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From Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., July 26,1938, file No. W.18552

I. David Baley was born in July, 1758 , in Stonington, Conn.

While residing in Stonington, David Baley volunteered in the fall of 1776 and served three months as a private in Capt. Halsey's Conn. company. He served one month, also, in the Conn. militia as a substitute for his father. He enlisted in the spring of 1777 for the tern of three years, served as private in Captain Mills' company, then as waiter to Captain Amos Stanton in Colonel Henry Sherburne's regiment, was at Danbury when that place was burned, and assisted in building forts at West Point and wintered there. He went on General Sullivan's Expedition to Rhpde Island, and was in the battle at that place in which he was taken prisoner by the Hessians, held two or three months then exchanged and immediately rejoined his company and regiment at Warren, Rhode Island, where he remained during that winter, thence to Bristol. In the latter part of 1779 or early in 1780 he marched to Morristown, N. J. where he was engaged in building huts, and was discharged in the spring of 1780 after having served the term for which he enlisted. Before the close of the Revolution the soldier moved to Hartland, Vermont, where he lived two years, thence to Spencertown, N.Y.; from there, to Rennselaerville, same state, which was his place of residence about twenty years, thence to Jefferson, Schoharie County, New York.

David Baley or Bailey married March l, 1783, Eunice Ward in Brattleboro, Vermont, where she resided. Neither had been previously married.

Eunice Baley or Bailey was allowed pension on account of her husband's war service Oct. 9, 1843, then living in Jefferson, N. Y., "aged 82 years and upwards." In 1848 she still resided there. She was allowed 160 acres of bounty land on application executed July 11, 1857, still residing in Jefferson. She died Sept. 8, 1858. $80 a year (Tombstone Sept.7, 1857, aged 97 yrs.)

Their children are shown in the claims: Cornelius, their oldest child aged 59 in 1843; David who died before 1794; Olive, and David who was born in the winter of 1794. In 1843 it was stated that four of their children were still living, but only Cornelius and David, the oldest and youngest were named.

In 1832 David Baley referred to his brother-in-law living in Stonington. In 1844 reference was made to his grandchildren, but no names were given. In l848 Grace Baley witnessed the signature of Eunice. In 1858 Robert Bailey was living in Jefferson.

Eunice Bailey sold her right to locate military land bounty warrant No. 71016 to Cornelius L. Bailey Aug. l7, l857. He sold to William S. Paddock, and he to Stephen Ball, who located the lands in Sections 26 and 25 T.23 N. R. 4 W. 4th P.M. Wisconsin (From Gen. Land Office, Washington)

The soldier was allowed pension on application Oct. 2, l832, while a resident of Jefferson. He signed David Baley. He died in Jefferson Feb. 22, 1839, or Feb. 21,1840. (Tombstone Feb. 21, 1840) $8 a month. Aged 81 yrs. 6 mo.

   Cornelius,	died	June 25,1870, age 85 yr. 7 mo. Welch Cem.
   Olive,         "	June 12,1879,  "  90             "    "
   David,	  "	before 1794
   David,         "	July 7, 1867,  "  72	         "    "
   Hiram,         "	March 30,1853, "  44             "    "

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David Bailey was overseer of highways in Dist. No. 18 in 1811 in which his son Cornelius had served in 1809, he having preceded his father a few years in coming to Jefferson. They began what was known as "The Bailey Settlement" until "South Jefferson" covered the eastern foothills of Potter Hill and Mine Hill.

David and his wife Eunice, David Jr. and his wife Grace were constituent members of the South Jefferson Baptist Church in 1833 and probably had been members of the Blenheim society. David Baley's house was one of the most frequent meeting places before the church was bui1t, and a Church Council was held there. The Baley-Bailey family has been second to none in seal and service for the South Jefferson Church. Buried in South Jefferson Cemetery on Beach-Patchin farm.

