Castleton 077MathiasCatharine C.
Castleton 077MathiasEliza
Castleton 077MathiasElizabeth
Castleton 077MathiasJohn H.
Castleton 077MathiasJohn W.
Castleton 097MathiasTheodore
Castleton 077MathiasWilliam
Westfield 240MauaDavid
Westfield 240MauaEmma
Westfield 240Maua [Manee]Jonas
Northfield 290Mc BurneyMargaret
Middletown 518Mc CaffreyAnn
Castleton 097McCartyMichael
Middletown 524McClaronMary
Southfield 406McCluskyNaney
Northfield 290McGlandinJohn
Northfield 290McGlandinMichael
Northfield 290McGlandinNelson
Middletown 620McKennySarah
Northfield 386McLaneIsabella
Westfield 177MefseroleDavid A.
Westfield 177MefseroleMary I.
Westfield 177MefseroleRichard A.
Castleton 009MenceFrederick
Castleton 079MercereauAbram
Northfield 303MercereauAlfred
Castleton 079MercereauAmelia
Castleton 079MercereauElla
Northfield 303MercereauMinnie
Northfield 303MercereauRaymond
Northfield 303MercereauSophia
Middletown 551MichaelPhilip
Southfield 408MicksElizabeth
Southfield 408MicksRosco
Southfield 408MicksRoscoe
Castleton 097MilesJohn
Castleton 074MiningJerimiah
Castleton 074MiningMary
Southfield 442MonahanEllen
Southfield 442MonahanMary
Southfield 442MonahanRichard
Southfield 415MonkinCath
Southfield 415MonkinTheadore
Westfield 270MoorEllen
Westfield 270MoorJohn
Northfield 334MoorJulia
Northfield 334MoorSathanell
Westfield 266MooreCatherine W.
Westfield 190MooreCornelius
Westfield 266MooreDavid
Westfield 266MooreJacobson
Westfield 190MooreJames
Westfield 266MooreJames A.
Westfield 190MooreSarah
Westfield 190MooreSarah W.
Westfield 266MooreSusan A.
Northfield 386MorganAnn
Northfield 298MorrisSusan
Northfield 370MorseCharles
Castleton 077MottCaleph
Northfield 335MottCatherine
Northfield 335MottMartin W.
Northfield 335MottWilliam M.
Westfield 269MoverEdmond
Southfield 406MulfordSamuel L.
Middletown 572MullarMargt.
Middletown 572MullarWm.
Southfield 408MullenAnn
Southfield 439MullenCatharine
Southfield 408MullenMary J
Castleton 077MullerFrederick
Southfield 398MunirEd F.
Northfield 393MurphyAnn
Castleton 037Murvy [W]Mary
Castleton 077MyerHeiman
Westfield 271NeinorFrancis
Westfield 271Neinor
Castleton 077O'BrienAustacia
Castleton 065O'ConnorCatherine
Southfield 430O'ConnorCharles
Southfield 411O'ConnorElizabeth
Southfield 411O'ConnorJames
Castleton 065O'ConnorJohn
Southfield 411O'ConnorJoseph
Castleton 009O'ConnorMargaret
Castleton 065O'ConnorMargaret
Northfield 290O'ConnorMargaret
Southfield 430O'ConnorMary
Middletown 628O'ConnorMary
Middletown 628O'ConnorMary
Southfield 411O'ConnorMichael
Middletown 628O'ConnorMichael
Middletown 628O'ConnorMichael
Castleton 065O'ConnorPatrick
Middletown 628O'ConnorPeter
Castleton 065O'ConnorPhillip
Northfield 356PageJane
Westfield 240Parmer [W]Christiana
Northfield 298Pauling [W]Prudence
Northfield 392PelletAmanda
Northfield 392PelletAndelia
Northfield 392PelletEugene
Northfield 392PelletWilliam
Southfield 406PennyJohn
Westfield 177PerkinsFrancis
Westfield 177PerkinsFrancis W.
