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1869 Cohocton

Steuben Co., NY Directory

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1869 Steuben Co., NY Directory

Retyped by Annette Campbell  & Carl Zimmer - html by Judy Cwiklinski

Parley Abbott---farmer 11 acres Cohocton.
Solomon R. Abrams---eclectic physician and surgeon North Cohocton.
Edward Adair---"J. & E. Adair" blacksmith & carriage makers Cohocton.
John Adair---"J. & E. Adair" blacksmith & carriage makers Cohocton.
Asa Adams---attorney and counselor at law, Justice of the peace, Post master and farmer 150 acres North Cohocton.
Miles Allison---farmer 17 1/2 acres Cohocton.
Lewis F. Andrus---blacksmith North Cohocton.
James Armstrong---farmer 80 acres Cohocton.
Thomas C. Armstrong---farmer 120 acres Cohocton.
Eli Asbinwall---proprietor of Railroad House, at depot North Cohocton.
Asa C. Avery---farmer 68 acres Wallace.
Cyrus P. Bailey---insurance agent, buyer and shipper of produce North Cohocton.
Eliza R. Bailey, Miss.---"H.C. & E.R. Bailey, milliners" North Cohocton.
Hannah C. Bailey, Mrs.---"H.C. & E.R. Bailey, milliners" North Cohocton.
David Barber---farmer, leases 100 acres North Cohocton.
George Barnes---farmer 112 acres Wallace.
George Barnes---farmer 112 acres Cohocton.
Jacob Barney---farmer 46 acres Cohocton.
Jacob Barney---farmer 36 acres Cohocton.
William M. Barney---farmer 77 1/2 acres Cohocton.
Wilson Barney---farmer 72 acres Cohocton.
George Beachner---farmer 17 acres Cohocton.
John Beachner---farmer 20 acres Cohocton
John F. Beckwith North Cohocton.
Azariah Bennett---hop growerand farmer 9 acres North Cohocton.
John T. Bennett---hop grower and farmer 9 acres North Cohocton with Azariah Bennett.
Samuel Bennett---butcher North Cohocton.
Sodema Bentley, Mrs.---farmer 110 acres Cohocton.
William Bentley---farmer 75 acres Cohocton.
Armona Beverly---farmer 48 acres Wallace.
Charles H. Beyer---music teacher Cohocton.
Jacob Biehl---farmer 42 acres Cohocton.
Henry Birdsall---farmer 90 acres Cohocton.
Nicholas Blackcreek---farmer 40 acres Cohocton.
James Blair---farmer 70 acres North Cohocton.
Emeline Blood, Mrs.---farmer 100 acres North Cohocton.
Abram Boon---farmer 90 acres North Cohocton.
Rodney Boon---farmer 129 acres North Cohocton.
Philip Borts---farmer 90 acres North Cohocton.
John Bowles---farmer 86 acres Wayland Depot.
Lyman Bowles---farmer 800 acres Wayland Depot.
Thomas A. Bowles---farmer 87 acres Wayland Depot.
Henry Brandow---farmer 20 acres Cohocton (Wife: Olive Briggs, daughter of Cary Briggs who died 1854 Cohocton. -AC)
Delos F. Briggs & William S. Briggs---farmers 111 acres North Cohocton.
Perry B. Briggs---farmer Cohocton.
John Brooks---farmer 75 acres Wayland Depot.
Jacob Brounschwig---farmer 45 acres Cohocton.
Abiather Brown---mason and farmer 20 acres Cohocton.
Abram Brown---farmer 50 acres Cohocton.
Alfred Brown---farmer 65 acres Cohocton.
Ezekiel Brown---blacksmith Cohocton (2nd husband of Jerusha Andrus/Andrews.- AC)
Manvil J. Brown---shingle maker and farmer 50 acres Cohocton.
Sylvanus Brown---farmer 40 acres Cohocton.
William J. Bryant---homeopathic physician Cohocton.
Henry Burens---shoe maker North Cohocton.
John Bush---farmer 55 acres North Cohocton.
John W. Bush---farmer North Cohocton.
William J. Bush---farmer, leases 12 acres North Cohocton.
John H. Butler---"Butler & Parkhill" district attorney & insurance Cohocton.
Ezra S. Carpenter---physcian & surgeon Cohocton.
