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Prominent Citizens Of Troy And
Rensselaer County, NY.

Troy and Rensselaer County, New York: A History
by Rutherford Hayner, Volume III,
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York and Chicago 1925

A-B surnames cited in Volume III of the 3 Volume History.

Adams, Clara M. Born to Warren L. Adams & Pamela Hamblin Pine, James Knox Polk Born Nov 21, 1841 at Hoosick, NY to James Pine & Sarah Elizabeth Pine; family history, photo Jun 22, 1865 in Troy NY Kellogg; Kimberly; Briggs; Lockwood
Adams, Theodocia See Lewis, R. Frank        
Adams, Warren L. See Adams, Clara M.        
Aderhold, William H. Jr. Born Sep 8, 1879; photo. Proprietor of Troy Business College along with partner Homer A. Warren. Lee, Carolyn R. Born to John E. Lee    
Ainsworth, Charles H. See Ainsworth, Emily        
Ainsworth, Emily Born to Charles H. Ainsworth & Mary Perkins Heald, Edward T. Born Sep 20, 1885 in Portland, OR to Charles Heald & Mary Cowles Penfield; WWI Vet; family history Oct 10, 1910 in Moline IL  
Akin, Howard V. Born Jan 21, 1886 in Johnsonville, NY to Valdey E. Akin & Julia E. Nutting Haight, Phoebe Born to Silas E. Haight & Etta VanDeusen-Phelps Mar 5, 1913 in Stillwater NY  
Akin, Katrina B. See Stone, Charles A.        
Akin, Valdey E. See Aken, Howard V.        
Albert, Caroline   Birkmayer, Jacob Born Jan 24, 1859 in Germany Troy NY  
Aldrich, Charles F. See Aldrich Charles Spaulding        
Aldrich, Charles Spaulding Born Apr 1, 1871 in Weathersfield, VT to Charles F. Aldrich & Abbie L. Spaulding Drake, Helen Parker   Sep 10, 1905 in Manchester NH  
Allen, Cecila Born to Harris Allen & Mildred Allen Naum, Nathan Born to May 6, 1883 at Eastern Province, Russia, Morris Naum & Rebecca Mollic Dec 3, 1913 in Nassau NY  
Allen, Harris See Allen, Cecila        
Allen, Lillian See Hull, Eugene Fellner, MD        
Allen, Lillian See Hull, Stanton Perry, MD        
Allen, Lillie E. See Hull, Thurman Alson        
Allen, Mildred See Allen, Cecila        
Allen, Sarah See Hull, Alson J. Major        
Anderson, Mary See Taylor, John P.        
Armstrong, Clara See Wendell, Gertrude Mae        
Armstrong, Margaret See Seeley, Arlington James        
Austin, Douglas See Austin, P. Huntley        
Austin, P. Huntley Born Apr 16, 1891 in Warrensburg, NY to Douglas Austin & Jennie Nichols Cargill, Corinne Born to Charles B. Cargill & Laura K. Cargill Sep 16, 1918 in Troy NY  
Avery, Charlotte See Peck, Eleazer Adorno        
Bachmann, Martha E. See Finder, Anthony Philip        
Bailey, Bierce Born Jul 20, 1887 at Williamstown, MA to Herbert D. Bailey & Grace Galusha        
Bailey, Chester Gage See Bailey, Marion Gage        
Bailey, Herbert D. See Bailey, Bierce        
Bailey, Lillian See Bailey, William, Jr.        
Bailey, Marion Gage Born to Chester Gage Bailey & Anna Elizabeth Connelly Connally, Eugene Francis Born Jun 1, 1885 in Lansingburg, NY to Owen Connally & Mary Cummings; photo    
Bailey, William, Jr. Born Mar 4, 1884 in Rensselaer, NY to William Bailey, Sr. & Lillian Bailey Becker, Florence Born to Henry Becker & Lena Becker May 12, 1908 in Rensselaer NY  
Bailey, William, Sr. See Bailey, William, Jr.        