Westfield 177PerkinsMiriam
Northfield 290PlantJoseph P.
Westfield 191PolionAlbert A.
Westfield 191PolionAlbert C.
Westfield 191PolionJacob
Westfield 191PolionJane A
Westfield 191PolionLouisa
Northfield 354PostBertha
Northfield 357PostChristopher
Northfield 354PostElizabeth
Northfield 377PostGarret A
Northfield 354PostLalina
Northfield 354PostWilliam P.
Northfield 333Post
Northfield 366PrallCornelius
Northfield 366PrallEdwin
Northfield 366PrallGeorge W.
Southfield 486PriorWilliam
Northfield 357QuiganMary W.
Northfield 323QuirkCatherine
Westfield 192RafterBridget
Westfield 192RafterDennis
Castleton 072RanisfordGeorge D.
Castleton 072RanisfordGeorge L
Castleton 072RanisfordRosa E.
Westfield 266ReckhowAbraham
Westfield 266ReckhowHarriot I
Westfield 268ReckhowMargaret
Westfield 268ReckhowNathaniel
Westfield 251ReedPeter
Castleton 077ReinhardtGeorge
Middletown 560RobertsWm.
Southfield 406RobinsonJames R.
Westfield 191RomerCaroline
Westfield 191RomerEsther A.
Westfield 191RomerHenry
Westfield 191RomerJane
Westfield 191RomerJoseph
Westfield 191RomerJoseph W.
Southfield 452RulerAlice
Southfield 452RulerChristoff
Southfield 452RulerJacob
Westfield 229RussellGeorge E
Westfield 229RussellLouisa
Southfield 439RyanAnna S.
Southfield 439RyanDavid
Southfield 439RyanEllen
Southfield 439RyanJames
Southfield 439RyanMargaret
Southfield 439RyanMary
Southfield 439RyanPatrick
Southfield 439RyanSarah
Southfield 439RyanThomas
Southfield 439RyanThomas
Southfield 439RyanThomas
Northfield 386RyleyAnn
Southfield 405SchraederCaraline
Southfield 405SchraederJohn
Southfield 398ScottJohn W.
Southfield 398ScottThomas
Southfield 406SeaIsaac C.
Southfield 406SeaJames
Southfield 406SeaRebecca
Southfield 406SeaSamuel
Northfield 336SeastertoroAnn
Castleton 130ShepperdCaroline
Castleton 130ShepperdHaniel
Castleton 130ShepperdLouisa
Southfield 430ShortellMary
Westfield 191SilkJames
Westfield 191SilkSarah
Westfield 191SilkSarah
Westfield 191SilkThomas
Middletown 518SimonsonAbraham
Northfield 393SimonsonAnna
Northfield 323SimonsonCatherine
Northfield 392SimonsonEliza
Northfield 393SimonsonGeorge
Northfield 392SimonsonJohn
Northfield 393SimonsonJulia A.
Middletown 518SimonsonMary
Castleton 077SkinnerAnn
Westfield 269SlaghtAmos A.
Westfield 269SlaghtAngeline
Westfield 269SlaghtGeorge W.
Westfield 269SlaghtHenrietta
Westfield 217SlaghtJacob
Westfield 269SlaghtPeter M
Westfield 269SlaghtSarah Fisher
Westfield 269SlaghtTheodore
Middletown 524SmithDaniel
Middletown 524SmithEliza
Northfield 394SmithElvira V.P.
Westfield 187SmithFrances
Middletown 524SmithIda
Middletown 524SmithJane
Castleton 077SmithJohn
Westfield 187SmithJulia
Northfield 394SmithKaty
Middletown 524SmithRobert
Northfield 394SmithSidney E.
Northfield 358SmithVincent
Castleton 083SmithWilliam
Northfield 376SnowNathaniel
Middletown 500Sorn??gEdith
Middletown 500Sorn??gJohn
Middletown 500Sorn??gMary
Northfield 377SpaldingAmos W.
Northfield 377SpaldingBenjamin
Northfield 377SpaldingGeorge F.
