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Cook Cemetery & Welden Plot

Lindley, Steuben Co., NY

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This cemetery is located on the property now owned by Floyd Knapp and Warren Stuart, on the east side of the Tioga River on what is called the River Road, between Presho and Lindley, NY in the Town of Lindley. Mrs. Donald Herrick of the River Road, (formerly Edity Heckart, d/of Bert and Edith Heckart) was born and always lived on the farm she lives in today and she said she wasn't too sure but believes this cemetery to have been called the "Cook Cemetery" It is located up on a hill in the pasture of the Knapp and Stuart farm. All remaining stones where copied except the large Cook monument which had fallen face down and was too large and heavy to turn over for the information. Copied March 1, 1969

Charles H. Colby  . Mar. 16, 1844 10m 6d s/of Rev. Thomas W. & Eliza A.
8 fieldstones  . . . in and around this lot - unmarked
Cook monument  . . . fenced in - stone down so data could not be obtained
James Crawford  . Sept. 22, 1880 2m s/of Wilson & Kezia
Daniel Crawford  . Dec. 28, 1869 77-8-7 .
Mary Crawford  . Aug. 31, 1857 49-6-16 w/of D. Crawford
Daniel Crawford, Jr.  . Nov. 23, 1845 9-1-12 .
Ortentia Crawford  . Nov. 27, 1845 4-5-18 .
George Crawford  . Oct. 13, 1843 1y s/of John & Hannah
"Father" Gale 1820 1903 . William Gale - from 1978 searcher*
"Mother" Gale 1833 1911 . Louisa Gale - from 1978 searcher*
Amy L. Heckart 1845 1925 . nee: COOK? - note by who did this cem.
Catherine A. Kinney  . Nov. 6, 1839 9y 3m d/of Abraham & Mary Kinney
Ann Mariah Thurber  . Sept. 6, 1835 49 w/of Abner

Weldon plot

This large monument is located on the east side of the Tioga River, on the road known as the River Road, in the Town of Lindley, NY. It is between Presho and Lindley, NY. Located on the Donald Herrick property, formerly the property of Bert Heckart. Mrs. Donald Herrick having been the former Edith Heckert, d/of Bert & Edith. This monument is a very large monument, with a large base and about ten feet high. It is located on a lovely knoll in back of the Herrick home and can be seen very well from the River Road. It looks as though only two graves were there.
This cemetery is located just on the New York State line from Pa. It is located in the Town of Lindley, NY. Was copied March 15, 1969 by Mrs. Robert (Bernice) Lyons and Mrs. Susannah E. Whitcomb of Corning, NY - It is located on the East side of the Tioga River about opposite the Col. Eleazer Lindley Cemetery on the Westside of the Tioga River. This cemetery perhaps years gone by was a much larger cemetery but as time went on and the many of the Tioga River flooding each year and washing away the land it could have also washed away many of the graves.

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