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Extracts from
A Biographical Record of Schuyler County, NY, 1903
S.J. Clarke Publishing Co.
Page 1

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William H. BALDWIN
Editor of Watkins Democrat.  Born in Deerfield, Herkimer co., NY on 28 Jun 1835, son of Henry Downs BALDWIN and Mary Jane PEASE who had 10 children in total.  In 1891 William H. built the Baldwin Block on the corner of 2nd & Franklin Sts. in Watkins, NY.  He was married on 3 Jan 1863 to Louise E. LOSEY, daughter of John LOSEY & Laura JOHNSON. William & Louise had 4 children - 3 died rather young and Marian P. BALDWIN became Mrs. Alfred C. WOODWARD of Watkins.  William H. was very active in Watkins public life and organizations.

Born 27 Sep 1818 and was still living, age 84, in 1902-3.  He was the son of Chester CORBETT (1795-1869) and Sally LeFEVRE (1800-1864) who were married in 1818.  At age 18, Otis entered an artillery company under Capt. Reuben LeFEVRE of Reading, then in 1839 was under Capt. John ROYCE of Eddytown; Otis was eventually made Captain in 1844.  He was Assessor of the town of Reading.  His son John was Supervisor of the town of Reading 1896-7.  Otis married Adelia B. CHASE 1 Oct 1846; Adelia was of the New England CHASE family.  She was born 21 Nov 1827 in Oneida co., NY and was a teacher in Reading, NY.  Her brother was Hiram W. CHASE, an attorney in LaFayette, Indiana.  Otis & Adelia had 10 children:  Walter S., Chester L., George A., John, Mary T., Sophia C., William and Joseph J.  Of their children, 5 were deceased by c1902 and 3 sons grew to manhood: John is with the Elmira Advertiser; William lives on the family homestead on Seneca Lake; Joseph is in Topeka, Kansas working for the Mail and Breeze.  A large salt plant is in operation at the waterfront of the homestead.

Born in Hector, NY 3 Nov 1836, son of Erastus WICKHAM and Almeda EVERETS and one of 8 children.  Clark farmed 100 acres in Montour near Odessa.  He was married first in 1858 to Maryette PRATT, daughter of Seth PRATT and Sarah RUNYAN of Burdett.  Clark was married second to Helen HERICK of Catharine, NY.
Eight Children by first marriage to Maryette PRATT:
1. Clarence, who married Alice SHOEMAKER and had Ed & Randolph (twins), then Clarence Ely & Amelia (also twins).
2. Alice, who married Clark SMITH and had one son Harry SMITH.
3. Oscar, who married Kate MONTGOMERY.
4. Carrie, who married Clarence DUNHAM.
5. Henry, who married Amelia FOWLER; one child, Clarence.
6. May
7. Cornelius
8. Cora
Three Children by second marriage to Helen HERICK:
Omar Clark, Emma Elvira, Minor Loyal.

Eight Children of Erastus WICKHAM & Almeda EVERETS (ie. Clark & his siblings):
1. Clark, of this biography.
2. Mary
3. Martha D., who married Osborn EVERETS and had Walter, Ira, Emma and Theodore.
4. Marion, who married Emeline GARDNER and had Fred, Ford and Lavern.
5. Clarissa
6. Harriet, who married Charles STOTTLE and lives in Odessa (c.1903).
7. Charles, who married Amelia KEEP and had children William W., Vina, May and Nellie.
8. Emma, the widow of Charles KEEP; had children Almedia and Anna.

More on Clark WICKHAM from another book:
The "History of Catharine" pub. 1945 had some more on Clark WICKHAM, but a few of the small details don't agree with the 1903 bio:
Born in Hector, NY 3 Nov 1836, died on his farm near Montour Falls, oldest son of Erastus WICKHAM and Almeda EVERETS and one of 8 children.  Clark farmed 100 acres in Montour near Odessa - he took up the William BOWLBY farm when rather young; he lived in an old house that set back from the road, later built the house where Hubert BEARDSLEY now lives (c. 1945).  He was married first in 1858 to Maryette PRATT (d. Nov. 13, 1875), daughter of Seth PRATT and Sarah RUNYAN / BUNYAN PRATT of Burdett; they had 8 children.  Clark was married second to Helen HERICK of Alpine, Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY. (Helen died 1940-41, age over 90).

Eight Children by first marriage to Maryette PRATT:
1. Clarence, a grocer in Watkins, who married Alice SHOEMAKER of Hector, NY on Feb. 27, 1889. They had Ed & Randolph (twins), then (Clarence) Ely & Amelia (also twins). Clarence Ely was called only "Ely" in one source.
2. Alice, who married Clark(e) SMITH and had one son Harry SMITH. Alice died in Florida and was buried in Elmira, NY where she lived most her life.
3. Oscar, died May 1922, who married Kate MONTGOMERY.  No children.
4. Carrie, who married Clarence DUNHAM & divorced; married 2nd to ?
5. Henry, (1862-1937) who married Amelia / Almyra FOWLER on Dec. 25, 1889; Amelia / Almyra was b. Oct. 15, 1871 & d. Oct. 18, 1933, dau of Leroy FOWLER & Lucy KING.  Resided in Odessa.  Two sons:
  - Clarence Leroy - b. Feb. 13, 1895, d. Dec. 12, 1943; married Ruth VanLONE, daughter of Adelbert VanLONE & Cornelia MOOT.  Resided in Odessa.   A son Richard Sheldon (b. 1919) enlisted in US Marines and won marksmanship medal, served in South Pacific.
  - Leland - married in 1925 Grace HUYLER, daughter of Ray HUYLER and Addie MERRICK.  A son James Leland, b. 1938.  Leland had a nursery of shrubs and ornamental plants in Odessa.
6. May - married Thomas MORROW, Wash. D.C., and Miami, FL.
7. Cornelius - died by 1940s, married Ella TUCKER; lived in Florida; no children.
8. Cora - married Ford ROE, Elmira, NY.  A son, Sheldon ROE married; was a lawyer in Elmira.

Three Children by second marriage to Helen HERICK:
9. Omar Clark - married Sep. 21, 19904 to Edith May, daughter of Allison WOODFORD and Nellie WILLIAMS.  Lives on farm just outside Odessa. Had 7 children:
  - Pearl (b. Jun. 13, 1905, d. July 25, 1917)
  - Florence Margaret - b. May 6, 1910; married Robert CRANE; 3 children.
  - Mary Elizabeth - b. Aug. 2, 1912; married Glen STATES, son of Adelbert
           STATES and Martha STRONG.  one child.
  - Katherine Lucile - b. Oct. 30, 1914; married Ray SHANNON.  one child.
  - Paul, b. 1917; Corp. Tech. WWII
  - James Allison - d. 1923 age 14 months.
  - Nellie Edith - b. Jan. 25, 1926.

10. Emma Elvira - married Horace DEANE, son of Washington DEANE and Sarah (CRONK) CROUT, Montour Falls.  Emma had 4 children:
  - Sarah Crout - married William ADAMS, Montour Falls;
              children - Helen Louise and Harold Louis ADAMS.
  - Martha - married Ralph WARD, son of John WARD & Martha TAYLOR.
             Lived in Odessa and had 3 children.
  - Horace DEANE, Jr. - married Theressa THOMAS.
  - Norman Wickham DEANE - Mess Sergt. WWII.

11. Minor Loyal - married June 14, 1911 to Ida HAYES, dau of Daniel HAYES and Cora DANN.
      Lived in Odessa.  Two children:
           - Loyal WICKHAM - married Dorothy BREEDLOVE, dau of Bert BREEDLOVE and Nellie WINTON.
                     Children:  David Loyal, Sandra Jean.
           - Angeline - married Earl GOODRICH; children - Anna Mae, Walter Earl.

Born near Bradford, PA, 23 Oct 1861.  He was great-grandson of William S. MARTIN who was born in Connecticut and settled in Schuyler co., NY near Burdett, on a soldier's claim.  The subject was grandson of Archibald MARTIN (b. 20 Nov 1832, son of William S. MARTIN & Abigail DAVIS).  A.I. MARTIN (subject of the bio) was head of the Watkins Chilled Plow Company.  He was married to Fannie MALTBY on 1 May 1889; Fannie was from Corning, NY, daughter of Jerome MALTBY and Mary BEERS.  A. I. MARTIN & Fannie had children Anna, William S. (both born in Corning, NY) and Wellington (born in Watkins, NY).

Born in Steuben co., NY near Watkins on 24 Mar 1816 and still living, age 86 in 1902-3.  He was son of Joseph HOWARD and Christine HILL.  Joseph was born in New Hampshire in 1792; he was a vet of the War of 1812.  Daniel's grandfather, Joseph Sr., was a Rev. War soldier.  At age 14, Daniel lived with his cousin, Jonathan T. Able, a merchant, in Rock Stream, NY.  Daniel was a merchant and was eventually President of Watkins 2nd National Bank.  Daniel was married in 1847 yo Hannah P. ROBINSON of Yates co., NY - daughter of Andrew ROBINSON and Phyllis STRAUGHAN.  Daniel and Hannah had 2 children: Mary (Mrs. Ed. Rumsey) and Alice (Mrs. DeWitt C. JANSEN).

