David & Ann Davies
David Davies arrived emmigrated to America in 1852.
Before emmigrating to America David Davies lived at the dwelling
"Llwyncoed" in Aberporth, Wales.
David Davies was ordained Deacon of the Welsh Congretional Church in 1870 and
held that position until his death in 1893.
David Davies was born 15 August 1829 at Aberporth, Cardiganshire County, Wales
the son of Thomas and Mary (Evans) Davies he was baptised 28 October 1829 at the 
Blananerch Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Aberporth, Cardiganshire County, Wales.  
Married Ann Jones in 1852 at either Wales or Dekalb, New York.
2nd marriage to Eleanor (listed as a welsh pioneer) in 1870.  He 
died 5 December 1893 at Dekalb and was buried 7 December 1893 in the 
Maple Grove Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Ann Jones was born 19 June 1831 at Penbryn, Cardiganshire County, Wales the daughter
of Evan and Mary (Jones) Jones she was baptised 15 July 1831 at the Penmorfa 
Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Penbryn, Cardiganshire County, Wales.  She died 
15 August 1869 at Penbryn, Wales (while on a visit to her family in Wales) buried 
in the Blanarerch Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Aberporth, Cardiganshire County, 
7 children were born to the first wife, all grew to adulthood.
1 child (Jennie) was born to the 2nd wife, she grew to adulthood.
Mary (listed as a welsh pioneer) was born 8 August 1853 at Dekalb, 
New York.  She married Thomas P. Griffiths (listed as a welsh pioneer) on 5 May 1874 at 
Norwood, New York. She died 23 October 1931 at Ogdensburgh, New York and was buried 
25 October 1924 at the Wayside Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Anna L. was born 18 December 1854 at Dekalb.  She married John F. Thomas on 
13 February 1873.  She died 20 April 1924 at Dekalb and was buried 23 April 1924 
at the Maple Grove Cemetery.
Sarah was born 1860 at Dekalb.  She married Wilbur E. Carpenter in 1876.  
She died 10 January 1941 at Marcy, New York and was buried at the 
Grandview Cemetery, Batavia, New York.
Thomas B. was born September 1862 at Dekalb.  Married Cora Scott in 1885.  
He died 1905.  And is buried at the Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur, New York.
Evan L. was born 18 June 1864 at Dekalb.  He died 12 January 1935 at Gouverneur, 
New York and was buried 15 January 1935 at the Maple Grove Cemetery.
Hannah was born 14 September 1866 at Dekalb.  Married Edmund Franklin Gray on
10 November 1886 at Dekalb.  She died 6 May 1933 at Dekalb and was buried 
9 May 1933 at the Maple Grove Cemetery.
Griffith D. was born 4 May 1868 at Dekalb.  Married Cora E. Gray on 15 June 1892 at 
Dekalb.  He died 7 January 1954 at Dekalb and was buried 10 January 1954 at the 
Maple Grove Cemetery.
Jennie was born 1871 at Dekalb.  Died at Utica, New York between 1940 and 1954.
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