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Old Gorton Cemetery

Park Avenue

Corning, Steuben Co, NY


These are the remaining stones in the cemetery. Copied in the 1950's by the former Miss Elsie Clute of 3 Brown Road, Corning, NY, and Mr. Robert Newkirk, now of NY City. Miss Clute, now deceased was born and lived all her life until she sold and bought on Brown Road, the second house from the cemetery. Miss Clute had told me that she had heard her father and mother speak of how mad they had gotten with the family in the house beside the cemetery. That the cemetery had been over where this family had their garage built and driveway put in over that part. Many stones lost at that time.

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The below was contributed by Annette Campbell
Through the generousity of Jean Morse who purchased the copies.

Perthenia Calkins d. Jan 1846 Age 64y2m

Mary Calkins d. 17 Apr 1848 Age 31y

Enos Calkins d. 15 Apr 1851 Age 80y9m9d

Mary J. Cole d. 1 Aug 1845 Age 11m15d

Lois P. Cooper d. 31 Jun 1850 Age 30y11d

Hannah Cornell d. 2 Jun 1839 Age 64y21d

Mary Courtnaught d. 9 Sep 1841 Age 66y11m

James Dean b. 20 Jan 1805 d. 9 Dec 1843

Mahrina French d. 10 Apr 1832 Age 3y6m

Joseph Gillet, Esq. b. 8 Dec 1771 d. 29 Sep 1848 Age 76y9m21d

Katherine Gillet d. 18 Oct 1841 Age 63y5m28d

Honor Goodrich d. 28 Jul 1835 Age 72y

Maryett C. Banks d. 11 Dec 1880 Age 55y6m12d

William Brown d. 8 Oct 1826 Age 29y1m17d

Elizabeth Brown d. 28 Dec 1853 Age 80y4m8d

James Brown d. 29 Apr 1842 Age 76y11d

Dorcas Burton d. 28 May 1830

Miron Boughton d. Jun 1839 Age 2y25d

Alexander Gorton d. 16 Sep 1833 Age 5y22d

Cleopatra Gorton d. 22 Oct 1889 Age 84y9m13d

Dorcas Gorton d. 28 May 1830 Age 84y24d

Elizabeth Gorton d. 13 Jan 1831 Age 52y1m9d

Ellen J. Gorton d. 11 Aug 1879 Age 25y

Eugene Gorton

Harrison Gorton d. 27 Jun 1845 Age 1y4m10d

Rev. J.B. Gorton d. 12 Jan 1851 Age 41y

Lydia Gorton d. 10 Oct 1826 Age 56y4m23d

Nancy Gorton d. 5 Jan 1828 Age 30y10m12d

Moses Gorton, Jr. d. 17 Jul 1852 Age 56y1m11d

Polly Gorton d. 25 Sep 1879 Age 79y10m19d

Napoleon Gorton d. 23 Aug 1850 Age 1y6m7d

William T. Gorton d. 22 May 1834 Age 28y6m7d

Marchia Kent d. 30 Oct 1876 Age 55y6m9d

Aigail Mattison d. 16 May 1828 Age 25y5m10d

Seth Hunt d. 13 Feb 1850 Age 22y2m13d

_____ McPherson d. 13 Jul 1836 Age 25y8m18d

Mary McDole d. 2 Oct 1817 Age 76y

Jane Moas d. 4 Jan 1840 Age 45y

Mary D. Owen d. 10 Nov 1838 Age 31y1m21d

Harriet S. Patterson d. 23 Jan 1835 Age 28y9m3d

Son Rhodes d. 21 Feb 1850 Age 10y5m2d

Hannah Rich d. 14 Nov 1843

Sophia Rouse d. 11 Apr 1854 Age 61y5m11d

Mary Rouse d. 15 Feb 1847 Age 20y6m11d

Charlotte Pierce d. 13 Aug 1840 Age 36y10d

Jane Ann Lanphear d. 7 Nov 1847 Age 25y

George M. Sharp

Mary Sharp d. 4 Aug 1829 Age 60y

Adelaide Smith d. 4 Sep 1842 Age 1y2m11d

Edgar Smith d. 10 Feb 1848 Age 1y3m

Josephine Smith d. 9 May 1848 Age 1y5m7d

Elijah Smith d. 8 Dec 1845 Age 8y4d

Mary Smith d. 28 Mar 1844

Ransom Smith d. 21 Nov 1847 Age 8y7m8d

Willis R. Smith d. 20 May 1842 Age 1y8m

William Steele b. 20 May 1762 d. 4 Apr 1851

Mary Steele d. 2 Mar 1848 Age 68y

George W. Steele d. 10 Oct 1826 Age 22y

Stephen S. Steele d. 4 Jun 1843 Age 45y

Phebe Thurber d. 28 Mar 1847 Age 51y21d

George W. VanOrman d. 26 Apr 1846 Age 64y11m

Mary Jane Wait - Age 9y2m22d - No dates

Mary Jane White - No dates

John Wing d. 6 Jul 1841 Age 45y

Mary Phebe Ann Wilcox d. 21 Jul 1845 Age 1y3m27d (note at bottom)

Joseph Woodard d. 14 Sep 1847 Age 79y6m6d

Rachel Woodard d. 10 Mar 1841 Age 70y

Capt. Charles Woolcott d. 18 Nov 1858 Age 90y5d

Elizabeth Woolcott d. 25 Jun 1851 Age 88y8m18d

Mary Phebe Ann Wilcox is the daughter of Abel Wilcox and Phebe Ann Austin-Wilcox. Mary was born in Laurens, Otsego County, New York. Her mother died at her birth and was buried in Otsego Co. Abel brought his young son, Aurin, and his infant daughter, Mary, to Steuben County (shortly after her birth). Abel Wilcox was the son of Colonel Gershom Wilcox and Elizabeth "Betsey" Stephens. Abel and his father, Gershom, were wheelwrights. Their wheel-smithy was located in the city of Corning. They are buried in the Barnard Cemetery. Abel's sister, Lucy Wilcox, married Frederick Barnard. Frederick Barnard and Gershom Wilcox had a lumber mill in Caton. In my grandmother's paper was a poem written about this unfortunate child (Mary).

I am Gershom's gg-grandaughter, thru his youngest son, Hiram Bostwick Wilcox.  Sonya Bamberg (3/8/02)

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