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Vaughn Family Items

John Vaughn received 135 acres in 1676. In 1776 he had title for
135 acres confirmed from 1670 in Middletown. He may have come from
Gravesend, L. I..

The Vaughns of Lacey township (Ocean County) descend from Asher Vaughn,
who m. a daughter of Peter Stout, of Middletown, and settled near
Crosswicks and had a son Jacob Vaughn b. about 1811, who settled at
Forked River and became a noted shipwright. Another son, Timbrock,
settled near Toms River. Peter Stout, land in his own right, 60 acres
1675. Page 28, Salter's History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Capt. John Vaughan (sic), page 624, Soldiers in Revolution, Conn. Or Mass.

Vaughn Lot, Tennent Cemetery.
Samuel Vaughn, Sr. b. Dec. 22, 1815. Died Sept. 23, 1892
His wife Mary Ely, b. Dec. 02, 1818 d. Dec. 12, 1896.
He was the father of Ezekiel.
Lucy A. Vaughn, b. Oct. 07, 1839 d. Dec. 02, 1907.
Mary Vaughn, daughter of Joseph &Hattie E. Rue, b. Sept. 21, 1879,
d. Oct. 07, 1898. "He giveth his beloved sleep."
Longstreet Vaughn, 1845-1915. His wife, Sarah Elizabeth, 1851-1933.

Samuel Vaughn, whose father was Samuel and his grandfather Ezekiel, lived
at Hightstown, and had a farm in that region. Is about 83.
Miss Cordelia Vaughn lives at Englishtown, but does not have much information
about the family.
Samuel Vaughn, 155 Ampere Parkway, Bloomfield, Tennent, Jan. 2, 1853.
His father, Samuel Vaughn, lived in Millstone township, Manolapin (sic)
township. His grandfather, Ezekeal (sic)Vaughn, farmer, lived in Millstone
township, Monmouth County.
It is said that Ezekiel Vaughn came from England. ?

Samuel Vaughn, a West Indian trader, of London, married Sarah Hallowell,
daughter of Benjamin Hallowell, of Boston. He and Benjamin Hallowell
founded Hallowell in Maine, near Augusta and owned large estates there.
They were the parents of Benjamin Vaughan (sic), who was of much help to Dr.
Franklin in working out the treaty of peace after the Revolutionary War.
Benjamin came to Hallowell and the family held possessions there for
a long time. He died at Hallowell, leaving three sons and four daughter.
There is an extended account of Benjamin in Appleton's Encyclopaedia (sic) of
American Biography and in the British Dictionary of Biography. In all
the list of Vaughans or Vaughns in the British Dictionary, Samuel, the
father of Benjamin, is the only Samuel mentioned.
It is said that there was a stone cutter around Freehold. Samuel Vaughan,
the father of Benjamin, was evidently the donor of a marble mantel now
in Mt. Vernon, the home of Washington. The custodian of Mt. Vernon
says the mantel came from England. Washington's letter of thanks for it
was directed to Samuel Vaughan, of Philadelphia, "formerly of London."
It may be that the Freehold stone cutter made it. This same Samuel made
a map of the Mt. Vernon Estate, and sent Washington a "puncheon of rum".
Washington reciprocated by sending a quantity of his finest flour to
the hungry in the West Indies.
Benjamin Vaughn, 1751-1835, had a brother William, 1752-1850, Sheppard's
Reminscences of the Vaughan Family, an American book, is devoted to
the Hallowell family. There was another brother, Charles. Sheppard's
account. Pg. 26.
Benjamin Vaughan, of Endland, was born April 28, 1679; m. on the 19th
of Nov. 1690 (1699?) (sic) Ann Wolf, b. May 14, 1677.

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Vaughn Family Items, cont.

(2) Children of Benj. and Ann Vaughan:

  1. Mary ...
  2. Rebecca, b. Aug. 04, 1702
  3. William, b. Sept. 15, 1703; m. Mary Bond
  4. Elizabeth
  5. John, b. Apr. 07, 1606
  6. Ann
  7. Sarah
  8. Elinor
  9. Susannah
  10. Benjamin, b. June 23, 1713 m. Hannah Halfside
  11. Hannah
  12. Samuel, b. April 23, 1720 m. Sarah, dau. of Benjamin Hallowell,
    of Boston, Feb. 01, 1747. She was b. Feb. 26, 1727.