Rowland Carpenter---Cohocton.
Solomon Case---blacksmith North Cohocton.
Kelton Cec---farmer 88 acres Cohocton.
John Christian---lumberman Cohocton.
George Chuck---farmer 40 acres Cohocton.
Oscar Church---farmer 80 acres Cohocton.
William Clapman---farmer 86 1/2 acres North Cohocton
James P. Clark---farmer 1200 acres Cohocton.
Jeremiah Clark---farmer 29 acres North Cohocton.
Emily M. Clayson---farmer 120 acres North Cohocton.
Lewis Clayson---farmer 900 acres Wayland Depot.
Wheeler Clayson---farmer 112 acres, leases 120 acres North Cohocton.
Edwin A. Cleaveland---farmer 4 acres & commercial broker North Cohocton.
James Cleland---saw mill and farmer 460 acres Cohocton.
Lydia Cleland, Miss.---farmer 100 acres Cohocton.
Nelson Cobin---farmer 50 acres Cohocton.
Cohocton Hotel---Samuel S. TURN, prop. Cohocton.
John B. Cole---farmer 200 acres Cohocton.
Ardon Colman---farmer 20 acres North Cohocton.
Francis M. Conley---farmer 1 1/2 acres. Cohocton.
Minor Conley---wagon maker, painter, farmer 80 acres Cohocton.
Dennis Connor---farmer 90 acres Cohocton.
Dennis Connor, Jr.---farmer 65 acres, leases 90 acres Cohocton.
Elijah M. Coones---farmer 30 acres Cohocton.
John Corbett---farmer leases 100 acres Cohocton.
Horatio C. Corey---North Cohocton.
Solomon Corey & Son---farmer 172 acres with Horatio C. North Cohocton.
John Cosgriff---farmer leases 181 acres Cohocton.
Michael Courtney---armer 250 acres Cohocton.
John H. Covill---farmer 3 acres Cohocton.
Harvey B. Cramer---farmer 65 acres Cohocton.
James Crawford---farmer 83 acres Cohocton.
John N. Crawford---farmer 70 acres North Cohocton.
Mary S. Crawford, Miss.---dress maker Cohocton.
Norman Crawford---farmer leases 72 acres Cohocton.
Sybbil E. Crawford---North Cohocton.
David Cronk---farmer 85 acres North Cohocton.
Thomas S. Crosby---furniture maker & farmer 100 acres Cohocton.
Ichabod Cross---farmer 1 acre North Cohocton
Joel Crouch---farmer 122 acres Cohocton
John Culver---farmer 50 acres Wallace
John P. Curtis---farmer 68 acres Cohocton
Godfrey Dance---farmer 60 acres Cohocton
Philip Dance---farmer 40 acres Cohocton
Aaron Davis---farmer 99 acres Cohocton
Dan H. Davis---farmer Cohocton
Martin Davis---retired grocer North Cohocton
John H. Demarest---farmer 50 acres North Cohocton
Hiram Dewey---farmer 100 acres Cohocton
Mabel Dewey, Mrs.--- Cohocton
Meritt Deusenbery---carpenter Cohocton
Seth Deusenbery---retired farmer Cohocton
Frank E.Doty---farmer 86 acres North Cohocton
George L. Doxstader---farmer 40 acres Wallace
George W. Drake---retired merchant and lumber dealer Cohocton
James Draper---merchant tailor Cohocton
Adam Drum---farmer 64 acres Cohocton
Nicholas Drum---farmer 80 acres Cohocton
Orrin Dye---farmer 1 acre Cohocton
Daniel L. Edmond---farmer 109 acres Cohocton
Frederick S. Edmond---farmer 85 acres Cohocton
Walter M. Eldred---post master and flour and feed dealer Cohocton
Empire House---Melvin Wilkinson, Proprietor North Cohocton
Robert Fairbrothers---farmer 80 acres Cohocton
Baker Fairfield---farmer 90 acres North Cohocton
Isaac R. Fenton---farmer 56 acres North Cohocton
Henry Ferris---Farmer 75 acres Cohocton (His wife was Laura Ann Andrus-AC)
Jacob B. Ferris---farmer 4 acres Cohocton (His wife was Fanny White, He was brother to Henry Ferris-AC)
John D. Ferris---farmer 50 acres, leases 50 acres Cohocton (His wife was Marbrie Brandow-AC)
Dauius D. Field---farmer 2 acres Cohocton
Cornelius Finch---farmer 50 acres Wallace
Daniel Finch---farmer 5 acres Cohocton
Silas Finch---farmer 23 acres Cohocton
David Flashman---farmer 70 acres Cohocton
John Flashman---farmer 49 acres Cohocton
Charles & Philip Folts---farmers 163 acres and saw mill operators Cohocton
Hollister Foster---farmer North Cohocton
Reuben Fuller---farmer 8 acres North Cohocton
Abner Gardner---farmer 400 acres North Cohocton
James Garnsey---farmer 105 acres Wayland Depot
James Gear---farmer 80 acres Cohocton
Alois & John Gehrich---shoe makers & farmers 50 acres Cohocton
Horace Gerould---hop grower and farmer 77 1/2 acres North Cohocton
William Getsiger---farmer 20 acres Cohocton
William Gibson---farmer 120 acres North Cohocton
Augustus L. Gilbert---Physician & Surgeon North Cohocton (with William A. Gilbert & Co.)
