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Bailey O. C., p o South Jefferson, farmer, 93 acres, born  in Jefferson, March 23, 1828; wife Ellen Armstrong, of Jefferson, married October 30, 1851; children one - Hattie L., who married Lynn Hallock, of Middlefield, Otsego county. Cornelius Bailey came to county in 1805.

Baldwin A. G., p o Gilboa, farmer, 376 acres, born in Greenville, December 11, 1827, settled in county in March, 1837, has been justice of peace and supervisor; wife Charlotte E. Stryker, of Conesville, married May 2, 1856; children five - CarrieE., Minnie E., George S., Lewis A., and Grace A.

Brewster Horace E., p o Stamford, framer, born in Gilboa, January 9, 1937, was assessor one year and resigned.

Brewster David E., p o Stamford, dairy farmer, has a farm of 203 acres, of which Horace E. owns half; first wife Nellie VanValkenburg; second wife Elizabeth Jones, married November 15, 1875; children one - William H.

Case Daniel, p o Broome Centre, farmer, 406 acres, born in Gilboa, July 17, 1817, has been overseer of the poor; wife Betsey Chichester, of Gilboa, married in 1850, died February 19, 1875; children one - James M.

Case James M., p o Broome Centre, merchant, dealer in groceries, dry-goods, boots and shoes, glassware, and crockery, also purchases produce, postoffice is in store, and Mr. Case is deputy postmaster, born in Gilboa; wife Hattie Hawver, of Conesville.

Clark John H., p o South Gilboa, farmer 110 acres, born in Gilboa, May 25, 1844; wife May G. Moore, of Mooresville, married June 20, 1866; children five - Minnie M., Irvin D., William, Emma C., and Joseph A.

Cook George T., p o South Gilboa, farmer, 120 acres, born in Roxbury, delaware county, january 15, 1827, settled in county in 1837, has been highway commissioner; wife Mariette Simonson, of Roxbury, married december 11, 1860; children two - J. C. born March 16, 1862, and Burt M., born March 23, 1864. father Joseph Cook of Gilboa, was born in 1799. died March 11, 1869.

Colby Thomas, p o Grand Gorge, Delaware county, dairy farmer, 250 acres, born in Delaware county, March 23, 1833, settled in county in September, 1855, has been assessor three years; married, has one child - Thomas Colby.

Cornell Simon, p o South Jefferson, farmer, 50 acres, born in Gilboa, in 1829; wife May A. McNeal, of Carlisle; children two - Jessie M. and Orville.

Crowell C. A., p o South Jefferson, farmer, 111 acres, born in Gilboa, January 23, 1830, has been justice of peace and notary public; first wife, Jane Snyder, of Conesville; children two - Ella who married Charles Gardner, of Gilboa, and Jennie; second wife, Adelaide Brown, of Greenville; children one - Victoria.

Darling John S., p o Gilboa, farmer, 106 acres, raised 5,152 pounds hops from three acres land, born in Blenheim, July 4, 1837; wife Maria Long, of Conesville; children two - Mattie, and Minnie R.

Ellerson Daniel, p o Gilboa, Farmer, 120 acres, born in Gilboa December 12, 1825; wife Violetta Sanford, of Blenheim, no children living. Grandfather the celebrated David Ellerson, settled the farm owned by David, and is buried near it but no tombstone marks the grave.

Fraser Cornelius, p o Gilboa, farmer, 300 acres, born in Gilboa, September 10, 1803; wife Adeline R. Flint, of Delaware county, married December 21, 1828; children four living - Louisa A., Edward A., Mary I., and Helen A. Benoni Fraser was in the Revolution.

Hastings W. B. C., p o South Jefferson, farmer, 72 acres, born in Jefferson, April 7, 1819, has been overseer of poor and assessor; wife Aurelia Johnson, of Summit, married April 2, 1849; children five - Martha A., Mary A., William J., Frank C., and Luther.

Hoagland John, harness maker and farmer, 150 acres, born in Gilboa, december 14, 1789, and died, was constable and collector; wife Phebe hall, of Gilboa, married May 12, 1815; children twelve, living six.

Hoagland John, deceased, born in new Brunswick, N. J., in 1759, settled in county in 1786; wife Phebe bard.

Hoagland G. S., p o Gilboa.

Lane Perry, p o South Gilboa, dealer in dry-goods and groceries, born in Gilboa, February 25, 1827, has been postmaster; wife Roxana Simonson, married Octiober 15, 1877; children one - Inez.

Leonard D. M., p o Broome Centre, physician and surgeon, owns 400 acres, born in Roxbury, Delaware county August 27, 1857; settled in county January 1, 1858; first wife dead; children four - Emma R., Francis A., Ursula J., and Rudolph R. Second wife; Emma J. Mchench, of Gilboa, married january 1, 1879.

Mackey James G., p o Broome Centre, farmer, 160 acres, born in Broome, March 7, 1812; wife Catharine Broome, married April 8, 1838; children six living - James A., Mary, Rose, Helen, Naomi, and Frank B.

