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1890 Corning City Births

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This information was transcribed by Sandy Lovel from the Register of Births in the City of Corning Steuben County State of NY.

CONNERS, Frank C. born Corning 9/21/1890. Mother Ellen Kernan age 23 born Corning. Father John Conners, Machinest age 29 born Corning.

ELLIOTT, Mary Loretta born Corning 9/23/1890. Mother Emma Smith age 27 born Corning. Father Charles H. Elliott, Gent of Leisure age 36 born Unknown.

YOUMANS, Still born Male born Corning 9/23/1890. Mother Etta C. Clark age 36 born Erwins NY. Father Frank H. Youmans Laborer age 40 born Corning.

DOHERTY, Joseph M. born Corning 9/23/1890. Mother Mary Swaine age 38 born Corning. Father Martin Doherty laborer age 47 born Ireland.

DELEHANTY, Alice Edith born Corning 9/no date/1890. Mother Alice Reynolds age 31 born Birmingham England. Father Joseph Delehanty Glass Worker age 30 born England.

LOCKWOOD, Harry Townsend born Corning 9/12/1890. Mother Mary A. Townsend age 52 born Tyrone Schuyler County NY. Father Hiram T. Lockwood Brakeman age 31 born Tyrone NY. (yes the ages are 52 and 31 respectively)** 

RICHARDSON, John born Corning 9/15/1890. Mother Minnie Moreland age 30 born Burdette. Father John L. Richardson Laborer age 37 born Tyrone NY.

MARLAND, Mary Ann born Corning 10/4/1890. Mother Caroline Milford age 25 born Birmingham England. Father John Henry Marland Carpenter age 34 born Corning.

KOLP, no name (male) born Corning 10/1/1890. Mother Ellen Kolp (last name is the same as married name on this page even though it is stated at maiden) age 34 born Penn. Father Daniel Kolp laborer age 33 born Penn.

KELLY, Nora born Corning 10/1/1890. Mother Mary Steele age 28 born Corning. Father James Kelly Switchman age 29 born Corning.

COWLEY, John Joseph born Corning 10/11/1890. Mother Lizzie Skelly age 23 born Tioga PA. Father Barry Cowley Grocer age 31 born Corning.

McMAHON, no name (male) born Corning 5/4/1890. Mother Mary Kinney age 27 born England. Father William McMahon Carpenter age 27 born Corning.

KAVANNAGH, no name (male) born Corning 6/1/1890. Mother Rose Matthews age 26 born Port Erwin NY. Father Martin Kavannaugh Glass Cutter age 28 born Corning.

KELLGHER, no name (female) born Corning 5/19/1890. Mother Kate Halligar age 27 born Ireland. Father Jno Kellgher Conductor age 29 born Geneva.

HAAR, no name (female) born Corning 10/3/1890. Mother Margaret Burgan age 29 born Manilus NY. Father George Haar Glass Cutter age 36 born France.

KENYON, no name (male) born Corning 10/15/1890. Mother Carrie E. Gale age 28 born Pottsdam, NY. Father Charles E. Kenyon mason age 25 born Willing NY.

MERRICK, no name (male) born Corning 9/7/1890. Mother Mary Ann Bailey age 28 born NY. Father Sheldon Merrick mason age 37 born Willing NY.

DAVIS, no name (female) born Corning 10/3/1890. Mother May Warren age 20 born Wisconsin. Father Harry L. Davis Rail Roader age 25 born Pennsylvania.

HALL, Frank Elmer born Corning 9/25/1890. Mother Maud Church age 18 born Morris Run PA. Father Benjamin R. Hall Rail R. Man age 21 born Blossburg PA.

CRANE, no name (male) born Corning looks like 10/14/1890. Mother looks like Carrie Gillett age 17 born Corning NY. Father Grant Crane Rail R. Man age 23 born Steuben.

CALLINHAN, Mary born Corning 10/20/1890. Mother Kate Quinn age 31 born Corning. Father John Callinan age 37 born Ervin Centre.

FANCHER, no name (male) born Corning 10/19/1890. Mother Jennie McHale age 23 born Corning. Father Charles Fancher Blacksmith age 23 born Ferenbaugh (Hornby).

GREEN, male - (stillbirth) born Corning 10/22/1890. Mother Ellen Collins age 22 born Campbell. Father Joseph Green age 27 born Painted Post.

GREEN, female born Corning 10/26/1890. Mother Lizzie Fearforst age 20 born looks like Sardinville. Father Claud Green laborer age 35 born Blossburg PA.

WOODARD, no name (male) born Corning 10/30/1890. Mother Gertrude Booth age 29 born Corning NY. Father Edward Woodard Grocer age 29 born Leesburg VA.

WILLIAMS, Louise born Corning 10/17/1890. Mother Cora Dewolf age 27 born US. Father Willie E. Williams Clerk age 34 born US.

MARKELL, Hazel born 72 East Erie Ave. 10/31/1890. Mother Charlotte Borst age 22 born NY. Father F. N. Markell Glass Cutter age 29 born NY.

HARADON, Louisa born Corning 10/31/1890. Mother Jennie Shoner age 23 born US. Father Fred T. Haradon Glass Cutter age 23 born US.

BARRETT, no name (male) born Corning 11/4/1890. Mother Ellen Harrington age 37 born Ireland. Father Thomas Barrett Grocer age 44 born Ireland.

McCLELLAN, Elsie Weller, born 3rd Street Corning 9/28/1890. Mother Sarah H. Budd age 37 born PA. Father Orator McClellan Druggist age 41 born PA.

BRAGG, no name (male) born Corning 11/10/1890. Mother Lavangie Parks age 22 born Millport NY. Father Fred S. Bragg Engineer age 28 born Fall Brook PA.

LOVELL, Clifford D. born 203 East 3rd Street 10/20/1890. Mother Lillian M. Duncan age 25 born Arcadia Wayne County NY. Father W. J. Lovell Clerk age 31 born Watkins NY.

THATCHER, no name (male) born Corning 11/3/1890. Mother Sarah (no maiden name given) age 29 born England. Father Richard Thatcher Glass Cutter age 29 born England.

CRANNAGE, no name (female) born Corning 11/25/1890. Mother Anna Woodcock age 24. Father John Crannage born England

PURCELL, Anna born Corning 10/26/1890. Mother Ann Deegan age 32 born Corning NY. Father Tobias Purcell Locomotive Engineer age 44 born Corning.

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