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1840 Census of Pensioners For Revolutionary or Military Services: With Their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence, as Returned by the Marshals of the Several Judicial Districts, Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census.
195 pgs
Author: United States War Department. [1841]

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This is contributed in the hopes that it puts a few cracks in those brickwalls - perhaps some of the people below are living with family members (son's - grandchildren - nephews - etc.) this may give you those needed hints to get your families back another generation.  This information is especially useful because it was not until the 1850 Federal census that they began to list who was living in a household.  Looking at the age of most of these fellows it is doubtful that many lived to be listed in the 1850 census. - Judy

The 1835 Steuben Co., NY Rev. War pensioners <link left> is also located on the Steuben Co. GenWeb site.

Transcribed & submitted by Judy Allen Cwiklinski

* are links that will take you to a specific note I made comparing the 1835 to this 1840 version.

Steuben County

Name of Pensioner          Age        Head of Household         Residence    

Stephen Allen 78 John Hood Hornellsville
Alexander Arnold 85 Alexander Arnold Bath
Daniel Bartholomew 85 Daniel Bartholomew Bradford
Selah B. Benjamin 75 E. Bentley Cohocton
Samuel Bigelow 77 Benjamin Carpenter Tyrone
Sampson* Bixby 81 Samuel Bixby Campbell
Isaac Blood 80 Constant Cook Cohocton
John Boldman 74 John Boldman Woodhull
Thomas Buck 79 Joshua Woodard Dansville
Lambert Burgett 78 Lambert Burgett Painted Post
Allen Butler 86 Allen Butler Bath
Ephraim Chambers 68 Ephraim Chambers Howard
Timothy Chapin 80 Timothy Chapin Howard
Samuel Chriswell 88 J. M. Armstrong Howard
David Cook 88 David Cook Woodhull
Stephen Corbin 80 Alson Pierce Campbell
Luke Covert 82 Luke Covert Bradford
Silas Daily 84 Silas Daily Tyrone
John M. Dake 74 Bartlett Dake Hornellsville
Gabriel Deusenbury 80 Seth Deusenbury Cohocton
Nathan Delano 75 Nathan Delano Howard
Abraham Dewitt 72 Abraham Dewitt Orange
Pardon Dolby (none) Pardon Dolby Howard
Sylvanus* Dygert 80 Sylvanus Dygert Wheeler
Benjamin Eaton 78 Jonathan Eaton Urbana
Reuben Eddy 86 Jesse J. Madison Campbell
Daniel Everitt 76 Daniel Everitt Howard
Philip Failing 76 Philip Failing Jasper
Peter Fero 77 Abraham Fero Hornby
William Foster 76 William Rowley Urbana
Erastus Foster 79 E. Foster Prattsburg
Samuel Gillet 81 Samuel Gillet Dansville
Joseph Gillet 68 Joseph Gillet Painted Post
Mathew Halsey 87 Andrew W. Moore Cohocton
Hinsdell* Hammond 80 Simeon Hammond Campbell
Chloe Harding 78 Chloe Harding Hornellsville
Robert Harrison 80 Robert Harrison Urbana
Samuel Haskins 100 James F. Haskins Addison
Timothy Hastings 78 Timothy Hastings Wayne
David Hawkins 82 David Hawkins Urbana
James Hawkins 81 James Hawkins Reading
John Heliker 81 John Heliker Jasper
John Hight 85 (none) Tyrone
Levi Holcomb 74 Levi Holcomb Jasper
Amos Holiday* 89 Amos Holiday Dansville
Thomas Horton 76 Thomas Horton Pulteney
Samuel Hotchkiss 86 Samuel Hotchkiss Prattsburg
Elizabeth Hurlbut 81 Christopher Hurlbut Hornellsville
Charles Jones 66 Charles James Orange
Lucy Kanna 84 John Handy Bath
Nathaniel Kellogg 78 Nathaniel Kellogg Urbana
Nathaniel Kellogg 82 James Ingersoll Jasper
William S. Lemen* 79 William S. Lemen Dansville
John McCoy 90 E. McCoy Bath
James Miles* 77 Isaac Miles Addison
David Minor* 83 Jedediah Minor Campbell
Eli Moffit 76 Eli Moffit Troupsburgh
James Moore 81 James Moore Dansville
John Moore 62 James W. Moore Canisteo
Daniel Mulhullen* 45 Daniel Mulhullen Erwin
Lydia Myers 82 William E. Myers Oneida
Enoch Niles 82 A. D. Voorhees Prattsburg
Joseph Ogden 77 Joseph Ogden Dansville
Samuel Orris 80 Saml. Orris Prattsburg
Phineas Parker 83 Asel Parker Pulteney
Walter Patchin 76 Walter Patchin Cohocton
Joseph Paulding 76 Joseph Paulding Tyrone
Ebenezer Pettis 78 Ebenezer Pettis Cohocton
Elnathan Phelps 45 Elnathan Phelps Dansville
Isaac Polmenter 80 Isaac Polmenter Prattsburg
John Rapellee 66 John Rapellee Tyrone
John Riker 75 Arthur Odell Prattsburg
Peter Robbins 87 Peter Robbins Wheeler
Nicholas Rouse 86 Nicholas Rouse Cohocton
Nathaniel Shelden 100 Ithamar Farrell Greenwood
Christopher Shelts 77 Christopher Shelts Hornby
Nehemiah Sherwood 76 Nehemiah Sherwood Bath
David Silsby 47 David Silsby Tyrone
Andrew Simpson 79 Andrew Simpson Jasper
Stephen Smith 79 Stephen Smith Bath
Henry Southard 87 Wm. McCaslin Cohocton
Daniel Spike 84 Daniel Spike Cohocton
John Spore 80 John Spore Prattsburg
Uriah Stephens 80 George H. Stephens Canisteo
Amos Stone 81 Amos Stone Urbana
Nathan S. Strong 85 Nathan Strong Prattsburg
James Sturdevant 84 James Sturdevant Prattsburg
Anthony Swarthout 81 Asa Swarthout Wayne
Jonathan Sweet 90 David Herrick Prattsburg
Samuel Thompson 72 Samuel Thompson Bath
Peter Tice 45 Peter Tice Erwin
Isaac Train 81 William Bird Urbana
Peter Tyler 80 Luther Parker Pulteney
Elias Van Anken 79 William A. Loughry Cameron
Abraham Van Gorder 75 James Barclay Bradford
Benjamin Watrous 78 John Watrous Pulteney
Moor Wilson 90 Moor Wilson Prattsburg
William Woodworth 76 William Woodworth Campbell
Jonas Youmans 83 Abijah Youmans Cameron

Notes by Judy

* 1835 has: Samson

* 1835 has: Severenus

* 1835 has: Hinsdel

* 1835 has: Holladay

* 1835 has: Lemon

* are the names transversed? as there is an Isaac in 1835 not a James that is a pensioner?

* 1835 has: Miner

* possibly Muholland?

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