William A. Gilbert---general merchants North Cohocton
George A. Godfrey---carpenter Cohocton
James Green---farmer, leases 40 acres Cohocton
John Green---farmer 89 acres Cohocton
William W. Greene, M.D.---physician Cohocton
Alexander Greive---mason North Cohocton
Henry Griesa---farmer 7 acres, cabinet maker North Cohocton
Alonzo Griswold---farmer Cohocton
John Groff---farmer 1 1/2 acre Cohocton
Hamilton A. Grover---hop grower, farmer leases 850 acres North Cohocton
Jacob Gurgil---lumberman Cohocton
Austin Hall---Drug & Grocery Store Cohocton
James Hammond---farmer 40 acres Wallace (wife was Loiza Head-AC)
Marcus S. & Rodney E. Harris---Hardware & harness makers Cohocton
Myron W. Harris---"Wilson & Harris" Cohocton
Adam Harter---farmer 70 acres Cohocton
Jackson S. Harter---farmer 40 acres Wallace
Leonard Harter---farmer 104 acres Cohocton
George Hartwell---Saw mill owner Cohocton
Price Haskins---farmer 9 acres North Cohocton
Hiram W. Hatch---hop grower anf farmer 94 acres Cohocton
Nelson Hatch---farmer leases 120 acres Cohocton (with Samuel St. John)
Philip Hatch---farmer 127 acres North Cohocton
Sylvanus C. Hatch---farmer 100 acres North Cohocton
Joseph B. Haven---farmer North Cohocton
Zebulon Havens---hop grower and farmer 50 acres North Cohocton
Mattice Hawk---farmer 7 acres Cohocton
Marvin Haynes---blacksmith North Cohocton
Benjamin S. Healy---farmer 260 acres Cohocton
Lester B. Healy---Physician & Surgeon Cohocton
Frits Heizerman---farmer 74 acres Cohocton
Smith S. Henderson---farmer 110 acres North Cohocton (Inventor of Henderson's Patent Improved Self-acting Wagon Brake)
Frederick Henry---farmer 122 acres Cohocton
Isaac Henry---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
Lucy A. Henry, Miss---milliner North Cohocton
George Herbert---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
George E. W. Herbert---mechanic, hop grower, farmer 10 acres Cohocton
Alfred M. Hess---"Wilson & Hess" Wallace
George M. Hewitt---mechanic, farmer 25 acres, justice of the peace of North Cohocton
James C. Hewitt---lawyer Cohocton
John W. Hewitt---lumberman, farmer 100 acres North Cohocton
Romeyn O. Higgins---station agent Cohocton
Eliza Hill, Mrs.---farmer 17 acres North Cohocton
Henry Hinkle---farmer 95 acres Cohocton
Benjamin S. Holg---saw mill & farmer 166 1/2 acres Wallace
Charles Holg---blacksmith and farmer 8 acres North Cohocton
Alfred W. Holcomb---proprietor,Walt's Exchange at Blood Station, N. Cohocton
Melvin J. Holliday---carpenter, joiner, painter, farmer 820 acres North Cohocton
John Holsmire---farmer Cohocton
Walter W. Holt---Baptist clergyman, hop grower & farmer 100 acres Cohocton
Pliny F. Horr---farmer 70 acres Cohocton
Martin V. House---blacksmith North Cohocton
Nathaniel Howard---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
Norman L. Hurd---farmer Cohocton
Firman Ireland---farmer 60 acres Cohocton
Emer Irons---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
Albert G. Jackman---Grocer & deputy Post Master North Cohocton
William W. Jackson---farmer 150 acres Wallace
Samuel Jaqua---farmer 80 acres Cohocton