Allen George BECKER
Born in Hector, NY 28 Aug 1831; worked as a farmer in Hector.  Allen was son of George BECKER and Anna GARRISON.  Allen's grandfather, Peter BECKER, was Holland-Dutch of Dutchess co., NY.  George BECKER (father of subject) was born Dec. 1799 in Dutchess co., NY and came to Schuyler co., NY in 1824, living in a log cabin.  George had 130 acres there and another 100 acres in Catlin, NY.  George died in 1863 and his wife Anna died 11 Nov 1879.  Anna, of a CT family, was born 1 Nov 1803.  Children of George BECKER & Anna GARRISON:  Elizabeth, Harlow, LeRoy, Marium G., Allen G. (subject of this bio), Maretta R., Amanda M., Charles E. (Bapt. minister) and Julia E.
Allen G. was a teacher and then a farmer.  He married Lydia VAUGHAN on 1 Jul 1856, daughter of Samuel VAUGHAN and Ann RAUB.  Allen G. was Supervisor of Hector 1882-84 and organized the 1st Board of Health there.
Lydia VAUGHAN's grandfather was Daniel VAUGHAN wo was born 17 Jun 1746 in England and settled in New Jersey.
Daniel married first Dinah WATKINS (b. 8 Mar 1748) and had children Elizabeth, Jacob, Rachel, Richard, Lydia, Sarah, Rhoda, Dinah, Daniel, David and John.  Daniel VAUGHAN married second Hannah REED, the widow of Benjamin OGDEN, who had 4 children from her previous marriage.  Daniel & Hannah REED OGDEN had children Samuel, Benjamin, Azubah, Hannah, Phoebe, William and Amanda.  Samuel VAUGHAN was the father of Lydia (Mrs. Allen G. BECKER).  Samuel was born Dec. 1795 and came to Schuyler co., NY in 1822 from Blairstown, Warren co., NJ, settling in Hector.  Samuel owned 500 acres at various times: 300 in Hector, and 200 in Big Flats, Chemung co.  Samuel VAUGHAN died in Apr. 1864; wife Ann RAUB, 1797-1876.  Samuel & Ann  had 12 children:  Michael, Hannah, William K., Daniel, Sally Ann, Amos O., Johnson, Rachel, Rhoda, Lydia M., Azubah and Catherine.

Thomas Ryan CLARK
Was an important grocery merchant in Watkins, NY.  He was born in Vermont 15 Jun 1847 to Owen CLARK and Mary RYAN who came to Schuyler co., NY in 1840 and settled on a farm in Reading, NY.  Thomas did surveying  work out west for several years, then returned to Schuyler co.  In 1875 he married Nora POWERS who died 8  years later.  They had 3 children:  Ada (Mrs. HAUBNER), Helen (Mrs. Wm. ROONEY) and Francis.  Thomas then married second Ella MALONEY on 14 Sep 1888 and they had another child Alice.  Thomas died 11 Aug 1900 and was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Watkins.

Colonel John MAGEE
[grandson of Hon. John MAGEE]
An enumeration of those men of the present generation who have won honor and public recognition for themselves and at the same time have honored the state to which they belong, would incomplete were their failure to make prominent reference to the one whose name initiates this paragraph, His business interests have been of a most important and extensive character, and his marked enterprise and extensive control of industrial and commercial interests have made him a leading factor in the Empire
state and one whose influence is felt even beyond its borders. He has been and is distinctively a man of affairs and one who has wielded a wide influence. A strong mentality, an invincible courage, a most determined individuality have so entered into his make-up as to render him a natural leader of men and a director of opinion. It is true that he became interested in a business already established, but in controlling and enlarging business enterprises many a man of even considerable resolute purpose, courage and industry has failed. Colonel Magee has demonstrated the truth of the maxim that success is not the result of genius but the outcome of a clear judgment and experience.
On the 2d of December, 1867, in the town of Watkins, Mr. Magee was born, his parents being General George and Emma S. (Stothoff) Magee.  His distinguished father is mentioned in another page of this volume. At the usual age Colonel Magee entered the public schools where he pursued his studies for a number of years and for four years was a student it Lawrenceville, New Jersey, afterward completing his education in Europe under the direction of a private tutor.  After his return to America he became identified with the Fall Brook Coal Company and for one year was located in Antrim, Pennsylvania.  Although the son of a wealthy father he did not choose to become a simple looker on in the business world but desired to become a factor in controlling extensive business interests and to this end he closely applied himself to the mastery of the business in all of its branches both in principle and detail.  Removing from Antrim to Corning, New York he was there identified with the shops of the Fall Brook Railway Company for a year and later he spent several months in the Schenectady Locomotive Works of Schenectady, New York, returning thence to Corning. He familiarized himself with the work of the many offices of the Fall Brook Railway Company gaining a practical knowledge of all branches of railroading and of the coal and coke business which was operated by his father General Magee. Subsequently the son was made secretary of the Fall Brook Railway and acted in that capacity until his father's death in 1897 when he was chosen to the presidency of the Fall Brook Coal Company, the Morris Run Coal Company, the Chest Creek Land and Improvement Company and the Tioga Improvement Company of which he was also a director. His previous thorough training well fitted him to take up the onerous and responsible duties which now devolve upon him. With broad foresight he looked over the business field, recognized its possibilities and became an active factor in directing the work. He was also elected the president of the Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railroad. The extent and volume of his business interests indicate his marked capability and the workings of. a master mind. He is a director of the Knickerbocker Trust Company, of New York City; the Troy Trust Company, of Troy, New York; the North River Coal & Wood Company, the Philadelphia Dock and Terminal Company; the Elmira Trust Company, of Elmira, New York; the Clark Hoisting & Barge Company; the Beech Creek Coal & Coke Company of New York;
the Pocahontas Collieries Company of Pocahontas, Virginia; and is identified with many other business enterprises of broad scope and magnitude.
On the 4th of November, 1891. Colonel Magee was united in marriage to Miss Florence Wetmore Seeley, a daughter of Dr. N. R. and Mary (Stewart) Seeley, of Elmira, New York. He has many social relations, being connected with a large number of the
most influential clubs of the city, of which the following is but a partial list: The Union, Racquet, Tennis, Calumet, Midday, Jockey, Jekyl Island, Elmira City, Elmira Country, Corning City, Corning Country, Genesee Valley, Watkins City, Ardsley, Casino and many other clubs. While Colonel Magee. has never sought political prominence, he has figured to some extent in public affairs relating to the welfare of the state. In 1891 he was appointed state engineer for New York by Governor Flower, and later resigned that position to accept the position of aid de camp to Governor Flower, acting in that capacity for three years. Colonel Magee stands to-day as one of the best known men of New York and Pennsylvania, and his influence is felt in business relations throughout much of the east. His career has ever been such as to warrant the trust and confidence of the business world, for he has ever conducted all transactions on the strictest principles of honor and integrity. His devotion to the public good is unquestioned and arises from a sincere interest in his fellow men. He has a wonderful capacity for work and the supervision of the details as well as the principles in his extensive business affairs. What the world needs is such men—men capable of managing extensive concerns and conducting business on terms that are alike fair to the employer and to the employe. His personal characteristics are such as made him a social favorite and those who meet him in such relation are glad to number him as a friend.

Clarence Newell ELLIS
Born 12 Oct 1864 at Roaring Branch, PA.  Son of Charles B. ELLIS and Lucy NEWELL.  Charles B., the father, was born in Enfield, Tompkins co., NY on 26 Oct 1824 and was a teacher in Lycoming and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania.  Clarence N. ELLIS was a qualified teacher and telegraph operator.  Then he worked as a station agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Clarence was married first to Fanny J. GRAY of Newark, NJ on 24 Oct 1885; they had one daughter Marion F. and Fanny died in Roaring Branch, PA.  Clarence was married second to Kathryn DeCOURCY of Roaring Branch, PA in Apr. of 1888; they had 2 children Hazel R., and Edna K. (the latter was born in Montour Falls).  Clarence was transfered in 1892 to Montour Falls, then to Watkins.  He was a Mason and attained the highest chapter office of high priest; he was also a Knight Templar.

John Wesley TOWNSEND
John W. Townsend, who is an honored veteran of the Civil war and upon the battlefields of the south manifested his loyalty to the Union, is a representative of one of he prominent families of Schuyler county. In days of peace he has been equally faithful to his country and is now regarded as one of the leading representatives and valued citizens of Schuyler county, making his home in North Hector, where he is capbably filling the office of justice of the peace and is also engaged in the real estate business.
John Wesley Townsend was born in Hector, Schuyler county, June 11, 1838, and is a son of Jeremiah and Belinda (Bailey) Townsend. The father was a native of Delaware and when a young man came to New York, becoming one of the early settlers of Schuyler county. He was a soldier of the war of 1812 and was taken prisoner at Black Rock near Buffalo. He was married in Schuyler county to Miss Belinda Bailey, a daughter of John Bailey, who came here from Connecticut at an early day.

Our subject pursued his education in the early subscription schools and when he had put aside his text books, he began learning
the wagon-maker's trade, which he followed continuously until after the Civil war broke out. Being unable to content himself longer at home while the Union was in danger, he offered his services to the government, enlisting as one of the boys in blue of Company A. Fiftieth Regiment of Volunteer Engineers. He was mustered in at Elmira as a musician. It was on the 18th
of September. 1861, and he served continuously until June. 1865, in the meantime being promoted to the rank of corporal July 28, 1862. He was made sergeant on the 5th of January, 1863, and on the 22d of February. 1864, he re-enlisted at Washington, D. C., as sergeant, being mustered out with that company on the 13th of June, 1865, at Fort Barry, Virginia. He participated in the battle of Yorktown and those of the peninsular campaign under General McClellan. He took part in the battle of Fredericksburg under General Burnside, December 11, 1862; the battle of Chancellorsville; Franklin Crossing, June 5, 1863; the Gettysburg campaign; and the engagement at Harper's Ferry. After the battle of Fredericksburg a pontoon bridge was swung across the Rappahannock river, the Union troops being on one side, the Confederates on the other. One night at a council of the Union officers it was decided to send the Fiftieth New York Infantry to take this bridge, but before sending the whole regiment it was deemed advisable to send a dozen men as scouts into the hollow where the bridge spanned the stream to see what was to be seen, and Mr. Townsend was one of the brave men who volunteered. Before the battle of Fredericksburg Captain Perkins had been shot and killed on the bridge, and our subject was one of the four chosen for the daring undertaking of bringing the body to the shore. He was with the company and regiment in all of their campaigns, and was ever a faithful soldier, always found at his post of duty, whether in the thickest of the fight or on the lonely picket line. He then returned to Hector, where he engaged in wagon-making, following that pursuit for many vears, but for the past twenty years he has devoted his attention to the undertaking business, and has the patronage of many of the best families of this portion of the county.

