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Names of Citizens
Who Assisted and Contributed Toward the Publication of the History of Schoharie
County, With Personal Statistics.


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Angle P. A., p o Carlisle.

Allen Harvey, p o Carlisle.

Arnold Joseph H., p o Argusville, proprietor of Arnold House, owns 60 acres land, born in Newport, Herkimer county September 21, 1824, settled in county September 28, 1868, has been highway commissioner, ans school collector; wife Maria D. Grantier; children one; first wife, Sophronia Phillips of Fulton county. Father Richard Arnold, a native of Rhode Island.

Becker P. B., p o Grovenor's Corners.

Becker, P. W., p o Carlisle.

Becker, C. D., p o Carlisle.

Bellinger Harvey, p o Argusville, merchant, born in Sharon July 18, 1849, settled in village in 1875, wife Annette Kniskern, married in 1873; children two - May and Charlie. Father William H. Bellinger.

Best George J., p o Sharon Springs, owner and proprietor of Empire House, 5 acres, born in town October 20, 1820, has been town superintendent of schools; wife Isabelle, daughter of Frederick Posson, of town, married in 1856. Father Jacob G. is son of George Best, a native of Columbia county and one of earliest settlers of the town, owned about fourteen hundred acres of land.

Burbans George B., p o Carlisle Center.

Bradt Andrew, p o Grovenor's Corners.

Burns Jeremiah, p o Carlisle.

Brown Severenus, p o Cobleskill.

Brown William S., p o Carlisle.

Brown D. S., p o Carlisle.

Brown Harrison, p o Carlisle.

Brown R. W., p o Lawyersville.

Coldelough William, p o Carlisle.

Crocker Lewis G., p o Sloansville.

Cass William, p o Carlisle, farmer, 180 acres, born on present farm December 19, 1809, has been assessor; wife Sarah Ann Gordon; second wife Phoebe Gordon; children nine. Father Matthew Cass was first settler on same farm.

Coonrad Adam, p o Argusville, farmer, 218 acres; born in Brunswick, Rensselaer county March 1, 1804, settled in county in 1855; wife Margaret Alpaugh, daughter of John Alpaugh, married May 16, 1829; children living nine. Father John Coonrad died aged 84 years.

Clapp John, p o Argusville, blacksmith, owns house and lot, born in Wirtenburgh, August 26, 1833, settled in county in 1853; wife Maria Collins, married in 1851, children three - Minerva Neville, Charlie, and Edgar.

Doty William I., p o Sloansville.

Duelly G. B., p o Carlisle.

Estes, G. D., p o Sloansville.

Fero Isaac, p o Carlisle.

Fritcher David, p o Sharon Centre, farmer, 180 acres, born in town June 14, 1806, has been commissioner of highways; wife Chloe Parmeley, of Cobleskill, married in 1825; children one - Peter G., who has two sons and three daughters. Father Conrad Fritcher one of early settlers of town.

Gordon John A., p o Argusville.

Grosvenor Niram, p o Grovenor's Corners.

Gardinier Martin I., p o Argusville, farmer, 109 acres, born in Sharon, September 1, 1815; wife Sarah A. Coons, married in 1841; children living one - Jacob E. Father Jacob M. Gardinier.

Hansen N., p o Carlisle.

Hodge Orville, p o Argusville, retired merchant, 138 acres, born in Canajoharie, Montgomery county, July 12, 1822, settled in county in 1845, has been postmaster; wife Marietta, daughter of Aaron Malick, married in January, 1850, children three - Annette Taylor, Lester A., and Leland. Father Abraham Hodge, a native of Montgomery county.

Hurst William H., p o Sloansville.

Hyney Stephen, p o Argusville.

Karker Sifroit R., p o Carlisle.

Karker Abram B., p o Carlisle, teacher and farmer, 120 acres, born in town on the Judge Brown homestead, April 15, 1827, has been inspector of election; wife Ruth E. Falk, married in 1859; children four - Alice, Charles W., Anna, and edna. Father Solomon Karker.

