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1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED Unknown, Castleton
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
1547707Carolan PatrickPrivateK79 NY5/13/18615/31/18641/-/-West New Brighton  Length of service: sic
2531682Tompson ? John W.PrivateF7? NY?/1861 -/-/30West New Brighton all the information 
3523674Tompkins Charles H.Private     West New Brighton wife could not give info 
4519670Bayley Isabella      West New Brighton wife could not give info 
5514665Duffie Mary R. [widow of] Duffie Gert ?General 1st RI Cavalry6/18611/18654/-/-West New Brighton   
6495643DeKay SidneyMajor Staff Officer  2/6/-West New Brighton   
7473616Boyle JamesPrivateD18 NY4/20/18637/18652/-/-West New Brighton no information 
8464603Clark Joseph H.Captain 92 NY Vol   West New Brighton enlisted under name of Gre_?_ 
9461597Koch Jacob      West New Brighton could not get info 
10428563Pattison ThomasRear Admiral Navy   West New Brighton in service from 1839 to date 
11593763Loyd John S.      West New Brighton   
12594764McDermott Th?PrivateF2 US Art2/18652/18683/-/-West New Brighton   
13600774Lufton ? Catherine [widow of] Lufton ? ThomasPrivate 2 NY Artillery186118643/-/-Castleton   
14608783Haywood George T.PrivateF1 Artillery186318652/-/-Jersey St. Castleton   
15433568Bagley Francis H.  45 Mass6/18612/1862-/9/-Berger Castleton   
16624798Carr Patrick      Jersey St. Castleton   
1711Smith Patrick          
18541696Robb Matthew          
1944Smidth Whelimia          
122Peterson John1st SargeantK156 NY Inf11/8/186210/28/1865-New Brighton  Length of service: sic
278Twyford Edward1st Class Musician? 6th Corps11/9/186318652/-/-New Brighton   
32938Burke Thomas J.Private Marine6/186310/7/18652/3/-New Brighton   
442?Felt Edwin M.Private 7 NY Ind186118632/-/-New Brighton   
54446McFadden Eword ?      New Brighton Could get no information 
64749Thompson Brainard M.      New Brighton Could get no information 
76366Duer Beverly C.      New Brighton Could get no information 
87073Walker Normal      New Brighton Confederate 
99598Handy Thomas      New Brighton Could get no information 
1098        New Brighton ConfederateCrossed off; Confederate
11104107Mengaes Adolf      New Brighton Could get no information 
12118121Schweikel ? John      New Brighton Could get no information 
13140144Duane James C.General     New Brighton   
14144148Burke JamesSargeant Marine186418695/-/-New Brighton   
15174178Cole Henry D.      New Brighton Could get no information 
16179186Kiernan Bernard  US Engineer10/24/186110/24/18643/-/-New Brighton   
17209227Butler John      New Brighton Could get no information 
18216236Adams WesleyPrivate 28 NJ  3 yearsNew Brighton   
19239261Riley Elizabeth, Riley David      New Brighton Could get no information 
20244263Tho???? William      New Brighton Could get no information 
21247273Moran John      New Brighton Could get no information 
22251279Sigel Charles F.Private 2 NJ Vol5/28/1861?9/1861-/6/-New Brighton   
23303359?Lewis W. F.PrivateG40 NY Vol6/21/18613/4/18632/6/-New Brighton   
24293335Kelly Patrick H.2nd Engineer Maine186118654/-/-New Brighton   
25305362East Thompson R.Private 5 US Cav   New Brighton   
26305364Donay ? FrankSol? 5 US Cav  3/-/-New Brighton   
27316385Day Thomas J.[illegible]D5 or 8 US LA9/23/18619/23/18643/-/-New Brighton   
28317387Fetherstone AndrewPrivateB4 HA NY8/18/18626/18653/-/-New Brighton   
29321393McCloughey John      New Brighton no information 
30322395Esterbrook PeterPrivateB4 HA NY4/6/18612/18/18654/-/-New Brightondeafness  
31326403Heslin PeterPrivateK82 Reg NY4/21/18616/19/18654/-/-New Brighton no information 
32330413Woods James      New Brighton   
33331414Sullivan JamesPrivateA[illegible] NY Vol8/17/18626/28/18653/-/-New Brighton   
34337425Rader FrederickPrivate 165 NY Vol9/10/18627/1/18652/6/-New Brighton   
35         New Brighton  Crossed off; Confederate
36373480Esterbrook AlfredPrivateBUS Engineers8/24/18619/18643/-/-New Brighton   
37384491Johnston HenryCaptain     New Brighton   
38399511Eddie John H.Private 133 NY Vol186218653/-/-New Brighton   
39411534Kenlock JamesPrivate     New Brighton   
40416546Shaughnessy Mary, Shaughnessy ____      New Brighton no info from wife 
41625799Lewis PricePrivate Navy     Could get no information 
42625799Vanderbilt AaronPrivate Maine18631865   ensign US Navy 
43625799Little John W.  Staff Office18631865   General Gates Staff 
44625799Lee Horace        no info from wife 
45625799Keeney William Private87 Reg NY Vol  -/3/0    
46625799Lyon T. E.  Commander US Navy18631865     
47626800O'Bernie WilliamBrigadier General 37 NY Vol18631865     
48627801Beak PaulPrivate 32 Penn Vol6/18/18639/19/1863-/3/-    
49232252Dodge Bertha, Dodge Col.Private 75 NY Vol186218631/-/-  widow 
50625799Badeau Gen.General         

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