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Family names in the Waterloo Library and Historical Society, 31 E. Williams St., Waterloo, NY 13165

Adleman, Joseph
Allen, Pauline
Bidwell, Jacob
Bishop, Alvin
Bayle, Marg. Taylor
Bromley, Madeline
Babbitt, William
Bonnell, John (line)
Bonnell, Georege family
Bonnell, James family
Bonnell, Sarah
Barnes, Estate of Mabel Ada Barnes
Burton records
Burton, John
Bradford family
Burgh (indecipherable)
Bragg, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford (book-family reunion)
Batsford and Chandler families
Burr, "Wish"
Baker, Angela Baker Shank
Baker, Lizzie Webster (picture)
Batsford, James
Batsford (picture, marriage)
Bacon, Dr.
Bacon, Mrs. Carroll Bacon (nee Jennie Yells)
Birch, Laura
Bonnell, Henry and Bertha (family history)
Bachman family record from Bible
Becker (picture)
Bramble family genealogy 1657-1982
Barnes, Mabel Estate
Becker, James A. (picture)
Bell, G. Pierson
Bonnell, Bertha
Benedict, Jay
Baker, Philip M.
Brooks, David
Burton, Harry Seward (picture)
Bootes, John Martin
Brehm, Herman (picture)
Black, Harry
Boardman,Benjamin 1749
Brown, John James
Berger Saunders Groding
Birdsall, Benjamin
Birdsall, Lewis
Cane, Howard
Connolly, Marianne
Cook, William
Cole, Seth
Cooper, Bill
Chapelle - 33 regimental flag (?)
Childs - (Henry Daugherty)
Childs (Maria) poem
Copper John - will
Chandler and Coper families
Carpenter (Auburn/ 1853) Carr
Connell, Hyler (?) (picture)
Chase, C. E. (picture)
Clark,Marcia (picture)
Chappelle, George (picture)
Cullen, Prof. E. B. - music teacher
Christler (Christlaw?), Henry
Christler, Rev. Leonard (pictures)
Cooper, A. H. Hopkins and Sarah
Cole, Corneliuus
Capozzi, Rosemarie (Trotta)
Cadmus, Peter
Decker, Everett S. (picture)
Demarest file
Dennison, Dr. J. S.
Dey, Charles L.
DeWitt, Tjerck Classen
DeWolf, Dorastus
Downes, John E. (also Hulburt family)
Doxtator, Claude
Doubleday, Major General Abner
Draheim, Linda
Day, Dr. John
Davis, Ephraim
Isaac Davis
Davis, John
Davis, William
Doohan, John
Emmett, William
Easton, Emos
Eshenaur, Alan
Ellsworth, William
Fisher, Frank "Bibleback" (picture)
Fenn, Emma (picture)
Fairchild, General Caleb
Frantz-Widner Family
Fillingham (picture)
Fredenburg - Van Vredenburg
Fox or Fuchs
Gerfuson - Green
Fenn, Philip H.
Garrison, J. M. (family record)
Genung, Charles A. (pictures, newspaper articles)
Goodwin, Charles
.....Martha, Polly. Jane, David, Catherine, Robert, Lucy, John
Gorham-Cone genealogy
Gregory - Crocker (pictures)
Gustin-Oliver, Lydia, Horace, Elizabeth, George, Mary
Gilmor, Gilmore, Gillmore
.....Richard, James, Benjamin
Gerlach, George (picture)
Green (Estate papers, pictures)
Gorman, J.
Graham, William
Hurlbert, John. S (Physician), George H. (obit)
Hurlbert, Marion E. (picture)
Hadley, Judge
Haskins, Harl (picture)
Houtenbrink, Fred and Hilda (picture)
Huff, Isaac
Hodge, Ephraim
Hulse, Samuel
Cooley, Andrew (?)
Hopkins, Rose
Hunt Home (picture)
Harrington, Samuel C.
Holmes, W. Raymond, (Dr.)
Hanrahan, James
Jacks family with Burt branch and Fenn branch
Jackman, William
Izzo, Agostino (?)
Ezzo, Anna(?)
Izzo, Mary(?)
Izzo, Carmela(?)
Jacacks, Samuel
..... George
Jacacks, Frederick Bull
Jacacks, Emma Markel
Jenks - Amelia Jenks Polomer
Kendig- Richard Miller
.....Daniel S.
.....Mary Ann
Klingbeil family
Knight, Philip
Kelly, John (picture)
Keefer, Kathleen E. (picture)
Loring, Dr. Caleb
Lorsening (picture)
Leddick, Samuel (picture)
Lane, Rev. Aaron D.
