Prominent Citizens Of Troy And
Rensselaer County, NY.

Troy and Rensselaer County, New York: A History
by Rutherford Hayner, Volume III,
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York and Chicago 1925

R-S surnames cited in Volume III of the 3 Volume History.

Radloff, Anna See Castle, Frederick B.        
Rafferty, Mary Ann See Quinn, Edward J.        
Rankin, Susan Born to William Rankin & Wilhemina Dunkee Plum, Elias Born Nov 8, 1804 at Newark, NJ to Matthias Plum & Susan Crane; family history, photo Apr 25,1830  
Rankin, William See Plum, Elias        
Ranney, Charles Joseph Born Aug 1, 1891 at Waterford, NY to Willliam T. Ranney & Josephine Lucey Fanning, Edna G. Born to Edward J. Fanning & Mary C. Looby Nov 26, 1921 in Troy NY  
Ranney, William T. See Ranney, Charles Joseph        
Rasmussen, Ann Marie Born to Christian H. Rasmussen & Anna Johnson Nielsen, Thomas E. Born Oct 7, 1887 at Denmark to Thomas Nielsen & Amilia Nielsen    
Rasmussen, Chistrian H. See Rasmussen, Ann Marie        
Ratingan, Dennis See Ratingan, Ethel        
Ratingan, Ethel Born to Dennis Ratingan & Ann McCormack Quinn, Edward J. Born to Apr 10, 1891 at Troy, NY to Thomas Quinn & Mary Ann Rafferty; photo Troy NY  
Ray, Lavina See Parmenter, Franklin Jay        
Reagan, Bridget See Sheehan, Mary Agnes        
Reagan, Matthew See Reagan, William B.        
Reagan, William B. Born Jul 7, 1886 at Rensselaer, NY to Matthew Reagan & Julia Riley Becker, Catherine Born to Henry Becker & Susan Becker Nov 6, 1910 in Albany NY  
Reinwald, Henry C. Born Jan 16, 1883 at New Haven, CT to John Baptist Reinwald & Philipina Gamber Riffanacht, Susan Born to Christian Riffancht & Mary Riffanacht Nov 29, 1906 in New York NY  
Reinwald, John Baptist See Reinwald, Henry C.        
Rendert, Edward Born Aug 25, 1862 at Averill Park, NY to William Rendert & Caroline Shrader; photo Rollman, Christina Born to John Rollman & Margaret Rollman Dec 25, 1884 in Sand Lake NY  
Rendert, William See Rendert, Edward        
Reno, Frank H. Born at Rensselaer, NY to John M. Reno & Laura Melius; family history Jakes, Elizabeth A. Born to Joseph Jakes & Eliza Hutchin 1893 in Rensselaer NY  
Reno, John M. See Reno, Frank H.        
Reynolds, Sarah See Johnston, Irwin        
Rhinehart, Josephine   Zeiser, Dagobert Born Dec 13, 1841 at Wittenberg, Germany to John B. Zeiser & Caroline Mueller; Civil War Vet w/description; 15 children   Fisher; Karr; Egan; Hgue; Bisland; Wood Borgmeyer; Sanford; Crowley
Richards, John D. See Richards, John W.        
Richards, John W. Born May 13, 1865 at Schaghticoke, NY to John D. Richards; family history Hewitt, Mary H. Born to Henry Hewitt & Emma C. Osborne Dec 26, 1888 in Schaghticoke NY  
Richards, Margaret See Kavanaugh, Bertram P.        
Rickerson, LeRoy See Rickerson, Robert L.        
Rickerson, Robert L. Born Apr 17, 1894 at Troy, NY to LeRoy Rickerson & Margaret Murphy; family history Thompson, Iva Ellizabeth Born to Charles E. Thompson & Minnie Thompson Aug 9, 1912  
Rifenburg, Charles H. Born Oct 31, 1871 at Grafton, NY to Louis M Rifenburg & Mary F. Bulson Green, Bessie L. Born to Franklin Green & Lydia Graham Dec 26, 1904 in Cropseyville NY  
Rifenburg, Louis M. See Rifenburg, Charles H.        
Riffanacht, Christian See Riffanacht, Susan        
Riffanacht, Susan Born to Christian Riffancht & Mary Riffanacht Reinwald, Henry C. Born Jan 16, 1883 at New Haven, CT to John Baptist Reinwald & Philipina Gamber Nov 29, 1906 in New York NY  
Riffiancht, Mary See Riffanacht, Susan        
Riley, Elizabeth See Quirk, William John        
Riley, Julia See Reagan, William B.        
Riley, Margaret See Curran, Charles M.        
Riordan, Charles Patrick Born Jun 29, 1858 at Little Falls, NY to Eugene Riordan (born County Cork, Ireland) & Mary Kenny; (born Roscommon, Ireland Conway, Ellen A.   Jan 7, 1884 in Troy, NY  
Riordan, Eugene See Riordan, Charles Patrick        
Ripley, Emily See Humphrey, Harry Phillips        