Baillargeon, Herman Born Jun 23, 1879 at Quebec, Canada to Joseph Baillargeon & Amelia Bazin; Roman Cath Priest; photo        
Baillargeon, Joseph See Baillargeon, Herman        
Bainbridge, Anna See Smith, Sheldon B.        
Bainbridge, Charlotte See Thomas, Orton Henry        
Bainbridge, Charlotte   Thomas, Henry B. Born Apr 15, 1844 at Middleboro, MA to Oliver Thomas & Johanna Stewart 1864  
Baker, Bertram J. Born Oct 4, 1885 in Warrensburg, NY to Wallace Baker & Adelaide Everts Griffith, Harriet Born to Walter A. Griffith & Mina E. Wright Mar 3, 1918 in Burlington, VT  
Baker, Wallace See Baker, Bertram J.        
Ball, Freeon See Ball, Quincy H.        
Ball, Quincy H. Born in Charlotte, IA to Freeon Ball & Mary Warner Hitner, Mira      
Barber, Minnie See Hagar, Florence May        
Barkley, Charles G. See Barkley, Jennie W.        
Barkley, Jennie W. Born to Charles G. Barkley & Marjorie Wilson Van Doren, Ernest I. Born Apr 7, 1868 at Cato, NY to Frank A. Van Doren; family history Jun 20, 1907 in Bloomsburgh PA  
Barnes, Albert J. See Barnes, Harriet L.        
Barnes, Fannie F. See Van Auken, Grace B.        
Barnes, Harriet L. Born to Albert J. Barnes & Hannah C. Bigelow Plum, David Banks Born to Oct 7, 1869 at Troy, NY to Fred A. Plum & Mary S. Fowler; family history Mar 30, 1898 in Troy NY  
Barrett, Margaret See Niles, Fannie Barrett        
Barrett, Margaret   Niles, A. C. Born Jan 31, 1870 at Berlin, NY to George D. Niles & Emmaline Maxson; family history Jul 2, 1892 in Matteawan Dennison; Hull
Barton, Mary F. See Twining, Frank B.        
Bascom, Chester Born Sep 6, 1837 In Crown Point, NY to Daniel W. Bascom & Pamelia Shearer; prominent in Prohibition Party Forbes, Helen A..     Guith; Seaman; Ressguie; Puffer; Durand; Aiken
Bascom, Daniel W. See Bascom, Chester        
Bascom, Daniel W. See Bascom, Henry Clay        
Bascom, Henry Clay Born Sep 3, 1844 to Daniel W. Bascom & Pamelia Shearer; photo Forbes, Ellen L.   1886 in Ft Edward, NY Guith; Seaman; Ressgiue; Aiken
Bascom, Henry Clay Born Sep 3, 1844 to Daniel W. Bascom & Pamelia Shearer; photo Saxe, Lizzie W. Born to Judge R.J. Saxe & Rebecca Weed 1874 in Sheldon VT  
Baucus, Julia See Wiley, Fanny W.        
Baynes, Mary Ann See Valentine, Franklin B.        
Bazin, Amelia See Baillargeon, Herman        
Bean, Charles W. See Bean, Walter Edward, DDS        
Bean, Walter Edward, DDS Born Dec 11, 1894 at Troy, NY to Charles W. Bean & Mary J. Beeker        
Beard, Mabelle E. Born to Warren Beard & Eliza Stickney Hayner, Rutherford Born Sep 21, 1877 in Clarendon, NY to Nelson McChesney Hayner & Frances A.Fredericks; family history, photo Jun 24, 1903 in Chester VT  
Beard, Warren See Beard, Mabelle E.        
Beattie, Adam See Beattie, James Adam        
Beattie, Helen T. Born to Joseph Beattie & Anna Forrest Beattie, James Adam Born Nov 3, 1862 in Galt, Ontario, Canada to Adam Beattie & Isabella Mather; photo May 29, 1892 in Troy NY  
Beattie, James Adam Born Nov 3, 1862 in Galt, Ontario, Canada to Adam Beattie & Isabella Mather; photo Beattie, Helen T. Born to Joseph Beattie & Anna Forrest May 29, 1892 in Troy NY  
Beattie, Joseph See Beattie, Helen T.        
