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Prominent Citizens Of Troy And
Rensselaer County, NY.

Troy and Rensselaer County, New York: A History
by Rutherford Hayner, Volume III,
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York and Chicago 1925

N-O-P-Q surnames cited in Volume III of the 3 Volume History.

Nack, Sophie See Lorenz, Herbert William        
Nash, Charlotte S. See Eddy, Charles Gilbert        
Naum, Morris See Naum, Nathan        
Naum, Nathan Born to May 6, 1883 at Eastern Province, Russia, Morris Naum & Rebecca Mollic Allen, Cecila Born to Harris Allen & Mildred Allen Dec 3, 1913 in Nassau NY  
Neely, Jennie M. See Ross, Ogden J.        
Neely, Jennie M. Born to William Neely Ross, E. Ogden Born Feb 5, 1856 at Troy, NY to Elias Ross & Mary E. White; family history in Scotland Nov 14, 1876 in New York NY Terry; Appleton; Cady
Neely, William See Neely, Jennie M        
Neilson, Ellen See Newland, Nellie        
Nelligan, Mary See Byron John Joseph        
Newland, Nellie Born to Rial Newland & Ellen Neilson Quackenbush, John H. Born at Schaghticoke, NY to John A. Quackenbush & Harriet E. Kenney; family history Nov 6, 1889 in Stillwater NY Hatton
Newland, Rial See Newland, Nellie        
Newman, Mary See Scott, James S.        
Nial, Matthew See Nial, William A.        
Nial, William A. Born Aug 27, 1876 at Troy, NY to Matthew Nial & Mary Crough; Capt in WWI        
Nichols, Elnora See Waterman, Edward Coburn        
Nichols, Jennie See Austin, P. Huntley        
Nielsen, Amilia See Nielsen, Thomas        
Nielsen, Thomas See Nielsen, Thomas        
Nielsen, Thomas E. Born Oct 7, 1887 at Denmark to Thomas Nielsen & Amilia Nielsen Rasmussen, Ann Marie Born to Christian H. Rasmussen & Anna Johnson    
Niles, A. C. Born Jan 31, 1870 at Berlin, NY to George D. Niles & Emmaline Maxson; family history Barrett, Margaret   Jul 2, 1892 in Matteawan Dennison; Hull
Niles, Arthur C. See Niles, Fannie Barrett        
Niles, Fannie Barrett Born to Arthur C. Niles & Margaret Barrett Hull, Alson J., Major Born to Jan 19, 1891 in Berlin, NY to Dr. John B. Hull & Sarah Allen; WWI Vet Apr 9, 1919 in Berlin NY  
Niles, George D. See Niles, A. C.        
Nolte, Caroline See Doring, Henry        
Norman, Mary See Salmson, Ida        
Norsk, H. C. See Norsk, John C.        
Norsk, John C. Born Oct 20, 1888 at New York, NY to H. C. Norsk & Mary Cunningham Plant, Lida M. Born to Frank D. Plant & Gussie Hornbeck Sep 4, 1919 in New Haven CT  
Norton, John Thomas Born to Feb 4, 1865 at Troy, NY to Thomas Norton Norton & Rose Shattuck Hammond, Margaret   Jan 16, 1891 in Buffalo NY Roff
Norton, Lydia See Mann, Mercy        
Norton, Sarah A. See Ingalls, Addie N.        
Norton, Thomas See Norton, John Thomas        
Nutting, Julia E. See Aken, Howard V.        
O'Brien, Mary Born to William O'Brien & Nora O'Brien Murphy, Martin Born Jun 14, 1859 at Hoosick Falls, NY to John Murphy & Catherine Murphy Jan 25, 1882 in Hoosick Falls NY  
O'Brien, Nanno See Peters, Helen C.        
O'Brien, Nora See O'Brien, Mary        
O'Brien, William See O'Brien, Mary        
Ocumpaugh, Emily J. See Lee, Stanton P.        
O'Donnel, Ellen See Shanley, W. Joseph        
O'Donnell, Mary See Healy, John Joseph        
Ogden, James See Ogden, Mary Frances        
Ogden, Mary Frances Born to James Ogden Fairweather, Alexander Born Jan 27, 1844 in Schaghticoke, NY to David Fairweather (born in Dundee, Scotland) & Sarah Gilchrist 1906 in Troy NY  
O'Gorman, Rose See Hayden, James S.        
O'Haire, Leo Gerald Born at Watervliet, NY to Sylvester O'Haire & Sarah Cleary; Roman Cath Priest; photo        
O'Haire, Sylvester See O'Haire, Leo Gerald        
O'Keefe Katherine J. Born to John O'Keefe & Katherine Leonard Carroll, John Dennis, MD Born Nov 14, 1892 in Turner Falls, MA to Timothy Carroll & Mary E. Kelleher Oct 31, 1922 in Walloomsac NY  
O'Keefe, John See O'Keefe, Katherine J.        