Betsey Johnson, Mrs.---farmer 65 acres Cohocton
Ira Johnson---farmer 53 1/2 acres North Cohocton
William L. Johnson---carpenter, joiner North Cohocton
David D. Jones---farmer 855 acres Cohocton
Daniel Katner---mechanic North Cohocton
John Kellogg---farmer 70 acres Cohocton
Darwin Kimball---farmer 43 acres North Cohocton
Crist Kline---farmer 75 acres Cohocton
Lewis Knapp---blacksmith & farmer 8 acres Cohocton
Theodore Knapp---blacksmith Cohocton
James Knickerbocker---farmer 46 acres North Cohocton
Philo Knickerbocker---carpenter & joiner Cohocton
Charles S. Knight---farmer 94 acres Cohocton
Christian Kurtz---farmer 60 acres Cohocton
Albertus Larrowe---farmer 500 acres, prop. Liberty flouring mill Cohocton
Amanda M. Larrowe, Mrs.---farmer 250 acres Cohocton
Cyrus Lee---farmer 2 acres North Cohocton
Cyrus Lee, Jr.---blacksmith & farmer 27 acres North Cohocton
Allen Leggett---farmer 74 acres Cohocton
Harriet Leggett---farmer 33 acres North Cohocton
Jacob Lehle---"Lehle & Treneman" Cohocton (with Richard Treneman--tanners)
William Letsel---farmer 1 acre Cohocton
Henry Lewis---surveyor and farmer 100 acres North Cohocton
Joseph Lewis---farmer 14 acres North Cohocton
Theodore Lichius---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
John Liddiard---farmer Cohocton
David Loomis---farmer 50 acres Cohocton
John Lord---farmer 75 acres Cohocton
Henry & Joseph Lovelan---farmers lease 880 acres Cohocton
David W. Lyon---farmer 800 acres Cohocton
John V. Lyon---blacksmith & farmer 20 acres North Cohocton
Isaac Magoon---Farmer 210 Acres North Cohocton
Alonzo Manning--- Miller North Cohocton
Darwin Marsh---Hop Growing and Farmer 180 acres North Cohocton
George W. Marsh---Farmer 70 acres Cohocton
Gardner Mason---Farmer 200 acres Cohocton
John Mattice---Farmer 200 acres Cohocton
John McCarthy---Mason North Cohocton
Chris John McDowell---Lawyer and Farmer 247 acres Cohocton
Jacob McDowell---Shingle manufacturer and lumberman Wallace
Lewis Mellenbacker---Farmer 30 acres Cohocton
Conrad Mellenbacker---Farmer 38 acres Cohocton
Steven M. Merritt, Rev.--- Meth-Ep Clergyman North Cohocton
Jacob Mike---Carpenter Cohocton
John Miller---Farmer 56 acres Cohocton
John Miller---Farmer 40 acres Cohocton
Robert Miller---Farmer 71 acres Cohocton
Henry B. Miner---Telegraph Operator Cohocton
Anthony N. Moore, Rev.---Free Methodist Minister North Cohocton
Clinton Moore---Farmer, leases 50 acres North Cohocton
Daniel Moore---Farmer 476 acres North Cohocton
David S. Morehouse---Sawyer Cohocton
Hiram Moulton---Farmer 100 acres North Cohocton
James H. Moulton---Farmer 100 acres Cohocton
Rice Moulton---Farmer 187 acres North Cohocton
Richard P. Moulton---Farmer 187 acres (Rice Moulton & Son) North Cohocton
Alfred J. Nash---Shoe maker Cohocton
Edward D. Nash---Farmer 371/2 acres Wallace
Robert B. Nash---Farmer 77 acres Cohocton
William J. Nash---Farmer 63 acres Cohocton
Jacob New---(Newfang & New) Carpenters & joiners Cohocton (Also Farmers with 128 acres)
Theobald Newfang---(Newfang & New) Cohocton
Henry Nicholson---Telegraph operator North Cohocton