Kniskern George, p o Carlisle, farmer, 106 acres, born in town April 26, 1818, settled on present farm in 1855, has been assessor and collector; first wife Sarah becker; second, Eliza Brown; children one, Louisa Tillapaugh. Parents Peter and Mary Kniskern.

Kilts Jacob L., p o Sharon.

Lawyer Adam H., p o Carlisle, farmer, 92 acres, born on present farm June 4, 1820, has been assessor, collector, and inspector of election; wife Julia Dingman, married in 1847, children living six. Father Adam, son of Johannes Lawyer, one of the first settlers of Schoharie.

McCann M., p o Argusville.

Neville Theodore J., p o Argusville, teacher, 10 acres, born in Sharon June 16, 1853, settled in village in 1875, has been justice of peace; wife Minerva Copp, married in 1874; children one - Earl J. Parents John and Julia neville.

Osterhout Stanton, p o Lawyersville, farmer, 84 acres, born in town May 20, 1852, has been commissioner of highways; wife Josephine Hilsinger, married in 1870, children three - Orson, Elvie, and an infant. Father A. Osterhout.

Osterhout Irving, p o Lawyersville.

Ottman George, p o Carlisle Centre.

Osterhout Jacob A., p o Cobleskill, farmer, 391 acres, born on present farm June 11, 1823; wife Betsey Kniskern, married in 1846, children living six. Father Abraham Osterhout was first settler on farm.

Osterhout George J., p o Cobleskill, farmer, 99 acres, born in Seward, July 31, 1844, settled on farm in 1864, has been collector; wife Sarah M. Myers, of Schoharie, married in 1863; children two - Abbie, and Ruth. Parents Abraham and Sarah Osterhout.

Ottman Henry I., p o Carlisle, farmer, 185 acres, born on present farm April 29, 1869; wife Nellie Brown, grand daughter of Judge Brown, married in 1832; children eleven. father George, son of Christian Ottman, one of the early settlers of county.

Prosser Charles J., p o Carlisle.

Roscoe R. J., p o Carlisle.

Roscoe John M., p o Carlisle.

Roberts Charles D., p o Lawyersville.

Scott Isaac F., p o Grovenor's Corners.

Schuyler Sylvester, p o Argusville, farmer, born in Cobleskill.

Shafer Sylvester, p o Argusville, farmer, born in Cobleskill, December 31, 1826; settled in town in 1876; wife Mary A Phinisey, married December 25, 1849; children eight. Parents David and Maria Shafer.

Smith Asa, p o Carlisle, farmer, 196 acres, born in herkimer county, December 7, 1807, settled in county in 1865; wife Margaret, daughter of Cornelius Brower, married in 1840, children four - Carrie, Ellen, Willie, and Malvin. Parents William and Catharine Smith.

Snyder George B., p o Carlisle, farmer, 186 acres, born in town Octoberb 12, 1830, settled on farm in 1858, has been excise commissioner and collector; wife Elizabeth, daughter of Mathias Kniskern, married in 1853; children three - Oscar, Charles, and William. Parents David L. and Margaret (Robinson) Snyder.

Skinner F. D., p o Carlisle.

Spore James H., p o Sharon, shoemaker and farmer, 16 acres, born in Montgomery county July 18, 1826, settled in county in 1846, has been overseer of the poor; wife Margaret, daughter of Calvin Morris, married in 1847; children one - Lyman J.

Staley H. J., p o Carlisle.

Tillapaugh George, p o Carlisle.

Vanalstine John L., p o Argusville, farmer, 145 acres, born in Sharon, january 22, 1812, settled on farm in 1866; wife Katie, daughter of John Collins, married November 27, 1834; children living five - Lyman L., Ephraim, Helena, Maria, and Esther Ann.

Wakeman Horace, p o Lawyersville.

Young M., p o Carlisle.

Young George, p o Carlisle.

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