Olsen, Johanna See Olsen, John        
Olsen, John Born Jul 6, 1888 at Troy, NY to Ole C. Olsen & Johanna Olsen Johnson, Sophia Laura Born to Peter H. Johnson & Katharine Johnson Aug 16, 1911  
Olsen, Ole C. See Olsen, John        
O'Meara, Ellen See Doody, Richard Patrick        
O'Meara, John Joseph Born Oct 19, 1891 at Troy, NY to John W. O'Meara & Margaret Ryan McArdle, Rhea Born to Patrick McArdle & Katharine Mahar Apr 22, 1917 in Troy NY  
O'Meara, John W. See O'Meara, John Joseph        
O'Neill, Nora See Howard, Helen H.        
Opitz, Emma   Duerschner, John Elias Born Jul 20, 1859 in Galena, IL to Conrad Duerschner (born in Baveria) & Catherine L'Amerand; family history Apr 23, 1892 in Wilton IA Doring
Orvis, Calvin H. See Orvis, Lincoln Abraham        
Orvis, Lincoln Abraham Born Nov 12, 1878 at Dickinson Center, NY to Calvin H. Orvis & Mary Jane French Hopple, Olive Mable Born to Henry Hopple Oct 28, 1902 in Newark NY  
Osborne, Emma C. See Hewitt, Mary H.        
Otterson, Genevieve   Clinton, Henry Esmond Born Abt. 1880 in Troy, NY to Lawrence Clinton (born Dublin, Ireland) & Mary F. Dolan (born Dublin, Ireland); family history Jul 19, 1917 in Troy NY  
Packard, Angelo S. See Packard, Chauncey Butler MD        
Packard, Chauncey Butler MD Born to Jun 13, 1887 at Troy, NY to Angelo S. Packard & Gertrude Welch Doring, Edna Born to George F. Doring & Martha Doring Feb 16, 1914 in Troy NY  
Packer, Agthea Born to John Packer & Barbara Yates Vanderzee, Russell M. Born Feb 25, 1879 at Wynantskill, NY to Philip Vanderzee & Rebecca Hubbard; family history Jun 20, 1900 in Wynantskill NY  
Packer, John See Packer, Agthea        
Padley, Amanda L. Born to Richard G. Padley & Louise Padley from Londonderry, Ireland Caldwell, James Bell Born Jun 25, 1851 in Troy, NY to James Caldwell & Nancy Sample; family history; world-reknown clothier; vet Civil War May 18, 1870  
Padley, Louise See Padley, Amanda L.        
Padley, Richard G. See Padley, Amanda L.        
Palmatier, Emma See Dana, Mildred Anna        
Palmer, Eva See Palmer, Helen        
Palmer, George A. See Palmer, Helen        
Palmer, Helen Born to George A. Palmer & Eva Palmer Mann, Lewis Frederick Born Oct 28, 1899 at Castle-ton-Hudson, NY to F. J. Mann; photo Oct 27, 1923 in Slingerlands NY  
Palmer, Jennie See Roye, Grace E.        
Palmer, Katherine See Hustable, Thomas P.        
Park, Isabella See Dewar, Alexander Cameron        
Parker, Ethel   Darby, William Francis Born Feb 21, 1895 in Watervliet, NY to William E. Darby & Clara J. Matthews Sep 7, 1921 in Waterford NY  
Parker, Marian   Waterman, Edward Coburn Born Jul 2, 1881 at Troy, NY to F. Irving Waterman & Elnora Nichols    
Parmenter, Azel F. See Parmenter, Franklin Jay        
Parmenter, Frank Silliman Born Apr 12, 1874 at Troy, NY to Franklin J. Parmenter & Loranda Silliman; family history Huestad, Augusta E.   1913 in Dutchess County, NY  
Parmenter, Franklin J. See Parmenter, Frank Silliman        
Parmenter, Franklin Jay Born Aug 28, 1829 at Pittstown, NY to Azel F. Parmenter & Lavina Ray; family history Sillman, Lorenda Born to Capt Robert D. Silliman 1872  
Pateman, Lucy See Plumb, Henry H.        
Patience, Harriet See Clarke, William Levi        
Patterson, Christopher J., MD Born Aug 2, 1863 at Toronto, Canada to Christopher S. Patterson (educated at Belfast Academy) & Mary Dickson; photo        
Patterson, Christopher S. See Patterson, Christopher J., MD        
Payn, Hazel K. Born to Howard K. Payn & M. Alida Dennison Stone, Charles A. Born Jun 19, 1881 at Troy, NY to Charles R. Stone & Katrina B. Akin; family history Jun 20, 1908 in Albany NY  
Payn, Howard K. See Payn, Hazel K.        
