David & Mary Griffiths
David Griffiths arrived to America in the summer of 1856.
David Griffiths was chosen Deacon of the Welsh Congregational Church in 
Richville in 1870 and held that position until his death in 1893.
David Griffiths was born 29 March 1828 at Cardiganshire County, Wales. 
Married Mary Rees in 1857.  He died 5 December 1893 at Dekalb, New York and 
buried at the Wayside Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Mary Rees was born 1820 in Wales. She died 3 August 1881 at Dekalb.
2nd wife Mrs. Margaret Seckner was from Lewis County, New York and married
in 9 June 1885 at Rome, New York.
They had one child.
Mary J. was born 1858 in New York. She married Charles Edward Rowland 
on 28 December 1882 at Dekalb. She died 16 July 1921.
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