Mr. Townsend was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Milliman, a daughter of Andrew and Cornelia (Henry) Milliman.  Two children were born unto them: Bert M., who is now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Walter J., who makes his home in New York City, so that Mr. and Mrs. Townsend are again as they were when they started out upon their married life—alone in their own home.  In religious faith Mr. Townsend is a Methodist, belonging to the church at North Hector, in which he has served as steward for a number of years. He is a stanch Republicm in his political views, unswerving in his allegiance to the party and he has been honored with a number of local offices. For fifteen years he has held the office of justice of the peace and he discharges his duties without fear or favor his decisions being strictly fair and impartial. In 1898 he was appointed postmaster of North Hector so that he is holding the office at the present time. He was also appointed justice of the sessions and held that office for one year. Socially he is identified with Daniel B. Smith Post No. 423, G. A. R., of North Hector, and has served as officer of the day almost continuously since the organization of the post.  Mr. Townsend is a gentleman of genuine worth of character and genial manner and of marked enterprise. His record as a soldier, as a private citizen and as a public official is above reproach and all who know him entertain for him warm regard. Both he and his wife have a large circle of friends in Schuyler county and the hospitality of
the best homes of North Hector and the community is extended to them.

Born in Ulster co., NY on 20 Apr 1825 and died in 1895.  His parents were natives of Ulster co., NY and his paternal grandparents were born in England, emigrating in about 1800.  John HALWICK was a Civil War vet in the 107th Regiment.  He was married on 10 Jan 1855 to Mary Ann TURNER who was born in New Boston, NY on 1 Dec 1834, daughter of Samuel TURNER and wife Elizabeth from England.  John & Mary Ann lived in Croton, NY and had 2 children:
1. Maria (Mrs. Joshua HOXIE) was married on 8 Feb 1870 and lived in Croton, NY and later Odessa, Schuyler co., NY;
2. Abbie (Mrs. Jake WILLIAMS) lived in Burdett, Schuyler co., NY.

Olin Tracy NYE
Age 30 at the time of writing (c.1902-3).  A statesman and lawyer, born near Beaver Dams, Schuyler co., NY in 1873, son of E.M.W. NYE and Margaret SHARPE (residents of Watkins, NY).  E.M.W. NYE (father) was born in Hector, NY c1830 and Margaret (mother) was also born in Schuyler co., NY.  E.M.W. was Justice of the Peace 21 years and postmaster of Beaver Dams and Cayutaville.  E.M.W. NYE had 8 children with Margaret:
1. Orrin S. - doctor in Rutland, PA.
2. Otis  H. - farmer in the town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY.
3. Sylvan V. (female) - of Buffalo; President of NY State Nurses Assoc., etc.
4. Jane S. - teacher; preceptress of Keuka College, etc.
5. Elizabeth B. - wife of Dr. L.E.A. STORCH of Indianapolis, IN.
6. John Hamilton - a doctor in Cromwell, IN
7. Olin Tracy - 8th child (subject of this bio); elected to NY State Legislature in 1900.
8. Bertrand W. - lawyer in Buffalo, NY.

Resident of Watkins; born 20 Jan 1855 in Hornby, Steuben co., NY to Abram FERO and Catharine ARNOT.  His parents were of English extraction and from Orange co., NY.  John had a livery & transfer business, and later a cockroach extermination business.  John was married in 1877 to Matilda KNIFFEN, daughter of Ferris KNIFFEN and Louise BUTCHER.  John & Matilda  had 2 children:  Stella (Mrs. David HOUTALING of Watkins, NY) and Nettie (who died age 5 yrs.).

M. LaFayette WICKHAM
His grandfather William WICKHAM came to Hector, NY in 1791 from Orange co., NY - the first settler of Hector.  William bought 640 acres from his cousin George WICKHAM, an Orange co. banker.  William's wife was Phebe ROSE of Long Island, NY and they had 7 children:  Esther (of Orange co.); Fannie; Phebe; Samuel (went to Ohio); William Jr. (father of M. LaFayette); Mary; Clark.  The last 3 lived in Schuyler co., NY on adjoining farms.  William Sr. drowned in Nov. 1799 at age 52 - the first death in Watkins, NY.  His widow raised cattle and drove them to the closest market at Easton, PA.  William WICKHAM Jr. lived to be 80 yrs. old; M. LaFayette is William Jr's. youngest child, born 13 Aug 1836.  Three daughters of William Jr. were still living in 1902-3:  Mrs. Catherine DUNHAM, Mrs. Esther HOWELL, and Mrs. Ann DUNHAM - all residents of Hector, NY.  M. LaFayette was a teacher in Niagara co., NY and Hector, NY and then a farmer.  He married at about age 29 to Pruda A. ERWAY on 17 Jan 1866.  Pruda was daughter of Benjamin ERWAY and Mary DUNHAM.  Pruda was born in Steuben co., NY.  M. LaFayette lived on 68 acres of his grandfather's original tract.
M. LaFayette and Pruda had 12 children, including:
- Mary E. - Mrs. Wilmer LaFEVER of Corning, NY.
- Cassie D. - wife of E.D. HOLDEN - resided in Boston, Mass.
- Harry - resided in Boston.
- Harriet - Mrs. Claude L. CARR - resided in Knoxville, PA.
- Edith - at home with parents c1902.
- Benjamin - at home.
- Randolph - at home.
- child - died in infancy.
- Frances Augusta - died at age 2 yrs.
- George G. - died at age 10 months.
- Ira - died at age 1 year.

Duncan S. MAGEE
Born in Bath, Steuben co., NY on 21 Nov 1831; died in Watkins, NY on 8 May 1869 (age 38).  He was son of Hon. John MAGEE and Arabella STUART.  His father was a wealthy businessman in banking, coal mining and railroads.  Duncan took an active part in his father's businesses and developed coal mines in Tioga co., PA and was associated with the Blossburg railroad.  Duncan married Catherine E. GANSEVOORT when he was age 22.  Catherine was the daughter of Ten Eyck GANSEVOORT.  Duncan and Catherine had 2 children:  Arabella S. (Mrs. Alfred L. EDWARDS of NY); and Helen G. (Mrs. Lewis EDWARDS of NY City).  Duncan lived in Corning, NY after his marriage, then moved to Watkins, NY.

Isaac E. DOTY
Born in Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY on 11 Feb 1836 to Edward DOTY.  Edward was from Dryden, Tompkins co., NY - then moved to Catlin, NY - then to Cayuta, NY - and then to Havana (Montour Falls), NY.  Edward was a blacksmith.  Edward DOTY had children:  Nathaniel, John, Mary, Isaac and Elizabeth.  John and Isaac were the only ones living c.1902-3.  John DOTY (brother of subject) was a hunter who married Matilda McCARTHY and had Mary, Loraine, Frank and Edward.  Isaac DOTY was married in 1862 to Elizabeth CAREY, daughter of Alanson CAREY and Margaret HENDERSON.  Siblings of Elizabeth HENDERSON were Ellen, Nettie, Frances, William and George.  Elizabeth died in 1872; she had 2 children with Isaac DOTY.  Then Isaac married Ellen CAREY of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY in 1877 and had child Margaret.

Amos BEARDSLEE (Beardsley)
Was a blacksmith and farmer and Civil War vet.  Born in Newfield, NY in 1841.  He was farming by the age of 15.  Then he enlisted in the 137th NY Voluntary Infantry in June of 1862.  He was married in 1872 to Christine HENDERSON who died on 8 March 1899.  They had 2 children:  Annie who married Wm. YOUNG in 1897 and resided in NY City; and Estella, a professional nurse who lived with her sister.

Fremont COLE
A lawyer and political leader.  He was born 18 Sep 1856 in Covert, Seneca co., NY, son of Ira H. COLE and Caroline DENNISON.  Ira COLE was born in 1817 and was still living c. 1902, age 85; Ira lived on a farm where Fremont's grandfather settled in 1801.  Fremont worked with Judge Oliver HURD and W.L. NORTON in the legal profession in Schuyler co.  Then he moved to Seattle, Wash. in 1890 and stayed for 5 years.  He returned to NY State after that.  He was married in 1888 in Watkins, NY to Charlotte ROBERTS, daughter of Cyrus ROBERTS and Frances SHEPPERD - both from Reading, NY pioneer families.  Fremont & Charlotte had 1 daughter in Watkins, NY named Faith COLE.  In 1884 Fremont was elected as Rep. to the General Assembly for 5 terms.

William John TUCKER
William John Tucker is well entitled to representation in the history of Schuyler county, for he is a citizen of distinction and prominence who many times has been honored with offices of public trust and who in the Masonic fraternity has attained to high rank and is widely known as a worthy exemplar of the craft which is based upon mutual helpfulness and brotherly kindness.  He is now filling the position of county sheriff and no more worthy incumbent has ever held the office. Discharging his duties without fear or favor, such a man is regarded as a bulwark of safety by the law abiding citizens and is a menace to all evil doers.
Mr. Tucker was born in the town of Orange, Schuvler county, on tlie 17th of December, 1853, and is a son of Alonzo and Selecta (Matthews) Tucker. During his early boyhood his parents removed to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and in 1872 the father went to Monterey [Town of Orange, Schuyler co.], New York.  He served as supervisor of the town of Orange and was elected county
superintendent of the poor.  He was a tinner by trade and for many years was engaged in the hardware business but at length met with disaster, his store being destroyed by fire.  Widely known as an enterterprising, reliable mechant and as a capable official, he commanded the respect and confidence of his fellow men and at his death, which occurred in October, 1888, the community felt that it had lost a valued citizen.  His wife died in February, 1900. They were the parents of three children:  William J., of this review; Hattie, who is the wife of E. V. Moore, a business man of  Beaver Dams; and Frank, who is engaged in merchandising in Odessa [Town of Catharine, Schuyler co.], New York.