II.Cornelius Bailey d. June 25, 1870, age 85 yr. 7 mo.; born Oct 16, 1785, probably at Spencertown, Columbia Co., N. Y. He married Achsah Romery, born Sept. 20, 1789, said to have been in Conn. She d. in Jefferson, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1866. age 76 yr. Both buried in cemetery on Welch farm about 1 1/2 miles from So. Jefferson toward Cornell Hollow. He is said to have come to Jefferson in 1803. He and his wife (Axcy) were received in Baptist Church Nov. 20, 1835. He was Delegate to Association 1851, 1854. He was an Overseer of the Poor 1831-32. In 1831 he, Oliver Hamilton and Abraham Jones were chosen as a Committee to collect and arrange the Town Bye Laws. justice of the peace in 1838. Captain in 104th Regiment of Militia, 1817.

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Robert Bailey m. Ruth Lawrence, drop'd 4 Nov. 19. '59 ; Ruey, drop'd Nov. 19,'59, restored Nov. 1863, dis. by let. Feb. 4, '66. South Jefferson church; deacon April 25, 1840; inspector of schools 1832, commissioner of highways 1839 ; overseer of poor 1840 ; assessor 1841 Lived in Schoharie

( Hiram Bailey, assessor in Jefferson 1850 ; died March 39,1853 (sic, probably March 29?). age 44 yr. Welch Cemetery. Census of 1835, 2 males 1 female . He appears to have been the youngest of the four children of David, Sr. and Eunice, said to have been living in 1843. )

David Bailey 2nd, b. Jefferson, Sept. 20, 1821. d. Dec. 1, 1891; m. Rachel Judd, b. Jefferson May 26, 1824, d. July 6, 1891, daughter of William and Irene (Guernsey) Judd. She was a daughter of Joseph M. Guernsey, and grand daughter of Capt. Joseph Guernsey, who served in the Revolution in the 27th Connecticut Militia. Racheal Judd, Mrs. David Bailey, joined the Jefferson Presbyterian Church Sept. 2, 1838 and was dismissed 1872 to the So. Jefferson Baptist Church. There was a David in the Baptist church, but her name does not appear there before 1872. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery. He was constable in 1846, 1850, and sealer of weights and measures in 1854.

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III. Roscoe Bailey (Ed. Note, added this line for clarity)
b.Jefferson, March 3, 1854, m. Oct. 13, 1881 Elvena Pierce b. Blenheim, N. Y., May 18. 1857, d. Jefferson Feb. 12, 1933, daughter of Electus Pierce. Overseer of Highways Dist. 53, 1901.

"Roscoe Bailey, formerly of Mt. Jefferson (Potter Hill) d. April 26, 1932 at Amsterdam, N. Y. David Bailey a Revolutionary soldier at So. Jefferson. His son was Cornelius Bailey. His son was David Bailey who was the father of Roscoe Bailey born in 1854. Rachel Bailey was the mother of Roscoe Bailey. Cornelius Bailey was the builder of the So. Jefferson Baptist Church nearly ninety-nine years ago." Probably Stamford Mirror-Recorder.

Portrait of Roscoe Bailey taken 23 years ago. "Taken all in all, perhaps Roscoe Bailey was the most typical school teacher that ever came to Blenheim Hill." Jefferson Courier Jan. 25, 1906.

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Orson C. Bailey (son of Cornelius) 1828-1907. He was a committee to supply desk (pastor) and deacon in So. Jefferson Church. His wife was b. Dec. 8, 1831, in Blenheim on the Oscar Veley farm, d. Dec. 4, 1908. She was Ellen Armstrong, daughter of Jacob Armstrong, and was the last surviving member of her family. Mrs. Lynn Hallock, her only child, and Mrs. Helen Parcell, her niece, of Port Ewen cared for her in her illness. She was admitted to the So. Jefferson church June 1856, where her funeral was held. They were buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Her mother was Catherine Carl. Roscoe's History of Schoharie County says that her grandfather John Armstrong was stolen from his bed in Germany when only 16 and forced into service by the British, but deserted and joined Washington's army near New York and served as his waiter three years. They lived on a farm in So. Jefferson.

