Thomas & Hannah Davies
Thomas D. Davies and family arrived to America in 1866.
Thomas D. Davies was born 12 June 1842 at Llandyssil, Cardiganshire County, Wales.
Married Hannah Thomas in 1863 at Penbryn, Cardiganshire County, Wales. He died
30 August 1924 at Dekalb, New York and was buried 3 September 1924 at the Wayside
Cemetery, Richville, New York.
Hannah Thomas was born March 1842 at Penbryn the daughter of John and Frances(James)
Thomas. She died in 1901 and is buried in the Wayside Cemetery.
They had 4 children all grew to adulthood.
John D. was born 25 September 1865 at Penbryn. And babtised at the Parish Church 
in Penbryn on 14 October 1865.  Married Margarette Thomas on 25 January 1913 
at Dekalb. He died 14 April 1926 at Dekalb and was buried 17 April 1926
at the Wayside Cemetery.
Mary was born 1868 at Dekalb. Married Thomas B. Jones on 11 October 1888 at Dekalb.
She died 1926.
David was born 3 October 1870 at Dekalb. Married Louise M. Jones on 1902 at Dekalb.
He died 15 December 1961 at Ogdensburgh, New York and was buried 18 December 1961 
at the Wayside Cemetery.
Anna M. was born 1 February 1872 at Dekalb. Married William Arthur Jones on 13 June
1893 at Dekalb. She died 15 October 1946 at Watertown, New York.
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