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Allen Avery H., p o North Harpersfield, farmer, 190 acres, born in Connecticut November 3, 1800, settled in county in 1810, has been highway commissioner six years; wife Polly Disbrow, of Vermont, married in January, 1828, died January 30, 1875; children four - Almon J., Eunice A., Mary Ann, and Avery. Father, Amos Allen, settled near Middleburgh in 1810.

Armstrong Lucius, p o Jefferson, farmer and drover, 4 acres, born in Jefferson September 13, 1824, has been oversser of poor; wife Sarah A., daughter of Nahum and Esther (Mann) Danforth, of Jefferson, married February 21, 1849. Parents, Jacob and Catherine (Carl) Armstrong, the former of whom settled in town about 1823. Grandfather, John Armstrong, was stolen from his bed in Germany, when only sixteen years of age and forced into service by the British, but deserted and joined Washington's army near New York, and served as his waiter three years.

Avery Ben H., p o Jefferson, dealer in general nerchandise, and owner of town hall, born in Jefferson. Father, Beriah Avery of this town, was son of John Avery of Connecticut.

Barnum Joseph, p o Nortyh Harpersfield, dairy farmer, 120 acres, born in Jefferson on present farm, June 25, 1836, has been justice of peace; wife Naomi A., daughter of Adam and Electra Kniskern, of Blenheim, married November 25, 1857. Parents, Ira and Sally E. (Dart) Barnum, the former settled in town about 1832. Grandfather, Amos Barnum.

Clark A. W., p o Jefferson, dental surgeon, owns 40 acres of land, born in Blenheim August 20, 1844, settled in village in 1865, has been town clerk and notary public; wife Sarah A. Phincle, of Jefferson, married September 5, 1865; one son - A. Lamancha. Parents, John A. and Catharine Clark.

Danforth George W., p o Jefferson, farmer and assessor, 200 acres, born on present farm February 4, 1832; wife Martha, daughter of Russel Baird, of town, married in 1860; children six, living. Father Nahum Danforth, settled on same farm. Mother, Esther, daughter of Levi Mann.

Dart Ezra, p o Jefferson, dairy farmer, 84 acres, born in Jefferson December 29, 1828; wife Ann M., daughter of Ezra and Polly Woodward, married December 24, 1848; children two - Lydia Moxley, and Eli M. Parents, William and Hannah Dart, the former a son of William, and was one of first settlers in town about 1808.

Dyckman George A., p o Jefferson, hop and dairy farmer, 134 acres, born in Schoharie June 10, 1835, settled in town in 1837; wife Sarah, daughter of Aaron and Phebe Tyler, married October 2, 1866; children five. Parents, Michael and Prudence Dyckman, the former a son of Jacob Dyckman, one of first settlers in Schoharie.

Gallup Silas, p o Jefferson, hop and dairy farmer, 170 acres, born in Jefferson October 3, 1819, settled on present farm in 1864, has been justice of peace fifteen years; first wife Caroline Conkling; children eight; second wife Eleanor, daughter of Parmelia and Rachel Judd, of Summit, married March 1, 1859; children two. Parents, nathan and Parmelia Gallup, the former a son of Nathan Gallup who settled in town about 1805.

Gallup Winthrop D., p o Summit, dairy farmer, 150 acres, born in Jefferson January 17, 1841, settled on present farm in 1848; wife permelia, daughter of Aaron and Mary Rifenbark, of Summit, married January 31, 1868. Parents, Elan and Nancy (Dyer) Gallup, the former a son of Levi, a son of Nathan Gallup.

Grant Jeremiah, p o Jefferson, farmer, 102 acres, born in Delaware county October 18, 1826, settled in county March 2-, 1852, has been inspector of elections; wife Mary, daughter of Obadiah and Mary Ruland, married January 15, 1850; children two - Wiola Vaughn, and Roscoe. Parents, Donald and Sarah Ann Grant, of Delaware county.

Havens Robert G., p o Jefferson, physician and surgeon, born in Albany February 7, 1837, settled in county in 1840, has been assemblyman and coroner, studied medicine with Drs. Armsby and March, and attended lectures at the Albany Medical College from which he was graduated in 1874. Commenced practice in Jefferson in 1865; wife Lily R., daughter of John J. and Eveline Jarvis, married September 6, 1864; children five.

