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1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 480, Castleton
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
166Eve Francis A.Master-Somerset6/20/18619/24/18643/3/4West New BrightonnoneReenlisted disabled 
22023Lozier Jacob B. Sr.Seaman Kill van Kull   West New Brightonnone  
33741Lucas William H.PrivateC21 Vir. Inf Confederate7/6/18617/6/18614/0/0West New Brightonwounded twicetaken prisoner when Richmond fellcrossed off as he was Confederate
44752McKnight JohnPrivateK23 Penn8/6/186111/7/18621/3/1West New Brightonnone  
54954Smith George W.PrivateK132 NY Inf8/20/18626/29/18652/10/9West New Brightonnone this is janet's relative
67480McGuire JamesPrivateA133 NY Inf8/25/18626/6/18652/9/12West New Brightonnone  
77987Heal / Neal Albert F.CorporalI156 NY Vol9/2/18626/25/18652/9/23West New Brightonnone  
87886Miller Reuben S.PrivateI156 NY Vol8/28/186210/25/18653/1/25West New Brighton   
988100Fox ThomasSeaman Princeton8/10/18619/8/18632/0/29West New Brighton   
1097110Wright JamesCorporalA79 NY Inf5/15/18618/16/18654/3/1West New Brighton   
1199112Kennedy Charles W.CaptainI150 NY Vol7/26/18626/20/18652/10/25West New Brightonnone  
12104117Eldrige ChaunceyCorporalC89 NY Inf8/20/18619/20/18654/1/0West New Brightonnone  
13105118Totten JohnCaptainB5 Vir Cav   West New Brighton  not Confederate - Union Virginia 5th cavalry - thanks Gary!
14107120Turner George W.PrivateK132 NY Vol8/20/18626/29/18652/10/9West New Brighton   
15119133Kruser WilliamPrivateC102 NY Vol12/15/18617/21/18653/7/6West New Brighton   
16137153Smith Mary widow of ElyPrivateK8 NY Vol5/29/18629/10/18620/3/12West New Brighton   
17142157Marsh ThomasSeaman-Kearsage8/20/18621/30/18652/5/10West New Brighton   
18143159Wright ThomasCorporalI156 NY Vol8/5/186210/23/18653/2/18West New Brighton   
19145163Decker Margaret H. widow of Edward A.Master-Osceola 4/24/1865 West New Brighton   
20148164Dickinson Charles H.PrivateB23 NY Inf6/18/18637/20/18630/1/4West New Brighton   
21a152168Menadier Rudolph1st Lieut.I3 NJ Cav11/23/18638/15/18651/8/22West New Brighton  see below
21b152168Menadier RudolphCaptainK41 NY Inf6/16/18612/1/18631/7/15West New Brighton  see above
22176193Smith Lucy P. widow of Richard P. Sr.ColonelK71 Penn Vol---West New Brighton   
23193211Beach GeorgePrivateAChi Light Artillery---West New Brighton   
24195213Keene Thomas W.Lieutenant 84 NY Inf---Castleton Corners   
25a200218Palmer John H.Mate Rhode Island18611862 Castleton Corners   
25b200218Palmer John H.Private 7 NY Inf4/19/18616/10/1861-/1/22Castleton Corners   
26200218Whitney Lawrence M.CaptainF83 NY Vol5/27/18615/27/18643/0/0Castleton CornersWounded - Gettysburgh  
27207225Raymond Carrington HStaff  ---West New Brightonnone  
28209227Gjune Thomas  Duryea Zouases---West New Brightonnone  
29217235Rall Mercelia F.SargeantF165 NY Vol8/20/18625/5/1863-/8/26West New Brightonheart disease  
30228246Boole William H.Chaplain 174 NY Vol6/15/188618/20/18621/2/5West New Brightonbroken arm  
31208226Taylor George C.    --West New Brighton   
32178195Schnarr Lorenz    --West New Brighton   
33230248Ch___s Roswald S.Captain 4 Geo Vol4/20/18616/20/18654/2/0West New Brighton  crossed off; Confederate
34242265Bailey Henry O.PrivateG12 NY Inf4/15/18617/15/1861-/3/0Tompkinsville   
35246275Vanderwort John V. W.PrivateK7 NY Inf   Tompkinsville   
36252287O'Grady Bridget widow of PatrickPrivate 156 NY Vol4/20/1861--Tompkinsvillekilled during war  
37265309Bowman AndrewPrivateB4 NY Artillery8/14/18627/16/18652/11/2TompkinsvillePrisoner - Libby.  
38274323Parks ArthurPrivate     Tompkinsville   
39275325Luce Sr. Edmund S.Chief Engineer US Navy   Tompkinsville   
40a275325Hyatt Joseph G.  11 NY Cav   Tompkinsville   
40b275325Hyatt Joseph G.Lieutenant 32 NY Vol4/13/18617/4/18654/2/21Tompkinsvillewounded  
41278328Finley Mary Jane widow of WilliamPrivateC4 NY Heavy Artillery2/5/18619/5/18632/7/7Tompkinsville  dates: sic
42288342Coppinger RichardPrivateC4 NY Heavy Artillery1/6/18649/27/1864-/8/21Tompkinsvillediarhoea, chronic  
43288342Donoghue Margaret widow of DanielPrivateK2 Penn Inf3/27/18649/30/1864-/6/3Tompkinsvillekilled during war  
44293351Goodhue JamesSeaman         
45293352Grantham JohnPrivateF15 US Inf12/2/186512/2/18683/-/-   not Civil War
46293353Burke ThomasPrivate         
47306371Anderson JamesPrivateF156 NY Inf       
48309375Meldowney Sarah A. widow of George W.PrivateDDuryea Zouases       
49313383Purrett / Parrett Charles H.SargeantI9 NY Vol5/4/18615/20/18632/0/16    
50331411Holt Catherine widow of JamesSargeantC155 NY Vol10/9/18627/10/18652/9/1    
1334415Johnson Sarah widow of AugustusPrivate    -/1/-TompkinsvilleRheumatism during war "1" in length of service may just be a mark
2379481Chevantre Margaret widow of AlfredPrivate Hawkins Zouaves   Tompkinsvillenone  
3389496Casper Samuel      Tompkinsvillenone  
4391499James Lucretia widow of Cyrus W.PrivateG9 NY Cav11/9/186137411 Tompkinsvillekilled during warat Gettysburgh 
5392503Griffith Charles H.Seaman US Hartford10/15/186137921 TompkinsvilleInjured knees  
6396507Gunn Charles L.Private 7 NY Inf   Tompkinsvillenone  
7397508Scales JeffersonSargeant N.C. ?   Tompkinsvillenone crossed off; apparently Confederate
8401512Dorian ThomasNon Com OfficerF15 NY Vol18621864 Tompkinsvilleno  
9409520McQuade PeterCaptain 69 NY Inf6/17/1861  Tompkinsville   
10420531Anderson John W.      Tompkinsville  Crossed off; possibly Confederate
11435547Gillespie John W.Captain     Tompkinsville   
12444556Post James B.Lt. Colonel 93 NY Vol12/18613/1863 Tompkinsvillenone  
13450561Rodgers FrederickCaptain US Navy       
14--Heap David P.  Officers Corps US Army       
15461562Hanley Thomas  US Sol   Lighhouse Dept - "S S Grace Darling"   
16111124Decker Simon V.N.  US Sol   Castleton, Cherry Lane   
17101114Merrell John  US Sol   Castleton, Cherry Lane   

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