(3) Children of Samuel and Sarah (Hallowell) Vaughan:

  1. Benjamin, b. April 19, 1751 m. Sarah, dau. of William Manning,
    merchant of London, June 30, 1781; d. Dec. 07, 1835. Mrs V.
    born April 29, 1754 d. Dec. 06, 1834.
  2. William, b. Sept. 22, 1752 d. May 5, 1856 in his 98th year.
  3. Samuel, April - August 1754
  4. John, b. Jan. 15, 1756; d. at Philadelphia Dec. 13, 1841, age 85.
  5. Ann
  6. Charles, b. June 30, 1759 m. Frances W. Apthorp (sic) March 07, 1790;
    died May 15, 1839, age 80
  7. Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1761, etc.
  8. Samuel, b. June 22, 1762, d. Dec. 4, 1802
  9. Barbara Eddy
  10. Rebecca, b. April 26, 1766; m. John Merrick, Esq., in England.
    Note: The name Rebecca appears in the Will of John Vaughn.
    Filed (Freehold Surrogates's office---Rebecca Ward, (daughter)
    1820 (and Rebecca Vaughn (daughter of Asher Vaughan)
    Rebecca (daughter) in the will of Samuel Vaughan, filed 1838.

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Vaughn Family

From a cemetery in Worcester, N. Y.: (Copied by Mrs. Percy E. Raymond)

Samuel Vaughn	b. March 17, 1792	d. Feb. 06, 1862

   (Hannah Swart (not Swartz), his wife, b. Aug. 17, 1810 d. Feb. 21, 1854

Eliza Vaughn 	b. June 28, 1835	d. March 20, 1903

Emily Vaughn	b. July 27, 1846	d. March 19, 1850

Charles C.	b. Oct. 10, 1848	d. March 31, 1865

Eli Vaughn	b. May 06, 1844		d. March 19, 1929

   (Caroline Gallup, his wife, Aug. 11, 1859, who is still living

Ira Vaughn	b. 1838			d. 1916

   (Kate, his wife, 1846-1932

Roxcy A. Vaughn, wife of Daniel Dutton, March 20, 1887 -- Nov. 14, 1888

On another cemetery lot: (relation to above not known)

Marvin S. Vaughn,  	1839 -- 1919

 (Emma B., his wife)	1848 -- 1916 (or 18)

Myrtle E. Sheets,  	1867 --

James A. Vaughn,  	1871 --

 (Phoebe A., his wife, 	1874

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Vaughn Family

Original Hold - - - - Castle Tretower, near Brecon, Wales

Family divided ****

 1. Hertfordshire---line remained Roman Catholic to this day
and have given several prominent churchmen to English Catholicism.
There are several in the United States today---Sisters of Charity
and authors of devotional books.
 2. Old Tretower line---the poet, Henry, number of prominent men
English affairs.
 3. Golden Grove--- Carnarthenshire, Wales, near Tretower. A Sir
William, granted by James I the southeastern peninsula of Newfoundland,
and sent out colonists under a charter in 1623. Colony called Avalon
and the settlement Cambriol. Sir William visited Cambriol but returned
to England discouraged by the cold climate. Settlement broke up. Sir
William sold his interests to Sir George Calvert of Maryland and New
Jersey interests. Sir William b. 1577 d. 1641. Settlement in Maryland
called Avalon, still Post Office of that name on the eastern shore.

 B. Son of Sir William---Walter

 C. Assumption---not traced out---Through the relations with
the Calvert interests some of the Vaughns came probably to both
New Jersey and Maryland, the Maryland settlers becoming the
ancestors of the family scattered throughout the south. The Freehold,
N. J., settlers became the ancestors of the New York families.

 Samuel, James, Ezekiel and two other brothers came into Schoharie County.

  1. Ezekiel finally went to Kansas, Descendants still living. Some
    have visited my people within my memory. Recall one stopping with us
    who was on his return from a European tour.
  2. James had one son Hiram who lived at Warnerville. Hiram's
    1. name, do not know, m. a Sturgess of Long Island
    2. Minne, an actress of some note, lives in New York City
    3. Levi, m. Nancy Warner, Clare, a son
    4. Orline, m. a Gallup, a son Seward and others   " , m. 2nd. William Stillwell. Descendants still living
      in Charlotteville, N. Y.
  3. Samuel Vaughn. Date of coming to Rum Hill from Freehold, N. J.,
    not known. He m. a Brockway. Moved to Worcester, N. Y..
    Children by first wife:
    1. Heman m. Abigail Gallup
    2. Hiram
    3. Harriet
    4. Samuel C., husband of Deborah, whose name appears on the
      Hix monument in Jefferson
    5. Sylvester
    Children by Hannah, the 2nd wife
    1. Eliza
    2. Roxy
    3. Ira
    4. Hiram
    5. Eli
    6. Sally
    7. Charles
    Married a third time, ? Sally?

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