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Pennsylvania German Settlers, Fayette, Seneca Co., NY

Appendix G of Centennial Historical Sketch of Fayette, Seneca Co., NY 1800-1900 by Diedrich Willers [Press of W.F. Humphrey, Geneva, NY, 1900; reprinted by W.E. Morrison & Co., Ovid, NY, 1982]

      "This list is copied from a volume entitled 'Notes and Queries,' published by Dr. Wm. H. Egle, State Librarian of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg, in 1898.
      The names of transient residents are omitted, also the names of foreign born Germans.
      It will be observed that the name of each family occurs only once - the name of the father, if he removed here being given, or the oldest or most prominent member of the family, when the father did not locate.
      The list of names is not entirely complete, but may be useful for reference:"

Acker, Jacob
Addams, Jacob
Allemann, Jacob
Ansberger, John (Ernstberger)
Bacher, Jacob
Bachmann, George
Balliet, Charles
Beal, DAvid (Biehl)
Bear, Samuel (Baer)
Beck, Thomas
Becker, John
Berger, Joseph
Bieche, Jacob (Biegi)
Biery, Jenry (Beary)
Blasser, Christian
Bolender, Phillip
Bookman, Peter (Bachmann
Bordner, Benj.
Bridkley, John
Burkhalter, Mary
Carl, Isaac
Crobach, George (Croubach)
Deal, Peter (Diehl)
Deisinger, Nicholas
Deppen, John
Derr, Charles
Deshler, John
Dreher, Peter
Emerich, John
Eshenour, John (Eschenauer)
Esterly, George (Esterlee)
Farber, Michael
Fatzinger, Samuel (son of Jacob)
Fell, John
Ferst, George (Fuerst)
Fessler, Benjamin
Fetzer, Daniel
Fisher, John S.
Flickinger, Jacob
Frankenfeld, George
Frantz, John
Frey, John (Frei)
Friedley, George (Friedle)
Fusselman, J.
Gambee, Jacob (Gambi)
Gamber, John
Gauger, George
Gaumer, Charles
Gernete, Jacob
Goodman, Benjamin
Gross, Joseph B.
Hahn, James A.
Hartranft, Jacob
Hassinger, Frederick
Heck, Jacob
Hecker, Henry
Heckmann, Nathan
Hilkert, John (Hilgert)
Himmelburger, George
Hinterleiter, George
Hittel, Bartholomew
Hoffman, Charles
Hofstetter, Adam
Holben, Christian
Holman, Daniel (Hallmann)
Hoover, Valentine (Huber)
Hoster, Christian
Hummel, Benjamin
Hunsicker, Joseph
Ilick, Frederick (Illig)
Jacoby, John (Jacobi)
Keim, Christian
Kemmery, James (Kammerer)
Kendig, Martin
Kennard, William
Kennell, John
Kern, Wm.
Kerschner, George W.
Kessler, Adam
Kidd, George
Kieffer, Henry
Kistler, Jacob
Knauss, Benjamin
Kohler, Peter
Koller, Emanuel
Kroninger, Sylvester
Kuney, John (Kuni)
Kuntz, David
Lahr, Henry
Landis, Henry
Langs, John
Laub, Conrad
Lautenschlager, Joshua, son of Jacob
Lerch, Anthony
Litzenberger, Peter
Lutz, Reuben
Marckel, John (Merckle)
Marsteller, Elizabeth
Mattern, Jacob
Mauger, Henry
Menges, Conrad
Mertz, George
Metzger, Martin
Michel, John (Michael)
Mickley, Edward B.
Miller, Ludwig
Motz, Jacob
Moyer, Charles (Mayer)
Niess, George
Nothnagle, George
Peter, Philip
Paffenberger, Daniel
Pontius, John
Pratz, Philip (Pretz)
Rathfon, Frederick
Reader, Jacob (Roeder)
Reed, William (Ried)
Reichenbach, Reuben
Reiffschneider, Philip
Reinhart, John
Rhoad, Daniel
Riegel, Jacob
Riemer, George
Ritter, Michael
Robinold, John
Romich, Samuel
Rothenburger, Jacob
Ruch, Christian
Saeger, Daniel
Sammel, Stephen
Savage, William (Sauvage)
Schad, George (Schaud)
Schaeffer, George
Schankweiler, Henry
Schick, David
Schlottman, Daniel
Schneck, Adam
Schott, Frederick
Schroyer, Peter
Schwab, Daniel
Schwartz, Jacob
Schweitzer, John
Sell, Jacob (Zell)
Seybolt, Jacob
Shane, Jacob (Schoen)
Sheffort, George (Schoeffert)
Sherodin, Daniel (Sheradine)
Shiley, George (Scheile)
Shoemaker, John (Shumacher)
Siedler, John
Siegfried, Joseph
Singer, Henry
Smith, Jacob (Schmidt)
Snyder, Anthony (Schneider)
Spaid, John
Spoon, Daniel (Spohn)
Springer, William
Stadler, Elizabeth
Stahl, Peter
Steininger, Christian
Stoffet, Ludwig
Straub, George
Strayer, Matthias
Strouse, Thomas (Strauss)
Stuck, Matthias (Stock)
Stucker, Samuel (Stocker)
Trautmann, Adam
Trexler, Thomas (Dreschsler)
Weitsel, Isaac (Witsell)
Wetsel, Solomon (Wetzell)
Whitmer, Peter (Wittmer)
Wieder, Henry
Willauer, James
Wingert, Mary
Wolff, Christian
Wuchter, Henry
Yakely, Daniel (Jackli)
Yost, John (Jost)
Young, Abraham (Jung)
Yundt, John H. (Jund)
Zartmann, George H.
Zimmer, Benjamin

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