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I was born in the year 1781, at about the close of the Revolutionary War, in the town of Stratford, state of Conn.

Shortly after, I was moved to Fairfield, a place near Bridgeport, then called Paquanock.

When I was eleven years of age, my father and family left that place for the town of Stamford, Delaware Co., N.Y., whereat, and with whom, I resided until the age of seventeen.

From that to about the age of twenty one, I lived with David Wilcox, of Harpersfield, N.Y. where I learned the trade of blacksmith.

Seven Years of this time I was almost lost to moral and religious influence.

Married in 1804 to Mary -- and for forty years, to the time of her death lived at Harpersfield.

She was the mother of 10 children.

After marriage became converted and thereafter was licensed to preach. Brothers, Heaman and Nathan mentioned.

A son, John B. Bangs became a licensed preacher.

In 1821, after prior preaching assignments, I was appointed to the Jefferson circuit, being in circumference about 400 miles, embracing parts of Schoharie, Green and Delaware counties. It had 42 appointments and had as junior, Henry Eames.

During two years work on this charge, about 700 souls wore added to the church, of whom were 42 persons of from the Calvinistic Churches. There were six churches begun or fully finished.

"The following was found in D.A.R. Cemetery, Church, and Town Records, v.47, p.111, Stamford Cemetery, town of Stamford, Delaware County, New York:

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