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Abram Allen family bible
Notes by Judy (Allen) Cwiklinski:  There is nothing in the below to tell of Abram Allen's ancestry. It is clear to me that the entries of this bible were not made by Abram - nor Maria (Alden) Allen - because of the lack of dates of birth two of their children who it looks as if they died at birth which are not recorded, also most of the entries were made in the same hand at the time of Abram's & Maria's death, as those of the birth's - it is possible that they were copied "from" an original family bible.Also, the marriages are not recorded below they are too new for privacy reason's for me to post here. This abstract came through the family of John Lavee Allen.  

Memoranda (seem to be births)

Abram Allen - June 25, 1818
Maria A. Allen - Aug. 15, 1824
(James Authur Allen) *- Feb. 22, 1844 * Parentheses encircle James & Hiram with note to the left "Killed in Civil War"
(Hiram Charles Allen)* - Oct. 21, 1846 * Parentheses encircle James & Hiram with note to the left "Killed in Civil War"
George Washington Allen - July 3, 1848
Abram Jackson Allen - May 10, 1850
Louis Lamott Allen - Apr. 1, 1852
Horace Lavee Allen - Mar. 8, 1854
Abbie Ann Allen - *1856 . . . . . . .*no day or month given
William Benjamin Allen - Feb. 6, 1858
Frank Elbert Allen - Feb. 12, 1860
John Folton Allen - *1862 . . . . . . .*no day or month given
Edward V.L. Allen - Oct. 12, 1864


Abram Allen - Dec. 4, 1864
Maria A. Allen - Mar. 27, 1891
Geo W Allen [sic] - Aug. 22, 1911
Abram Jackson Allen - Dec. 9, 1912
L Mott Allen - Jan. 6, 1913
[then in 3 other different handwriting's continues]
James Arthur Allen - May 12, 1864
Hiram Charles Allen - June 9, 1863
Edward Lee Allen - Mar. 16, 1920
William Benj. Allen * Nov 1930. . . . . . .*no day given
Horace Lavee Allen *1935. . . . . . .*no day or month given
Gladys Edena Allen - Mar. 20, 1932
Frank Elbert Allen - *1937. . . . . . . *no day or month given
Gladys Edena Allen - Friendship NY - Mar. 20, 1932
Chester G. Allen - Wellsville NY - Feb. 17, 1955

[items with * are all in the same handwriting, (seem to be dates of death) but are different than the hand writing of the birth entries]
Edward Lee Allen - Oct. 12, 1864  *3-16-20
Cora E. Groff - Nov. 9, 1865  *1-1-48  *Bristol, dau of John & Amanda Whiteman
Chester Groff Allen - June 27, 1890  *2-17-65
Gladys Edena Allen - May 31, 1893  *3-20-31
John Lavee Allen - June 24, 1896

Bible of William Henry Benton and Julia Ettie Smith [Potter]
Additional information on this family would be appreciated and will be shared upon request.  

Contributed by: Bonnie (Benton) Harrison (reposted here with permission (9/04/03)

Benton Bible Documentation,  20 Oct 2014
Disclaimer by current owner of the Benton Bible:
Please be aware that the Benton Bible records herein cannot be proven to be entries by the original Bible owner.  All records have been entered at a much later date than actual time of occurrence and by  several unknown  persons over the years.  Therefore, all data much be considered heresay unless the user has proven correct through other documentation.

Bible Information:
Approximate size: 12 1/2 by 10 inches and 5 inches thick.
Issue: "1492 The Jubilee Year, in Commemoration of the Discovery of America 1892 - The Pronouncing Edition by the U.S. Centennial Commmision". Copyrights secured 1872 to 1890. It was printed in Philadelphia by the A.J. Holman & Co., No. 1222 Arch Street in 1892.

The Bible records began with Marriages and the first entry was for William H. Benton and Julia E. Potter married May 18th 1888 in Woodhull, NY.

Julia had been married previously to George M. Potter of Troupsburg b 1 Oct 1848 d 10 Apr 1885 and had brought 7 children to this second marriage with her and their records are included as well as their father.

It is my assumption that this Bible may have been passed on to the family of Mary Benton [sister of William Henry] who married John Tanner as there are tintypes of the Tanner children.

It then went to the Robert Bailey Potter family and was so kept and returned to my father Wayne L. Benton by Anna Audreta Potter Eddy.

William H. Benton & Julia E. Potter May 18, 1888 Woodhull,NY
Lewis W. Potter & Ellen Waight Jan 2, 1898 Greenwood, NY
Edward M. Waight & Addie Potter Jan 1, 1899 Greenwood, NY
George M. Potter & Annabelle Sanford Jul 16, 1903 Troupsburg NY
Robert B. Potter and Gertrude Gunn Nov 25, 1909 [prob Troupsburg, NY]

William H. Benton Aug 8, 1856
Julia E. Benton Oct 20, 1858
Lewis W. Potter Nov 18, 1877
Addie Potter Mar 28, 1879
Robert B. Potter Jun 18, 1884
Huldah A. Benton Jun 8, 1889
Willis Lynn Benton Jan 31 1894
George M. Potter, Sr. Oct 1, 1848

Willis Lynn Benton Jun 15, 1961
George M. Potter, Sr. Apr 10, 1885
Lewis W. Potter May 3, 1959
Gertude V. Potter Jan 31, 1966 born 1889
George M. Potter Jan 6, 1966
Anna Belle Potter Jun 21 1966
Robert Bailey Potter Apr 1, 1972

Memorandum Page:
Children of Lewis W. Potter and Ellen Waight
Alma Potter b Jun 25, 1898
George E. Potter b Jan 24, 1900
Mary E. Potter b Feb 8, 1903
L. Glenn Potter b Aug 28, 1904
Addie Potter b Jan 16, 1910
Andrew Potter b May 25, 1914
Ellen Potter b Nov 5, 1917
Eva J. Waight, dau of E.M. and Addie Waight b May 28, 1908
Glen Edward Waight b May 20, 1919

Children of George M. Potter & Annabelle Sanford
Carlton Potter b May 1, 1904
Clayton Potter b Dec 11, 1905
Hughbert Potter b Oct 28, 1907
Genevive Elizabeth b Jun 20, 1913

Audreta Potter,dau of Robert & Gertrude Potter b Aug 18,1912

Blank Page:
Jeremiah J. Smith b Apr 11, 1824 Ireland d Mar 18, 1895
Huldah M. Bailey b Dec 13, 1827 NY d Mar 4, 1862
Jeremiah and Huldah were married Oct 12, 1849

Esther Josephine Smith b Apr 7,1851 Pittson, PA d Jul 9,1918
Hannah Jane Smith b Feb 7, 1853 Pittson, PA d Nov 6, 1860
Lewis Wesley Smith b May 1, 1858 Troupsburg, NY d Oct 1,1886
Eva Elizabeth Smith b Jan 9,1857 Troupsburg,NY d Mar 19,1822
Julia Ettie Smith b Oct 21, 1858 Troupsburg, NY
Huldah Ann Smith b Jun 21,1860, Troupsburg,NY d Mar 24,1866?

Jeremiah J. Smith and Elizabeth Smith married Nov 15, 1862

Huldah Almira Smith b Feb 11, 1864 d Sep 19, 1866
Hannah Jane Smith b Jan 5, 1867 d Seo 19, 1890
Emma Orilla Smith b Jul 17 1870 d ?
Thomas J. Smith b Dec 28, 1873 d Apr 19, 1875

Additional Entry:
Lewie Smith Skillman b May 28, 1889 d Apr 13, 1897

Blank Page:
Roland C. Eddy b May 20, 1909 Troupsburg, NY
Anna Audreta Potter Eddy b Aug 18, 1912 Troupsburg, NY
Roland and Audreta were married (private)Troupsburg, NY

Laurice Dean Eddy b (private)Troupsburg, NY
m Susan Muuse? b (private) Rochester, NY
Sheryl Lyn Eddy b (private)Rochester, NY
Christine Sue Eddy b (private) Rochester, NY

Mahlon Curtis Eddy b (private) Troupsburg, NY
m Alice Nash b (private) Rochester, NY
Curtis Roland Eddy b (private)
Diane Laura Eddy b (private)


Clark - Dunn - Davis Family Bible
donated by: Lindsley A Dunn  (1/29/06)

Where there is a * is too current data and has been erased to preserve privacy and to prevent idententity theft - Judy