Lay, Hiram
Osborne, Thomas
O'Connor, Mrs. Benjamin (Mabel)
Osborne, Banty (picture)
O'Brien, Fitzgerald, Barry,Hagerty, Perry, Llewellyn, Eugen, Harriet, Edna (picture)
Pierson, Elmer S. (picture)
Post, Rose (picture)
Perthel, Steven (picture)
Padgett, Dr. Kenneth (picture)
Patsos, James, Sr. (picture)
Pelow, Russell (picture)
Pontius, Philip
Post, S.C. (picture)
Perry, John
Pontius, John
Post, John (picture)
Pratz, Leah Kime
Patterson, George and Helen (picture)
Poffenberger, John
Riemer, Katherine -Dark Shadow on My Morning
Romig, Elias
Rickson, Mrs. Isabel R. Thompson
Redfield, Luther (picture)
Rogers, Josiah
Rogers, Randolph
Roloson, George
Reynolds, Joseph
Rose, Robert S.
Robbins, Samuel F.
Osborne, Thomas
O'Connor, Mrs. Benjamin (Mabel)
Osborne, Banty (picture)
O'Brien, Fitzgerald, Barry, Hagerty
Perry; llewellyn, Eugene, Harriet, Edna (picture)
Pierson, Elmer S. (picture)
Post, Rose (picture)
Perthel, Steven (picture)
Padgett, Dr, Kenneth
Patsos, Kames. Sr (picture)
Pelow, Russell (picture)
Pontius, Philip
Post, S.C. (picture)
Perry, John
Pontius, John
Post, John (picture)
Pratz, Leah Kime, see also Thomas Mac Gill (?)
Pattterson, George and Hilda (picture)
Poffenberger, John
Sanford, John D (family chart)
Schreck, Michael and Mary
Schutt, Schott, Rathborn families 1795-1838
Seeley, Nathaniel
Slade, Margaret Blackburn
Serven Family in America-1933
Southwick-Taylor-Bond (family records 1832)
Swift, Reuben (The Conmservation of the Portrait of R.S. and its frame)
Smith, Stephen and descendants
Smith, Harace F.
Sweet, Adeline
Somers, Delia
Smith, Elizabeth (Eliz. Smith Evans)
Shaw, John
Smith, Christopher
Strang Family
Strong, Helen
Stuck-Abbott-Smalley Families
Shankwiler , Henry
Secor, Jarold S.
Sessler, LaVerne
Saunders, Ted
Skaats, Rev, Morgan
Scott, Amos
Schreck, Barbara (picture)
Schopp, Edward A. (picture)
Story, George and family (picture)
Simeon, Reynolds
Sweet, Elizabeth
Spendlove, Maggie
Swan, William
Sweet, Lois
Tharp, Anderson
TenEyck, Maud (picture)
Townley, Mrs. Charles
Townsend, Fred B. (pic and tintype)
Terwilliger, Alonzo
Tichenour, Ephraim
Townsend, Cy (picture)
Theobald, Eugene, Charles, Harold and Harold Loomis (picture)
Tombs, Mrs. John
Twist, John
Unangst, Robert F., Sr. (Fenn Family)
Van deMark or Van Der Mark (See also Southwick) (picture)
Van De Mark, Benjamin (picture)
Van Riper, Elmer G.
Van Akin, John
Van Fleet, Peter
.....Mary Blue
Veness, Margaret (picture)
. Van Tuyl genealogy
Van Tuyl, Margaret, Charity, Abraham, Thomas
Van Kirk, Martin L.
Van Nest, George-genealogy
Velte, Alice
Velte, Eddie
Vreeland, Alonzo
.....Isaac, Michael, John
Warner Family (daguerrotypes)
Winney-Winne-Winnie, Conrad and Franic
Wychoff-Wyckoff, Peter, Joseph
White, Henry
Wolf, Terri-Lynn, Tricia (picture)
Woodward, Allen, Jr. (picture)
Watrous, Hilda (picture)
Whithead, Louise (daguerrotype)
..... Charles
Wright, C. Percy
Walker, Luella (picture)
Wickoff, Joseph
Wooden, Amanda Sutton (picture)
Webster, James R.
Walters, Billy (picture)
Watkins, John
Whartenby, Eugene
..... Josephine (picture)
Williams, Elisha
Worden, Henry
.....Sarah, Robert, Levi
Wunderlen, Matthew (family record)
White, Job
Wilcox, Nellie
Webster (picture)
Wade, Arthur
Young, Harold T. (picture)
Zanorske, Bertha M. (death certificate)

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This information was provided by the Waterloo Library and Kathleen Oldfield.