William J. Tucker began his education in the district schools of the town of Orange and afterward continued his studies in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, to which place he had accompanied his parents during boyhood. For fourteen years he worked at the tinner's trade, having learned the business under the direction of his father, and later he went to Savona, where he embarked in the hardware business, conducting his enterprise there for some years. On the expiration of that period he removed to Beaver Dams and four years later to Monterey, continuing to successfully carry on that business until his election to the office of county sheriff. As a merchant he studied closely the needs and demands of the public and by his courteous treatment of his customers, his
reasonable prices and his fair and honest dealing he won a liberal patronage.
Mr. Tucker's worth and ability being recognized by his fellow townsmen he has been frequently called to public office, and in the discharge of his official duties he has shown loyalty and public spirit. He is a Stalwart Republican and keeps well informed on the issues of the day, and is inflexible in his support of the principles of the party.  He was first elected town constable and has since served as town clerk, constable and collector, and chairman of the board of supervisors for one year. He was elected supervisor by a majority of forty in a Democratic township. On the expiration of his first term he was again nominated, running against the man who had been his first opponent, and that he received the endorsement of the public is shown by the fact that he was once more elected, the second time receiving a majority of twenty-six.  De Zeng Seaman was his opponent during his race for the office of sheriff, and at that election, which occurred in 1900, he defeated his opponent by a majority of three hundred and twenty-seven. He is now serving in the office in a manner that shows that the trust reposed in him is well placed. He displays neither fear nor favor in discharging his official duties but stands for law, order and justice.

On the 22d of June, 1882. Mr. Tucker was united in marriage to Miss Dorothy Moore, a daughter of Martin and Catherine (Putnam) Moore, natives of Fulton county, New York.  Unto our subject and his wife have been born three children: Ola, who is now a student in the schools of Watkins ; Frank B., who is also attending school; and Clayton A., a little lad of four summers.
When but twenty-two years of age Mr. Tucker was made a member of the Masonic fraternity, becoming a member of Orange Lodge, No. 621, F. & A. M.   He passed all of the chairs and served as master in that lodge. After his removal to Steuben county, New York, he also served as master of Savona Lodge, No. 762, filling that position with marked ability until his return to Schuyler county. He raised forty-eight Masons in four years. He has passed all of the chairs of Orange Lodge and is one of the distinguished members of the craft in this portion of the state. He has also taken the degrees of the chapter and belongs to St. Omer's Commandery, No. 19, K. T. of Elmira, and to Kalurah Temple, of Binghamton. Mr. Tucker is likewise connected with Tomoka Lodge, No. 196, I. 0. 0. F.   He is widely and favorably known throughout this portion of the state, his ability well fitting him for leadership in political, business and fraternal life. The terms progress and patriotism might well be considered the keynote of his character, for throughout his career he has labored for tlie improvement of every line of business or public interest with which he has been associated and at all times has been actuated by fidelity to his country and welfare.

Hon. John MAGEE
Resident of Watkins, NY.  Born near Easton, PA on 3 Sep 1794 and died in Schuyler co., NY on 5 Apr 1868.  He was son of Henry MAGEE and Sarah MULHOLLAND.  His parents came to America in 1794 from County Antrim, Ireland.  Henry MAGEE  had a cousin Rev. Wm. MAGEE who was a Protestant archbishop of Dublin, Ireland.  Henry moved in 1805 to Groveland, Livingston co., NY where his wife died in 1805.  Henry moved to Detroit, Michigan.  Henry and son John both enlisted at Detroit and served in the War of 1812 (John was 18 at the time).  John was held prisoner twice and escaped on horseback under gunfire.  He was considered a hero of that war.  John and his brother Jefferson MAGEE went to Bath, Steuben co., NY in 1816.  (John had a brother-in-law Adam HAVERLING.)  John married Sarah McBURNEY, daughter of Hon. Thomas McBURNEY, county judge.  Sarah died on 15 May 1828 and had no children.  In 1821, John MAGEE became high sheriff in place of Henry SCHRIVER who died.  John MAGEE became a congressman in 1826, and was a friend and adviser to President Andrew JACKSON.  In 1831, John MAGEE was made president of Steuben co. Bank and also was involved in many businesses during his life - railroads, road-building, mining and creation of the mining town of Fall Brook.  On 22 Feb 1831 John married Arabella STUART at Washington and they had 10 children.  Arabella died 16 May 1864 and 6 children preceded her in death.  She was survived by 4 of her children:  Duncan S. (see his bio, above), George J. (see his bio, below), John and Hebe P.  In 1860 John MAGEE moved to Watkins, NY from Bath, NY as  his mining business picked up.  He built and paid for the First Presbyterian Church of Watkins, NY.

William Vaughn SMITH
Resident of Watkins, NY and manager of Seneca Lake Malt House, still living c.1902.  He was born in Hector, NY on 15 Jan 1822 to Thomas SMITH and Susan FOOT (FOOTE).  Thomas SMITH was a soldier in the War of 1812; he was born 30 Aug 1795 and resided in Chemung co., NY c.1815, coming from Orange co., NY with other family members.  Susan FOOT (FOOTE) was born 30 Nov 1801, daughter of John FOOT (FOOTE) of Foote's Hill in Catharine, Schuyler co., NY.
Thomas SMITH and Susan had 15 children:
1.   Joshua, b. 11 Feb 1818
2.   John, b. 15 Feb 1820
3.   William Vaughn, subject of this bio, b. 15 Jan 1822
4.   Daniel K., b. 27 Sep 1823
5.   Hannah, b. 4 Jul 1825
6.   Catherine, b. 11 Aug 1827
7.   Jessie S., b. 22 Mar 1829
8.   Sylvester, b. 8 Mar 1831
9.   Marcus, 11 Nov 1832
10. Eli W., b. 28 Dec 1834
11. Ruby, b. 1 Oct 1836
12. Deborah, b. 21 Jul 1838
13. Charles, b. 7 May 1840
14. George S., b. 7 May 1841
15. Phebe Jane, b. 30 Jun 1843
Four of these childen were still living c.1902.

In 1841, William Vaughn SMITH was living in Corning, NY.  He was in the businesses of grocery, boat-building, freight and warehousing at various times, returning to live in Watkins, NY.  He was partner with Daniel McCLURE for a time.  William was married  20 Mar 1851 to Sarah MITCHELL, grandaughter of John MITCHELL (a Rev. War soldier), and daughter of Jesse MITCHELL and Sally LYON of Catharine, NY.  The MITCHELLS were an early pioneer family of Schuyler co., NY.
William V. SMITH & Sarah had 3 children:
1. Erie V., a resident of Orange, Schuyler co., NY.  Erie married first Sarah BURETT, daughter of George BURETT; Sarah died
    after 7 years of marriage with one son, Jay V. SMITH.  Then Erie married Emeline BROWN (native of Michigan) and Erie
    moved there to Flushing.  They had 7 children: Ethel, Wm. T., Helen, Esther, Lina, Ada, Loren.
2. a child who died in infancy
3. Lina, who died at age 3yrs-6mos.

William WAUGH
Farmed 400 acres in Schuyler co., NY.  He was a native of Ireland, born in County Tyrone in March 1828, son of James WAUGH and Margaret HUGHEY.  William came to America at age 11 and settled in Orange, Schuyler co., NY.  His father died in 1887, and his mother died in 1866.  (Other children of James and Margaret were Mary, Betsy, Margaret, James and Jane.)  In 1855 William married Margaret HUGHEY (a native of Orange, Schuyler co.), daughter of Joseph HUGHEY and Jane HUGHES.  William and Margaret had 3 children:  Frank (married to Clara PANGBORN); Joseph; and Mary Elizabeth.

John White OGDEN
A carpenter and constable in Dix, Schuyler co., NY.  He was born in Wayne, Steuben co., NY on 4 Oct 1831 to Horace OGDEN and Mary WHITE.  His father was mostly a harness-maker in Watkins, NY.  His father died 12 May 1878 (born 1 May 1808).  John W. OGDEN had a brother that died in infancy.  John W. moved to Lock Haven, PA in 1861 and was married on 1 Oct 1861 to Josephine B. HAVILAND (who was b. Lock Haven), daughter of William B. HAVILAND and Sarah HUNT.
John W. and Josephine had 3 children:
1. William Judson - b. Lock Haven, PA on 7 Sep 1862 - resided in NY City.
2. Arthur H. - born 13 Mar 1872, and invalid who died 1 Oct 1902.
3. Mary Helen - born 9 Jan 1879 - business college student c.1902.

Oliver Hazzard WILLIAMS
Owner of Lake Road Fruit Farm.  Born in Burdett, Schuyler co., NY on 17 Aug 1828 to Daniel D. WILLIAMS and Anna EICK.  Daniel was a native of Connecticut who moved to New Jersey and then to Burdett, NY.  Anna was daughter of Herbert EICK, a Rev. War soldier of New Jersey.  Daniel WILLIAMS and Anna had 9 children:  Margaret, Mary Ann, Solomon, Philander, Oliver H. (subject of this bio), William, Jacob, Clarissa and Andrew.  Daniel died in 1844 and Anna died c.1860.  Oliver H. married on 11 Jan 1855 Alvira BELL, daughter of Alexander BELL and Catherine SNOVER.  Oliver and Alvira had 3 children:  Ella, Dora and Charles O.  Alvira died on 19 Jul 1877, and Oliver H. married her sister Lucy A. BELL on 28 Feb 1885.

Charles Henry HAGER
A merchant in North Hector, NY.  He was born in Beaver Dams, NY 14 Sep 1856 to Henry HAGER and Emma HELMS.  His great-grandfather was a Schuyler co. pioneer.  His grandfather was Free Gift P. HAGER of Logan.  Charles' business partner was Mr. COYLE, then Mr. HOWARD.  Charles was married 19 Sep 1883 to Ida M. CLOSE, daughter of Edwin CLOSE and Mary COGGIN.  Charles and Ida had 3 children:  Mabel Emma, Charles Earl and Harold Vose HAGER.

