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1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 484, Castleton
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
1487532McKelvey LaudinPrivate 79 NY Vol Inf5/13/186112/28/18641/7/15West New Brightonshot thru left breast  
2491535Anderston JamesPrivate 107 NY Vol8/8/18626/5/18652/9/25    
3503593Sheetendoff Henry G.PrivateB77 NY Vol4/21/18627/18620/3/0    
4547 ?394Ashe Katherine widow of William U.PrivateK47 NY Vol7/18619/18643/0/0West New BrightonShot in knee and shoulderdischarged as being wholly unfit for service 
5301327Robinson Samuel A.  US Volunteer       
155Cary Thomas S.CorporalG59 NY Vol9/11/186111/14/18621/2/3West New BrightonChronic Bronchitis and deafness  
21113Kuenstenmach Herman2nd Lieut.Staff_?_ Iowa Vol8/26/18614/26/18631/8/0    
31823Fulloger ArunaPrivateB2 NY Excelsior5/25/18615/25/18643/0/0    
42431Fullojer IsaacSargeantK156 NY Vol9/25/18625/31/18652/8/6    
52532Minnis ? CharlesCorporalK5 NJ Vol8/29/186110/6/18621/1/8    
62734Warde John S.PrivateI?9 NY Vol7/7/18627/17/18653/1/10    
72936Smith Charles E.PrivateK132 NY Vol10/20/18629/20/18652/11/0   janet's relative jannetjeb at gmail dot com
83138Metze LeoPrivateG5 NY Vol Duryea Zouaves3/3/18657/5/18650/4/0    
93643Stillwell Henry B.1st SargeantG145 NY Vol8/11/18626/3/18630/9/13    
107485Gallagher George W.        Sworn in for 3 months in 1861; no papers 
117785Taylor Matthew S.PrivateE35 NY Vol9/11/18637/22/8651/10/11    
128495Kelly Robert A.PrivateK79 NY Inf Nethlanders5/13/18615/31/18643/0/18West New Brightonshot thru left breast  
13109126Pine Charles T.Private9156 NY Vol8/31/186210/1/18631/1/1    
14113130Connolly Patrick J.PrivateB6? NY Vol Heavy Artillery8/21/186212/?/18620/4/3West New Brightondischarged for Rupture incured in service  
15113130Richardson CharlesMajor 16 Mass Vol     discharge papers lost 
16116133Shouters ChristopherPrivate4NY ? Rifles10/186210/18653/0/0West New BrightonRuptured & unfitted for service  
17104120Blossom Peter A.1st Lieut.D122 NY Vol186118642/ /     
18128144Antonides SidneyPrivateD29 NJ Vol9/12/18621/12/18641/9/0    
19135151Day Mary E. widow of JohnCorporal 21 NJ Vol     dates "unknown to widow" 
20142160Bamber WilliamPrivate9156 NY Vol186218653/5/0    
21148167Reardon WashingtonPrivateK145 NY Vol9/2/18626/14/18652/9/12West New Brightonincurred defective eyesight and cat___ in service  
22156175Frake GeorgePrivateK145 NY Vol9/2/18626/14/18652/9/12  detailed as drummer 
23165184Ashman John J.Und Sargeant9115 NY Vol8/13/18626/17/18652/10/4    
24169189Brown Robert _?_PrivateC30 NJ Vol8/19/18626/27/18630/9/8    
25171191Simakoff AlexanderCorporalF15 NY Vol186118631/10/0    
26174194Steers Edward1st Lieut.A156 NY Vol186218642/0/0    
27174194Ceminer ? Catherine widow of JacobPrivateA56 NY Vol     dates "unknown to widow" 
28197217DeGraff Mary widow of CorneliusSargeant       information "unknown to widow" 
29201221Hildbrand WilliamSailor Fallapasso8/18647/18/18650/11/9    
30209229Hildbrand AlexanderSailor Arletta8/18628/18631/0/0    
31209229McCullough Daniel B.PrivateB99 NY Vol2/27/18657/25/18650/4/29    
32224244Brown Mary L. widow of Isaac M.PrivateA21 NY Vol     dates "unknown to widow" 
33228248McMurray Robert2nd Lieut.E13 NY S__ 186118632/ /     
34260281Moore Benjamin F.SargeantK68 Indiana Infantry8/4/18626/14/18652/10/10    
35296322Washburne George W.PrivateH71 NY Vol     papers lost 
36299325Banker JamesPrivate9 ?79 NY Vol; Highlandes     papers lost 
37303328Spony ? Henry B.PrivateB175 NY Vol     papers lost 
38307332Bacon Marie widow of James H.1st Lieut.       information "unknown to widow" 
39318349Hunkerman ? CharlesPrivateE45 NY Vol     papers lost 
40343376MacAvoy JamesPrivateB69 NY Vol     papers lost 
41283314Corlin ThomasPrivateB47 NY Vol     papers lost 
42351384Barrett JosephPrivateD1st Conn Heavy Artillery     papers lost 
43366400Goodell Anthony W.Adgt ? 48 NY Vol186118632/0/0    
44372407Eafan Margaret widow of MartinPrivate       information "unknown to widow" 
45431468Sharp James R.PrivateG1 NY8/21/18623/27/18641/7/6    
46431468Sharp Andrew C.PrivateG1 NY8/21/18623/27/18641/7/6    
47438478Brice Charlotte widow of John _?_PrivateC24 NY Vol VRR ?8/29/18626/29/18652/10/0    
48437477Moy Agusta widow of JohnSailor Vessel unknown to widow       
49448489Layton ThomasPrivateG79 NY Vol Highlanders     papers lost 
50452493Bedell Harriet widow of Daniel H.PrivateC21 NY Vol     dates "unknown to widow" 

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