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1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 487, Northfield 3rd District
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
111718Ricard John A.PrivateD85 Reg NY  1/-/-Mariners Harbor discharge lost 
212326Rudiger JeanCorporalA66 Reg NY9/1/186112/9/18632/2/8Mariners Harbor   
312124Bodine BenjaminSargeant 3rd US Artil12/29/186412/29/18673/-/-Mariners Harbor   
46670Decker SamuelPrivateI158 Reg NY12/12/186310/22/1864 Mariners Harbor   
517882Purnell Ellsworth      Mariners Harbor colored; discharge lostduplicate
6110116Rousch JohnPrivate 32 Ind Bat NY8/30/18617/12/18653/10/11Mariners Harbordislocated jaw from concussion of gun fi___emergency or during the war 
7126135Nichols William S.PrivateA12 Reg R.I.10/13/18628/1863-/9/-Mariners Harbor   
8136154Maul Webster R.PrivateA28 Reg Pa.6/1863  Mariners Harbor   
9149173Weir Joseph B.Private K Elliworth; D 2 Cav NY4/18611865 Mariners Harbor was out in [a lot of illegible text] 
10156180Elms Charles I.CorporalK132 Reg NY8/20/18626/27/1865 Mariners Harbor   
11157175Moore Nathaniel      Mariners Harbor no discharge 
13202278Hollands John B.Fireman 2nd ClassOShip Nth Carolina9/11/18638/13/1864 Mariners Harbor discharged from 3 class Oneida sloop of war 
14213290Chapman Lewis      Mariners Harbor lost discharge - does not remember dates 
15215292Watts Thomas      Mariners Harbor lost discharge - does not remember dates 
16231313Jones BedellPrivateK132 Reg NY8/11/18625/17/1864 Mariners Harbor   
17262342Decker AbramPrivateE4 Reg NY12/21/18616/26/1865 Mariners Harbor   
18290374Leman Moses H.PrivateG71 Reg NY4/20/18617/30/1861 Mariners Harbor   
19297382Baacke HermanPrivateD20 Reg NY5/6/18616/1/1863 Mariners Harbor   
20300387Kinsey Alfred G.PrivateB4 Reg NY8/15/18626/6/1865 Mariners Harbor   
21327405Bush George alias Bush ValentinePrivateBattery M5 US Light Artillery5/19/18625/19/1865 Mariners Harbor lost his discharge 
22341422Brinley JohnCorporalO K136 Reg NY8/12/18625/17/1864 Mariners Harbor served from this date (5/17/1864) to 5 Jun 1865 Navy 
23345426Macrea WilliamPrivateH43 Reg NY8/11/18626/1865 Mariners Harbor lost discharge - fire in dwelling house 
24391475Roch MichaelCorporalCHeavy Artillery Reg. Conn.2/1/18648/18/1865 Mariners HarborSunstrokeunable to do manual labor 
25443528Yates JamesSargeantB3rd Reg NY Light Artillery9/98/18627/13/1865 Chelsea   
26457542Sofield Wesley  USS Sabine 5/27/1863 Linoleumville lost his discharge 
27573691Zimmer HenrySargeantE48 Reg Pa4/5/18627/10/1865 LinoleumvillePort Richmond  
28590708Decker Noah S.PrivateE4 H.A. NY1/27/18649/26/1865 Linoleumville   
29582700Decker Rooney M.      Linoleumville has his discharge with him on board Schooner 
30624743Harris Abram M.PrivateD12 Reg NJ8/1/18626/12/1865 Springville   
31709830Williamson JamesPrivate  8/23/18637/8/1865 Port RichmondWounded Testicles  
32400484Holman NapoleonUS Soldier     Port Richmond   
33379468Van Pelt PriorUS Soldier     Port Richmond   
34383467Newbury Jacob L.US Soldier     Port Richmond   
353639Temple Wm S.US Soldier     Port Richmond   

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