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Allen William, p o Summit, farmer, 591 acres, born in Summit October 11, 1820, settled on present farm May 2, 1842; wife Jane Wharton, married July 4, 1849; children one - Warren W. Parents, Ezra and Elmira Allen, the former a grandson of Samuel Allen, the first settler in Charlotteville.

Baldwin Daniel W., p o Summit, farmer, 269 acres, born in Summit January 24, 1825, settled on present farm in 1866; wife Margaret E Payne, married April 19, 1848. Parents, Daniel and Elizabeth (Rifenbark) Baldwin, the former a son of Daniel Baldwin, on of first settlers in Summit.

Barner Dr. George, p o Charlotteville, physician and farmer, 10 acres, born in Cobleskill June 20, 1821, settled in town in August, 1867; wife Mary J. Patrick, married February 27, 1841. George studied with Abraham Patrick, attended lectures in Philadelphia and graduated in 1874. parents, David L. and Christina Barner, the former a son of Joseph Barner, the first settler in Barnerville.

Barger James, p o Summit, merchant and farmer, 80 acres, born in Rensselaer county March 30, 1812, settled in county in 1818, has been highway commissioner, assessor and supervisor; first wife Caroline Judd; second wife Elizabeth Barger, married April 1, 1876; children two - Eliza and Elorsa. Father, Thomas Barger, an old resident of Rensselaer county.

Beard Jacob L., p o Eminence, farmer, 250 acres, born in Richmondville january 15, 1819, settled in Summit in March, 1860, has been justice of the peace and justice of sessions; wife Polly Wiltsey, of Summit, married May 23, 1840; children seven. Parents, John and Abigail Beard, the former a son of Jacob Beard, the first settler of Beard's Hollow.

Beard Franklin P., p o Summit, physician and surgeon, born in Jefferson, November 29, 1852, settled in village in April, 1876, has been coroner of county; wife Alice Chickering, married in 1873; children three. Franklin P. read medicine with Drs. Cornell, Spaulding and Wood, attended lectures at medical department of Albany University, and was graduated from there in 1875.

Brown James H., p o Summit, dealer in hardware and general merchandise, owns 180 acres land, born in Summit November 2, 1838, has been supervisor and member of assembly; wife Julia E. Havens, of Summit, married September 16, 1864. Father, Elisha Brown.

Burrows James L., p o Eminence, merchant and blacksmith, 1 acre of land, born in Guilford, Chenango county February 26, 1817, settled in county in 1866, has been post-master since 1869; wife Fanny Maria Cornell, of Gilboa, married May 19, 1840; children one - Emma Kingsley. Parents, Elijah and Betsey (Smith) Burrows.

Crowe David, p o Summit, farmer 214 acres, born on same farm September 28, 1831, has been supervisor; wife Polly Gallup, married December 31, 1860; children two - Addie, Nora. Father, Francis Crowe. Mother's father, Terpenning Gallup, was one of early settlers in Summit.

Fox Charles, p o Summit, farmer 196 acres, born in Summit December 11, 1828, settled on present farm in 1835, has been highway commissioner, assessor and inspector of election; wife Mary Ann Moot, married November 15, 1851; children eight. Father, james Fox, son of William, who came in town about 1800.

Ferguson Thomas H., p o Summit, post-master and painter, 30 acres land, born in Summit January 24, 1841, has been notary public. Parents, Thomas and Sarah (Borst) Ferguson, the former a son of Little Ferguson.

Gaige Benjamin W., p o Charlotteville, farmer 140 acres, born in Pennsylvania August 31, 1822, settled in county in 1840; wife Sally Albert, of Worcester, married October 26, 1852; children six; first wife Magdalen VanPatten, was married February 22, 1840. Parents, Abraham and Hannah (Vantassle) Gaige.

Hannis William, p o Richmondville, hop-grower and dairy farmer, 140 acres, born in Ireland May 14, 1827, settled in county in 1864, has been commissioner of highways; wife Jane Burneson, of Otsego county, married April 11, 1854; children seven. Parents, Samuel and Mary Hannis.

Harder Willington P., p o Summit, farmer 150 acres, born in Summit December 20, 1829, settled on present farm April 1, 1865, has been highway commissioner and assessor; wife Hannah jane Payne, of Hudson, Columbia county, married January 1, 1855; children one - George D. Lost one daughter - Gittie M., aged 12 years. Father, Peter I. Harder, was a native of Duchess county.

Hartwell Miles, p o Charlotteville, farmer 80 acres, born in Summit November 15, 1809, settled on present farm in 1874, has been supervisor; wife Catharine Warner, married February 17, 1842; second wife Caroline A. Ives, married March 30, 1870. Parents, John and Sebee (Osborne) Hartwell. Mrs. Hartwell's grandfather, Levi Ives, settled at Summit four corners in 1806, where Charles Crowe and T. Ferguson live.

Havens C. W., p o Summit, physician and farmer, 225 acres, born in Long Island April 20, 1813, settled in county in 1815, has been supervisor, town clerk and town superintendent; wife Matha Baldwin, of Summit, born in 1816, married October 4, 1838; children four. Charles W. studied at Jefferson with Dr. Boice and finished with Dr. Samuel Wells, of Middleburgh, attended lectures at Castleton, Vermont, and commenced practice in Summit in 1838.