Payne, Rida Cronley Born to Walter Scott Payne & Maria Ingels Brashear, Peter Cominges Born Jan 20, 1867 in Stephensport, KY to Joseph David Brashear & Anna Mary Scott; photo; family history; Ft Orange Paper Co. photo Jun 8, 1904 in Lexington KY  
Payne, Walter Scott See Payne, Rida Cronley        
Peck, Alfred G. See Peck, Eleazer Adorno        
Peck, Eleazer Adorno Born May 14, 1874 at Lansingburg, NY to Alfred G. Peck & Charlotte Avery; family history Herrick, S. Edna Born to John Herrick & Georgianna Duntz Jun 12, 1901 in Troy NY  
Peckham, Sarah See Lamphier, Porter O.        
Pendleton, Mary Jane See Eddy, George Walton        
Penfield, Mary Cowles See Heald, Edward T.        
Perkins, Etta L. See Edwards, Glenn Perkins        
Perkins, Mary See Ainsworth, Emily        
Persh, Anna Born to Frederick Persh & Anna Persh Ploth, John Frederick Born Nov 20, 1869 at Brookview, NY to Lewis Ploth & Rachel Roliff Sep 2, 1892  
Persh, Anna, Mrs. See Persh, Anna        
Persh, Frederick See Persh, Anna        
Peters, Helen C. Born to James Boyd Weir Peters & Nanno O'Brien Behan, Joseph C. Born Dec 7, 1862 In Troy, NY to Christopher Behan & Bridget Clarke Troy NY  
Peters, James Boyd Weir See Peters, Helen C.        
Petersen, Petrea See Jensen, Christian Peter        
Peterson, Christina See Peterson, Minnie        
Peterson, Minnie Born to Peter H. Peterson & Christina Peterson Warner, John Henry Born Oct 12, 1875 at Cohoes, NY to William Warner & Margaret Moran Oct 2, 1896 in Amsterdam NY  
Peterson, Peter H. See Peterson, Minnie        
Phelan, Thomas William, MD Born Sep 22, 1896 at Lansingburg, NY to William H. Phelan & Decie Gaffey; WWI Vet        
Phelan, William H. See Phelan, Thomas William, MD        
Phelps, Amy Victoria Born to Nathan E. Phelps & Alice Eliza Moffett Kingdon, Howard John Born to Apr 1, 1871 in Fairfield, IA to John Melville Kingdon & Fannie Bennett; family history Oct 29, 1902 in Stephentown NY  
Phelps, Elizabeth A. See Warren, Walter Phelps        
Phelps, Nathan E. See Phelps, Amy Victoria        
Pike, Bertha M.   Marshall, Charles W. Born Feb 9, 1881 at Troy, NY to Edwin T. Marshall & Ada Lohnes Jun 15, 1910 in Watervliet NY  
Pine, James See Pine, James Knox Polk        
Pine, James Knox Polk Born Nov 21, 1841 at Hoosick, NY to James Pine & Sarah Elizabeth Pine; family history, photo Adams, Clara M. Born to Warren L. Adams & Pamela Hamblin Jun 22, 1865 in Troy NY Kellogg; Kimberly; Briggs; Lockwood
Pine, Sarah Elizabeth See Pine, James Knox Polk        
Pitts, Amanda See Morey, Edward W.        
Pitts, Priscilla See Devereaux, Emma J.        
Plant, Frank D. See Plant, Lida M.        
Plant, Lida M. Born to Frank D. Plant & Gussie Hornbeck Norsk, John C. Born Oct 20, 1888 at New York, NY to H. C. Norsk & Mary Cunningham Sep 4, 1919 in New Haven CT  
Ploth, John Frederick Born Nov 20, 1869 at Brookview, NY to Lewis Ploth & Rachel Roliff Persh, Anna Born to Frederick Persh & Anna Persh Sep 2, 1892  
Ploth, Lewis See Ploth, John Frederick        
Plum, David Banks Born to Oct 7, 1869 at Troy, NY to Fred A. Plum & Mary S. Fowler; family history Barnes, Harriet L. Born to Albert J. Barnes & Hannah C. Bigelow Mar 30, 1898 in Troy NY  
Plum, Elias Born Nov 8, 1804 at Newark, NJ to Matthias Plum & Susan Crane; family history, photo Buell, Martha Born to Horatio G. Buell & Elizabeth MacGregor Oct 30, 1855 in Troy NY  
Plum, Elias Born Nov 8, 1804 at Newark, NJ to Matthias Plum & Susan Crane; family history, photo Mann, Mercy Born to Heremiah Mann & Lydia Norton Dec 23, 1840 in Miltren Center NY  
Plum, Elias Born Nov 8, 1804 at Newark, NJ to Matthias Plum & Susan Crane; family history, photo Rankin, Susan Born to William Rankin & Wilhemina Dunkee Apr 25,1830  
Plum, Fred A. See Plum, David Banks        
Plum, Matthias See Plum, Elias        
Plumb, Henry H. Born Jan 1, 1857 at Peekskill, NY to Thomas H. Plumb & Lucy Pateman Tinley, Mary E. Born to Charles Tinley & Sarah Ann Tinley Oct 1, 1890 in Loudonville NY  
Plumb, Thomas H. See Plumb, Henry H.        
