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The Beach Family

I John Beach of Stratford, Conn., the emigrant ancestor of this line, is first mentioned in the records of the New Haven Colony Jan. 4, 1643, and lived there all his life except for the short time spent in Wallingford after 1670.

He is named there in various business and civic affairs. He took the oath of fidelity Feb. 1, 1644. His first home in New Haven was at the corner of Grove and Whitney Streets. He sold out in New Haven in 1652 and bought a house in Stratford in 1660. He was one of the original proprietors of Wallingford, but left his property there to his son Thomas. He had civilian service in King Philip's War, when he was of Stratford and returned thither. He was No. 4 in list of persons of highest rank in July 29, 1672 and one of committee to establish the church in 1675. His estate inventory was 316-13-0 in Stratford and 92-19-0 in Wallingford.

II Thomas Beach was the fourth of the ten children of John Beach. He was b. May, 1659, d. May 13, 1741 ae. 82 in Meriden, Conn. He was called the "aged Mr. Beach"; m. (1) May 12, 1680, Ruth, dau. of Paul and Martha Peck, b. about 1660 in Hartford, d. Dec. 5, 1686, (2) Phebe, dau. of Timothy and Joanna Wilcoxen, b. Aug. 9, 1669, d. Apr. 30, 1758. Timothy Wilcoxen was the son of William, an original proprietor of Stratford, and Joanna was the dau. of Dea. John Birdseye.

Thomas Beach was one of the proprietors of Wallingford on the list of 1712 and also in that of 1714. In seating the meeting house at New Cheshire in 1728 the seaters were to have due regard to Thomas Beach, John Cook and Thomas Twist probably three of the oldest men in the Community.

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Before 1737 he had removed to Meriden and is buried there in the old cemetery. He drew lot 54 in Falls Plain Division in 1689 and in Wallingford Grand List for 79-0-0. He was on the Cheshire list of voters in 1725.

He had four children by his first wife. By his second wife his children were Timothy b.Jan. 11, 1689; Nathan b. Aug. 18, 1692; m. Jemima Curtis. Other children by second wife were Moses, b.Feb. 19, 1695; Gershom b. May 23, l697; Caleb b. 1699; Thankful b. Sept. 20; Joanna Oct. 9, 1705.

III Nathan Beach, son of Thomas, b. Aug. 18, 1693, m. Sept. 29, 1713, Jemima, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Merriman) Curtis b. Jane 15, 1694-5, d. Mar. 3, 1739. She was a granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Curtis. Thomas, her father, was b. Jan. 14, 1648, and m. in 1674. Her grandfather John Curtis d. in 1707 ae. 96. In Curtis Gen. he is called Nathaniel, which is wrong.

IV Enos Beach b. Jan. 30, 1726, m. Apr. 1748, Ann, dau. of John Squire b. July 8, 1730. His will gives one half of his property to his wife Anne, and the balance is divided between Annie and Joel Beach and Squire Curtis.

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V John Beach d. Aug., 31 1846, in his 90th year. (1757, b. Jan. 12)
Sarah, wife of John Beach, d. Nov. 5, 1829, in her 69th year.
(Baptist Cemetery, Beach Farm) It seems probable that he was a soldier of the Revolution by that name, but this has not been verified. A deed given by Isaac Smith of Blenheim and his wife Sarah to John Beach, of Stamford, dated March 7, 1799, recorded Nov. 1, 1799, locates his So. Jefferson farm. In 1881 Bennett Beach and wife sold it to Wesley D. Patchin and his wife Matilda Franklyn Patchin, and they sold it in 1909 to Frank L. Butler and wife, whose ancestors settled in Delaware County in 1796.

At the first town meeting in 1803 John Beach was appointed pathmaster in Dist. 10 from the Gilboa line near Welch Cemetery and running to the lake. He was assessed 7 days, only exceeded by Ezra Beard 8 days and Stephen Judd 9. In 1815 he was captain in the 104th regiment of militia.

VI John Beach Jr., Orrin Beach and Samuel Beach were constituent members of the South Jefferson Church. Orrin is said to have been the third son. John Beach, apparently Jr. was a delegate to association in 1848, 1851, 1852, dis. by letter Oct. 28 ,1853. Betsey Beach dis, same date.

VI Orrin Beach d. May 26, 1856, age 62, Oneonta. His wife d. Jan. 18, 1842 or 43, age 52. She was the daughter of William and Annie Choate, natives of Conn. He removed to Oneonta about 1840, owned 200 acres of land, was a Whig. was an overseer of highways in Jefferson in six years, commissioner of highways in 1824. overseer of poor in 1822. He was ordained a deacon in the So. Jefferson church at a Council Nov. 2, 1836, by laying on of hands" by Deacon C. Martin and the Ministering present."

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VII Chancellor Beach, b. Jan. 18, 1818, d. June 5, 1895; son of Orrin Beach, m. Eunice Bailey, dau. of David, Jr. and Grace Lyon. He was a prosperous farmer, Republican.

VIII Children:

IX Frank b. 1864

VIII Chas. Owen Beach, b. Sept. 3. Oneonta, N. Y.; d. Mar. 3, 1913; m. Hannah Amelia Beach, b. 1846, Schoharie Co.

LX Benj. Bennett (Ed. Note, Should be IX not LX?)

VIII Geo. N. Beach b. 1848, Oneonta. d. Apr. 18, 1895; m. (1) Mandana ------ 1854 d. before 1889

From Jefferson Courier, April 9, 1908; Willard O. Beach died April 3, at Oneonta, age 77. His first wife was Anna Cornell, his second Fannie Cornell sister of his first. A member of the Baptist Church at So. Jefferson. In 1861 volunteered in Co. I, i34th N.Y. Inf. A wife, two sons and two daughters survive. He was born in Jefferson.

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