Beck, John S. Born Sep 19, 1860 in Germany Froliken, Matilda     Froliken; Bentzen; Morris
Beck, John S. Born Sep 19, 1860 in Germany Miller, Bollette      
Becker, Catherine Born to Henry Becker & Susan Becker Reagan, William B. Born Jul 7, 1886 at Rensselaer, NY to Matthew Reagan & Julia Riley Nov 6, 1910 in Albany NY  
Becker, Dr. Edward W. Born Apr 20, 1876 in Central Nassau, NY to Henry C. Becker & Emeline Waterbury Stone, Ethel C. Born to Thomas H. Stone & Charlotte Chandler Troy NY  
Becker, Florence Born to Henry Becker & Lena Becker Bailey, William, Jr. Born Mar 4, 1884 in Rensselaer, NY to William Bailey & Lillian Bailey May 12, 1908 in Rensselaer NY  
Becker, Henry See Becker, Florence        
Becker, Henry See Becker, Catherine        
Becker, Henry C. See Becker, Dr. Edward W.        
Becker, Lena See Becker, Florence        
Becker, Susan See Becker, Catherine        
BeeBee, Mary See Fonda, N. Loujer        
Beeker, Mary J. See Bean, Walter Edward, DDS        
Behan, Christopher See Behan, Joseph C.        
Behan, Joseph C. Born Dec 7, 1862 In Troy, NY to Christopher Behan & Bridget Clarke Peters, Helen C. Born to James Boyd Weir Peters & Nanno O'Brien Troy NY  
Bell, Amedee See Bell, Josephine        
Bell, Josephine Born to Amedee Bell & Rosetta Wheeler Cote, Charles Born Aug 30, 1866 in Troy, NY to Francis Cote (born St. Hyacinthe, Canada) & Rosalie Conture; family history Sep 23, 1890 in Troy NY  
Bennett, Clyde L. See Bennett, Thompson Newton        
Bennett, Fannie See Kingdon, Howard John        
Bennett, Thompson Newton Born Sep 4, 1899 at Rochester, NY to Clyde L. Bennett & Clara B. Thompson        
Benneway, Edith   Cowee, Clarence Harold Born Nov 4, 1888 in Berlin, NY to Willis Judson Cowee & Fannie Taylor; family history, photo Jun 6, 1922 in Troy NY  
Benson, Emmaline See Mitchell, Eleanor J.        
Benton, Lizzetta See Polk, William F.        
Bernard, Angelina M. Born to Oliver Bernard & Caroline Benard Craymer, Charles E. Born Sep 10, 1882 in Lansingburg, NY to William Craymer & Anna McGovern Jun 17, 1909 in Troy NY  
Bernard, Caroline See Bernard, Angelina M.        
Bernard, Oliver See Bernard, Angelina M.        
Betts, Albert C. See Betts, Herbert C.        
Betts, Herbert C. Born Nov 28, 1864 in Rensselaer Co., NY to Albert C. Betts & Martha Walters Van Evren, Annie Born to Martin Van Evren & Mary Vandenburgh    
Bhorer, Ava Marie Born to Julius S. Bhorer & Annie Lavin Hamill, William Samuel Born Nov 16, 1881 in Troy, NY to John C. Hamill & Nora L. Goggin; photo    
Bhorer, Julius S. See Bhorer, Ava Marie        
Bigelow, Hannah C. See Barnes, Harriet L.        