Ithiel H. Nocholson---Justice of the Peace & Farmer 150 acres Wallace
William O. Nicholson---Ticket agent & US Express agent North Cohocton
Adna Noble---Farmer 50 acres Wallace
Samuel Nostrant---Wood turner & farmer 8 acres Cohocton
John O'Connell---Farmer 480 acres North Cohocton
David Ovid---Farmer 40 acres Cohocton
Harriet Palmer, Mrs.---Farmer, 49 acres Cohocton
Albert T. Parkhill---Butler & Parkhill Cohocton
Asa M. Parks---Butcher North Cohocton
Lorenzo Parks---Farmer, leases 150 acres North Cohocton
Samuel M. Parks---Farmer, 30 acres North Cohocton
David Parmenter---Resident Cohocton
Edward A. Parmenter---Farmer, 113 acres Cohocton
James N. Partridge---Farmer, leases 200 acres Cohocton
Jasper Partridge---Farmer, 115 acres North Cohocton
John Paul---Farmer, 154 acres Cohocton
Alvah Peck---Farmer, 115 acres North Cohocton
Rufus Pershall---Farmer, 5 acres Cohocton
Jacob Peterson---shingle manufacturer & Farmer, 200 acres Cohocton
Otis Pierce---Farmer, 52 acres North Cohocton
Silas N. Pierce---Owns Grist Mill and Farmer, 150 acres North Cohocton
James Phillips---Farmer, 50 acres Cohocton
James V. Phillips---Sawyer Wallace
Steven C. Phillups---Farmer, 140 acres Cohocton
Arnold Polmanteer---Farmer Cohocton
Ira Polmateer---Carpenter North Cohocton
George Polster---Farmer, 87 acres Cohocton
Henry Potter---Farmer, 63 acres Cohocton
John Pritting---Farmer, 47 acres North Cohocton
Michael Ran---Farmer, 47 1/2 acres Cohocton
Casper Raydant---Farmer, 25 acres Cohocton
Nathan Razea---Farmer, 230 acres Wallace
William Rector---Farmer, 50 acres Cohocton
Andrew Redsiegar---Farmer, 40 acres Cohocton
George Reeves---Farmer, 5 acres Cohocton
Charles N. Rex---Farmer 40 acres Cohocton
Jacob Rex---Farmer, 60 acres Cohocton
William H. Rex---Farmer, 68 acres Cohocton
Barbara Rexricker---Farmer, 11 acres Cohocton
James Reynolds---shingle manufacturer & Farmer, 360 acres Cohocton
Oliver Rice, Mrs.---North Cohocton
Robert E. Rice---Farmer, 60 acres Wallace
Catharine Rocker, Mrs.---Farmer, 2 1/2 acres Cohocton
Lemuel P. Roe---Farmer, 5 acres Cohocton
Samuel Rosencrans---Farmer, 180 acres Cohocton
Samuel S. Rosenkranz---Constable and collector Cohocton
Simeon Rosenkrans---Farmer, 6 1/2 acres Cohocton
Lewis B. Rose---Teamster North Cohocton
John Roth---Farmer, 44 acres Cohocton
Phillip Row---Farmer, 98 acres Cohocton
Delia Row, Mrs.---Farmer, 2 acres Cohocton
Hiram Russell---Carpenter Cohocton
Abram Rynders---Farmer, 135 acres Wallace
Charles A. Rynders---Farmer, 54 acres Cohocton
Daniel Rynders---Rynders & Welch North Cohocton
Hiram Rynders---Farmer 100 acres Cohocton
Nelson Rynders---Farmer, 85 acres Cohocton
Rynders & Walden---(Daniel Rynders & George W. Walden) Farmers &
Hop growers and farmers, 140 acres North Cohocton
William Rynders---Hop grower & farmer, 340 acres Cohocton
John Santon---Farmer, 86 acres Cohocton
John Schoonmaker---Farmer 1 acre North Cohocton
Adam J. Schwingle---Farmer, 42 acres Cohocton
Henry Schwingle---Farmer 81 1/2 acres Cohocton
Isaac W. Secor---Wetmore , Secor & Co. North Cohocton