Frances E. Clark born June 22, 1896
Gertrude L. Clark born August 12, 1895
Gibson Clark born October 23, 1867
Gladys S. Clark born January 19, 1898
Hattie Clark born June 7, 1899
John M. Clark born August 17, 1874
Kittie Clark born August 6, 1864
Maud A. Clark born November 10, 1879
Ruth Clark born January 7, 1899
Sarah E. (Dunn) Clark born March 25, 1841
Sarah E. Clark born June 3, 1873
Walter Clark born June 16, 1870
William V. Clark born May 13, 1844


Austin B. Davis born October 22, 1905
Bert E. Davis born November 20, 1877
Clarence W. Davis born May 26, 1901
Dorothy J. Davis born January 15, 1923
Eva A. Davis born April 3, 1880
Genevieve O. Davis born August 21, 1915
George S. Davis born May 12, 1873
Hattie E. Davis born September 19, 1868
Henry W. Davis born October 1, 1899
James H. Davis born November 22, 1864
Jennie A. Davis born February 1, 1884
John A. Davis born May 31, 1871
Mary J. Davis born October 12, 1869
Maud M. Davis born July 7, 1882
Ralph R. Davis born August 3, 1876
Ruth S. Davis born January 8, 1909
Sarah M. Davis born November 26, 1844
William H. Davis born January 18, 1841


Richard James Hill born * 1931
Virginia Hill born * 1935
Vivian Hill born * 1938


Billy Nudd born * 1948
Edward James Nudd born * 1937
Joyce Elean Nudd born * 1940
Nancy Jean Nudd born * 1939
Rosa Lee Nudd born * 1944
Ruth Ann Nudd born * 1938
Sally Nudd born * 1954


John Clark & Estella Gay married December 28, 1894 by Rev. Ingalls? of Pine Grove.
Walter Clark & Minnie Riley married September 22, 1894 by Rev. G. A. Beers, South Pulteney.
William V. Clark & Sarah E. Dunn married October 28, 1863 by J. P. Spooner, Pastor, Baptist Church of South Pulteney.
Austin Davis & Thelma Lafler married December 5, 1925 by William Arnold of Hammondsport.
Clarence Davis & Betty Hall married September 19, 1923.
Edward Nudd & Genevieve Davis married * 1936.
George Davis & Maud Clark married August 5, 1899, Rev. Reid of Pulteney.
Henry Davis & Mildred Cole married October 22, 1921.
James Hill & Ruth Davis married * 1930.



Barnett B. Clark died August 1882, age 50.
Barnett Clark died August 10, 1887
Eva, wife of Gibson Clark, daughter of James and Caroline Dunn, died August 1909, age 37 years.
Frances E. Clark died December 21, 1896.
Ida Clark died September 5, 1891.
Ida Gibson, wife of Gibson Clark, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Walter, died September 1891, age 25.
John M. Clark died May 11, 1886.
John Clark died May 1886, 71 years.
Joseph Clark died March 9, 1887, 81 years, 2 months.
Kittie Clark died November 28, 1891.
Kittie, daughter of William V. Clark, died November 1891, age 24.
Lewis Clark, died January 13, 1883, 19 years, 9months.
N. B. Clark died June 21, 1887.
Ruth Clark died January 14, 1899.
Sarah E. Clark died June 11, 1873.
Sarah E. (Dunn) Clark died November 20, 1913.
William V. Clark died February 27, 1920.


Bert Davis died March 30, 1968.
James H. Davis died July 18, 1907.
Sarah M. Davis died August 17, 1899.
William H. Davis died January 3, 1888.


Jacob Dunn died February 15, 1883.
Nancy Dunn died December 15, 1888.
J. M. Applebea? died December 20, 1888.

BIRTH & DEATH - Miscellaneous

Lydia B. Clark, wife of Barnett Clark, born September 1831, died August 12, 1893.
William H. Clark, born October 1811, died 1901
Esther Norris Clark, wife of William H., born April 1824, died April 1898.
William V. Clark, born May 1844, died February 1920.
Sarah E. Clark, born March 1841, died November 1913.
Jacob Clark, son of Ida and Gibson Clark, born August 1891, died February 1892.
Francis E. Clark, son of Gibson and Eva Clark, born June 1896, died December 1896.
Earnest Clark, son of Gibson and Eva Clark, born August 3, 1909, died August 6, 1909.

Pages from the Bible of the Daniel C. Colvin Family

Daniel C. Colvin is my great grandfather and moved from the Town of Persia, Cattaraugus Co., NY to Borden, Town of Woodhull in the 1870's where he died in 1907.  Contributed by: Paul Giometti (posted: 9/8/03 with permission)


Annis L. Colvin Died (no entry)
Albert. Colvin Died May the 30. 1869
Florence A. Colvin Died June the 4 1878
Bert. Colvin Died February the 17. 1873
Cora M. Colvin Died Oct. the 18. 1875
The following in a different hand writing
Daniel C. Colvin Died July 23 1907
Wealthy Colvin; Born Dec. 7 1842; Died July 31, 1910
Fred Colvin; Dec 2 1930


D. Colvin born at Spring Mills Oct the 20. 1835
Annis L. Bennett born at (no entry)
Julia E. Colvin born at Bingham Nov. the 23.,1858
James L. Colvin born at Persia Oct the 24, 1859
Florence A. Bennett born at Owego Nov the 23, 1850
Albert Colvin born at Persia May the 28, 1869
Bert. Colvin born at Persia Dec the 10 1870
Rose A. Colvin born at Persia January the 24 1871
Fred. Colvin born at Elmira April the 28, 1873
Cora M. Colvin born at Elmira Sept. the 24, 1875
Franklin G. Colvin born at Woodhull April the 21, 1878
The following in a different hand writing
Wealtha Colvin Dec 7 1842 Chenango Co. N.Y.


Daniel C. Colvin to Annis L. Bennett; January the 24, 1857 by Charles Strong
D. C. Colvin to Florence A. Bennett; June the 30, 1868 by B. Hanks

Coryell family bible (Mahetable Miller), large format, 10" x 12", inscribed on front cover in gold letters "Mahetable Miller"; inside 3rd page, "Presented to Mahetable Coryell by her parents 1872".

donated by: Lindsley A Dunn  (3/16/05)

William S. Coryell, December 1, 1817
Mahetable (Miller) Coryell, October 20, 1821
David J. Coryell, February 17, 1844
Mary Elizabeth Coryell, July 20, 1846
Angevine S. Coryell, December 24, 1848
William A. Coryell, December 31, 1866
Lucy E. Coryell, July 24, 1895, d/o William A. & Margaret Coryell
Florence Emily Coryell, September 19, 1899, d/o William A. & Margaret Coryell
Evelyn M. Reed, June 19, 1926*, d/o Florence E. Coryell & G. Sydney Reed (*deceased-JAC)

William S. Coryell & Mahetable Miller, December 25, 1839
Mary E. Coryell & James Haight, September 10, 1859
David J. Coryell & Sarah Rice, September 3, 1865 (her obituary below - JAC)
Susan Ann Coryell & George Carr Dunn, January 31, 1866
Angevine S. Coryell & Rosine Hulse, January 7, 1873
William A. Coryell & Margaret Connolly, December 31, 1890
G. Sydney Reed & Florence Coryell, March 28, 1925

Mahetable Coryell, January 4, 1894
William S. Coryell, January 21, 1901
Lucy E. Coryell, March 26, 1909
Evelyn M. Reed, September 19, 1939 (on her mother's 40th b'day)
William A. Coryell, February 4, 1950, 1:20 a.m.
Margaret A. Coryell, June 12, 1950, between 10 and 11 a.m.
Florence Coryell Reed, August 29, 1971, (mother of Evelyn Reed)

Sarah Rice Coryell Obituary

Died, in Urbana, March 6th, 1891, Sarah Coryell, daughter of William and Pollie Rice. She was born in Urbana, April 4, 1845; was the yountest of seven children, all of whom still survive her. She was married in September, 1865, to David Coryell of Urbana, where whe had lived up to the time of her death. She leaves a husband, one son and two daughters to mourn her departure.

She was converted while young and her life ever since has been one of marked patience and trust. We believe that to her, death was gain.

The funeral was held from the house, March 8th, where a large number of friends and relatives were present, Rev. R. W. Pickett of Pulteney, officiating. Text, Ps., 103rd chapter, 15th verse. The remains were placed in the cemetery at Mitchellville,

N.Y. R. W. P.