Northfield 377SpaldingSarah
Northfield 274SpingerJohn B
Northfield 274SpingerMagdaline
Westfield 242SpragueAbraham
Westfield 264SpragueAbraham
Westfield 242SpragueAbram L.
Westfield 255SpragueAdeline
Westfield 242SpragueAlfred
Westfield 268SpragueAlfred I.
Westfield 268SpragueAndrew
Westfield 268SpragueAndrew P.
Westfield 198SpragueAnn
Westfield 216SpragueAnson
Westfield 269SpragueCatherin I.
Westfield 217SpragueCatherine
Westfield 266SpragueCatherine
Westfield 268SpragueCatherine
Westfield 217SpragueCharles
Westfield 218SpragueCharles B.
Westfield 266SpragueCornelius M.
Westfield 216SpragueDavid J.
Westfield 268SpragueDavid M.
Westfield 242SpragueElizabeth
Westfield 242SpragueEllen A.
Westfield 255SpragueElma
Westfield 268SpragueEsther A.
Westfield 242SpragueEzra
Westfield 216SpragueFrances
Westfield 266SpragueFrances I.
Westfield 242SpragueFrancis
Westfield 269SpragueFreeman I.
Westfield 242SpragueGeorge
Westfield 242SpragueH????? L.
Westfield 271SpragueIsaac
Westfield 268SpragueIsaac B.
Westfield 266SpragueJacob
Westfield 255SpragueJames
Westfield 216SpragueJane
Westfield 217SpragueJohn
Westfield 270SpragueJohn
Westfield 218SpragueJohn M.
Westfield 242SpragueJohn S.
Westfield 255SpragueMartha
Westfield 242SpragueMary
Westfield 271SpragueMary
Westfield 270SpragueMary J.
Westfield 255SpragueMary M
Westfield 255SpragueMercereau
Westfield 266SpraguePhoebe
Westfield 242SpragueRachel
Westfield 242SpragueRachel
Westfield 218SpragueRachel A.
Westfield 242SpragueRheuben
Westfield 242SpragueShotwell B
Westfield 216SpragueThomas
Westfield 216SpragueWilliam
Westfield 216SpragueWilliam
Westfield 269SpragueWilliam I.
Middletown 560StapletonCath.
Middletown 560StapletonChristopher
Westfield 210Stillwell [W]Gertrude
Northfield 303StocpheFrederick W.
Northfield 394StoddardEleanor L.
Castleton 077StothersDavid
Castleton 077StothersHampton
Castleton 077StothersMary
Castleton 077StothersSarah
Castleton 077StothersWilliam
Southfield 406StubdaleGeorge
Southfield 406StubdaleJohn
Southfield 406StubdaleSarah
Castleton 037SturnFeidlac
Castleton 037SturnFrederick
Castleton 037SturnFrederick
Castleton 077StuythersWilliam
Westfield 177Taylor [W]Susan
Northfield 321ThompsonAnn
Northfield 321ThompsonJames
Northfield 321ThompsonJohn
Northfield 274TirmensteinMartin
Westfield 242TottenAnn L.
Westfield 242TottenEdward
Westfield 242TottenElizabeth
Westfield 242TottenJohn
Westfield 242TottenJohn
Westfield 242TottenMary E.
Southfield 439TraceyAnn
Southfield 439TraceyElizabeth
Southfield 439TraceyJoseph
Southfield 439TraceyMaria
Southfield 439TraceyRosa????
Southfield 439TraceyWilliam
Castleton 077TysonCharles
Castleton 077Unoccupied
Castleton 079Unoccupied
Westfield 191Unoccupied
Westfield 191Unoccupied
Westfield 191Unoccupied
Westfield 191Unoccupied
Westfield 198Unoccupied
Westfield 217Unoccupied
Westfield 269Unoccupied
Northfield 366Unoccupied
Northfield 386Unoccupied
Southfield 405Unoccupied
Southfield 457Unoccupied
Southfield 478Unoccupied
Middletown 514Unoccupied
Middletown 572Unoccupied
Middletown 572Unoccupied
Southfield 411ValentineBorest
Westfield 240Van NameAaron
Northfield 351Van NameAaron
Castleton 074Van NameAlonza
Northfield 356Van NameAmira
Northfield 377Van NameAndrew
Northfield 376Van NameAnn
Northfield 323Van NameAnn E.
