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The Martin Family

I. William Martin came from Scotland about the time of the Revolution. It is a family tradition that he fell in love with a girl whose mother opposed the match; that she sent the daughter out toward evening to sprinkle some articles bleaching on the grass; that the lover came along on horseback, lifted the maiden to the pillion and rode away; that the mother forgave her daughter and provided for her a housekeeping outfit. His wife's name was Marybelle Coventry. They had quite a little gold and silver and located near Kinderhook in Columbia County. But the British seized all their possessions. They came to Blenheim and leased land above the village on what was later known as the Frederick Shaver farm. "New York in the Revolution", p. 235 : Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) - Fourteenth Regiment , Enlisted Men: William Martin. He is identified by the New York Records in distinction from another William Martin of Orange County. He was in Rensselaerville with the Effner family before they came to Schoharie County about 1796 (Fernow's Colonial History of the State of New York, p. 540)

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II. Casper Martin, died Aug. 31, 1849, age 79; married Charlotte Beach, daughter of John Beach, Sr.. He lived on the Hallock-Bailey farm (1906) near South Jefferson, moved to Blenheim Hill on the John B. Vroman farm, and then to Darling Hollow on farm owned in 1906 by his grandson, John Raymond Martin. He is buried in the Welch cemetery.

III. Robert W. Martin, married Keziah Reynolds, lived on the William Shaver farm, died there and is buried in South Jefferson Baptist cemetery. Died Aug. 21, 1832, age 26.

IV. Nancy Jane Martin, daughter of Robert W. and Keziah, married Stephen L. Caniff, lived in Stamford. <\P>

III. William Martin, married Nancy Pervis, died Oct. 5, 1837, in 33d year of age. South Jefferson Baptist cemetery.

III. Rev. George W. Martin, 1824-1907 (tombstone in Jefferson Evergreen Cemetery), spent his boyhood on Blenheim where Methodist influences were as pure and unfailing as the water that bubbled from its springs. By hard and constant labor he overcame his lack of scholastic training, as his mind was quick to catch and retain. He was able to see at a glance conditions as they existed, and with firmness and tact to guide affairs to a fitting end. His tall and commanding person with his warm and generous heart made him a marked figure in any religious gathering. His fine tenor voice was a great aid in his work.

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He settled in Darling Hollow on the farm owned in 1906 by his son, John R. He was converted under the preaching of Rev. Burr in the schoolhouse in Darling Hollow and baptized by immersion in Mill Creek by Rev. Charles Palmer. He began as a local preacher before entering the regular ministry. He had appointments at East Jewett, 1867-68. Blenheim, Eminence, Bloomville, Gilboa, Pine Hill, Cloveville, Ashland, Davenport, Summit 93. Superannuated in 1894. Many of his appointments were for three years, that at Davenport 85-92. His revivals were many and his converts thousands. While at Eminence he preached regularly at sis (sic) (six?) different places, starting out before daylight in the winter and breaking his own roads.

"Rev. Gecrge W. Martin , as he walks the streets of Stamford today, in his 83d year, with his staff, his firm step, his white flowing hair and his saintly face, might well be taken for the prophet Elijah, returned to earth."

He married Sallie (Sarah) 1824-1906. daughter of David Reed and Eleanor Crosby, in November, 1843.

IV. John Raymond Martin, 1851-1922. married Lois Becker

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II. Elizabeth Martin, daughter of William of Scotland, married Valentine Efner March 22, 1796. She died Jan. 26, 1841, age 68. Old Jefferson Cemetery

III. Catherine Efner married Charles Whiting of Whiting Hollow.

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Robert W. Martin died Aug. 21, 1832, at the age of 26. Grave at South Jefferson. He left a little daughter four months old who told this story about her great grandfather. He was a Scotchman from the Low Lands who came to New York and settled among the Dutch. He fell in love with a Dutch girl, but her parents objected. They planned an elopement. Just at evening her mother sent her out to sprinkle the linen that was bleaching on the grass. The laddie passed on horseback. He lifted her to a seat on the pillion, sprang into the saddle and they were off.

The mother forgave the daughter and provided her with an outfit for housekeeping. Casper Martin was a son of this marriage. He was deacon in the South Jefferson Baptist Church. He was the father of the Robert Martin mentioned above, and grandfather of Mrs. S. L. Caniff of Stamford, N. Y., who told this story.

Casper Martin's sister married Col. Valentine Effner who was an officer in the war of 1812, lived many years on Blenheim Hill, was a member of Congress, died at Dr. Cornell's and is buried at Welch's Corners.

Mrs. Caniff was Nancy Jane Martin of Scotch blood, born on Blenheim Hill April 14, 1832. Her father was Robert Martin, who died when she was four months old. She then went to live with her grandfather Casper Martin in Whiting Hollow.

  1 The Scotchman from the Low Lands

  2 Casper Martin died Aug. 31, 1848, aged 74. Welch Cemetery

  3 Robert W. Martin, died Aug. 31, 1832, aged 26, So. Jefferson

       Baptist Cemetery , a quarter of a mile from the Welch Cemetery,

       both neglected and covered with brush or large trees.

         "Dry your tears and all your mourning cease.

          Affliction's bitter cup no more annoys my peace 

          Come view my silent tomb, the end of earthly cares, 

          And be prepared when Christ the Judge appears."

  2 (If Casper's sister married Valentine and William's daughter

      married the Colonel, William must have been been the father of


     William Martin died Oct. 5, 1837 aged in the 33d year of age.

       Another reading is 23, probably 33 is right, Baptist Cemetery

         Nancy (Coventry), wife of William, died Dec. 24, 1884, aged 84thY.

       Erected by Mrs. A. Graul.  Welch Cemetery

      Louisa C., daughter of William and Nancy, died Sept. 15, 1846,

       age 14 yrs. 11 mo.            Welch Cemetery

           Young ladies all as you pass by

           Remember death is always nigh

           For we are like the morning flower,

           Cut down and wither in an hour.

      Rebecca Effner died Nov. 18, 1837, age 27 yrs. 5 mos.

      Elizabeth, wife of Valentine Efner, died Jan. 26, 1841, 

       aged 68 yrs. These two in Old Jefferson Village Cemetery

Editor's Note:
Information on page 3 is known to the editor to be incorrect.
The children of John Raymond Martin (1851-1922) did not include
John A. (Arthur) Martin (1857-1939) was the son of Orrin B. Martin (1821-1859) who was the son of Casper Martin (1774-1848). John A. Martin's wife was Louie Alice Decker (1860-1919)
Jessie M. Martin (1887-????) who married William C. Ruland was their daughter as was Zuella Martin (1892-1973).
In addition, John A. and Louie had a son Leland (1885-1954) who was the editor's paternal grandfather.

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