Capt. Samuel Erwin Family Bible

donated by the late Steuben Co. Historian - Dick Sherer

This bible I purchased at the Charles Fournier auction in Hammondsport this year 1999. How it ever came into the possession of Mr. Fournier is a mystery to me. Dick


Capt. Samuel Erwin Family Bible, Easton, Northampton Co. 1807
Edward Townsend died Nov. 25, 1825 at Athens,Pa. age 26 years, son of Henry, husband of Eliza Erwin
Samuel Erwin's son was born on 20th March 1817 and lived 5 hours.
Died in the town of Erwin on Sat. evening at 8 oclock on the 5 of Jan. 1828 of pulmonary disease, Mary Erwin age 17 years.
Samuel Erwin-son of Samuel & Rachel Erwin, died at his residence near Calvert, Robertson Co. Texas on July 28, 1874-55 years of his age.
Mrs. Fanny Maria Erwin, widow of Arthur H. Erwin, died Feb. 17, 1882
Capt. Samuel Erwin, age 66, departed this life on the 10th of November 1836, at 9 oclock in the morning-Recorded by his son William.
Rachel Heckman, wife of Samuel Erwin,died at her residence in Painted Post, Sabbath morning 10 AM, August 26, 1850-Recorded by her son Charles Heckman Erwin. My mother lived to be 77 years,3 mo. & 26 days old.
Mrs. Eliza Erwin Townsend age 82 years,2 mo., 15 days. She fell Dec. 16th fracturing her wrist & hip from which injuries she died Dec. 28, 1883
Edward Erwin Townsend son of Eliza Erwin Townsend died Sept. 25, 1898 in the village of Painted Post, aged 73 years,8 mo, 2 days
Died Mary Erwin (widow an________of Arthur Erwin, late of Bucks County) in Easton on Thursday morning of July 29, 1817 at forty minutes after four oclock. Mother of Samuel, Mary, Rebecka, Arthur, Francis & John Erwin. Recorded by Francis Erwin her son at Painted Post August 10th 1817.
Died in Easton, Pa. on Sat. night the 4th of June 1820 of a pulmonary diseasse Dr. John Erwin, age 34 years. Recorded by F. Erwin his brother, Painted Post, 13 August 1820.
Died in the town of Garrison on Friday 6th of Sept. 1837 of _________disease in the throat, Francis Erwin age 57 years.
Maj. Arthur Erwin died April 7, 1842, Erwin, Steuben County, N.Y.
Sarah Erwin widow of Maj. Erwin died May 19, 1863.


Samuel Erwin born May 4, 1770 - Rachel Heckman born May 1, 1783
Samuel F. Erwin & Rachel Heckman Erwin his wife.
Elizabeth Erwin - born the 15th October 1801 in the forenoon in Easton, Pa.
Arthur H. Erwin born the 26th November 1803 in Painted Post, N.Y.
Francis E. Erwin born the 15th May 1806 in Painted Post.
John Erwin born the 21st March 1808 in the morning 3 oclock in Painted Post.
Mary Erwin born on Wed. the 17th October 1810, half past 5 oclock in the morning in Painted Post.
William Erwin born on Tues. the 11th June 1813 at 7 oclock in the evening in Painted Post-He died in Cleveland, Ohio, June 28th 1894 age 81 years & 12 days.
Rachel Erwin born on Mon. the 20th November 1815 at 9 oclock in the morning in Painted Post.
Samuel Erwin born on Wed. the 11th August 1819 in the morning in Painted Post.
Charles H. Erwin born on the 30th April 1822-5 oclock in the morning in Painted Post.


C.H. Erwin died Sept. 6, 1890-Painted Post last child of S. Erwin.


________Erwin married to Nancy P. ________ on the evening of June 29, 1836 by the Rev. Towne at Marion Co. Ohio.
Samuel Erwin married to Mary E.________on the 11th June 1845 by the Rev. B. Fulmer-Painted Post.
Charles H. Erwin married to Antoinette Curtis on the 15th day of Jan. 1850 at Campbelltowne by the Rev. Mr. Skinner
Eliza Erwin married to Edward Townsend on the 22nd Nov. 1821 by Rev. David Higgans of Bath
Lost an infant on the 15th Dec. 1823
Edward Townsend born on the 23 Jan 1825 at 1 Am.
Rachel A. Erwin married to William J. Gilbert on the 30th October-1839 by Rev. John Smith at Erwin.

Gridley Family Bible Page

contributed by: Susan Austin (posted here with permission 9/4/03)

Very fragile, in several pieces. These Gridley's were from Caton, Steuben Co., NY and most of them are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Caton.  This page is in the hands of my mother-in-law, Violet Austin (Gridley descendant).

Eli Gridly Feb 20, 1808
Mary T. Brigham Jan 1, 1812
Ann Eliza Rowe Mar 19, 1817
Ann Eliza Gridley Sept. 19, 187?
Chas. B. Gridley July 16, 1841
Alanson Gridley Dec. 10, 1842
Mary E. Gridley Mar 12, 1844
Levi Gridley Apr 10, 1846
Ezra Gridley Aug 17, 1850
Clarissa E. Gridley Oct 30, 1831
David F. Gridley Oct 23, 1833
John N. Gridley Aug 4, 1835
Geo. S. Gridley Nov 30, 1???
Harriet M. Gridley June 30, 1???
William H. Gridley Sept 9, 1856
W. O. Matteson Aug 1, 1834
Edgar Matteson Dec 6, 1836
Philena Matteson Mar 26, 1839
Walter S. Matteson Dec 11, 1841
Hannah Matteson July 23, 1844


Walter S. Matteson Dec. 15, 1842
William H. Gridley Nov. 26, 1901
Chas. B. Gridley May 10, 1869
Philena Gridley Mar. 20, 1879
Eli Gridley July 12, 1891
Ann E. Gridley Jan 9, 1839
Mary T. Gridley Aug 9, 1840
Levi Gridley Jan 2, 1847
Ann E., wife of Eli Gridley, Jan 6, 1847
Geo. S. Gridley Mar. 4, 1847
Philena Matteson Sept. 9, 1816
Alanson Gridely Dec 17, 1862

Hadden Family Bible
(with notes by Nettie Vorce and Freeman Coats)
contributed by: Freeman Coats

Absolum Hadden's bible when I visited Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Onnilee Smith, Faucett Rd., Bath, NY a few years ago. I'll copy them for you. - Freeman Coats

Family Record Marriages:

Absalum Haden and Rebecca Pinkney was married March 10, 1821
Absalom Hadden and Ann Marie Goff was married Dec. 21, 1845
Mr. Philander Bertes and Mary Hadden was married March 4, 1865
Mr. James Hadden and Elise Sylman was mar. Dec. 14, 1870
Mr. William H. Goff and Cairry Macknelle was marr. Sept. 6, 1891
James M. Hadden and Eva Major were marr. at Hornellsville, April 5, 1893
Leon B. Smith, son of Lizzie Hadden Smith, and Onnilee M. Clemons, married April 14, 1926

Miz Rebeca Hadden, died Oct. l, 1833 in the 36 yr of her age, at Cameron, Steuben Co., N.Y.
Absalom Hadden died March 19, 1884, age 87 yrs, 2 mon, 17 days
Emma Hadden Grant, died Oct. 27, 1890, age 35 yrs, 10 mon, 15 days
Mrs. Ann Marie Hadden Brunskill, died Feb. 25, 1897 in the 80th year of her age.
Mary E. Hadden Burton, died Feb. 20, 1919, age 72 yrs, 3 mon, 28 days
Lizzie Hadden Smith, died July 2, 1920, age 46 yrs, 11 mon, and 2 days
James M. Hadden, died Sept. 22, 1927, age 55 yrs, 11 mon 7 days
Eliza Silliman Hadden, died Jan. 11, 1937, age 89
Rosalinda Hadden Vorce, died (date left blank)