Horace Jerome BALDWIN
Born in Burdett, Schuyler co., NY 8 Jan 1825 to Willis BALDWIN and Phebe VELSIE who moved to Watkins, NY.  Horace's paternal grandparents were Joseph BALDWIN and Rosanna MELVEY who resided in Connecticut.  Willis BALDWIN (his father) was born in Branford, CT 25 Dec 1758.  Phebe VELSIE (his mother) was first married to Wm. KINNER and had 4 children with him;  she had 10 children with Willis BALDWIN.  Willis died in Watkins, NY on 14 Oct 1831.  Phebe died on 17 Dec 1845 (age 67yrs-1mo-29da).  Horace BALDWIN trained as a carpenter.  He married Caroline C. LATIN who was born in Veteran, Chemung co., NY on 5 Feb 1829 to Everett LATIN and his wife Currance.  Horace and Caroline had no children, but took in orphans.  They had their own canal boat and transport business, living on the boat in the warmer months, and wintering at home in Watkins, NY.
SHARP ancestors of Caroline LATIN BALDWIN, by generation:
Thomas SHARP, born about 1680, came to America from England in 1700 to Stratford, CT.  He married Lydia DICKINSON.
Their son Thomas SHARP, born in Stratford, CT in 1702, married Sarah CROZIER.
Their son Eliakim SHARP, born in Newtown, CT in 1755, married Hester WETMORE.
Their daughter Ruth Ann SHARP married Abijah LATIN.
Their son Everett LATIN, born in CT, married in Chemung co., NY to Currance ____. -- Parents of Caroline.

c.1902 had the only steam laundry business in Watkins, NY.  He was a native of Utica, NY, born 18 Nov 1851 to Henry A. & Mary E. SHULENBURG (natives of Germany).  Henry was a ship's carpenter who settled in Utica in 1843.  Joseph was involved in cigar manufacturing, then sold to Walter ISLEY.  Joseph was Overseer of the Poor in the town of Dix, and member of the Masons organization.  Joseph was married on 11 Oct 1872 to S. Elizabeth FREER, daughter of Henry FREER (born in CT) and Myra WILSON.  S. Elizabeth was born in Lima, Michigan, then her parents moved to Watkins, NY.  Joseph and S. Elizabeth had one child, Frances Grace (Mrs. Charles ROGERS) who had a child named Harold E. ROGERS.

Born in Caton, Steuben co., NY in 1872, son of John CARVER (a native of Suffolk, England).  John was a butcher; he married Maggie McNAMARA and their only child was Ira.  Ira trained as a blacksmith and moved around, eventually settling in Montour Falls, NY and had a blacksmith business there.  Ira married Anna J. PLOSS on 31 May 1893 and had one son Aubrey at the time this biography was written, c.1902.  Anna J. PLOSS was born 11 Mar 1876 in Jasper, Steuben co., NY and was raised by her maternal grandparents, Simeon H. PLOSS and Ann M. FRANCE.  Simeon was born in Cherry Valley, NY c.1823 and died in 1844; Ann FRANCE was b. in Schoharie co., NY in 1825 and died in 1898.  The mother of Anna PLOSS CARVER was Nancy E. ____ PLOSS who died in 1880 on her 27th birthday.  The siblings of Anna PLOSS CARVER were Emma J. LAINE of Saratoga, NY; Clarence W. of Montour Falls, NY; and Russell (who died young).

Hon. William H. WAIT
"No citizen did more for Watkins, NY than Mr. Wait."  He was a native of Renssalaer co., NY, born at Hoosic Corners 26 Jul 1842 to Nathan WAIT and Maria BOWERS - their only child.  Nathan was a native of Seneca co., NY and was a manufacturer of cotton goods.  Nathan went to Hector, NY in 1843 and held several local offices; he died  23 Oct 1863.  Maria died in 1889.  William H. studied at business school and was elected County Treasurer and moved to Watkins.  (William died on 15 Feb. 1902.)  He established Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1881 and was its president.  He was elected Rep. in the General Assembly and held many local offices.  In 1872 William H. married Mary E. WICKHAM, the only child of George C. WICKHAM and wife Martha of Hector.  William H. and Mary had 5 children, 4 of which were living c.1902:  George C. WAIT (became president of his father's bank - bio below); Esther W.; Robert D.; William B.   William H. WAIT bought the MAGEE house at the corner of Decatur and 5th streets.

George C. WAIT
Born 4 Jul 1874, eldest son of Hon. William H. WAIT (above).  In c1902 he was living in the house of his birth.  In 1900 he was elected County Treasurer.  He was a member of many Lodges and president of the Farmers & Merchants Bank established by his father.

He was born 21 may 1831 in Hinesburg, Chittenden co., Vermont to Almon BEECHER (b. 1806) and Hannah BALDWIN.  Almon & Hannah had 3 children:  Harmon, Jane S. and Truman.  Truman pursued a business career.  He was a resident of Schuyler co., NY since 1835 and was a land investor.  Truman resided in Beaver Dams and died 28 Mar 1888.  He was married on 29 Sep 1858 to Minerva BRISCO, daughter of Nathan BRISCO and Clarissa VanGORDER.  Nathan was born in CT 24 Sep 1796 and married Clarissa on 1 Jan 1824.
Children of Nathan BRISCO and Clarissa VanGORDER:
- Minerva - Mrs. Truman BEECHER of this bio.
- Roxanna - Mrs. Charles BROWN who died 24 May 1901, resided in Veteran, Chemung co., NY.
- Isaac.
- Clarissa - Mrs. Erving HEWETT - had children Myron H., Frank A. and Charles B. - resided in Montour Falls, NY.
- Charlotte - widow of L.H. CRANDALL who resided in Pine Valley, NY and died in 1893; Charlotte lived with her son-in-law Harry WORTH in Elmira after that.
- Matilda - Mrs. Joel MALLORY - resided in Winona, MN and had 2 children, George and Fred.
- Nathan, Jr.
- Rowena - widow of Wallace BRONSON, resided in Sullivanville with 2 children.

Truman BEECHER and Minerva BRISCO had 5 children:
1. Elmer L. - married in Beaver Dams to Libbie RUSSELL on 10 Dec 1882; she died in 1897 and he married 2nd Ella RUSSELL and then resided in Schenectady, NY.
2. Mark A. - married Loretta TERWILLIGER and resided in Schenectady, NY.  They had 2 children, Err T. and Florence N.
3. Nathan J. - deceased by 1902.
4. Clara Jane - resided with mother at Beaver Dams, NY.
5. Flora Emeline - Mrs. W.H. CURTIS, resided in NY City and had one child, Bradley Beecher CURTIS.

William CRONK
William was born in the town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY on 30 May 1837 to Arnold CRONK and Mary HOWELL.  William was in the hardware business and was the Superintendent of Cronk Hanger Company established in 1888 and employing 80 people.  The Pres. of the company was C.R. PRATT (lawyer of PRATT & JOERY, Elmira, NY); the Secretary/Treasurer of the company was C.F. CARRIER.  William invented a barn door  hanger, and his company grew from that, expanding into tool making and cutlery (Carrier Cutlery Co.) and even a better griddle design, the Cronk Griddle.  In 1898 fire destroyed the company buildings, but they were rebuilt and back in business within months.  The CRONK family was English and 3 CRONK brothers settled in Long Island, NY.  Arnold CRONK was born in Westchester co., NY to John CRONK.  John's father was Capt. James CRONK, a captain in the Rev. War whose brother Jacob CRONK was killed in that war.  The uncle of our subject was Hiram CRONK who was still living in 1902, having celebrated his 102nd birthday on 28 Apr 1902.  Arnold CRONK came to Seneca co., NY with his older brother, walking on foot.  Arnold was one of 4 sons and one daughter.  Arnold CRONK married Mary HOWELL who was born in New Jersey and was of German descent.  They  had 11 children.
Children of Arnold CRONK and Mary  HOWELL (with added info):
1.   Henry - of Montour Falls, NY
2.   Jonathan - b. abt 1826, of Montour Falls, NY, worked as a lock tender & brickmaker; married Jane ___ .
3.   Catherine - widow of Roswell WAKELY (see his will), of Montour Falls, NY.
4.   Abbie (Abigail) - b. abt 1831; bio says she married Orrin STONE of Elmira, NY, but actually married
                       Lorin J. STONE (son of David J.).  Abigail d. Feb. 1904, bur. Woodlawn cem., Chemung co.
5.   John - b. abt 1833, resided in Osborne, Kansas.
6.   Mulford - b. abt 1835.
7.   William - b. 1837, subject of this bio., was the 7th child.
8.   Nelson - b. abt 1838, resided in Montour Falls, NY.
9.   Albert - b. abt 1842, resided in Montour Falls, NY.
10. Mary - b. abt 1845, Mrs. Frank SMITH, resided in Binghamton, NY.
11. Warren - b. abt 1848, resided in Horseheads, NY.

William CRONK was married in 1860 to Mary E. BRINK, a native of Schuyler co., NY and daughter of Samuel BRINK. They had 3 children:  Elmer L., Edna G. and Grace V.    William was on the School Board a long time, was Town Trustee, etc.

William DeZeng SEAMAN
Born in Ontario co., NY on 4 mar 1836 to Orison SEAMAN and Sarah KRESS.  Moved to Watkins, NY at age 10.  William was a boatman for 25 years.  He was drafted for the Civil War, but sent a substitute in his place.  He owned stone quarries and sand pits.  In 1881 he went into the ice trade and was a general contractor, which continued until this writing in 1902.  He married Emily M. BECKWITH on 4 Mar 1858, daughter of Charles S. BECKWITH and Sarah FOSTER.
William and Emily had 3 children:
1.  Carrie Ann - Mrs. George CASE (bio of George is below)
2.  Lillian - Mrs. F.R. KNAPP
3.  Anna B. - Mrs. Fred LaDOW.
William's wife Emily died 6 Apr 1891 (born 20 Feb 1841) and William was married 2nd to Frances SMITH on 6 Aug 1893.  Frances was daughter of Henry Martin and Catherine (SMITH) SMITH.  William D. was Trustee of Watkins, NY and Supervisor of Reading, NY.

Luther C. STALEY
Born 10 Aug 1844 in town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY, son of Jacob H. STALEY.  Jacob was a native of New Jersey, b. 4 Feb 1796; in 1818 Jacob STALEY married Esther ROBINSON and had 10 children:
1.   George
2.   Bradley
3.   Joseph
4.   John - of Ithaca, NY, married Emiline KANE and had 3 children: Arminda, Adelaide and Taber.
5.   Robert - resided in NY and married to Adeline KEENE.
6.   Luther C. of this bio.
7.   Margaret - widow of Robert HELPEN (resided in Odessa, Schuyler co., NY); they  had children: Robert, John, Ann, Esther, Elizabeth and Marilla.  Margaret married 2nd Alanson KENDALL.
8.   Malinda - Mrs. James McDONALD; they had 3 children: Henry, Ella and Isaiah.
9.   Jane - Mrs. John WADE; they had 7 children: Mary, Margaret, Martin, Jacob, Esther, Radley, Salina.
10. Sallie - Mrs. Patrick MAGEE; resided in Horseheads, NY.  Had children: Esther, Edward, Sarah, Jay, Ida and Philip.

