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(History of Woodbury, Connecticut)

This has been a name of some consequence on the other side of the water. Sixteen different families have entered their coat of arms in the herald's office. It has been a numerous family on both sides of the Atlantic. Ten of the name graduated at different colleges prior to 1853.

John Atwood , Gent., from London was made a freeman, 1636, and was assistant in the Plymouth Colony in 1638. He brought over a large estate, and died 1644. Harmon was member of the artillery company, 1644, freeman, 1645, in Mass. Capt. Thomas of Wethersfield, Conn., tradition says, was for a time Captain of a company under Oliver Cromwell. He was a physician of some note, and died 1682. He married Abigail, and had

Dr. Jonathan emigrated to Woodbury, and was among the early settlers. He married Sarah Terell Thanksgiving Day evening, Nov. 5, 1701, and died June 1, 1733. His estate, as valued by his distributors, March 16,1733, amounted to 469, 5 s. Oliver had 235, 5 s. Jonathan 234. He had
  1. Nathan2, b. Sept. 6 ,1702, "early in the morning", and was a very strong man. He died a. about 24.
  2. Mary2, b. Oct. 22,1703; d. Dec. 22, following
  3. Mary2, b. April 20,1705, mother of Dr. Seth and Atwood Bird.
  4. Lieut. Jonathan2, b. Sept. 9, 1710; died 1783.
  5. Oliver2, b. March 11,1717; 4. Jan 30, 1810.
Nathan2, had
  1. Elijah3, b. April 11, 1724; died Nov. 29,1804
  2. Sarah3, b. June 29, 1726
Elijah3 m. Annah Jocelyn, of East Haven, Conn., (she died 1814) and had
  1. Jesse4, b. May 12, 1852; m. Rachel Minor; went to Jefferson,
    N.Y., and d. about 1834.
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  3. Asa4,b. Dec. 31, 1753; m. 1st Esther A., 2nd ----- Hurd,
    and was shot by the British in New York the day it was evacuated.
  4. Molly4, b.Nov. 24, 1755; m. Elijah Weller, and had Huldah, Annie,
    Benjamin, Orry, and Sally.
  5. Noble4, b. Nov. 23, l758; m. Margaret, dau. Stephen Judd.
  6. Sally4, bap. Jan. 31, 1762; m. Obadiah Monson.
  7. Elijah4, b. March 15,1765; m. Abigail Atwood.
  8. Anna4, bap. May 15, 1768; m. Uri Bronson.
Jesse4 had
  1. Asa5, m. , lived at Lockport, N. Y.; d. about 1843.
  2. William5, b. June ,1783; m. Clarissa Martin; had Jason.
  3. Lydia5, m. Wells Atwood; went west.
  4. Betsey5, m. Beecher Tolles; went to N. Y. State. had children.
  5. Ally5, Single.
  6. Anna5, m. Jacob Jones, N. Y.
  7. Jered5

(Pages 490-493, Cothren's History of Ancient Woodbury)

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