Binck, Charlotte Born to Henry Binck & Mary Sweet Waters, Norman E. Born Oct 26, 1895 at Rensselaer, NY to James S. Waters & Elizabeth Holes; WWI Vet Apr 4, 1921 in Rensselaer NY  
Binck, Henry See Binck, Charlotte        
Bink, Cornelia See Rowe, Edgar        
Birkmayer, Jacob Born Jan 24, 1859 in Germany Albert, Caroline   Troy NY  
Birney, Margaret See Lanphier, Arthur Bernard        
Bladen, Elizabeth See Wheeler, Joseph        
Bladen, Elizabeth See Wheeler, Henry (1)        
Blakely, Mary See Mac Crum, Eveline        
Blanchard, Sophia   Lee, William A. Born to Hiram Lee 1883  
Bode, Josephine See Schwarz, Francis Stenard MD        
Bode, Josephine Marie See Schwartz, C. Fred        
Boomhower, Catherine See Kinloch, Osman F., M.D.        
Booth, Jennie E. Born to Joseph Booth Stanton, Elmer E. Born Mar 15, 1862 at Saranac, NY to Elijah R. Stanton & Amanda C. Haynes; photo Jul 16, 1866 in Troy NY Meehan; Stockwell
Booth, Joseph See Booth, Jennie E.        
Bord, George S. See Bord, Helene M        
Bord, Helene M. Born to George S. Bord & Margaret Murray Bussey, James N. Born Apr 27, 1880 at Chicago, IL Jan 6, 1911 in Troy NY  
Bornt, Mary Ann See Snyder, Estella M        
Bosca, Orville E. Born May 17, 1867 at Chazy, NY; photo Brayton, Lillian F.   Nov 26, 1884 in Lansingburg NY Doyle
Bout, Charles R. See Bout, Janet Angeline        
Bout, Janet Angeline Born to Charles R. Bout & Louise C. Bout Meurs, Henry Born Jun 8, 1888 in Netherlands, NY to Simon Meurs & Marie Meurs Oct 11, 1908 in Rensselaer NY  
Bout, Louise, C. See Bout, Janet Angeline        
Bowen, Alfred S. See Frederick E. Bowen        
Bowen, Frederick E. Born Mar 12, 1877 in Troy, NY to Alfred S. Bowen & Harriet M. Thomas Collins, Elizabeth V.   Apr 25, 1906  
Brady, Edward See Brady, Edward Michael        
Brady, Edward Michael Born Abt 1860 at Troy, NY to Edward Brady & Mary Farrell; photo        
Brashear, Joseph David See Brashear, Peter Cominges        
Brashear, Peter Cominges Born Jan 20, 1867 in Stephensport, KY to Joseph David Brashear & Anna Mary Scott; photo; family history; Ft Orange Paper Co. photo Payne, Rida Cronley Born to Walter Scott Payne & Maria Ingels Jun 8, 1904 in Lexington KY  
Braun, Anna See Clarke, William Edward        
Brayton, Lillian F.   Bosca, Orville E. Born May 17, 1867 at Chazy, NY; photo Nov 26, 1884 in Lansingburg NY Doyle
Brearton, James F. Born Nov 11, 1874 in Troy, NY to Thomas Brearton & Margaret Walsh; photo Treanor, Sara E. Born to Hugh Treanor & Anna B. Goode    
Brearton, Thomas See Brearton, James F.        
Bree, Alonzo See Bree, Eliza        
Bree, Eliza Born to Alonzo Bree & Elizabeth Smith Satterlee, John H. Born Jan 1, 1862 at Berlin, NY to David G. Satterlee & Euretta Davis Mar 9, 1884 in Berlin NY  
Broderick, John Henry Born Feb 19, 1886 in Troy, NY to Joseph H. Broderick & Mary Conway McKenna, Helen T. Born to James T. McKenna & Rose Duffy June 21, 1913  
Broderick, Joseph H. See Broderick, John Henry        
Brough, Amelia See Yerton, Mary E.        
Brough, Amelia See Yerton, Selma        
Brown, Alice Born to Rev. William R. Brown & Sarah Smith Podmore, James Wm Flack Born Jun 18, 1850 at W. Troy, NY to Joseph Podmore & Hildah A. Hayford Feb 3, 1877 Moore
Brown, Edward M. Born Jan 5, 1877 in Petersburg, NY Simon, Eva Stowell Born to John Simon & Addie Stowell Jun 15, 1913 in Petersburg NY  
Brown, Stephen D., Rev. See Brown, Stephen J.        
