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  • Tuesday, November 1 (please note change from our usual 2nd Tuesday): Jack Casey will talk about Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Casey has published four novels about New York State, three historical and one political satire. He began a novel about Hamilton in 1982 and was so enamored with Hamiltonís legal and political career that he put the novel aside to enroll in law school himself. Graduating with honors from both Yale University ('72) and Albany Law School ('87), Jack has practiced law in the Capital District for 28 years while also serving in governmental and political positions in both Rensselaer County and the New York State Capitol. As he sought to bring his Hamilton project out, the Broadway musical hit. Jack and his partner Victoria Wright attended Hamilton (An American Musical) the same day as Barack Obama; with renewed interest in Hamilton's life, Jack has edited his manuscript to embrace only the final two and a half years of Hamilton's life, focusing on the inexplicable tragedy of his death.
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Unless otherwise indicated , meetings are at 7:30 p.m., at Sand Lake Town Hall, 8428 NY 66, Sand Lake, New York 12153. Map / Directions

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