Northfield 357Van NameAnn I.
Northfield 338Van NameAnn M.
Castleton 074Van NameBarbary
Northfield 357Van NameCaleb
Northfield 357Van NameCaleb
Northfield 324Van NameCalvin
Westfield 254Van NameCaroline
Westfield 255Van NameCaroline
Northfield 292Van NameCaroline
Westfield 266Van NameCatherine
Westfield 266Van NameCatherine
Northfield 334Van NameCatherine
Westfield 254Van NameCharles
Westfield 266Van NameCharles
Northfield 321Van NameCharles
Northfield 356Van NameCharles
Northfield 356Van NameCharles
Northfield 321Van NameCharles I.
Castleton 074Van NameCharlotte
Castleton 082Van NameClara
Northfield 335Van NameClarence
Northfield 338Van NameClaytero
Northfield 336Van NameCora
Northfield 352Van NameCornelius
Northfield 351Van NameDaniel
Castleton 074Van NameDavid
Westfield 255Van NameDavid
Northfield 321Van NameDavid
Northfield 333Van NameDavid
Northfield 335Van NameDavid
Northfield 351Van NameDavid
Northfield 335Van NameDavid H.
Northfield 356Van NameEdna
Northfield 338Van NameEdward
Northfield 338Van NameEdward
Northfield 335Van NameEleanor A.
Castleton 074Van NameEliza
Castleton 074Van NameElizabeth
Westfield 266Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 321Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 321Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 334Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 352Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 357Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 376Van NameElizabeth
Northfield 324Van NameElizabeth A.
Northfield 351Van NameElizabeth J.
Northfield 358Van NameEllen
Northfield 334Van NameEmeline
Northfield 336Van NameEmily F.
Northfield 335Van NameEmma
Northfield 321Van NameEmma F.
Northfield 334Van NameEstella
Northfield 376Van NameEvaline
Northfield 321Van NameFancy
Northfield 321Van NameFrances
Castleton 074Van NameFrances A.
Northfield 351Van NameFrederick P.
Northfield 334Van NameGarret
Castleton 074Van NameGeorge
Northfield 321Van NameGeorge W.
Northfield 323Van NameGertrude
Northfield 334Van NameGertrude
Northfield 357Van NameGertrude
Northfield 357Van NameHannah
Northfield 334Van NameHarry
Westfield 254Van NameHenry
Northfield 393Van NameHenry
Northfield 352Van NameHyram
Westfield 255Van NameIda F.
Northfield 352Van NameIda J.
Northfield 334Van NameIsaac
Northfield 356Van NameIsadora
Northfield 323Van NameJacob
Northfield 376Van NameJacob
Northfield 334Van NameJames
Northfield 393Van NameJames
Northfield 333Van NameJane
Northfield 351Van NameJane
Northfield 352Van NameJane
Northfield 334Van NameJemima
Castleton 082Van NameJohn
Northfield 334Van NameJohn
Northfield 393Van NameJohn H.
Northfield 376Van NameJohn K.
Northfield 321Van NameJohn P.
Northfield 336Van NameJoseph
Northfield 351Van NameJoseph
Northfield 333Van NameJoseph B.
Northfield 292Van NameJoseph H.
Northfield 335Van NameJoshua
Northfield 393Van NameJulia
Northfield 323Van NameKate
Northfield 334Van NameLauretta
Northfield 334Van NameLuella
Westfield 255Van NameLydia
Westfield 266Van NameMargaret
Northfield 334Van NameMargaret
Northfield 393Van NameMargaret
Northfield 356Van NameMary
Northfield 333Van NameMary A.
