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                       Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church of            Christ in Painted Post



Articles of Faith of the Baptist Chh of Christ in Painted Post.

We believe the Scriptures of the Old & New Testaments, to be the word of God, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, & to contain an infallible rule of faith & practice. ............Particularly..............

1st. We believe in the existance of one Indefinite God, who altho one God, subsists in an incomprhensible Trinity,  Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

2nd. We believe that God created all things, & in a soverign manner so governs the whole, as to execute his eternal purposes respecting them in Providence & Redemption.

3rd. We believe, that God man man (at first) upright, in his own (moral) image, & constituted him public Head & representative of his posterity, & (that) in consequence of his disobedience, his descendants were born sinners, & are (actually &) totally depraved in their will & affections, so that all the (doings &) esercises [sic-JKC] of the unregenerate are wholy Sinful.

4th. We believe that God out of his mere good pleasure provided for lost men a Savior, even Jesus Christ his eternal Son, who having united himself to a sinless human nature suffered & died as a complete sacrifice for the sins of many that whosoever believeth on  him might not perish, but have eternal life.

5th. That the only reason why men do not embrace the gospel is a voluntary opposition to God & holiness: & that the nature of this opposition is such, that no one will believe in Christ, but as faith is wrought in the heart the renewing influences of the Holy Ghost.

(can't view rest of this sheet photocopy cut off- JAC)

                                          Brethren's names            Sisters' names              

......................................... David Rathbone Nancy Rathbone
. Jonathan Stone Susanna Stone
. Jonas Woodward Mary Woodward
. Hinsdale Hammond Lucy Hammond
. Cyrus Woodward Mary Woodward 2nd.
. Jacob Woodward Phila Rathbone
. Haskel Woodward Polly Young
. John Bixby Rebekah Bixby
. John W. Stewart Adah Campbel <sic. JAC>
. Ezra Shaw Lucy Woodward - since 1826
. Nehemiah Smith Patty Corbin
. William Dewitt Luanna Woodward
. James Andress Peninnah Smith
. William Youman Sarah Dewitt
. Daniel Stewart Dimis Stanton
. Caleb Thurber Mariam Youman
. Elias Stevens Aurilla Stevens
. Isaac Young Laury Stewart
. WilliamWoodworth Sophia Bixby
. Aden Palmer Roxany Stewart
. Amasa Stanton Laury Robbins
. Dyer Woodworth Lydia Messer
. Jonas Woodword Junr.     Betsey Woodward
. John Marlatt Catharine Stevens
. Nelson Messer Rachel Marlatt
. Amasa Bixby Abigail Hammond
. Daniel Messer Rachel Remington
. Danl Haxton Polly French
. . Lois Kimbill
. . Sarah Ann Andruss

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