Harvey S. Shattuck---Shoemaker North Cohocton
Steven D. Shattuck---Shattuck & Washburn Cohocton
Shattuck & Washburn---Steven D. Shattuck & Wm. Washburn, General Merchants Cohocton
Asahel Shepard---Farmer, 50 acres North Cohocton
Lyman Shepard---Farmer, 110 acres North Cohocton
Sallie Shepard, Mrs.---Farmer, 27 acres North Cohocton
William H. Sherman---Farmer, 11 acres North Cohocton
George Sholdice---Farmer, 30 acres Cohocton
Andrew Shults---Farmer, 41 acres Cohocton
Andrew Shults, 2nd---Maker of Boots and Shoes Cohocton
Conrad Shults---Grocer Cohocton
Daniel Sick---Farmer, 52 acres Cohocton
Philip Sick---Farmer 43 acres Cohocton
James B. Slayton---Farmer, 104 acres Cohocton
Cook O. Smith---Farmer, 70 acres Cohocton
George Smith---Farmer, 109 acres North Cohocton
Joseph C. Smith---Farmer, leases 41 acres North Cohocton
Samuel G. Smith---Carpenter & joiner, farmer 1 acre North Cohocton
William H. Smith---Farmer, 275 acres Cohocton
John B. Snyder---Farmer, 40 acres Cohocton
Steven T. Spaulding---Hop grower and farmer, 70 acres North Cohocton
Henry Spike---Farmer, 1 acre North Cohocton
Sally J. Spike, Mrs.---Farmer, 1 acre North Cohocton
Thaddeus Spike---Farmer, leases 90 acres North Cohocton
Abel Stanton---Hop grower & Farmer, 81 acres North Cohocton
Samantha Stanton, Mrs.---Farmer, 50 acres North Cohocton
Charles Stevenson---Carpenter & Joiner, Farmer 1 acre North Cohocton
Samuel St.John---(with Nelson Hatch), Farmer, leases 120 acres Cohocton
Horace Stoddard---Wagon maker North Cohocton
Amos Stone---Grain & Wool dealer, Farmer, 80 acres Cohocton
Samuel Street, Jr.---Architect & builder Cohocton
Jacob Stroebel---Farmer, 78 acres Cohocton
James H. Summer---Carpenter & joiner Cohocton
Benjamin W. Trambling---cattle & sheep dealer, farmer, 11 acres-leases 97 Cohocton
Calvin E. Thorp---Saw mill & farmer, 400 acres Cohocton
Nelson T. Thorp---Farmer, leases 70 acres Cohocton
Harvey B. Tifft---Farmer, leases 4 acres North Cohocton
Noah Towner---Framer, 100 acres Cohocton
Samuel Towner---Farmer, 79 acres Cohocton
Uriah Towner---Framer, 10 acres Cohocton
Charles Tripp---Farmer, 5 acres Cohocton
Henry C. Tripp---Carpenter Cohocton
Ira M. Tripp---Farmer, 62 acres Cohocton
Job Tripp---Farmer, 158 acres Cohocton
Sidney R. Tripp---Sheep & wool-Farmer, leases 158 acres Cohocton
Samuel S. Turn---Prop. of Cohocton Hotel Cohocton
Asahel Tyler---Farmer, 140 acres North Cohocton
Byron A. Tyler---Farmer 160 acres North Cohocton
Jason VanAuker---Farmer, 23 acres Cohocton
James S. VanOrden---Hop grower, farmer, 156 acres, leases 56 N. Cohocton
John VanVoorhis---Farmer, leases 3 acres North Cohocton
Asa C. VanWormer---Farmer, 93 acres Cohocton
John L. VanWormer---Farmer, 17 acres Cohocton
Valentine VanWormer---Farmer, 37 acres
Isaac F. Veeder---Farmer, 142 acres Cohocton
George Wager---Carpenter Cohocton
Harmon Wagner---Farmer, 80 acres Cohocton
Nicholas Wagnor---Farmer, 70 acres Cohocton
Jacob Wagoner---Farmer, 110 acres Cohocton
David S. Wait---Farmer, 400 acres North Cohocton
Frances W. Wait, Mrs.---Farmer, 100 acres North Cohocton