John Pinkney was born July 17, 1777
Anna Pinkney was born Jan. 11, 1775
Absalom Haden was born Jan. 2, 1797
Rebecca Pinkney was born Dec. 14, 1797
Sylvester Haden was born March 31, 1822
Gilbert P. Haden born Dec. 21, 1823
Deborah Ann Haden and Ann Eliza Haden (twins) was born Nov. 25, 1825
William L. Haden was born March 5, 1828
Absalom Haden, Jr. was born Feb. 12, 1830
Permelia P. Hadden was born May 11, 1832
Mary E. Hadden was born Oct. 23, 1846
Rebecca Hadden died Oct. the 11th 1833 in the 36th year of her age
James L. Hadden was born Feb. 25, 1849
Rosalinda D. Hadden was born at Pulteney, Steuben Co. on Nov. 19, 1852
Emma Hadden was born at Wheeler, Stueben So. NY  Dec. 12, 1854
Walter Grant, March 12, 1875
James M. Hadden was born Oct. 15, 1871
Lizzie G. Hadden was born July 31, 1873
Lizzie G. Hadden and Sherman L. Smith was married on March 14, 1900.
Baby girl born to Leon B. Smith and Onnilee Smith, May 26, 1931. (Note: Baby later died)

Note: Deborah Ann Hadden married Leonard Coats. Their second son, Henry Absolum Coats was my grandfather. The parents of Deborah Ann and Ann Eliza were Absolum Hadden, b. Jan. 2, 1797 and Rebecca Pinkney Hadden, b. Dec. 14, 1797

Handwritten notes enclosed in Absolum Hadden's Bible in the Family Record section. Written by Nettie Vorce, now deceased. (So is Onnilee Smith). Gilbert Hadden married Deborah Barton in Scotland in Devonshire, I think, and came to this country to live. They had a large family. One was Absalom Hadden, my (Nettie's) my grandfather and Leon's great-grandfather. Absolum Hadden married Rebecca Pinkney. They had five children that I know of.

These are the five:

Newspaper clipping in Absalom Hadden's Bible in Family Register section: "Died at Penn Yan, Feb. 25, 1897. Mrs. Ann Marie Brunskill in the 80th year of her age. Deceased was well known in these parts as Mrs. A. Hadden, who lived at Cold Springs* for many years. She was born in Orange County and was three times married, first to William Goff, who died in 1844; her second time, in 1846 to Absolem Hadden who died in 1884; her third husband was Thomas Brunskill, whom she married in 1887. There were two children by the first marriage, William H. Goff, who lives in the town of Pulteney, near the Urbana wine cellars, and Mary Francis, who died in 1844. By the second husband there were four children, Mrs. Mary Burton, who lives at Cayuga, Cayuga County, this state; James, who lives near Bath; Mrs. Rosalinda Vorhis, who lives near Port Byron; and Emma, who lives in Bath. She leaves three brothers, two of whom live in Penn Yan and one in Elmira. The remains were interred in Pleasant Valley cemetery on Saturday."

Note: l. Cold Springs is the area where Absolum Hadden is buried. Her tombstone indicates she is buried in a cemetery on Hatchery Road, about l 1/2 miles north of Bath and one mile west. This area was called Cold Springs because of the cold springs and that is why they made the fish hatchery here. Pleasant Valley cemetery is south of Hammondsport, N.Y. Devonshire is in England - not in Scotland!  Freeman Coats <> (10/10/05)

Holly Family Bible

contributed by: Mary S. Jackson (posted with permission: 9/8/04)

Publisher John E. Beardsley Auburn and Buffalo NY

Bible was purchased in Bath, NY by Phebe (Holly) Jacobus on 30 July 1864 and was left to her neice, my Grandmother Mary (Allen) Bossard. It was then handed down to me.

The family record pages of the bible contains the following:

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Mr. Isaac JACOBUS of Bath, NY and Phebe M. MARGESON of Bradford, NY on 22 Nov. 1862 at the home of William MARGESON by Rev. H. C. DAKIN.


Andrew J. MARGESON and Phebe M. HOLLY married 16 Oct 1845
Isaac JACOBUS and Phebe M. MARGESON married 22 Nov1862


Isaac JACOBUS was born April 23, 1816
Phebe Maria JACOBUS was born January 17, 1825
Andrew J. MARGESON was born October 12, 1823
Delilah MARGESON was born July 30, 1846
David J. MARGESON was born February 27, 1848
Alvin C. MARGESON was born March 9, 1850
Andrew J. MARGESON was born March 27, 1852


Delilah MARGESON died August 30, 1846
Andrew J. MARGESON died December 5, 1863
Isaac JACOBUS died January 21, 1874
Edith L. Margeson died May 15, 1893
Debra MARGESON died May 19, 1893
Phebe Maria JACOBUS died January 14, 1909
Duncan M. HOLLY died September 5, 1863 (Phebe's Father)

In the back of the bible an attached page:

Family Records: (these are children of Duncan M. HOLLY and Elizabeth STETSON)
Samuel HOLLY was born February 4, 1810
Tempy Ann HOLLY was born January 25, 1812
James HOLLY was born December 25, 1813 (my GrGr grandfather)
Asa HOLLY was born April 11, 1816
William HOLLY was born May 2, 1818
Sarah HOLLY was born May 15, 1820
Lewis HOLLY was born July 18, 1822
Phebe Maria HOLLY was born January 17, 1825
Noah HOLLY was born March 17, 1827
Thomas C. HOLLY was born March 17, 1835
Eliza HOLLY was born October 15, 1836

Benjamin Lamphier Bible

Contributed by: Jack Lamphier

Records from a Bible owned by Mrs. Olen A. Converse, Walnut St., Canisteo, N.Y. - These records were copied off Oct. 3, 1956 by Leora Wilson Drake, Town Historian, Canisteo - with misc. notes.

Bible printed 1829 at Cooperstown, N.Y. by H&E. Phinney.

Benjamin Lamphier b. 1771, May 9 d. 1849, Apr. 11 Jasper, N.Y.
Sally......................b. 1771, Jan. 16
Benj. & Sally married 1796, Dec. 26

Loisa Lamphier - b. 1797, Aug. 9
Benj. M. Lamphier - b. 1799, Dec. 8
Sally Lamphier - b. 1802, Apr. 17
Henry G. Lamphier - b. 1807, Oct. 23
Polly M. Lamphier - b. 1809, Nov 7 d. 1849, Jun 7, Posttown, as Polly Cooper - prob. Painted Post, Steuben Co. NY
Samuel M. Lamphier - b. 1810, May 9
Rosannah (Joan) - 1812, Aug. 15 mar. Jas. Butler, son of Jos. & Polly Jeffers

Mary A.(Ann) Sharp - b. 1813, Dec. 25 d. 1886, Aug. 25, Hitchcox records
Mary A. Sharp mar. Samuel Lamphier
Amy Lamphier - b. 1829, Dec. 18
Sarah Lamphier - b. 1831, Mch. 6
John Lamphier - b. 1833, Feb. 7
Andrew Lamphier - b. 1835, Mch. 4 - d. 1912, Aug. 9 ae 77* yrs
(Known as Henry Andrew - by obit. etc & marr. to Lidia Knight, 4/8/1855 at Greenwood, N.Y.) * was a 2 over written with 7-JAC
Loysa Lamphier - b. 1837, Apr. 19
Jane Henrietta Lamphier - b. 1830, Sept. 22 - d. 1901, Nov. 15
Pheba Lamphier - b. 1843, Jan. 19
Olive Lamphier - b. 1846, July 8
Helen Lamphier - b. 1848, Oct. 26
Samuel P.(Pratt) Lamphier - b. 1850, Oct. 8

Benjamin & Sally Lamphier - mar. 1796, Dec. 26
Jacob Converse & Henrietta L. - mar. 1857, May 17
Olen Alfred Converse & Cora M. Havens - mar. 1893, Dec. 30
Allen Lynn Converse & Margaret Lamphier (no relation) of Wellsville. mar. 1943, Sept. 1

Births & Deaths
Jacob T. (Tracey) Converse - b. 1836, Dec. 30 - d. 1916, Aug. 16
Edith V. Converse (dau.) - b. 1859, Apr. 24 - d. 1909, Feb. 17
Olen A. Converse - b. 1869, Aug. 22 - d. 1951, Mch. 28
Sarah J. Converse (dau) - b. 1879, Jan. 2 - d. 19__
Cora M. Havens - b. 1874, May 22 - d. 1960, Oct. 11
Perry A. Converse - b. 1894, Dec. 7 - d. 1896, Feb. 11
Allen L. Converse - b.1898, Dec. 15
Cliar W. Converse - b. 1903, July 14 - d. 1906, Jan. 28
Eldon O. Converse - b. (private)
Margaret Lamphier Converse - b. (private) Wellsville - adopted
Robert Eldon Converse - b. (private)
James Douglas Converse - b. (private)
Misc. notes most likely by Lenora Wilson Drake - looks as if she duplicated some of the bible records for this entry (JAC)
Samuel M. Lamphier: - son of Benj. and Sally Lamphier
b. 1810, May 9
d. 1886, ae 75 yrs
mar. ca 1828/29
Mary Ann Sharp - b. 1813, Dec. 25 - Bible record - d. 1886, Aug. 25 - J. Hitchcox records.
Dau. of Robert Sharp - War of 1812 - b. 1784, Mch. 21 - N.Jersey - d. 1880 Jasper, NY - ae 96 - Jasper Cem. And of Amy - b. 1789, May 23 - Penn - d. 1879 ?Jasper, N.Y. ae 90 yrs - Jasper Cem.