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From Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, Mass. , by Rev. Joshua Wyman Wellman

P. 229 81. Capt. Ariel5 Wellman (Jedediah4, Joseph3, Isaac2, Thomas1) was born at Keene, N. H., 11 April 1769; d. at Tunesassa, at South Valley, Cattaraugus County, N.Y., 14 March, 1851. He married Nov., 1792, Hannah Rogers, dau. of Lieut. John and Jane (Ewins) Rogers of Londonderry and Acworth, N. H., (Merrill's History of Acworth, N. H. 262). She was born at Acworth, N.H., 8 May, 1772 He resided in Keene, N. H., till about 1800; removed to Blenheim, Schoharie County, and later to Napoli, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. Ariel Wellman and his sons, Ariel, Jr., John and Willard emigrated from Schoharie County to western New York as pioneers. They were highly respected and were leaders in the settlement of Napoli. He was ensign of a new company of militia In the town of Blenheim, Schoharie County, N.Y., in 1800, was appointed lieutenant of Capt. James Graves's Co. in Schoharie County 29 March 1805 and was commissioned Captain there in 1806. In the second reference his name was given as Eriel and in the third as Aziel. (New York Militia 1783-1821, pp.478,761,853)

P. 312 187 Ariel6 Wellman,Jr. (Ariel5,Jedediah4,Joseph3,Isaac2,Thomas1) was born at Keene, N. H. 20 Dec. 1796; died at Farmington, Minn. 29 May, 1822. He married 21 Dec. l817, Lucy Bailey, daughter of David and Eunice (Ward) Bailey of Jefferson, Schoharie County, N. Y. She was b. 2 Oct. 1797, and died at Farmington, Minn. 31 Jan. 1881 He was a farmer and lived in Blenheim, Schoharie County, and in Napoli, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.

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Eliza m. Smith Lobdell. They were dismissed from the So. Jefferson Church. Resided in Unadilla, had son William and daughter Mary. Smith Lobdell was a member of the gang which took part in the Anti-Rent war.

Lucy Bailey, a daughter of David Baley the Revolutionary soldier, Married Ariel Wellman. Their daughter Marie Jeanette married Rev. Justus O. Rich. They had a daughter who married Rev. Bradford P. Raymond once President of Wesleyan University.

Olive Bailey. another daughter of David the soldier , died June 12, 1879, aged 90 yr. Welch Cemetery. She was a member of the South Jefferson Church. In the Census of 1855 she is included in the family of David and Grace Bailey as sister aged 64. It also includes Eunice Bailey, mother.

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II.David Baley Jr. died July 7, 1868, age 72. His wife, Grace Lyon, d. Feb. 28, 1883, age 80 - 8 - 12, dau. of Jacob Lyon and Lydia King. He was also called 2nd, and was on commitee to supply desk in '51,'54,'57,'61,'62. He was a farmer. Real Est. $ 2000

III.Louisa Bailey b. 1828 (Census), M. Lyman Horace Brewster, a descendant of Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower Pilgrims (Jonathan2, Benj.3, Daniel4, John5, Daniel6, John7, John8, Lyman H.9, Brewster Genealogy pp.946-7). In 1861 David Bailey and wife Grace deeded to Lyman Brewster, son-in-law, 73 acres for $ 1500. Lyman H. Brewster and Louisa L. Brewster were received into the church by letter, May 11, 1861. He was "excluded" Jan. 5, 1867. He was a delegate to the Association in 1865. The action to exclude members was usually a complaint by some member. The proceedings in this case were typical, except more extended then usual.

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It was the practice of the South Jefferson Church to "withdraw the hand of fellowship" from those who withdrew themselves from its meetings as well as from those who committed scandalous sins. Why Br. Brewster neglected the church probably was the main topic at the meetings of the committee with him. It is likely that he had something of the spirit of religious freedom which brought the famous Elder of the Pilgrims to America. Sister Louisa Brewster asked and received a letter of recommendation March 3d, 1867.

