T. Brython & Mary Davies
Thomas Brython Davies arrived to America in 1856.
Mary(Parry)Davies arrived at the port of New York City on the 19th of July
1852 on the ship "Irene" with her parents and siblings, they left from Liverpool,
Thomas Brython Davies was born 1834 at Aberporth, Cardiganshire County, 
Wales the son of Thomas and Mary (Thomas) Davies he was baptised 3 June 1834 at 
the Blananerch Calvinistic Methodist Chapel at Aberporth,Cardiganshire County, 
Wales. He married Mary Parry in 1856. He died 3 December 1909 at Dekalb, 
New York and is buried in the Wayside Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Mary Parry was born 1834 at Penbyrn, Cardiganshire County, Wales the daughter 
of David and Mary (Davies) Parry.  Baptised 12 May 1834 at the Trewen Independant 
Chapel in Brongwyn, Cardiganshire County, Wales. She died in 1873 at Dekalb, 
New York and is buried in the Wayside Cemetery, Richville, New York.
2nd wife: Margaret Davies (listed as a welsh pioneer) born 1829 in Wales married in 1877. 
Died 13 March 1892 at Dekalb, buried 15 March 1892 in the Wayside Cemetery.
They had 9 children, 8 grew to adulthood.
John G. was born 1857 at Gouverneur, New York.  Married Aletia Patterson.  
He died 25 May 1899 at Gouverneur, New York.  And is buried in the 
Wayside Cemetery
Ann was born 1859 at Gouverneur. Married Walter Oviatt. She died in the winter
of 1912 - 1913 at Huron, South Dakota.
David was born 1860 at Gouverneur. He died between 1894 and 1909.
Mary was born 1861 at Gouverneur. Married Charles Henry Bonesteel. 
She died after 1913 at Huron, South Dakota.
Sarah was born  1863 at Gouverneur. Married Mr. Murton. She died after 1913 
at Amigo, Wisconsin.
Tommie was born 1866 at Gouverneur. He died 1870 at Gouverneur. Buried in the
Wayside Cemetery.
Griffith T. was born 1869 at Gouverneur. Married Emma Murton. He died after 
1913 in Weaverville, California.
Phebe was born 1868 at Gouverneur. Married John S. Jones in 1895 at Dekalb, New York. 
She died 27 May 1953 at Canton, New York and was buried 29 May 1953 at the 
Wayside Cemetery.
Gomer was born 21 October 1871 at Gouverneur. Married Hester Roycroft on 20 
September 1900 at Dekalb. He died 15 June 1958 at Gouverneur. Buried 18 June 1958 
at the Maple Grove Cemetery, Richville, New York.
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