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PS 14, Stapleton, Graduation, June 1904

Contributed by Carol Rasponi

Thank you, Carol!

Mentions Eric Kammann, Bessie Brown, Leo Haiblum, Emma Marshall, Sydney Dejonge, Naomi Stone, Helene L. Jacot, J. Stanton Brower, William A. Butehorn.

Mentions Cora A. Blake, Helene Ulrich, Antonia M. Pape, Kath A Goetz, Antoinette Koschzrak, Mary C. Daley, Rev. J. C. Howard, Mr. D. L. Bardwell

Class of June, 1904: Cora A. Blake, J. Stanton Brower, William A. Butehorn, Mary C. Daley, Rosine L. Darrow, Katherine A. Goetz, Helene L. Jacot, Antoinette Kosch_rak, Antonia M. Pape, Gaspard D. St. Leger, N. Albert Schoenbucker, Irene H. Smile, Helen Ulrich

Irene Smile was Carol's grandmother.

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