Probaby came to Jasper about 1822 - a farmer, frame house - 1855 census, 1865 census gives a grandson, Willie Hober, 1 month old with Saml & Mary

Children: - Bible record - also check 1850 & 1865 census
Amy Lamphier - b. 1829, Dec. 18
Sarah Lamphier - b. 1831, Mch 6 d. 1863, Oct 3, ae 31-6-29
John Lamphier - b. 1833, Feb. 7
*Andrew Lamphier - b. 1835, Mch 4 d. 1912, Aug. 9 - 77yr
Loysa Lamphier - b. 1837, Apr. 19 d. 1841, Sept. 6, 3yr-4-17ds- Louisa
Jane Henrietta Lamphier - b. 1839, Spet. 22 - d. 1901, Nov. 15
Pheba Lamphier - 1843, Jan. 19
Olive Lamphier - b. 1846, July 8
Helen Lamphier - b. 1848, Oct. 26
Samuel P (Pratt) Lamphier - 1850, Oct. 8 d. 1928, Oct. 29
*- Henry Andrew

Sarah E. Lamphier - mar. Alexander House - b. 1822, May 14, Herkimer, NY - son of George I - Joseph). Sarah d. 1863, Oct. 3, Schenck Hill Cem. Jasper Twnp., NY
Children: - (House)
Edna E. b. d. Sept, 1862, ae 12yr-4mo
William mar. Genevieve Grinolds of Troupsburg, NY
Epitaph on sonte on Schenck Hill Cem-
"Farewell Sarah fare thee well
A Companions tears may fondly swell
and childrenweep but thou art blest
In that far clime of endless rest."

Some family members claim she is bur. at Jasper Cem. but the above stone is on Schenck Hill. - (note most likely by Lenora Drake)

Above typed for Jack Lamphier by Judy Allen Cwiklinski (1999) - posted to this page with his permission. (9/4/03)
Note - for (private) please contact Jack Lamphier for details.

Henry Lamphier Bible

Contributed by: Jack Lamphier

Lamphier Bible Records taken from the Bible owned by Lulu Prentice Freeland, Canisteo, N.Y. - Apr. 15, 1955 - Bible publ. 1833 by N. & J. White

Fly leaf - Property of J.M. Bruce or Brace

Henry G. Lamphier - b. Oct. 23, 1807 (Son of Benj. & Sally - of above record)
Helen E. Lamphier - b. 1828, Sept. 18
Samuel M. Lamphier - b. 1830, Sept. 27
Mary Ann Lamphier - b. 1832,July 4
Henry B. Lamphier - b. 1834, Apr. 8
Jennis S. (or June) Lamphier - b. 1836, Mar. 18
John A. Lamphier - b. 1838, Feb. 28
Lyman S. Lamphier - b. 1840, July 19
Reuben Oscar Lamphier - b. 1842, Sept. 11
David Albert Lamphier - b. 1845, Feb. 19
Chas. F. Lamphier - b. 1847, Jan. 18
Russell P. Lamphier - b. 1850, Jan 2
Wm. H. Lamphier - b. 1852, Apr. 13
Jimmey Ed Lamphier - b. 1855, June 14
Mary E. Hopkins - b. 1845, Aug. 11


Henry G. Lamphier - mar. Anna E. Brace (Bruce) - 1858, July 19
Henry Lamphier - mar. Delinah Root - 1827, Apr. 29
Samuel M. Lamphier - mar. E'beth Mow - 1851, Dec. 11
Mary Lamphier - mar. John Weaver - 1854, May 26
Henry B. Lamphier - mar. Jane M. Hanes - 1856, Dec. 25 Deaths: Helen E'beth - d. 1845, Apr. 13, ae 16y-6-24ds
Delinah L. - d. 1857, Apr. 23, ae 45yrs
Henry B. d. 1862, June 2 - ae 28yrs
Jimmey d. 1862, June 19, ae 7yr-5ds
Reuben - d. 1863, June 13, ae 21yrs
Velma Prentice Cranmer - d. 1950, Setp.
Clarence Lamphier - d. 1952, Aug. - b. 1893, June 18
Sally - wf. of Benj. Lamphier - b. 1771, Jan. 16 - Bible Record - R.I. by 1855 census d. post the census 1855 census says had lived in township 33 yrs, so, there by 1822.

In Jasper 1850 census the following appears below the family of Saml & Mary Sharp Lamphier: -
Isaac Lamphier - b. 1804/5 - 46 yrs - b. NY - b. Conn. by 1860 census - farmer
Margaret Lamphier - b. 1783 - ae 67 yrs - b. NY - 78 yrs by 1860 census
Sarah Lamphier - b. 1775 - ae 74 yrs - b. R.Is.
Jasper 1850 census - another sheet:-
Isaac Lamphier - b. 1820 as 30 yrs - farmer - NY
Peggy Lamphier - b. 1801, ae 49 yrs - b. NY
Mary Lamphier - b. 1823 as 27 yrs - NY
Polly Lamphier - 2/12 yr - b. 1850 - NY

Above typed for Jack Lamphier by Judy Allen Cwiklinski (1999) - posted to this page with his permission. (9/4/03)

Lewis Bible Record

The Lewis family came to Michigan from Wayne and Tyrone, Steuben County, New York. Joseph Lewis was in Romulus, Seneca County, NY before 1817. Some clues indicate New Jersey, and/or Connecticut might be locations of earlier generations.

There is no location for the Bible record, but the Bible was in the possession of Mrs. William Stanbro of Salem Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

William H. Lewis, b. 1826 of Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI is the son of John Lewis, born in the 1796-1797 in NY. John and Jane Lewis arrived in Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI in the early 1830s with a probable cousin or relative, Eliphalet Lewis. A brother of Eliphalet Lewis, Charles Lewis, was already in Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI by 1828-1829. Charles wrote that he was from Steuben County, NY in a land deed. Eliphalet and Charles Lewis were NOT brothers of John Lewis.

John Lewis and Eliphalet Lewis were original members of the First Baptist Church of Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI.

The following information in parenthesis is added by me, Vicki. (reposted with permission: 9/8/03)

Eliphalet Lewis May 20 1793 [second surviving son of Joseph Lewis]
Polly Lewis no date [Mary "Polly" Adams, b. abt. 1816, wife 1 of Eliphalet Lewis]
Eliza Beth Johnson Oct 20 1799 [b. abt 1826, wife 2 of Eliphalet Lewis]
Elsey Lewis no date [b. 24 Feb 1839, wife 3 of Eliphalet Lewis]
Louisa Lewis Oct 22, 1803 [b. abt. 1847, wife 4 of Eliphalet Lewis]
William Lewis Oct 9, 1816 [oldest surviving son of Eliphalet Lewis]
Sally Lewis Aug 1, 1818 [oldest surviving daughter of Eliphalet Lewis]
Huldah Lewis Oct 28, 1820 [twins ?] [dau of Eliphalet Lewis]
Jane Lewis Oct 28, 1820 [dau. of Eliphalet Lewis]
Amos Lewis Mar 11, 1826 [son of Eliphalet Lewis]
Joseph Lewis Mar 18, 1829 [son of Eliphalet Lewis]
Mary Ann Lewis Sept 14, 1831 [dau of Eliphalet Lewis]
Katherine Lewis Aug 6, 1835 [dau of Eliphalet Lewis]
Sarah Lewis Mar 11, 1848 [dau of Eliphalet Lewis]