Jackson David C., p o Charlotteville, farmer and nurseryman, born in Schoharie May 27, 1812, settled in Summit in 1816, has been supervisor, justice of peace and postmaster; wife Rosetta Gardner, married June 28, 1865; children five; first wife was Sally Ann Haner. Parents, David W. and Annie (Carson) Jackson.

Jump Annanias P., p o Summit, merchant, born in Fulton March 19, 1833, settled in Summit December 1, 1853, has been town clerk and jsutice, was married in December 1854; children six. Father, Annanias, was son of William Jump, who settled in Summit from Greene county in 1810.

Mitchell Peter H., p o Charlotteville, farmer and banker, 1200 acres, born in town of Summit February 23, 1812, settled on present farm in 1865, has been railroad commissioner and director of five banks; wife Lucy Robinson, of Otsego county, married October 11, 1834; children six. Father, Harmon, was son of Emanuel Mitchell an early settler of same farm.

Multer Joseph, p o Charlotteville, farmer and owner of sawmill, born in Otsego county December 22, 1832, settled in county March 27, 1862; wife H. Maria Phinkle, of Jefferson county, married January 15, 1862. Father, Joseph, was son of Dr. Multer, who came from Germany and settled here.

Osborn Eleazer, p o East Worcester, farmer, born in Harpersfield, Delaware county May 4, 1799, settled in county in 1822, has been assessor, highway commissioner and overseer of poor; wife Zilphia Sherman, of Rensselaer county, married in November, 1821; children five. Father, Eleazer Osborn, was a native of Danbury, Connecticut, and a soldier in the Revolution.

Rifenbark Hiram, p o Charlotteville, merchant, owns 1 acre land, born in Summit April 30, 1839, commenced business as a merchant in 1872, has been justice of peace and town clerk; wife Amelia Burnett, of Summit, married March 24, 1863. Parents, Aaron and Mary (Banks) Rifenbark, the former a son of Henry Rifenbark, who came from Columbia county about 1800.

Stickles Elan N., p o Summit, farmer, 101 acres, born in Columbia county August 19, 1804, settled in county in 1810; wife Hannah Mickle, of Fulton, married January 15, 1856. Parents, Nicholas F. and Debora (Dean) Stickles, the former of whom was a son of Nicholas, a resident of this county, and lived to be ninety-six years of age.

Stilwell Stephen, p o Charlotteville, farmer, 120 acres, born in Charlotteville November 23, 1815, settled on this farm in 1845, has been assessor, supervisor and overseer of poor; first wife Polly M. Phelps; second wife Angeline Hicks, married December 6, 1875; children nine. Father, Samuel, was son of Thomas Stilwell, who came from Duchess county.

Shafer S. G., p o Charlotteville, printer.

Terpenning James W., p o Summit, farmer and dairyman, 425 acres, born in Summit September 29, 1828, settled on present farm in 1849, has been supervisor and highway commissioner; wife Delaney Neer, of Summit, married April 23, 1838; children five - Jerome, Walter, Everet, Achsa, Jennie. Father, Cornelius, was son of Jacob Terpenning, who was lieutenant under Washington.

Tinklepaugh Alexander, p o Summit, farmer, 280 acres, born in Fulton May 15, 1826, settled in Summit in 1827; wife Delia Ann Snook, married January 12, 1848; children one - Rebecca. father, Jacob, son of Henry Tinklepaugh, one of first settlers in town.

Tousley rev. George G., p o Eminence, clergyman, born in Gilboa September 28, 1852, settled in village in May, 1881, is minister in the Methodist Episcopal church; wife Adelaide Thorne, of Conesville, married May 19, 1874; children one - Claude G., who died March 11, 1881. parents, Albert A. and Esther C. Tousley.

Warner George H., p o Charlotteville, farmer 90 acres, born in Summit March 2, 1828, settled on present farm in 1870. Father, Hiram, son of Peter Warner, who settled in Summit about 1800.

Wharton Robert E., p o Summit, farmer, 200 acres, born on same farm April 11, 1850, has been excise commissioner; wife Mary N. Conroe, of Summit, married December 8, 1874; children two - James and a baby. parents, James and Mary A. Wharton.

Wharton John, p o Charlotteville, farmer, 98 acres, born in Summit January 28, 1819, settled on present farm in 1851, has been assessor, commissioner, and overseer; first wife Lancy Lape; second wife Prudence A. Lape; children two - Ella Moot and Anna Fox. Father, John Wharton, came from England and settled in Summit about 1803.

Wharton Robert, p o Richmondville, farmer and brick manufacturer, 260 acres, born in Greene county January 14, 1811, settled in county in 1819; brother to Hiram. Father, John Wharton, came from England when sixteen years of age. Wife of Hiram is Louisa Neer; children one - Clara E.

Wharton William. p o Summit, dairy farmer, 140 acres, born in Summit December 23, 1833, settled on present farm in 1872, has been commissioner of highways; first wife Charlotte Hinds; second wife Valetta Gallup; children one - Foster. father, Edward Wharton, settled in Summit in 1815.

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