John Wait---Farmer, 95 acres North Cohocton
Rufus D. Waite---Farmer, leases 95 acres North Cohocton
Wait's Exchange---Blood's Station, prop. Alfred W. Holcomb N. Cohocton
George W. Walden---Rynder's & Walden North Cohocton
Fred C. Waldher---Saw mill & farmer, 168 acres Cohocton
Grattan H. Wallace---Farmer, 172 acres Cohocton
Thomas Warner---Pine & Hemlock lumber, timber, shingles etc. Farmer, 1,148 acres Cohocton
John Warring---Farmer, leases 200 acres Cohocton
William Washburn---Shattuck & Washburn Cohocton
Benjamin & Sylvester Webb---Hop growers & Farmers 125 acres N. Cohocton
Sally M. Welch, Mrs.---Farmer, 90 acres North Cohocton
William Welch---Farmer, 50 acres Cohocton
Abijah R. Weld---Farmer, 97 acres Cohocton
Albert H. Weld---Farmer, 4 acres Cohocton
David F. Weld---Farmer, 145 acres Wayland Depot
Eli T. Weld---Farmer, 69 1/2 acres North Cohocton

(below added - 8/21/03) from Carl Zimmer
Alvah Wells, (North Cohocton) farmer 50.
Myron Wells, (North Cohocton) farmer 14½.
Orcemus Wells, (Cohocton) farmer 1.
Samuel D. Wells, (Cohocton) farmer 45.
Worden Y. Wells, (Cohocton) blacksmith.
Benjamin A. Wemple, (North Cohocton) tailor.
Ephraim V. Wemple, (Cohocton) painter and farmer S6.
EDWIN H. WETMORE, (North Cohocton) (Wetmore, Secor & Co. )
Frank A. Wetmore, (North Cohocton) produce dealer.
MARK L. WETMORE, (North Cohocton) resident.
NELSON A. WETMORE, (North Cohocton) (Wetmore, Secor & Co. )
Orlando Wetmore, (North Cohocton) farmer 41.
WETMORE, SECOR & CO. , (North Cohocton) (Nelson A. Wetmore, Edwin H. Wetmore and Isaac W. Secor) general merchants.
THOMAS C. WHEATON, (Cohocton) carpenter.
ANN M. WHEELER, MRS. (Cohocton) farmer 70.
Oscar Wheton, (Cohocton) farmer 40.
Joseph Whiting, (Cohocton) sawyer.
Albert H. Wilcox, (Cohocton) farmer leases 65.
Carlos H. Wilcox, (Cohocton) farmer leases 320.
DOLPHUS S. WILCOX, (Cohocton) miller.
MELVIN WILKINSON, (North Cohocton) prop. of Empire House.
WILSON & HARRIS, (Cohocton ) (Warren W. Wilson and Myron W. Harris. ) dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockeryboots and Shoes&c.
WILSON & HESS, (Wallace) (Alfred M. Hess and Milton J. Wilson) prop. of saw mill,
lumberman and farmer 220.
LEONARD WILSON, (North Cohocton) farmer 110.
MILTON J. WILSON, (Wallace) (Wilson &Hess. )
WARREN W. WILSON, (Cohocton) (Wilson & Harris. )
David Winance, (Cohocton) farmer leases 200.
ELNATHAN H. WING, (North Cohocton) farmer 104.
Henry Wood, (Cohocton) farmer 110.
JAMES F. WOOD, (Cohocton) justice of the peace and lawyer.
Ephraim Woodard, (North Cohocton) farmer 61.
Henry Woodard, (Cohocton. ) farmer.
James N. Woodard, (North Cohocton) farmer 40.
William A. Woodard, (Cohocton) farmer 220.
SAMUEL F. WOODWORTH, (Cohocton) farmer 124 and leases of Mrs. Letitia Magoon, 46.
George Wraight, (Cohocton) farmer 68.
Hiram Wygant, (Cohocton) druggist.
SWAN YOCUM, (North Cohocton) farmer 20.
Frederick Zimmer, (Cohocton) farmer 60.
Fritz Zimmer, (Cohocton) farmer 51.
Jacob Zimmer, (Cohocton) farmer 28.
Philip Zimmer, (Cohocton) saw-mill and farmer 160.

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