Eliphalet Lewis May 12, 1838 [death May 12, 1878; buried Thayer Cemetery, see below]
Polly Lewis Feb 4, 1824 [bu. Frank Wood Farm Cem., Wayne, Steuben Co., NY]
Elizabeth Lewis May 12, 1878
Elsey Lewis Apr 1, 1840
Louisa Lewis Mar 16, 1882
Joseph Lewis Nov 29, 1829
Sally Lewis June 15, 183?
Amanda Lewis Oct 28, 1858
Jane Lewis Rathburn Oct 12, 1894
Huldah Lewis Goodall Nov 9, 1911
Joseph Lewis Aug 28, 1825 [father of Eliphalet; buried: Frank Wood Farm Cemetery (deserted), Wayne, Steuben Co., NY]
Katherine Lewis June 19, 1831 [mother of Eliphalet; buried: Frank Wood Farm Cemetery (deserted), Wayne, Steuben Co., NY]
Mary Ann Lewis Ham Mar 16, 1904
William Stanbro Nov 24, 1919 [husband of Sarah M. Lewis]

This record was copied by Mrs. William Stanbro [Sarah M. Lewis] of Salem, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Mrs. Stanbro was the daughter of Eliphalet Lewis and his fourth wife, Louisa Lewis, and the granddaugther of Joseph Lewis who died August 28, 1825 and his wife, Katherine [Catherine] Lewis who died June 19, 183? [1831]. She has no record of the birth of her grandparents.

Copied for the Sarah Ann Cochrane Chapter D.A.R. by Mary Chaffee Warner

[There is a record of Eliphalet Lewis as one of the first settlers of Salem, Washtenaw Co., Michigan about 1830. One record spells Eliphalet as Eliphlet.]

[Thayer Cemetery, Napier Rd and Six Mile Road, on the Washtenaw County line, in Wayne County, Michigan. Eliphalet Lewis family graves, third row from Napier Road, near fence, north of house, to the right of the double entry gate. On Napier Road side of large Dickerson monument. John Lewis and Charles Lewis family graves in same area as Eliphalet Lewis family]

I have more on this family.

Merrill Family Bible

Mary Delia Calkins married Sidney Merrill on 5 April 1827. He was born 22 December 1807. She was born 16 January 1808, Ballston, Saratoga Co., NY., parents Ripley and Sarah Kellogg Calkins.

This bible is in the possession of my mother Arlene who supplied the data.
Contributed by: Ralph A. Preston, Jr. (reposted with permission: 9/8/03)

Ripley 26 March 1828
Ripley Nelson 14 June 1829
Sally Kellogg 28 September 1830
Mary Lucretia 17 September 1833
Sidney Jerome 9 September 1836
Hannah Ann 28 August 1838
Catherine Lizana 28 August 1840
Henry R. C. (Ripley Calkins?) 6 June 1842
Adeline Laurancy 19 July 1844
Jonas Inman 29 1 1847

Catherine Lizana 6 September 1884
Ripley 30 March 1828
Ripley Nelson 12 April 1832
Hannah Ann 7 July 1888, after noon at 4:40 o'clock


Sally Kellogg to Isiaiah B. Dudley 11 March 1848
Mary Lucretia to Cornelius Harter 24 April 1854
Sidney Jerome to Cornelia A. Scott 29 (28) February 1862
Hannah Ann to John Eldridge 3 September 1862
Catherine Lizana to Anthony Westbrook 1 May 1864
Adeline Laurancy to Leonard Warner 26 October 1867
Jonas Inman to Luthera Kellogg 27 October 1869


Smith family bible of Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY

Family Records - MARRIAGES

Alfred SMITH married to Delilah JOHNSON June 20, 1837
Second Marriage To Abigail MORRIS Dec. 31 AD 1845
James SMITH and Sarah A. STROUD werre married April 1, 1872
Samuel W. BERGE - Hannah S. SMITH 1875
Charles F. SMITH - Frankie GROVER April 7, 1878
Lewis McHENRY and Emma SMITH were married Nov. 28, 1877
Ernest H. MACK and Susan D. SMITH married June 1, 186(?)- edge of photocopy cut the year off - JAC
Second Marriage to Minerva POLLER? Oct 11, 1917
Howard B. SMITH to Eva SHERMAN WESTON April 14, 1950
Rupert A. SMITH to Daisy LEWIS Aug. 15-1917
Harry BURNS to Lena H. SMITH July 2 - 1935
William SMITH and Cora M. BOWEN married Mar 12 1885

Family Record - BIRTHS

Alfred SMITH Born Feb. 16, 1804
Delilah JOHNSON born Nov. 24, 1816
Franklin SMITH born June 22d 1841
Abigail MORRIS born Jan. 10, 1821
James SMITH b. Feb 7, AD 1847
Susan Delilah SMITH born Dec. 1st AD 1848
Hannah SMITH Born Sept. 8, 1850
Emma SMITH Born January 21, 1853
Charles Fremont SMITH Born August 23, 1856
William SMITH Born October 13, 1858
Lavern P. MACK Born (this crossed out - JAC)
Burt F. SMITH Born July 17, 1877
Ray E. SMITH Born March 31, 1881
Earl SMITH Born Feb 18, 1883
Parke J. SMITH Born June 27, 1884
Ernest J. SMITH Born Sept 6 1889

Family Record - BIRTHS

Melvin C. SMITH Born Mar. 11, 1879
Mary F. SMITH (Nannie) Born July 23, 1887
Julia E. SMITH Born May 30, 1893
Laverne P. MACK Born Jan. 24, 1872
Nina L. MACK Born Dec 4, 1876
Josaphine M. SUTFIN Aug 17, 1897
Evelyn J. SUTFIN May 29, 1901
Josephine SUTFIN CRAWFORD Died May 1954 (5 overwritten by a 4 - JAC)

Rupert A. SMITH Mar. 22, 1887
Lena H. SMITH Oct. 6, 1888
Gladys SMITH Feb 1st 1894
Howard B. SMITH Aug. 12, 1905
Above one offspring of William + Cora M. BOWEN ( sic. JAC)


William SMITH died Oct. 15, 1946
Cora M. SMITH Dec. 6, 1949
Rupert A. SMITH Apr 23-1962
Lena S. BURNS Oct. 29, 1972
Gladys E. SMITH died June 28, 1975
Eva S. SMITH Died Dec 3, 1978

Family Record - DEATHS

Delilah SMITH died August 20 1845
Franklin SMITH died March 11, 1857
Emma SMITH died Oct 17, 1882
Abigail SMITH died Feb 16 1890
Alfred SMITH died May 26 1872
Fannie SMITH died Aug 5th 1876
Earl SMITH died Feb. 26, 1883
Charles F. SMITH died Feb 1923
Susan D. MACK died Nov 1st 1916
Ernest H. MACK died Apr. 27, 1927
Burt F. SMITH died Jan 28, 1940
Dora SMITH died Aug. 10, 1965
Ray E. SMITH died Oct-27-1969
Earnest J. SMITH died Dec 12-1966
Parke J. SMITH died March 2, 1970
Lena S. BURNS Oct 29-1972 (this is crossed off but entered elsewhere - JAC)
James SMITH 1922
Hannah SMITH BERGE 1930
Sarah STROUD SMITH died Aug. 26, 1933
Sam BERGE 1930

Olmsted Family Bible

I copied the following from a Family Bible I found at an auction before it went on the auction block in Avoca, NY. I have no further knowledge of this bible, but I copied the contents for you........ Cheryl Kirkendall

James Olmsted & Harriet Gunslow married March 19, 1822
Jane Olmsted; born July 3, 1823; died August 15, 1827 age 4 yrs.
Calvin Olmsted; born August 29, 1825; died August 4, 1827 age 2 yrs
Sarah M. Olmsted; born June 15, 1828; died October 5, 1846
Jane Olmsted; born October 30, 1830
Mary E. Olmsted; born June 24, 1833
Hannah M. Olmsted; born September 1, 1837
Albert H. Olmsted; born July 11, 1840; died January 23, 1845 age 4 yrs 6 mo. 12 days
Demis ? A. Olmsted; born March 1, 1843
James E. Olmsted; born November 5, 1845

Bible Record of Adrian G. & Fanney Van Houten Family

contributed by: Alva L. Van Houten (reposted with permission: 9/8/04)

Title Page;
The New Testament
William W. Harding
No. 326 Chestnut Street

Fanney, beloved wife of A. G. Vanhouten, born in Bath, Stuben Co. N. Y. Mar 17, 1807.
Adrian G. beloved husband of Fanney Vanhouten born Urbana, Stuben Co., N. Y. June 26, 1807.
James C. beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten, born in Urbana, Stuben Co. N. Y. Oct 4, 1829
Sally Ann, beloved daughter of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten, born in Urbana, Stuben Co. N. Y. April 26, 1831.
Ralph, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten born in Urbana, Stuben Co. N. Y. July 27, 1833.
Daniel, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten, born in Urbana, Stuben Co, N. Y. May 18, 1835.
Archa, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten, born at Mount Washington, near Bath, Stuben Co. N. Y. July 26, 1837.
Bradley, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten born at Mount Washington, near Bath, Stuben Co. N. Y. July 29, 1839.
Bradford, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten, born at Mount Washington, near Bath, Steuben Co. N. Y. July 29, 1839.
John C. beloved son of A. G. and Fanny Vanhouten, born at Mount Washington near Bath, Steuben Co. N. Y. Nov 27, 1841.
Adrian G. beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten born in Urbana Steuben Co. N. Y. April 26, 1844.
John W. beloved son of A. G. and Fanny Vanhouten, born in Reed, Seneca Co. Ohio, June 14, 1846.