Podmore, James Wm Flack Born Jun 18, 1850 at W. Troy, NY to Joseph Podmore & Hildah A. Hayford Brown, Alice Born to Rev. William R. Brown & Sarah Smith Feb 3, 1877 Moore
Podmore, Joseph See Podmore, James Wm Flack        
Polk, Frederick See Polk, William F.        
Polk, William F. Born Mar 24, 1856 at Germany to Frederick Polk & Lizzetta Benton; family history Lundergan, Celestine Born to John Lundergran & Caroline Foster Jul 6, 1881 in Menands NY Crandall; Patteson; Bosworth; Switzer
Porter, Katherine See McKean, Andrew Porter        
Powers, Catherine See McGrath, Thomas A.        
Powers, Margaret See Kearns, Helen A.        
Powers, Sarah E.   Howd, Emmott MD Born Apr 5, 1872 in Schenectady, NY to Harvey W. Howd & Isabella Mowers Mar 14, 1905 in Watervliet NY  
Prescott, Polly See Granger, Frances Harriet        
Pullen, Anna May Born to Frank Pullen & Virginia May Stahl Woodhouse, John H. Born Aug 11, 1875 at Cradley Heath, S Staffordshire, England to William Woodhouse & Sarah Ann Troman family history, photo Aug 23, 1898 in Trenton, NJ  
Pullen, Frank See Pullen, Anna May        
Puphal, Herman See Puphal, Walter Arthur        
Puphal, Martha See Puphal, Walter Arthur        
Puphal, Walter Arthur Born Jan 16, 1893 at Merrill, WI to Herman Puphal & Martha Puphal Wendell, Gertrude Mae Born to Bernard Jr. Wendell & Clara Armstrong Engaged: Wedding to be Nov 28, 1923  
Purcell, John C. See Purcell, Philip Michael        
Purcell, Philip Michael Born Jun 27, 1874 at Troy, NY to John C. Purcell & Joanna Williams Crough, Nora Crough Born to Jeremiah Crough & Mary Quillinan Apr 16, 1913 in Troy NY  
Quackenbush, John A. See Quackenbush, John H.        
Quackenbush, John H. Born at Schaghticoke, NY to John A. Quackenbush & Harriet E. Kenney; family history Newland, Nellie Born to Rial Newland & Ellen Neilson Nov 6, 1889 in Stillwater NY Hatton
Quillinan, Mary See Crough, Nora        
Quillinan, Michael D. See Quillinan, Timothy Joseph        
Quillinan, Timothy Joseph Born Sep 19, 1870 at Troy, NY to Michael D. Quillinan & Johanna Crough Kirwin, Sarah E. Born to William H. Kirwin & Margaret Sands Apr 17, 1901 in Troy NY  
Quinlan, John F. See Quinlan, John Joseph MD        
Quinlan, John Joseph, MD Born Nov 4, 1897 at Watervliet, NY to John F. Quinlan & Ann Ruther Flanigan, Clara Born to William T. Flanigan & Agnes Carl 1923 in Watervliet NY  
Quinlan, Margaret See Judge, Thomas Francis        
Quinn, Edward J. Born to Apr 10, 1891 at Troy, NY to Thomas Quinn & Mary Ann Rafferty; photo Ratigan, Ethel Born to Dennis Ratigan & Ann McCormack Troy NY  
Quinn, Margaret See Crell, Chester J.        
Quinn, Mary See Delehanty, Julia        
Quinn, Thomas See Quinn, Edward J.        
Quirk, John Q. See Quirk, William John        
Quirk, Wiliam John Born Oct 18, 1892 at Long Island City, NY to John Q. Quirk & Elizabeth Riley Gleason, Anna Born to Martin Gleason & Anna Gleason Apr 24, 1916 in Rensselaer NY  

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