Westfield 240Van NameMary E.
Northfield 352Van NameMary E.
Northfield 323Van NameMary L.
Northfield 357Van NameMichael
Northfield 393Van NameMichael
Northfield 336Van NameMoses
Northfield 356Van NameMoses
Northfield 393Van NameMoses
Northfield 335Van NameNicholas
Northfield 334Van NameOscar
Northfield 321Van NamePaul M.
Northfield 321Van NamePeter
Northfield 323Van NamePeter
Northfield 354Van NamePeter
Westfield 240Van NamePhoebe
Northfield 335Van NameRachel A.
Westfield 254Van NameSarah
Northfield 333Van NameSarah
Northfield 335Van NameSarah
Northfield 338Van NameSarah E.
Northfield 333Van NameSimon
Northfield 323Van NameSophia
Northfield 393Van NameSophia
Northfield 323Van NameTruella
Northfield 324Van NameWilliam
Northfield 376Van NameWilliam
Castleton 082Van Name [Jr]John
Northfield 377Van Name [W]Elizabeth
Northfield 323Van Name, Jr.Jacob
Northfield 323Van Name, Jr.Peter
Middletown 514Van Pelt??????
Northfield 361Van PeltAaron W.
Middletown 620Van PeltAbraham
Castleton 013Van PeltAdaline
Northfield 370Van PeltAdaline
Middletown 518Van PeltAgnes
Westfield 190Van PeltAlexander
Northfield 370Van PeltAndrew
Northfield 376Van PeltAnn
Middletown 514Van PeltAnn
Northfield 361Van PeltAnn L.
Westfield 258Van PeltAnn W.
Westfield 190Van PeltAnna
Middletown 620Van PeltAnna
Westfield 251Van PeltAnna M.
Middletown 518Van PeltAugustus
Middletown 518Van PeltAugustus
Northfield 370Van PeltBenjamin
Northfield 370Van PeltBenjamin
Northfield 394Van PeltBrayton D.
Castleton 013Van PeltBridget
Northfield 370Van PeltCaleb
Northfield 336Van PeltCatharine
Northfield 377Van PeltCatharine
Middletown 518Van PeltCatherine
Northfield 361Van PeltCornelia
Northfield 325Van PeltCornelius
Castleton 161Van PeltDavid
Westfield 251Van PeltDavid
Northfield 377Van PeltDavid
Northfield 366Van PeltDayton
Northfield 366Van PeltEdward
Northfield 336Van PeltEliza
Middletown 620Van PeltEliza
Northfield 392Van PeltEliza A.
Northfield 370Van PeltElizabeth A.
Northfield 336Van PeltElizabeth I.
Northfield 370Van PeltEllen
Northfield 392Van PeltElsa
Northfield 366Van PeltEmery
Middletown 514Van PeltEmma
Northfield 394Van PeltEugene D
Castleton 013Van PeltEuphemia
Northfield 370Van PeltFrank
Northfield 325Van PeltGarret
Northfield 370Van PeltGarret
Westfield 191Van PeltGeorge
Northfield 366Van PeltGeorge
Middletown 518Van PeltGeorge
Westfield 191Van PeltGeorge W.
Northfield 370Van PeltHarriet
Northfield 370Van PeltHenry
Middletown 514Van PeltHenry
Middletown 572Van PeltHoward
Middletown 514Van PeltInfant
Northfield 370Van PeltJacob
Northfield 376Van PeltJacob
Northfield 392Van PeltJacob
Middletown 560Van PeltJacob
Middletown 560Van PeltJacob
Westfield 251Van PeltJames
Middletown 572Van PeltJames H.
Middletown 560Van PeltJanie
Castleton 018Van PeltJohn
Westfield 190Van PeltJohn
Northfield 325Van PeltJohn
Northfield 366Van PeltJohn
Northfield 370Van PeltJohn
Northfield 370Van PeltJohn
Northfield 392Van PeltJohn
Northfield 392Van PeltJohn
Middletown 560Van PeltJohn
Northfield 376Van PeltJohn A.