Sarah A. beloved daughter of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten to Horace L. Jones, Aug 2, 1851 at Toledo, Ohio
Sarah A. beloved daughter of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten to Thomas L. Beal, Feb 15, 1868 at Lambertville, Lucas Co., Ohio

Adrian G. Vanhouten departed this life April the 15th 1881, aged 73 and nine months
John C. Vanhouten Died April th 16th 1844 aged 2 years, 5 months, 11 days.
Bradford, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten departed this life at Camp Montgomery, near Corinth, Miss., Sept 21, 1862, aged 23 years, 1 month, 22 days.
Bradley, beloved son of A. G. and Fanney Vanhouten departed this life in Dekalb Co., Ill., Oct 1, 1862, aged 23 years, 2 months 2 days.
Fanney, beloved wife of A. G. Vanhouten departed this life at Elkhart, Ind., Jan 28, 1885 after an illness of 7 days.
Daniel Van Houten beloved son of Adrian & Fanny Van Houten departed this life Aug. 18, 1898.
James C. Van Houten beloved son of A. G. & Fanny Van ...... departed this life April 27, 1904.
Ralph Van Houten beloved son of A. G. and Fanny Van H. departed this life at Port Angeles, Wn. June 6, 1906. aged nearly 73 years.
Archebald Van H. beloved son of A G & Fanny Van H. departed this life at Toledo Ohio Jan ......(date incomplete)
Sally Ann Beal beloved daughter of A. G. & Fanny Van H departed this life at Port Angeles Wash. June 24 1915 at the age of 84 years
John Walters beloved son of A. G. and Fanny Van Houten departed this life at Baldwin, Ohio (Elkhart Ind crossed out) Dec 26, 1922 in 76th year.
A. G. (Dock) beloved son of A. G. & Fanny Van Houten departed this life at (Elkhart, Ind. crossed out) Dec 19th 1925 at age of 81 years

Compilers note: There are actually more records in here. They seem to consist of the family of the daughter Sarah Ann (Sally). I posted only the "main" Van Houten family as that is the Steuben County, NY connection.

Isaac Van Houten Family Record

contributed by: Alva L. Van Houten (reposted with permission: 9/8/04)

Florence Bridges Culver
5115 Forty-Fifth St., N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Copied for Mrs. Lydia Griggs West.
Sunday, May 21st., 1939
Isaac Vanhouten and Mary Benne was married. M..?..... th 2 in the year of our lord 1816.
James Vanhouten was born march th 23 in the year of our lord 1817
Nancy Vanhouten was born June the 21 in the year of our lord 1819.
Sylvina Vanhouten was born May the 6 in the year of our lord 1821.
Elizabeth J. Vanhouten was born March the 4 in the year of our lord 1823.
Ralph R. Vanhouten was born September the 18th in the year of our lord 1825.
Mary Lucretia Vanhouten was born September the 21 in the year of our lord 1830.
John Vanhouten Was Born January 11 in the year of our lord 1832.
Simon I. Vanhouten Born Mar 4th 1838.


Mary Vanhouten Died April 1 . 1838 Age forty two years.

Ezabeth Vanhouten Died March 17, 1860 Aged Sixty Years.


Note: The above records are copied from frayed and yellowed sheets that evidently had been torn from a small Bible. They were among the possessions of Mrs. Julia Griggs Culver, wife of Elisha Carranter Culver, who was born in Hammondsport, N.Y., Oct. 8th., 1846, and died in Longmont, Colorado June 20, 1926. She was the daughter of John Griggs and Elizabeth Vanhouten, whose birth record is among these copied above.
The Elizabeth Vanhouten whose death is recorded above is not the mother of Julia Griggs Culver, but evidently a sister of Isaac Vanhouten's or other relative. It could not be his mother. Elizabeth Vanhouten Griggs died June 4, 1902.

Florence B. Culver

(Submitter's note: The preceding is a family record I recently received. This appears to be a family record copied by Florence B. Culver, from the original bible pages. I have typed it here as is the copy I have. I have retained the spelling and punctuation as it is on my copy. This family was an early Steuben County family with at least two of the children living in Steuben County all their lives. Also worth noting is the Ezabeth Vanhouten who died in 1860. She likely is Azebeth Ann the suspected second wife of Isaac Van Houten, who appears with him in the 1850 and 1855 census' and some Steuben County deeds.  [End]

Daniel B. & Mercy C. (Bartoo) Williams

Daniel B. Williams - of Troupsburg, Steuben Co., NY

Bible owned by Marion Springer - who received this bible in 1977.

THE HOLY BIBLE containing the Old and New Testaments; Transulated out of the Original Tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. "Sterotype edition" PHILADELPHIA: printed for the American and Foreign Bible Society, by the Bible Association of Friends in America. [1847]

D. B. WILLIAMS, Foster RI, Aug 14th 1816 (note at bottom)
M. C. WILLIAMS, Green, NY, Mar 7th 1821 (note at bottom)
Alfred WILLIAMS, Sep 20th 1840
Jeremiah WILLIAMS, Feb 18th 1843
Wm H WILLIAMS, Dec 12th 1844
Mary WILLIAMS, April 22nd 1847
Elsie A. WILLIAMS, Jan 15th 1849
Ruth WILLIAMS, Mar 1st 1851
Daniel WILLIAMS, Feb 3rd 1853
Moses J. WILLIAMS, Aug 14th 1854
John C WILLIAMS, May 4th 1857
Bell WILLIAMS, Oct 11th 1860
Lottie WILLIAMS, Sep 13th 1864

Ruth DARRIN, April 10th 1874 Sterling Run Cameron Co Pa
Mary CHAMBERLAIN, May 4th 1895 Troupsburg, N.Y.
D.B. WILLIAMS, Jan 16th 1894 Troupsburg, N.Y.

Alfred WILLIAMS to Frankie Weight*
(no dates added)
*note - D. B. is Daniel B. & M.C. is Mercy Charlotte - nee: BARTOO - (Marion Springer)
*correct name is Frankie W. Waight - (Marion Springer)

A note was added (22 May 2003) by Penny Kresl in response to the above bible record:
Daniel was brother to my ggg grandmother Elsie Ann Williams. They were children of George Williams and Amy Bennett. George's parents were Elder John Williams(buried at Miller's Mills (Herkimer co) and Bethiah Hopkins (2nd wife)
Elsie Ann Williams (my ggg) married James Chamberlain and pioneered to Rock Co and Walworth Co., WI by 1845. I have the line going all the way back to Roger Williams of RI. Let me know if I can be of further help.
Penny Kresl ( permission to post note given (8/2003)

Wixson Family

American Bible Society 1854
Bible in possession of Wilmer K. Wixson, 135 W. Mt. Airy Ave., Philadelphia, PA

Contributed by: Cheryl Wixon Gocken (posted with permission: 9/8/04)
President, Iroquois Co., IL Gene. Soc.
Owner - Wixon List


Daniel Wixson and Deborah Conklin 3 Mar 1811
Sackett B. Wixson and Belinda Ketchum 12 Jan 1854


