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  • March 10: In honor of Women's History Month, our topic will be the beloved American author Louisa May Alcott. Denise Wright will present the program in costume and in character. Like many of us, she read Little Women as a child. A visit to Orchard House, Louisa's home in Concord MA, and seeing her writing desk touched Denise as a lover and teacher of literature. Alcott also wrote Little Men and Jo's Boys. After her presentation, she will step out of character to answer any questions.
  • Thursday, April 23 (note special date and time): Teddy Roosevelt Revisits Sand Lake! The Sand Lake Historical Society is very excited to announce an outstanding evening of dining and entertainment. With generous support from the Averill Park Education Foundation, the SLHS will present: Teddy Roosevelt Revisits Sand Lake Thursday, April 23, at the historic Crooked Lake House. Details!
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Except as indicated above, meetings are at 7:30 p.m., at Sand Lake Town Hall, 8428 NY 66, Sand Lake, New York 12153. Map / Directions

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