Northfield 377Van PeltJohn A.
Westfield 190Van PeltJohn C.
Middletown 572Van PeltJohn G.
Northfield 370Van PeltJohn H.
Westfield 251Van PeltJohn M.
Westfield 220Van PeltJohnson
Westfield 191Van PeltJosephine
Westfield 251Van PeltJosephine
Middletown 560Van PeltLouisa
Middletown 620Van PeltLouisa
Westfield 191Van PeltLydia A.
Northfield 370Van PeltMalinda
Middletown 572Van PeltMarcella
Middletown 572Van PeltMarcella
Northfield 325Van PeltMargaret
Northfield 377Van PeltMaria
Northfield 336Van PeltMary
Northfield 370Van PeltMary
Middletown 560Van PeltMary
Middletown 560Van PeltMary
Westfield 190Van PeltMary A.
Westfield 191Van PeltMary A.
Northfield 370Van PeltMary A.
Northfield 325Van PeltMary E.
Middletown 518Van PeltMary E.
Westfield 191Van PeltMary F.
Westfield 220Van PeltMary J.
Northfield 392Van PeltMary L.
Middletown 518Van PeltMary L.
Northfield 336Van PeltNicholas
Castleton 013Van PeltPeter
Westfield 220Van PeltPeter
Northfield 325Van PeltPeter
Southfield 405Van PeltPeter
Northfield 392Van PeltPhebe E.
Northfield 370Van PeltPrior
Westfield 251Van PeltRobert
Northfield 392Van PeltRobert
Northfield 325Van PeltSarah
Northfield 376Van PeltSarah
Northfield 392Van PeltSarah [W]
Castleton 161Van PeltSophia
Westfield 220Van PeltStephen
Northfield 366Van PeltSusan
Westfield 191Van PeltSusan E..
Southfield 442Van PeltSusana
Westfield 191Van PeltTunis
Northfield 394Van PeltVictoria K.
Castleton 013Van PeltWilliam A.
Northfield 325Van PeltWinacha
Westfield 191Van Pelt [W]Catharine
Northfield 377Van Pelt [W]Hannah
Westfield 190Van Pelt [W]Susan
Northfield 394Van Pelt [W]Eleanor
Southfield 426VanderliethAnna
Southfield 426VanderliethJohn H.
Northfield 336WadeMary
Northfield 336WadeOliver D.
Westfield 190WaglornJames G.
Westfield 190WaglornMary E.
Westfield 190WaglornPeter J.
Castleton 079WalshMary
Northfield 298WarerHenry
Southfield 442WeetleyHarriet
Westfield 187WenethJohn
Southfield 457WesthroakElizabeth
Southfield 457WesthroakJames
Castleton 009WhiteAlfred
Castleton 009WhiteAnna
Castleton 009WhiteCharles
Castleton 009WhiteGotleb
Westfield 251WhiteGriffin
Castleton 009WhiteMargaret
Westfield 251WhiteMargaret
Castleton 009WhiteMary
Castleton 009WhiteMary
Castleton 009WhiteMatilda
Middletown 572WiggensChas R.
Middletown 572Wiggens
Northfield 290WildeFrank
Northfield 290Wilde [W]Mary J.
Westfield 270WilliamsAlice
Westfield 270WilliamsFrancis
Westfield 270WilliamsHenry
Westfield 229WilliamsJohn
Westfield 270WilliamsMargaret
Westfield 229WilliamsMary
Westfield 229Williams
Westfield 240WilsonMary
Westfield 240WilsonWilliam
Westfield 198WinantMacey
Westfield 198WinantMary
Westfield 198Winant [W]Mary
Southfield 418WinnisBridget
Southfield 418WinnisGimolf
Southfield 418WinnisJames
Castleton 077WolfJohn
Westfield 255WoodEmily
Middletown 524WoodJohn
Castleton 072WrightCharlotte
Castleton 072WrightElizabeth
Northfield 323WrightGarret O.
