Evan & Jane Davies
Evan Davies and his family arrived to America in late August 1869 via Quebec City, 
Evan Davies was born 19 November 1823 at Penbyrn, Cardiganshire County, Wales the
son of David and Rachel(Jones)Davies he was baptised 10 January  1824 at the 
Trewen Independant Chapel in Brongwyn,Cardiganshire County, Wales. He married 
Jane Jones about 1848. He died 24 October 1894 at Dekalb, New York and was buried 
on 27 October 1894 in the Wayside Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Jane Jones was born 26 December 1821 at Troedyraur, Cardiganshire County, Wales
the daugher of David and Axah Thomas (listed as a welsh pioneer) she was 
baptised 5 February 1822 at the Trewen Independant Chapel. She died 16 July 1876 at 
Dekalb and is buried in the Wayside Cemetery.
They had a total of 3 children, all of whom grew to adulthood.
Rachel was born 2 December 1849 at Rhymney, Monmouthshire County, Wales. Married 
David T. Jones 2 November 1871 at Dekalb. She died 16 July 1917 at Dekalb and was 
buried 18 July 1917 in the Wayside Cemetery.
Axie was born 4 April 1852 at Rhymney. Married Joshua D. Jones 5 November 1891 at
Dekalb. She died 18 February 1930 at Gouverneur, New York and was buried 
21 February 1930 in the Wayside Cemetery.
David B. was born 1859 at Rhymney. Married Margaret. He died in 1927 
at Burritts Rapids, Ontario and is buried in the Kempville Public Cemetery, 
Kempville, Ontario.
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