Hubbard Oscar C., p o Jefferson, proprietor of Jefferson House, owns 4 acres, born in Deerfield, Mass., May 18, 1848, settled in county in 1849; wife Lavinia, daughter of Lemuel Eggleston, married in 1868; children four. Parents, Lucius and Jerusha Hubbard, the former a native of Massachusetts, and the latter of Maryland.

Jones H. V., p o Jefferson, printer.

Kennedy William, p o Stamford, Delaware county, farmer, 250 acres, born in Stamford June 11, 1840, settled in county in 1859, has been assessor and inspector of elections; wife Olive D., daughter of R. G. Dayton, married September 25, 1865; children three - Cora M., Roy D., Nellie D. Parents, Alexander and Agnes Kennedy, came from Scotland about 1826.

Maynard Henry N., p o Stanford, dairy farmer, 255 acres, born in Harpersfield, delaware county, August 22, 1820, settled in county in 1842; wife Eloursae, daughter of William and Irena Judd, married February 28, 1842; children six, living one - Arthur, born July 28, 1855; wife Libbie Hilts, of Fulton, born June 19, 1868. Parents, Coley and Eleanor Maynard.

Merchant Charles W., p o Jefferson, dairy farmer, 120 acres, born in Jefferson August 12, 1831, has been excise commissioner four years; wife Caroline, daughter of Joseph and Betsy (Minor) Conklin, married in December, 1856. Parents, Joel and Asennath (Hubbard) Merchant, the former a son of one of first settlers of town.

Stanley Joseph R.,p o Jefferson, furniture dealer, born in Harpersfield, Delaware county, january 21, 1836, settled in county in 1848, and in Jefferson in 1867; enlisted in Company E, Third New York Cavalry, March 27, 1862, and was mustered out March 29, 1865; wife Kate Stevens, of Jefferson, married April 16, 1865; children one, adopted - Allie Niles.

Stewart John, p o South Jefferson, farmer and assessor, 200 acres, born in Gilboa March 14, 1838, settled on farm in 1842; wife Mary J. Curtis, of Blenheim, married January 14, 1861; children four - Frank R., Willie, Charles, and Delma. Father, Elijah Stewart, a native of washington county.

Twitchell Ezra, p o Jefferson, merchant, born in Jefferson November 5, 1844, commenced business in 1867, has been supervisor; wife Abbie, daughter of Chancey and Lucy Minor, married February 5, 1865. Parents, Ira and Emma Twitchell, the former a son of Harrison, who came from Connecticut about 1838.

Vaughn Heman, p o Summit, farmer and local preacher, 275 acres, born in Jefferson September 9, 1818, settled on present farm in 1840; wife Abigail, daughter of Nathan and Permelia Gallup, of Jefferson, married February 5, 1840; children four - Permelia, Nathan, John W., and Herbert D. Father, Samuel Vaughn, was son of one of fiirst settlers of town.

Vaughn John W., p o Summit, hop and dairy farmer, 140 acres, born in Jefferson May 24, 1852, has been town clerk and justice of peace; wife Mary A., daughter of William and Catherine Stanley, of Jefferson, married June 20, 1874; children two - Charles and Nellie. Father, Heman Vaughn.

White George C., p o Jefferson, farmer, 136 acres, born on present farm May 18, 1852, has been in the tax collector's office in Brooklyn, and the custom house in New York; wife Mary N., daughter of Samuel H. and Susie Clay, of East Albany, married February 10, 1874; children living, two - Alfred S., and Irene. Parents, Alfred S. and Julia Ann (Snyder) White, the former a son of Benjamin, a resident of the town.

Wilcox M. S., p o Jefferson, lawyer, owns 824 acres, born in Harpersfield, Delaware county, in 1836, settled in county in 1865; wife Lydia G., daughter of Ezra G. and Ruth (Gaylord) Beard, of Jefferson, married December 31, 1860; children three - one son, two daughters. Parents, Alonzo B. and Hannah (Swift) Wilcox, the former a son of Samuel Wilcox, one of first settlers of Harpersfield.

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