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Wolf Bounty - Steuben Co., NY
1817 - 1820

As Transcribed by Richard Sherer - Steuben Co. Historian


                                                      Date               Town                       Justice

David Davis   6/22/1820 Troupsburgh Alexander Simpson
Titus Ives 2/5/1820 Troupsburgh Caleb Smith
David James 3/7/1820 Troupsburgh Sam Cady
Nathan Stocum 6/27/1820 Wayne Samuel Scofield
Ezra Pease 6/10/1820 Troupsburgh Sam Cady
Charles A. Smith 12/11/1819 Bath James Higgins
Oliver Pease 5/12/1820 Troupsburgh Sam Cady
Sheldon Tuttle 11/21/1819 Addison Jake Rowley
Joshua Stephens 4/8/1820 Canisteo Uriah Stephens
Sheldon Tuttle 11/21/1819 Addison Jesse Rowley
Jabez Cady 5/9/1820 Addison Caleb Smith
Jaba Cady 5/9/1820 Addison Caleb Smith
David Davis 11/15/1817 Troupsburg Samuel Cady
David Davis 11/15/1817 Troupsburg Samuel Cady
Nathanell Taggert 12/20/1819 Troupsburg Samuel Hunt
John Helmer 12/1/1820 Addison Jesse Rowley
Charles A. Smith 10/25/1819 Bath John Higgins
Alaxander Graham 10/15/1820 Addison Wm L. Mulhallon
George Stephens 9/5/1820 Canisteo George Hornell
James French 5/15/1820 Wheeler Grattan H. Wheeler
Abner Bacon 5/22/1820 Howard Samuel Cady
Thomas J. Pool 4/6/1820 Wheeler Grattan H. Wheeler
David Davis 6/12/1820 Troupsburg Samuel Cady
Jerimiah Cook 9/22/1820 Wayne Stephen Griffith
Nithanuell Taggert 12/20/1819 Troupsburg Samuel Hunt
James Cady 5/22/1820 Troupsburg Samuel Cady
David Davis 9/4/1820 Troupsburg Alexander Simpson
Asahel Rixford 10/20/1820 Troupsburg Samuel Cady
Joseph White 11/1/1819 Addison Stephen Townsley
Henry Eaton 5/10/1820 Addison Samuel Cady
Samuel Cady 12/16/1819 Addison Alexander Simpson
Wm Falkner 9/21/1820 Addison Stephen Townsley
Semuel Pierson 11/11/1819 Addison                Higgins

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