Brown, Stephen J. Born Mar 22, 1861 in Poughkeepsie, NY to Rev. Stephen D. Brown & Lucy Herrick Morey, Clara A.   Oct 24, 1888  
Brown, William R. See Brown, Alice        
Brownell, Elizabeth Louise See Tucker, Harriet Frances        
Buchanan, Edward Christian Born in Troy, NY to John E. Buchanan & Daretta Goss; photo Spence, Jane Born to George Spence, Sr. & Jane Cairns Jun 28, 1893 in Troy NY  
Buchanan, John E. See Buchanan, Edward Christian        
Bucklin, Daniel E. Bucklin MD See Bucklin, Nomina        
Bucklin, Nomina Born to Daniel E. Bucklin MD & Twining, Frank B. Born Sep 3, 1856 at Lansingburg, NY to Alfred C. Twining & Mary F. Barton; family history Dec 12, 1889 Perry; Cox
Buell, Horatio G. See Buell, Martha        
Buell, Martha Born to Horatio G. Buell & Elizabeth MacGregor Plum, Elias Born Nov 8, 1804 at Newark, NJ to Matthias Plum & Susan Crane; family history, photo Oct 30, 1855 in Troy NY  
Bulson, Mary F. See Rifenburg, Charles H.        
Bunce, Lavesta See Eldred, Arvie        
Bundy, Florence E. See Shaw, Burt Luverne, MD        
Burch, Arthur James Born Aug 24, 1877 in Easton, NY to Welling Wesley Burch & Jessie F. Wait; photo Hemstead, Jessie E. Born to John Hemstead & Mary L. Lewis Nov 21, 1900 in Waterford NY  
Burch, Welling Wesley See Burch, Arthur James        
Burdick, Alice Born to Elmer Burdick & Nellie Jones Strait, Fred Born Feb 3, 1894 at Poestenkill, NY to Lorenzo Strait & Alletia Littlefield; family history Oct 10, 1916 in Berlin NY  
Burdick, Betsey See Holmes, John B.        
Burdick, Elmer See Burdick, Alice        
Burdick, Josephine A. Born to William Burdick & Josephine Westfall Miller, Charles Henry Born Sep 27, 1883 in Wynantskill, NY to Warren S. Miller & Angeline Earing Aug 24, 1912  
Burdick, Mary See Gleason, Carolyn E.        
Burdick, William See Burdick, Josephine A.        
Burney, Mary C. Born to Michael Burney & Catharine Monohan Donnelly, John Charles Born Nov 7, 1873 in Troy, NY to Thomas J. Donnelly & Marie E. Curley; Donnelly Bros. specialized in sacramental wines; photo Waterford NY  
Burney, Michael See Burney, Mary C.        
Burnham, Frances M Born to Major-Gen William P. Burnham & Grace Meacham Curtis, Stephen Horace Born May 30, 1894 in Troy, NY to Frederick W. Curtis & Mary L. Vincent January 16, 1918  
Burnham, William P. See Burnham, Frances M.        
Burns, Cornelius Born at Troy, NY to John W. Burns & Ellen Gorman; former Mayor of Troy; photo        
Burns, James H. Born in Troy, NY to John W. Burns & Ellen Gorman Kehn, Jessie M   Troy NY  
Burns, John W. See Burns, James H.        
Burns, John W. See Burns, Cornelius        
Bussey, James N. Born Apr 27, 1880 at Chicago, IL Bord, Helene M. Born to George S. Bord & Margaret Murray Jan 6, 1911 in Troy NY  
Byron, Catherine See Gallagher, A. W.        
Byron, Catherine See Gallagher, Leo Joseph DDS        
Byron, John Joseph Born Feb 26, 1874 in Troy, NY to Thomas Byron & Mary Nelligan Kane, Nora A.   Jun 9, 1914 in Troy NY  
Byron, Thomas See Byron John Joseph        


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