Daniel Wixson 18 Aug 1786
Deborah Conklin 7 Jul 1793
Mary Wixson 11 Sep 1812
Joel Wixson 16 Oct 1814
Martin Wixson 5 Nov 1816
Norman Wixson 19 Mar 1819
John Wixson 6 Jul 1821
Daniel Wixson, Jr. 4 Nov 1823
Sackett B. Wixson 26 Jul 1826
Solomon C. Wixson 6 Nov 1828
Franklin Wixson 17 Jan 1831
Eli B. Wixson 6 May 1833
Menzo Wixson 18 Oct 1835
Belinda Ketchum Wixson 28 Feb 1826
Merton J. Wixson 22 Feb 1855
Winna M. Wixson 15 Dec 1859
Wilmer K. Wixson 13 Sep 1864


Winna M. Wixson 30 Jan 1863
S. B. Wixson 7 Oct 1902
Merton J. Wixson 6 Sep 1911

Solomon Wixson was born in 1752
Mary his wife was born in 1756
They lived in Dutchess Co., NY (About 1791 removed to Wayne, Steuben Co., NY)


Joseph born 1779 lived in Canada
Joshua born 1780 lived in Canada
Reuben born 1782 lived in Steuben Co., NY
John born 1784 moved to MI
Daniel born 1786 lived in Steuben Co., NY
James born 1789 lived in Steuben Co., NY
Solomon born 1791 lived in Steuben Co., NY
Elizabeth born 1793 lived in Steuben Co., NY
Polly born 1796 lived in Steuben Co., NY
Clara born 1798 lived in Steuben Co., NY
Elijah born 1800 lived in Steuben Co., NY

Note: Daniel whose wife was Deborah Conklin and whose list of children is given in a previous volume of these records.
Landmarks of Steuben Co., NY by hakes (1896) Part II page 288 give the name of the wife of Solomon Wixson (born 1752) as Mary Randall.

Unknown Bible - miscellaneous death/birth entries of Steuben Co., NY

This bible was given to the Steuben Co. Museum Bath - Nov 1980 it was donated by Mrs. Louise (Fluent) Barb...(cut off) of Hubbard Ohio who purchased it in Steuben county and makes mention that she wishes it "helps just one little name" Added note: 10/14/1999 - The information above is the best address that can be found - Sorry! So I am unable to help in further research of the person & address of Louise that donated this book - she wasn't related in any way to the people that were included in the bible entries. Typed by: Judy Allen Cwiklinski via Marion Springer

Miscellaneous journal of deaths handwritten on the blank pages within a bible whos owner is unknown.

Misspellings are EXACTLY as they are written in these pages - Judy

The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Translated out of the original Greek and with the Former Translations diligently compared and revised "Stereotype Edition"

New York

Printed by D. FANSHAW,

Leonard Aldrich was Born March 29th 1829
George Beaton Died Aug 25 (18??)(the year is in a black smudge and not legible-JAC)
Andrew Nolen ** (see note at bottom) hanging (in black smudge) - March 27, 1872 -- continues - something 3 days. Buried 29th
Aaron (...?...) died on Wensday Sept 30 1868 Burried on Sunday Oct 4th 72 years old
Monroe Whitcom Died on Saturday morng Aug 27th 1870 Burried on Sundy 28
(...?...) Coltson? died on Sunday morning Aug 28th 1870 Buried tusday 30th aged ......(illegible)
Elijah H. Ha..ey Died Dec 15th 1876 burried 17th at one o clock pm

In the inside of the end of the Old Testament- book of Malachi goes on:
Eli Northrope died Apr 1877 buried 16th
Amos Kelly killed in Bark Woods by the fall of tree June 11th 1877 Burried 12 at 4 o clock pm
Walter Nellis killed in the tanery at Emporium July 5th 1887 aged about 14 buried the 7th

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Mary (or May?-JAC) Steward was born March 13# 1785
Margarett Steward was Born August 23# 1816 and Maried (or Buried?) Dec 31# 1835
Margurett Rail died May 24# 1842
Amanda Elnor Rail the daughter of Samuel & Marguritt Rail was born May 1# 1837
Franses Rail the daughter of Samuel & Margarett Rail was borne Oct 9# 1841
Mr Murry Infant Child Buried on Sunday March 11# 1860?

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Cynthia Dervendrf Died July 7th 186 at 4 PM age 24 years 11 months & 12 days Buried on Monday 9th at 2 o,clock in Thurston Merchantville
Charlie A. Jones Drownded Oct 10th 1860 age 1 years 7 months & 24 Days Buried Friday 12th
Mrs. Harris 1851 Buried April 12 on Friday Bones moved to Delaware Co Feb 14th 1871 - F. Eddy presant (sic.JAC)
Jane the wife of Frank Wood burried April 28th 1861 on Sunday
Silas ..... Vanderwalker infant??? buried April 2, 1862 on Sunday

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Marcy Eddy died Sept 30 1810 age 35
Rhoda Eddy died Feb 24th 1858 aged 86 years 4 months & 13 day Eli Eddy born April 13th 1779 AD Eli Eddy Died Feb 15 1879
Savalla Ward Died May 13, 1879 age 53 years from the Patriot
Julia Ann(e*) Aldrich died March 29th 1840 (*an "e" added up and over the n - JAC)
Eli R. Eddy born July 9th 1808
... Eddy Died January the 14 1878 age 74 6mo 22? days
Archie (Darling Bexus) Eddy Died March 5th 1881 aged 4 years 1 month 12 days - note Darling is written above Bexus unknown if this this his full name or what-JAC.

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Grand Mother Blackemore Died Saturday Jan 7th 1857 Age 96 years
Vanderwaters Died April 1 Day 1871 Burried on Monday 3d Day ag 22 years & Day's (sic. exactly as written)
Mercy Aldrich Died Sunday Sept 20 1853 Buried tuesday 22d Age years mo Days (sic. exactly as written)
Saul Owen of Chepacket? RI died Saturday March 27th 1859 age years m days (sic)
Dell Corwin died Sunday April 18 1869 age years months days Buried Wensday 21st at 2 pm

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Uncle John Eddy Died Nov 23d 1855 age 74 years 8 m & 7 Days registered by Fenner Eddy
Uncle Stephen Eddy of RI Born March 3d 1779
Stephen Eddy Died Jan 14th 1874 age 94 years 11 months & 12 dys - will be 94 yers the 3d of March 1873
Roda Alderman Died Saturday May 1 1869 burried Tuesday 4 in Merchantsville Age years months & Days
Clark Babcock Died Monday the 10th of Jany 1870? Burried Wensday the 13th
Miss Vale ..... Wensday Buried March 15th of Jany 1871 at 2 pm

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Fidelia Aldrich was born Jan 15, 1800
Warner M. Aldrich was born May 19th 1799
Warner M. Aldrich Died Oct 5, 1868 in Illinois age 69 years & 4 m & 16 days
Charles Campbell killed by circle say Aug 7th 1873
John Beton Born July 29 1837
John Beaton Died Oct 29 1869 on Saturday Age 34 years 3 month 2 days sick about 10 days
Andrew .... died on Monday am May 29 1871 Burried on Tuesday 30th 2 o-clock PM
John Beaton Remains moved to his fathers place June 1st day 1871 by Mr. French of Thurston

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Sabra Vose died on Tuesday Jan 7th day 1862 buried on Thursday the 9th
William Rising killed by the falling of tree Feb 8th 1862 buried on the following Monday at 2 o clock PM A grate concourse of people presant F. Eddy Presant (In Merchantville written on the side -JAC)
Hiram Widger died on Friday Jun 11th 1862 Buried on Sunday in Merchantville
Otis Terry Died Monday Buried on Wensday Sept 10th 1862
(blank space) Boyce Died Wednesday Buried on Thursday July 16th 1863
James Jack killed by horse running away April 27th 1864
1864 .... Stick(?)... Girl died Sunday 26 Buried Monday 28
Notes added to the message board in reference to the above record:
Judy, I believe the entry that reads "Andrew Nolen hanging ..." should be Andrew NOLES as that is the day that my great-great grandfather, despondent after returning from the Civil War, hung himself in Thurston, Steuben, NY. Also, the Vanderwater/VanderWalker names (most likely the same family) are a Caton/Campbell/Thurston family that married into the NOLES family, had farms near them in Steuben, and most likely migrated with them from Otsego. I believe this Bible was probably from the Campbell/Thurston area. Debbi Sweeney (7 Sep 1999)

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