Mackey S. D., p o Gilboa, farmer, 250 acres, born in Gilboa, October 25, 1819, has been town clerk, poormaster, and supervisor; wife Jane Shutts, of Greene county, married August 13, 1843; children two - Edgar, died May 1, 1872, and Reed born February 10, 1854. Edgar married Georgianna Wiltsie; children three - Wiltsie, Ward B., and Frederick K.

Mattice Jacob H., p o Breakabeen, farmer, with 20 acres of hops, 600 acres land, born in Gilboa, April 22, 1810, has been overseer of poor, and collector; wife Mary Fox, of Gilboa; children six living - John, Jacob M., Henry M., Katie A., Mandane, and Richard P. Father Lawrence Mattice, of Middleburgh, was son of a German, who was born on the Atlantic.

More Liberty P., p o Stamford, farmer, 105 acres, born in Andes, Delaware county, February 8, 1841, settled in county December 1, 1865, was assessor; wife Ruth A. VanDyke, of Roxbury, married February 7, 1863; children living four - William P., George L., Clyde, and Rosetta.

Poppino D. M., p o Stamford, farmer 250 acres, born in Gilboa, December 21, 1829, has been assessor; wife Betsey Ferris, of Roxbury, Delaware county, married October 23, 1855; children three - Willis F. born July 26, 1856; Otis J. born July 15, 1858; and Nellie born April 18, 1869.

Reed Luman, p o Gilboa, dealer in general merchandise, owns 700 acres, born in Blenheim, October 10, 1818, has been supervisor and member of assembly; wife Marietta, daughter of Dr. Knapp, of Blenheim, married June 13, 1844; children seven - Susan K., Martha J., Helen I., Hattie B., Colba, A. K. and H. L. Father Colba Reed came from Vermont in 1810, and was first supervisor of Gilboa in 1848.

Richtmyer John H., p o Gilboa, farmer, 160 acres, born in Conesville, February 16, 1815, has been assessor; wife Lany A. Patrie, of Conesville, married September 27, 1837; children three - Mariette (deceased) Frank, born September 25, 1840, married Delia Powell, of Roxbury, and Alvin born December 25, 1843, married Sarah Street, of Gilboa; children one - Eugene S. Great-grandfather Uriah Richtmyer was one of the first settlers in Conesville.

Ruliffson Calvert I., p o South Gilboa, farmer, 130 acres, born in Gilboa, October 9, 1834; wife Mary Johnson, of Gilboa, married January 16, 1861; children one - Edward J.

Selleck Ezra B., p o Broome Centre, farmer, 174 acres, born in Broome, August 31, 1818; first wife M. B. Butler; second Abigail Losey; third, Helena Lee; children four - Merilla B., Milton J., Stephen L., and Rachel. Father Milton Selleck was from Salisbury, Connecticut; wife Hannah Mackey.

Shew John H., p o Gilboa, farmer, 368 acres, born in Gilboa, November 29, 1811, has been assessor, commissioner of highways, overseer of poor, and justice of the peace; wife Sallie P. Morris, of Blenheim, married November 29, 1835; children two - James H. and Rev. John T.; wife of James H., Eliza C. VanDusen; children six - Emmett, Emma I., John T., Minnie and Mina, (twins) and Ethel. Rev. John T., was ordained Methodist minister, and preached in Greene county three years, in Delaware county three years, and Greene county again, two years, and died July 15, 1879; first wife Elizabeth Conrow; second wife Deborah E. VanDusen; children living, three - Hattie May, Ella E., and Sarah D.

Shaler Rufus, deceased, born in Haddam, Connecticut, settled in county in 1808; wife Hannah Cole, of haddam; children seven - Henry, of Ontario; Lucina; Benjamin C., of Gilboa; Nathan T.; John, of Fulton; H. W.; and Jeremiah. Rufus was manufacturer of Shaler's Arctic Creamery, and dealer in Mayhew's steam churn motor, butter salting scale, and best butter worker.

Shaler George C., p o Gilboa.

Southard Smith, p o Gilboa, farmer, 200 acres, born in Westerlo, Albany county, June 26, 1818, settled in county April 1, 1863, has been assessor three years; first wife, Jerusha Shutts; children two - Garaelia and Rosella; second wife, Maria Traver; children two - Dewitt and Ellery S.

Sowles E. A., p o South Gilboa, farmer, 106 acres, born in Gilboa, April 14, 1819, has been trustee of schools; wife Mary Burns; children four - Roma who married Thomas Mayhan; Sarah; Ella; and Hattie.

Zeh Philip J., p o Gilboa.

Zelie David, p o Gilboa, merchant, owns several village lots, dealer in all kinds of merchandise, business established in 1866, produce taken inexchange for goods, born in Fulton, December 28, 1824, has been commissioner of highways and notary public; first wife Melissa Gray, married June 5, 1850; children one - Charles. Second wife, Adeline Richtmyer; married October 1, 1862; children four, living three - Nellie W., Floyd M., and Josiah. father Peter P. Zelie, born in Middleburgh.

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