III.David Lyman Bailey, 38, 1870 (Census), m. Sarah Maria Stanley b. Jan. 23, 1831, dau. of William R. Stanley (March 15, 1807-1900) and Catherine Maria Potter (Nov. 24, 1810-1883), was a farmer b. N.Y., real estate $ 4000 personal $ 1200 , town of Blenheim 1870 Census. He was "excluded" July 25, 1857 for neglecting church.

In 1870 the Census gave their children as:

      Melvin D.   16              Mina H.     4
      Eunice T.   11              Nellie L.   3
      Joseph E.    8              Lorella     5 mo.
   The Census of 1880 for town of Marmaton, Bourbon County, Kansas, added
      William E. 13               Ella M. 10

They were m. Sept. 1,1853. He died May 15, 1886 and was buried in Marmaton Cemetery. She d. June 6, 1919. Her pension claim said "born 1830." He enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, Albany, N.Y., dis. May 30, 1865. She received a pension $8 per month for his service private, Co. F 91 N. Y. Vol. Inf. beginning July 18, Buffalo Agency, issued July 11, 1891, fee $ 10. Check # 4,538,864 dated July 4, 1919 favor of Mrs. Sarah M. Bailey, Stamford, N. Y., for $75, reimbursement blank sent to Mrs. E. Vroman.

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Lucy E. Bailey 1824-1887, wife of George Franklin 1820-1862. New (Evergreen) Cemetery, Jefferson village. Lucy E. Bailey was the daughter of David, Jr. and Grace Lyon. They lived on a farm at So. Jefferson Corners, and kept the post office for many years in their farm house. In August, 1861, George Franklin died, leaving his six children for Lucy Franklin to care for. She kept them all together with their help.

Maryetta taught school for many years and helped to support the family. She began to teach at 15 years of age, and taught the home district school at $ 2 a week and boarded around in the district. One season she taught in District No. 3, and took one of her pupils home with her for a week end. and it happened that one of her brothers had the same given name. The rest of the children helped what they could and the family kept toqether until they went for themselves. Maryetta was born Dec. 20, 1846 and died Dec. 6, 1928.

Albert, April 1,1848 - April 14, 1911, was the first to marry and went west for a time, but soon returned to So. Jefferson and bought a small farm.

Sarah, b. June 5, 1850 - March 12, 1918, m. Rocelus Bailey.

Eugene, April 26, 1857 - Feb. 1, 1930, worked on a boat on the Hudson River for a few years, went to Oneonta and worked for the railroad caring for engines for a number of years, and finally returned to Jefferson and bought the Charles Mayham farm, on the North Road.

George W. bought an acre of land at the Four Corners on the State Road from Stamford to Richmondville, built a dwelling and store in 1883. The next spring he married Louise Pierce from Brooklyn, N. Y. After carrying on a dry goods and grocery store at South Jefferson Four Corners for sixteen years they sold out and moved to Oneonta. After six years there they moved back to Jefferson and bought the Orrin Ruland farm, where they took care of the old folks until they died. In 1820 they moved to Johnson

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City, N. Y., where they resided in 1937. They had two children, Ernest and Lucy. They live in Johnson City and are both in stores.

Georgiana Franklin, b. Oct. 4, 1861, m. Austin Cornell. They lived on a farm in Cornell Hollow.

The Census of 1860 describes, as copied, George Franklin farmer, $ 3500 real est. $ 1570 pers. The Census of 1870 , Lucy Franklin $ 4000 real est. $ 4518 pers.

Maria, daughter of David Bailey Jr. and Grace Lyon, Census of 1860 , Jefferson:

Mary, another daughter of David and Grace Lyon, is named in a list of their children. Eunice Bailey, who died July 17, 1893, and was the wife of Chancellor Beach, is said to have had at her death two sisters living, Mrs. Kenyon and Mrs. Cook. Mary Bailey was probably Mrs. Kenyon, but her family has not been found.

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