Castleton 072WrightGeorge W.
Southfield 406?ilfina
Southfield 406Abram
Southfield 406Almira
Castleton 159Amelia
Castleton 037Andrew
Castleton 018Ann
Westfield 251Ann
Southfield 452Ann
Southfield 486Ann
Northfield 356Ann L.
Northfield 321Anna
Middletown 551Anna
Castleton 013Anna D.
Southfield 460Annie
Northfield 286Auiora
Westfield 220Benjamin
Castleton 082Camille
Castleton 159Caroline C.
Middletown 560Cath.
Castleton 009Catharine
Northfield 352Catharine
Northfield 354Catharine
Southfield 430Catharine
Southfield 442Catharine
Southfield 457Catharine
Southfield 457Catharine
Northfield 338Catherine
Northfield 333Cephelia
Northfield 377Charles
Northfield 386Christina
Castleton 009Cithany
Northfield 357Cornelia
Middletown 496Cornelia
Northfield 298Cornelius
Southfield 430Daniel
Westfield 268Daniel W.
Northfield 324David
Southfield 486David
Northfield 324Dianah
Westfield 178Dorah
Northfield 356Edgar
Castleton 159Edmond D.
Northfield 286Edmond W.
Middletown 551Edward
Westfield 254El?aretta
Westfield 268Elias W.
Castleton 018Eliza
Westfield 191Eliza
Westfield 254Eliza J.
Westfield 187Elizabeth
Northfield 392Elizabeth
Southfield 452Elizabeth
Northfield 357Elizabeth I.
Northfield 351Elizabeth O.
Northfield 303Ella
Northfield 333Emma
Northfield 352Emma
Northfield 335Eugene
Westfield 187Fanny
Southfield 457Fanny
Northfield 338Fibitha
Southfield 460Frederika
Southfield 486George
Northfield 298Gertrude
Northfield 394Grace
Southfield 406Grace
Westfield 258Harriet
Southfield 426Henry
Middletown 496Henry
Middletown 551Henry
Middletown 560Henry
Southfield 406Ida
Northfield 325Ida M.
Castleton 018James
Westfield 258James
Northfield 386James
Southfield 406James
Southfield 457James
Castleton 065James E.
Northfield 336Jemima
Castleton 037John
Northfield 394John
Southfield 426John
Southfield 457John
Southfield 486John
Castleton 065John J.
Castleton 082Joseph
Northfield 303Joseph
Northfield 356Joseph
Southfield 442Joseph
Northfield 355Josephine
Southfield 452Julia
Middletown 551Louis
Northfield 325Lucretia
Westfield 191Margaret
Northfield 336Margaret
Northfield 357Margaret
Southfield 452Margaret
Westfield 220Marrietteo
Westfield 216Martha
Castleton 009Mary
Castleton 037Mary
Westfield 264Mary
Northfield 335Mary
Southfield 457Mary
Middletown 524Mary
Westfield 178Mary A.
Northfield 334Mary A.
Middletown 572Mary A.
Northfield 336Mary C
Northfield 298Mary D.
Castleton 013Mary E.
Westfield 258Mary E.
Southfield 442Mary E.
Southfield 452Michael
Castleton 037Patrick
Southfield 430Patrick
Castleton 009Patrick H.
Northfield 375Peter M
Northfield 355Rebecca A.
Westfield 251Richard
Northfield 286Richard
Southfield 457Richard
Northfield 386Robert
Northfield 324Samuel
Castleton 130Sarah
Castleton 159Sarah
Northfield 376Sarah
Southfield 426Sarah
Castleton 013Sarah E.
Northfield 333Stephen
Castleton 158Theadore
Southfield 426Thomas
Southfield 442Thomas
Castleton 013Townsend
Northfield 336Walter
Middletown 496Walter
Castleton 018William
Castleton 037William
Westfield 264William
Northfield 352William
Middletown 496William
Middletown 620William
Castleton 065William F.
Northfield 392William H.
Westfield 220William W.

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