Luther C. served in the Civil War in Co. G. 50th Regiment of NY Voluntary Engineers.  His military service resulted in ill health later on.  He worked as a marine engineer.  Luther was married in 1871 to Eunice A. MASTIN, daughter of DeWitt MASTIN and Dorothy KNIFFEN - residents of Geneva, NY.   Luther C. resided in Moreland, Dix, Schuyler co., NY since 1871.
Children of Luther C. STALEY and Eunice A. MASTIN:
1.  Isaac P. - of Cleveland, Ohio.
2.  Sophia J. - wife of Charles DuBOIS of Moreland, Dix, Schuyler co., NY.  Their children were Carrie and Burton.
3.  George D. - of Michigan.
4.  Nile F. - resided in Montana.
5.  Fannie P. - resided in Geneva, NY with her brother Daniel.
6.  Daniel - of Geneva, NY.
7.  Matthew.
8.  Edith.

Josiah Banker EVERTS
Born in Farmer, Seneca co., NY on 25 Feb 1861 to Charles H. EVERTS and Eliza A. BANKER.  Moved to Watkins, NY c.1865.  Josiah was class of 1885 at Alfred University.  He was official County Stenographer and taught shorthand.  Josiah was married on 9 May 1887 to Mary B. HARDIN of Montour Falls, NY, who was born in Jersey City, NJ to Elisha C. HARDIN and Martha GOULD.

George Alfred CASE
Born in Williamsport, PA on 4 Dec 1860, son of Ephraim CASE and Harriet HEEBE.  George had schooling in Washington DC.  He worked in PA and then at a factory in Watkins.  He was also an ice dealer.  He was married on 25 Dec 1880 to Carrie M. SEAMAN, daughter of  W. D. SEAMAN and Emily M. BECKWITH.  He was married 2nd on 14 Feb 1898 to Carrie M. NEWMAN, daughter of Hosea NEWMAN and Sarah EDWARDS.  (Carrie NEWMAN was born in Steuben co., NY on 24 Jan 1869.)  George A. had 2 children with his 2nd wife: Pearl and Alice.

Born in County Wexford, Ireland on 4 Jul 1827.  He left his native country at age 28, in 1855, and settled in Covert, Seneca co., NY.  He worked there for Harry BOARDMAN.  Moses served in the Civil War in Co. C 1st Light Artillery (Union).  He lost sight in his left eye during the Civil War.  Later he resided in Mecklenburg, Schuyler co., NY.  He was married in 1858 to Elizabeth DONOHUE, daughter of Nicholas DONOHUE and Nancy EGAN.  Moses and Elizabeth had 7 children:  George; Frank; William; Moses; Edwin (of Watkins, NY); Ella (of Watkins, NY); Elizabeth (Mrs. Harry EGGERT); and William.

Native of Tompkins co., NY born 29 Jan 1870 to Moses BOYNE (above) and wife Elizabeth.  Edwin was educated in Trumansburg, NY.  He was proprietor of the Watkins Glen City Hotel at E. 4th and Decatur streets.  The hotel was originally the residence of John MAGEE Sr.  Edwin BOYNE was Presbyterian.

Born in Alba, Bradford co., PA in 1854;  his father William REYNOLDS was born in Connecticut in 1812 and settled in Sullivanville, NY.  His mother was Sallie MALLORY.
Children of William REYNOLDS and Sallie MALLORY:
1. Abigail - Mrs. J.W. PACKARD, resided in Alba, PA and had 5 children:  Alice, George, William, Ardell and Guy.
2. Martha - Mrs. Charles MANLY of Alba, PA.  They had 7 children:  Frank, Fred, Minnie, Floyd, Ford, Fay, Finas.
3. George - blacksmith at Alba, PA.
4. Edward - of Watkins, NY.  Married Julia B. SAYLOR (daughter of Hiram SAYLOR and Harriet BURNETT).  They had 2 children:  Lillian and Catherine.  (Siblings of Julia B. SAYLOR:  Luther, John, Louise, Catherine, Deborah, Sarah.)
5. Daniel M. (subject of this bio) - the youngest child.
Daniel M. worked in a carriage factory.  Then he farmed 160 acres.  He was married in 1897 to Mary EGGLESTON.

Gen. George Jefferson MAGEE
[son of John MAGEE]
Honored and respected by all, there has been no resident of Schuyler county who has occupied a more important position in industrial and commercial circles than did General George Jefferson Magee of Watkins, not alone on account of the brilliant success he achieved, but also because of the honorable, straightforward business policy he ever followed. He possessed untiring energy, was quick of perception, formed his plans readily and was determined in their execution and his close application to business and his excellent management brought to him a high degree of prosperity. In a large measure he pushed forward the wheels of progress, upon which rested the material and substantial upbuilding of the state. He controlled interests of vast magnitude with an ability that indicated a master mind a clear calm judgment, and accurate recognition of possibility.

General Magee was born in Bath, Steuben county, New York, March 17, 1840. His father was the late John Magee, a successful banker of Bath, who became the owner of extensive coal mines in Pennsylvania and was likewise interested in the organization and construction of railroads in New York and in the Keystone state. He also figured prominently in public affairs and for four years represented his district in the council chambers of the nation as a member of congress. His paternal ancestors came from County Antrim, Ireland, in 1756, and settled near Easton, Pennsylvania, and the family history is given more fully on another page of this volume- His mother's people came from Ayrshire, Scotland, and his mother from the north of England, settling in Loudoun county, Virginia, about the time the Magee family was established here.

In the public schools of Bath General Magee began his education, which he continued in Albany and in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and in 1860 he was graduated in Princeton College. He then entered upon his business career as an employe of the Steuben County Bank at Bath, and later became connected with the mining interests at Fall Brook, Pennsylvania. Subsequently he spent about eighteen months in traveling in Europe, after which he returned to the office of the Fall Brook Coal Company in Watkins, New York, and became familiar with his father's extensive business investments and interests, so that he was well qualified to assume an important business relation in these connections, at his father's death. On the death of John Magee, the president of the Fall Brook Coal Company and of the Blossburg & Corning Railroad Company, General Magee became the vice president of each and upon the death of Duncan S. Magee, in June, 1869, he succeeded to the presidency of both concerns.
At the death of his father, on the 5th of April, 1868, General Magee inherited a large property and was thereafter occupied with the interests which engrossed his father's attention. He became a trustee of his father's estate, which included the entire ownership of the bituminous coal interests represented by the Fall Brook Coal Company in Tioga county, Pennsylvania, together with the railroad property connected with the mines. The development and extension of these interests formed the life work of General Magee. He was instrumental in the building of the Wellsboro & Lawrenceville Railroad, later a part of the Fall Brook Railway system and now a part of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, projected and secured the building of the Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway, also the Beech Creek Railway, and the Pine Creek Railway, so that beginning with the ownership by the estate of his father of a railroad line of fifteen miles in length, capitalized at less than five hundred thousand dollars, having an equipment of ten locomotives and a corresponding number of cars, the lines of railroad now owned by the same interests aggregate about one hundred miles with a capital stock of five million dollars and an equipment of seventy-six locomotives and three thousand three hundred cars used in operating two hundred and fifty miles of owned and leased lines. The old Blossburg Railroad, fifteen miles in length, the nucleus and later a part of through system of railroad known as the Fall Brook line, reaching from the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad at Lyons and from Geneva to Williamssport, Pennslvania, a distance of one hundred and eighty-five miles, connecting with the Philadelphia & Reading road. These extensions and connections were made during the presidency of General Magee and were planned and carried to a successful completion by him. The Cowanesque Valley branch of the same system was built in the same period from the main line to Ulysses in Potter county, Pennsylvania.
In connection with his railroad building General Magee had other extensive business interests, which proved of great value and importance to the state as well as contributing to his individual prosperity. He was the projector, contractor and first general manager of the well known Beech Creek Railroad, having one hundred and fifty miles of line and now a part of the New York Central system, reaching from Jersey Shore on the Pine Creek Railvvay to the coal mines in Clearfield and Cambria counties, Pennsylvania. He was also the president of the Fall Brook Coal Company, the Fall Brook Railroad, the Morris Run Coal Mining Company, the Tioga Improvement Company, and the Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railroad Company; vice president of tlie Pine Creek Railroad: and a director of the Chest Creek Land & Improvement Company, of Cambria county, Pennsylvania, the Beech Creek Cannel Coal Company, of Clearfield county, Pennsylvania, the Beech Creek Railroad, the Central Dock & Terminal Company, of Buffalo, New York, the North River Coal & Wharf Company of Jersey City, and of the Knickerbocker Trust Company, of New York.  These but serve to indicate the volume and importance of the business interests with which General Magee was associated.
In 1865 General Magee was united in marriage to Miss Emma STOTHOFF, of Burdett, Schuyler county, New York, and unto them were born seven children: Anna Stothoff, John, Kathleen, Stewart, Arabella Helen, Emma Marie, Lusyd and George J.
To a man of domestic tastes, such as Mr. Magee possessed, one of the greatest pleasures which came to him from his wealth, was in providing royally for his family. No other interest was so dear to his heart as the welfare of his wife and children. He had social relations, too, of a very pleasant character and was a popular and honored member of a number of the leading clubs of the Empire state, including the Lawyers, the University, the Manhattan and the Princeton Clubs of New York city. His military title was received in 1869 under appointment of Governor Hoffman to the position of paymaster general of the state of New York. It is almost impossible to summarize a life record such as that of General Magee, for so varied were his business interests and so active was he in lines of life, pertaining to the general progress of his native state. His career was ever such as to warrant the trust and confidence of the business word, for he ever conducted all transactions on the strictest principles of honor and integrity. His devotion to the public was unquestioned and arose from a sincere interest in the welfare of his fellow men.  Moreover, in the community where he lived and in the localities where he was best known, there existed between him and his associates the warmer ties of friendship and of love. He was very charitable, never refusing any worthy person who applied to him for aid.

Frederick DAVIS II
Was a native of Newbury, England, born 22 Oct 1824 to Frederick DAVIS Sr. and Esther LAKE.  His father was also born in Newbury, England in 1797 and died at Rochester, NY in 1890; his mother was born in London, England and died in Mt. Morris, NY (1889?).  The family came to Mt. Morris about 1832.  Frederick Jr. went to St. Louis at age 18, then spent some time in Mississippi and eventually came back to Mt. Morris until 1850.  He was married in 1849 to Rebecca McHENRY (b. 2 Apr 1828), niece of John MAGEE Sr., daughter of Daniel McHENRY and Mary MAGEE.  Frederick II  had 3 children with Rebecca:  Harry, Frederick III and Minnie.  His first wife died 1 Apr 1872 and Frederick II married 2nd Frances HEWETT, daughter of D. Judson HEWETT and Sarah SMITH.  One son Cameron Josiah DAVIS was born to Frederick and Frances on 13 Dec 1873.  Cameron J. became the Rector of Trinity Church of Buffalo, NY.  Frances died 6 Feb 1889.  In 1852, Frederick II became work with Buffalo, Corning & NY Railroad Co.  Then he moved to Watkins, NY and started a malt house (later LEMBECK & BETZ) and also the one managed by William SMITH.  An 1882 fire (and competition with others) forced him out of business.  In 1895 he took charge of the Watkins Public Library.  In 1860 Frederick II erected the first brick church building in Watkins, NY.  He was president of the Board of Education of Watkins for 20 years.

William E. AYERS
He was born 30 Jul 1845 in Montour, Schuyler co., NY, son of Andrew AYERS and Susan CLAUHARTY.   He was a well driver for 30 years.  He turned to draying and the transfer business in Oct. 1895 until the writing of this bio (c.1902).  He joined the Union army in the Civil War on 28 Dec. 1863, Co. C, 14th NY Heavy Artillery, under Capt. George FOOTE, and served until Jul. 1865.  In 1868, William AYERS was married to Harriet A. FORREST (b. 17 Nov. 1846) and they settled in Montour Falls, NY.  THey had 6 children:  Estella (b. 21 Dec 1869); Mary B. (b. 15 May 1870, d. 19 Jul 1879); Grace (b. 24 May 1873); Charles (b. 4 Mar 1875); Harry (b. 29 Sep 1879); and Frank (b. 25 Aug 1881).

Had a harness store in North Hector, and also a fire insurance business.  He was born in Lodi, Seneca co., NY on 23 Aug 1864 to Conrad GUNDERMAN and Deborah HOWELL.  Conrad was born in Steuben co., NY and came to Seneca co., NY as a boy.  Conrad, a farmer & businessman, joined the Union army in the Civil War at Lodi, into Co. C, 126th Regiment NY Vol. Infantry (mustered at Geneva, NY).  Conrad served for only 6 months, since he lost his left arm at the battle of Harper's Ferry.  Conrad died at age 63; his wife Deborah died 14 Oct 1902, at the age of 73.  Winfield learned harness-making from his brother, A. M. GUNDERMAN; he purchased his brother's shop and kept it in operation.  On 30 jan 1890, Winfield was married to Florence PAYNE, and they had 2 children (as of 1902): Erma and Ray.  Winfield belonged to several local Lodges.

Dr. Robert BELL (photo of him & also his wife)
Important in the upbuilding and development of Monterey, town of Orange, Schuyler co., NY.  He was born 24 Aug 1815, in County Down, Ireland, about 12 miles from Belfast city (now Northern Ireland, or Ulster).  He was the son of William BELL and Elizabeth GRAHAM.  He was 12 years old when his family left Ireland and landed in St. Johns, New Brunswick in 1827.  Then they made their way to Boston, Mass., and then resided in Bridgeport, CT.  Later Robert Bell was a student in Newburg, NY where he had typhoid fever and was not expected to survive.  After that he moved to Fishkill Landing where his brother and sister died.  Later his family moved to Newtown, NY (now Elmira, Chemung co., NY) and later they moved about 3 miles south of Monterey village in the town of Orange, Schuyler co., NY.  In 1839 & 1840 he was a student in a select school in Montour Falls, taught by Artemus FAY and later by Mr. GILLETT.  Then Robert became ill again, and Dr. Nelson WINTON attended him, and offered him a course of study in return for one year of service.  Eventually he was persuaded by the people of Monterey to set up a permanent office there.  In 1849 Dr. BELL married Harriet M. HARING.  She died on 3 Sep 1902 and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Watkins, with a large monument in the center of the cemetery.  He was said to live in the most beautiful residence in Monterey.  He build a large block in Monterey for the post office and 3 stores, and a community hall upstairs.  He provided land for "Bell Mont Cemetery" (Protestant) - but it must be known by another name at present.  Dr. BELL had no children.  Ironically, Dr. BELL selected and paid for the bell in the Presbyterian church in Monterey.

Charles H. EVERTS
Attorney in Watkins,  NY.  He was born in the town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY on 4 Oct 1835, son of Alanson G. EVERTS and Anna LEVITT.  His great-grandfather Daniel EVERTS was the first of the family to come to this area of NY.  Daniel left Salisbury, Connecticut with Reuben SMITH, arriving at Hector 1 Jun 1793.  They put in crops and returned to CT after harvest.  In the spring of 1794, Daniel EVERTS brought his wife and 8 children to Hector (and Reuben SMITH brought his wife and 5 children).  Daniel EVERTS' children were:  Aranthus, Charles, Polly, Daniel, John, Asena and Abram.  Aranthus EVERTS was grandfather of Charles H.  Aranthus was a colonel in the War of 1812 who raised a regiment that went on foot from Hector to Buffalo.  The EVERTS family originated in Wales.  Aranthus EVERTS married Margaret MATTHEWS, daughter of Courtright MATTHEWS.  Their son, Alanson G. EVERTS married Anna LEVITT, and they had 5 sons and 2 daughters, of whom Charles H. is next to youngest.  Charles H. was a student of Alfred Univ.  He taught for awhile, then studied law under Marcus CRAWFORD of Havana (Montour Falls).  He took a course at Albany Law School and graduated 26 Nov 1858, after having passed the bar in 1857.  He practiced law in Havana, NY and then Farmer, Seneca co., NY and then returned to Watkins, NY in 1865, where he remained.  Charles H. EVERTS was married on 15 Jan 1861 to Eliza A. BANKER, daughter of Job BANKER of Hector. Charles H. and Eliza  had 3 children:  Josiah B.;  Mary E. (Mrs. Frank HILL of Elmira, NY);  and Hannah M. (Mrs. L. H. CHASE of Watkins, NY).

He lived in Montour Falls, NY.  He was born in 1833 in Ireland.  He went into business, and became a railroad boss in 1851, and was always involved in railroad work after that.  He was married in 1867 to Maggie KNIGHT and they had 6 children:  Ella, Anna, Lizzie, Margaret, Isabel and John.  The family is Catholic.  The father of John NAGLE was reportedly John Knight NAGLE, who died in Ireland.  Siblings of John NAGLE (subject of this bio) were:  Michael (resident of Elmira, NY); Richard; Mary; Catherine; Honora; and Patrick (resident of Nebraska).

Cornelius VanALLEN
In the produce business in Watkins, NY.  His father was John  P. VanALLEN (b. 1793 in Columbia co., NY) who was a son of Peter VanALLEN of Kinderhook, Columbia co., NY.  The mother of John P. bore the name Miss GORDENIER.  The VanALLEN ancestors trace back to 3 brothers who came from Holland in the year 1622.  About 1815, John P. VanALLEN moved to Allegany co., NY in the town of Birdsall where he was a currier and tanner.  John P. VanALLEN married Betsey COOPER (daughter of John) who was born in Schodack Landing, Rensselaer co., NY in 1800; they had 8 children and Cornelius was the 7th child.  John P. died when Cornelius was 3 years old.  Cornelius was born in Birdsall on 3 Mar 1835 and worked from a young age.  His widowed mother remarried John EMMONS.  Cornelius lived with a lawyer in Dansville as a boarder/servant.  He became a currier and tanner in CT, then returned to Livingston co., NY.  In 1869 he was appointed keeper of the Auburn prison in Watkins.  Then he was in the iron business in Buffalo, then came back to Watkins and started a farm produce business.  During the Civil War Cornelius was appointed recruiting agent and was sent by the Governor to Chattanooga to recruit soldiers from the South to the Union. (Bad idea)  He was arrested  and tried, but discharged.  He was a member of several fraternal organizations.  He was married 8 Jun 1869  to Emma S. BAYLOR, daughter of William BAYLOR and Sophia OLP.  Cornelius and Emma had 2 children:  Helen, who died at age 13; and Betsey Cornelia, age 13 in c1902.

John J. VanALLEN
A lawyer in Watkins, NY and brother of Cornelius VanALLEN.  John J. was born 22 Sep 1826 in Birdsall, Allegany co., NY.  John P. VanALLEN, father of John J., was born 1 Feb. 1794 in Kinderhook, Columbia co., NY.  Mother of John J. was Elizabeth (Betsey) COOPER, born in Schodack, Rensselaer co., NY, daughter of John COOPER who later moved near Victory, Cayuga co., NY.  John J. VanALLEN was the 3rd child out of 4 sons and 4 daughters.   John J. was a student in Angelica, Allegany co., NY and later at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima, NY.  He clerked at stores in Angelica, Waterloo and Seneca Falls.  Then he studied law with DIVEN, HATHAWAY & WOODS at Elmira, NY and was admitted to the bar in 1851.  John J. came to Watkins, NY and  practiced law there for 50 years.  He was admitted in Jan 1856 to the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington DC. On 21 Jun 1853 John J. was married to Sophia L. DOWNER, daughter of Joseph G. DOWNER of Auburn, Cayuga co., NY.  Sophia died 15 Feb 1874, leaving 4 children:
1. Charlotte L. - wife of L. COMSTOCK of Oxford, Chenango co., NY.
2. Washington Irving - a lawyer who resided in Mt. Morris, NY.
3. Altia - married, lived in Detroit, MI.
4. Margaretta - living in Oxford, Chenango co., NY c1902.
John J. VanALLEN was married 2nd to Anna Augusta BENNETT on 23 Feb 1875, a native of Norwich, NY.

Horatio W. VanDOREN
His ancestors came from Holland in early colonial days and settled in New Jersey, where they became very prominent.  They founded the Dutch Reformed Church in NJ.  John W. VanDOREN, father of Horatio, was born at Millstone, NJ in the house where Gen. George WASHINGTON  made his headquarters during the Revolutionary War.  His great-grandmother was twice hung in her own cellar, first by the Hessians, but she was discovered by a negro servant before much harm was done, and later when hung by the Tories she was again saved.  The British were then in possession of Millstone.  John W. VanDOREN came to Seneca co., NY  in 1817, then moved to Hector, NY in 1830 and farmed until he died in 1876.  John W. VanDOREN married Mary THOMAS, daughter of a Rev. War hero;  they had 7 children:  Maria, Leah, Thomas, Hellen, William H., Horatio W. and Augusta.  Horatio W. was born in Hector, NY on 7 Dec 1831.  Horatio owned a fruit farm in Hector, NY.  On 13 Nov 1855 he married Elizabeth Angeline ELLIOTT (born in Schoharie co., NY on 1 Feb 1830), a daughter of George ELLIOTT and Elizabeth WRIGHT.  Elizabeth A. ELLIOTT's maternal grandfather, George WRIGHT, was a soldier in the War of 1812, enlisting at Schoharie co.  Horatio & Elizabeth had 3 children:
1. Charles F. VanDOREN married Emma DUSENBERRY and died at age 32 yrs., leaving 2 children:  Grace and J. Ward.  J. Ward was drowned at age 11 on 22 Feb 1900.
2. Carrie VanDOREN taught school at Burdett.
3. Jennie VanDOREN is the wife of Nelson VanDOREN, and resided in Millstone, NJ.

A leading business man of Watkins, NY.  He was born in England on 25 Mar 1813 to Edward PARKER and Elizabeth NORRIS.  He came to America when he was age 15.  He first settled in Utica, NY and in 1858 came to Schuyler co., NY.  He was trained as a carpenter and joiner, and became a builder.  Edmund was first married to Jane Isabelle STRINGER and they had 4 children:  1. Elizabeth - Mrs. Charles B. NEWELL of Watkins, a member of Co. D 161st NY Vol. Infantry in the Civil War.
2. Mary - second wife of John HENDY and resident of Watkins, NY.
3. Clara - first wife of John HENDY.
4. James - general contractor & shipbuilder of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Jane died in 1862 at the age of about 42 years.
Edmund PARKER married 2nd, on 18 Jan 1865, Mary Jane TRACY, who was born in Coxsackie, Greene co., NY on 29 Jul 1842, daughter of John TRACY and Alice McGUIRE.  John TRACY was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland about 1800, and came to America in 1831.  Here he married Miss TALBOT, by whom he had 1 child, Ellen Louise who married Capt. George R. BILL and resided in New Haven, CT.  After the first wife died, John TRACY married Alice and had 2 children, Mary Jane (Mrs. PARKER) and John B. TRACY who was born in Stanwich, now Rome, Onieda co., NY on 5 Jul 1844;  John B. died unmarried, being killed in Chemung co. on 29 Mar 1879.  He was a traveling salesman, and served in the Civil War in Co. M 2nd NY Vol. Artillery.
Edmund PARKER and Mary Jane TRACY had 9 children:
1. John Tracy - lived in Watkins; married Elsie WHITE; 2 children:  Mary Jane & Doris Elizabeth.
2. William - died by 1902.
3. Charles - died by 1902.
4. Josiah D. - married Ellen SEIGLER of Geneva, NY; lived in Scranton, PA.
5. Ellen Louise - resided at home in Watkins c1902.
6. Edmund N. - married Katherine HARVEY; lived in Philadelphia, PA.
7. Edith M. - Mrs. John MASON of Elmira, NY; they resided in Corning, NY.
8. & 9. - children who died in infancy.
Edmund PARKER (subject of this bio) died 18 May 1890.  His widow had a millinery business in Watkins, NY from 1888 until at least 1902.

Had a bakery on Franklin St. in Watkins, NY.  He was born in Boehmischdorf, Bohemia, Austria on 1 Feb 1870, son of Aton HAUBNER and Anna BERGMAN.  Ignatz came to America at age 18, after having been an apprentice baker and journeyman.  He settled in Rochester, NY, then went to Clifton Springs, NY, and in 1893 came to Watkins, NY.  On 27 May 1898, Ignatz married Edith WILLIAMS, a native of Newfield, Tompkins co., NY who was living in Watkins, a daughter of DeForest WILLIAMS and Carrie VanGORDON (who died when Edith was age 2).  Ignatz and Edith had 2 children by c1902:  Josephine Anna (b. 9 Sep 1899); and Estella Catherine (b. 8 Apr 1901).  Ignatz took out naturalization papers and voted.  He was Catholic.

Clarence DICKENS
He was born in Catharine, Schuyler co., NY on 27 Mar 1852, son of Robert DICKENS and Lydia BEEBE.  Robert DICKENS was born in Hector, NY.  Robert and Lydia had children:  Clarence, Josephine, Lucy, Ida L. and Edith E.  The eldest daughter Josephine became the wife of Fred TUCKER, resident of Newfield, and they had 3 children - Lydia, Emmet and Luella.  Ida L. was the wife of Dewit HARVEY, resident of Mecklenburg.  Edith E. became the wife of Frank HARVEY, also of Mecklenburg.  Clarence did threshing and farming in Montour township.  Clarence married Hulda DEPEW and they had 2 children:  Howard and Emily.  Emily was living with her aunt in Cayuta, NY.  Hulda died on 19 Mar 1887, and Clarence married 2nd Mary J. DOOLITTLE on 4 Apr 1897.  Mary J. was the widow of John DOOLITTLE who was born in Newfield, Tompkins co., NY in 1828.  Mary J. was the daughter of Ezra TUCKER and Caroline LANNING; Ezra was born in Ovid, NY in 1827 and was a blacksmith 50 years.
Children of Ezra TUCKER and Caroline LANNING:
1. Mary Jane -  wife of John DOOLITTLE, then wife of Clarence DICKENS of this bio.
2. William - born in 1840; a farmer in Enfield, Tompkins co., NY.  He married Delia  HOSMER and had children: Carrie (Mrs. Frank BEARDSLEY); Adeline; Olive (Mrs. John RITEMORE with 1 child, Delia); Jennie.
3. Albert - dead by 1902.
4. Smith
5. Ezra   6. Charles   7. Amos - all deceased by 1902.
Children of John DOOLITTLE and Mary J. TUCKER:
1. Jay - lived in Farmer, Seneca co., NY; married Carrie BENNETT and had 2 children - Oliver and Walter.
2. Frank - lived in Mich., married Mary TURNER and had 2 children - Lottie and Helen.
3. Fred - lived in Farmer, NY and married Kate WOOD - children Albert and Hazel.
4. Edith - Mrs. William GRAVES of Montour Falls - one son Elmer.
5. Charles
6. Evelyn

William J. MORAN
Was general superintendent of the estate of Colonel John MAGEE and Mrs. E.S. MAGEE of Watkins.  He was born at Painted Post, Steuben co., NY on 29 mar 1863, son of James MORAN and Ann OLCOTT.  James and Ann were natives of County Sligo, Ireland and both were born in 1822.  James and Ann came to America in 1847 shortly after their marriage.  They first settled in Long Island, NY, but came to Steuben co. where James was employed by Mr. HODGEMAN as a gardener.  James MORAN became acquainted with Col. John MAGEE at Bath, NY and was also Supr. of the estate of John MAGEE until his death in 1884.  Ann Olcott MORAN was of Scottish ancestry and she died in 1900.  William J. worked on the estate of John MAGEE for many years.  William J. was married in Watkins on 20 Dec 1893 to Johanna FOLEY, born in Binghamton, NY, daughter of John FOLEY and Mary HUGHES.  William J. and Johanna had 2 children:  Louise and Margaret, but Johanna died on 28 Jan 1900.  William was Catholic.

He was born 23 Sep 1825 in Catlin, now Dix, Schuyler co., NY.  He was son of Wilson BAILEY and Fannie BUMP.  Wilson was born in Connecticut 3 mar 1799 and Fannie was born in Madison co., NY on 8 May 1797.  Wilson and Fannie had children:  Alanson, Lucinda, Lorinda, Sarah, Catharine, Lewis (of this bio), Candace, Mark and Carrie.  Lewis was married in 1845 to B. Lavinia ALVORD, who was born in Waterville, Oneida co., NY in 1826.  Lewis and Lavinia had 4 children:  Oscar Augustus, Frank, Frank Otis and Lucy.  Lewis BAILEY served in the Civil War in the 13th NY Vol. Infantry at the front for 3 months.  He returned home and then enlisted in Aug. 1862 in the 141st Regiment NY Vol. Infantry for 3 years.  His wife died while he was at the front, and after his return, he married Emily S. CLAGHORN, who was b. Erie co., NY in 1842; her father, James M. CLAGHORN was born in Cummington, Mass. on 16 Aug 1804.  Emily's mother was Electa LYMAN and Emily's siblings were: Josiah L., James A., Ellen E., Henry Dwight, Adelaide E. Lucia M. and Josephine.
Lewis BAILEY and Emily CLAGHORN had 6 children:
1. Julia E. - professional nurse in Rochester, NY.
2. Kate R. - married Rev. George W. HINMAN, a missionary in China.
3. Ruth A. - professional nurse in Rochester, NY.
4. Nellie F. - bookkeeper in Rochester, NY.
5. Geoge A. - involved with the electric light plant of Rochester, NY.
6. Bertha E.
Lewis was in the farming business.

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