Roach, Mary See Dunnigan, Mary A.        
Robbins, Sarah M. See Greenalch, Leroy        
Roberts, Jane See Sharp, Josephine        
Roberts, Jarris A. Born Jun 4, 1857 at Center Brunswick, NY to Merritt Roberts & Catherine Dusenberg Hayner, Alice Born to Louis Hayner & Mary Hayner Oct 26, 1887 in Center Brunswick NY Hayner
Roberts, Merrit See Roberts, Merritt A.        
Roberts, Merritt See Roberts, Jarris A.        
Roberts, Merritt A. Born Dec 17, 1864 at Center Brunswick, NY to Merritt Roberts & Catherine Dusenberg Van Amum, Martha Born to Jacob H. Van Amum & Martha Smith 30 Sep 1886 in Center Brunswick NY  
Robinson, John See Robinson, Rebecca        
Robinson, Rebecca Born to John Robinson & Mary Moore Wheeler, Henry (2) Born Feb 21, 1876 at Glenville, CT to James Wheelock Wheeler & Mary Sargeant. Photo; family history; Ancestors founded Dartmouth College. Jan 31, 1894 in Troy NY  
Roche, Alfred E. Born Oct 16, 1884 at Troy, NY to William J. Roche & Mary L. Campain Yund, Laura Born to Charles Yund & Theresa Yund    
Roche, William See Roche, William James        
Roche, William J. See Roche, Alfred E.        
Roche, William James Born Mar 7, 1853 at Troy, NY at William Roche (born Castletown Roche, Ireland) & Margaret Guiry Campion, Mary L.   May 15, 1880 in New York NY Hartigan; Stapleton
Rockwood, Harriet See McLeod, Grace        
Roe, Rose See Sulzman, Frank M.        
Roeck, Edith D.   Wiley, Earle John Born Oct 20, 1892 at Troy, NY to John Wiley & Jennie Wyman Jun 11, 1921  
Rogers, Mary See Warren, Martha Mabbett        
Roliff, Rachel See Ploth, John Frederick        
Rollman, Anna See Teal, Myrline        
Rollman, Christina Born to John Rollman & Margaret Rollman Rendert, Edward Born Aug 25, 1862 at Averill Park, NY to William Rendert & Caroline Shrader; photo Dec 25, 1884 in Sand Lake NY  
Rollman, John See Rollman, Christina        
Rollman, Margaret See Rollman, Christina        
Rose A. McGee   Cary, John E. Born in Troy, NY to James Cary & Mary A. Dunn    
Rose, Mary See Harrington, Nellie Rose        
Ross, E. Ogden Born Feb 5, 1856 at Troy, NY to Elias Ross & Mary E. White; family history in Scotland Neely, Jennie M. Born to William Neely Nov 14, 1876 in New York NY Terry; Appleton; Cady
Ross, E. Ogden See Ross, Ogden J.        
Ross, Elias See Ross, E. Ogden        
Ross, Ogden J. Born Apr 6, 1893 at Troy, NY to E. Ogden Ross & Jennie M. Neely; WWI service Cheney, Elizabeth W. Born to Frederick A. Cheney & Bess Wotkyns Feb 17, 1920 in Troy NY  
Rourke, Byron See Rourke, John Francis        
Rourke, John Francis Born Jun 24, 1861 at Co Kerry, Ireland to Byron Rourke (immigrated in 1866) & Bridget Shea Conway, Anna E.   Nov. 24, 1886 in Scranton PA  
Rowan, Mary E.   Judge, Thomas Francis Born Apr 4, 1873 in Troy, NY to Arthur Judge (born Athlone, Co W Meath, Ireland 1825) & Margaret Quinlan (born Drocha, Co Cavan, Ireland 1831); Irish family history 1904 in Lansingburg NY  
Rowe, Edgar Born at Nassau, NY to John L. Rowe & Cornelia Bink        
Rowe, John L. See Rowe, Edgar        
Rowe, Sarah See Walker, Anna        
Roy, Agnes See Stone, Delia B.        
Roye, Grace E. Born to Joseph L. Roye & Jennie Palmer Cooper, Ralph M. Born Oct 27, 1884 in Athens, NY to Ira N. Cooper & Lillian Mace Jun 15, 1910 in Nassau NY  
Roye, Joseph L. See Roye, Grace E.        
Rundell, Ruth Ann See Sewell, John I.        
Russell, Hannah R. See Frost, Harriet May        
Ruther, Ann See Quinlan, John Joseph MD        
Ryan, Edward Leo, Lt. Born Jun 27, 1895 at Troy, NY to James Ryan & Mary McAuliff Smith, Agnes Born to John Smith Feb 9, 1920 in Brooklyn NY  
Ryan, James See Ryan, Edward Leo, Lt.        
Ryan, John Peter Born Jun 28, 1891 at Troy, NY to Thomas Ryan & Mary Young of Co Tipperary, Ireland McCarthy, Mary A.   Jan 24, 1917 in Troy NY  
Ryan, Margaret See O'Meara, John Joseph        
Ryan, Thomas See Ryan, John Peter        
Ryemiller, Charles J. Born Dec 2, 1886 at W Sand Lake, NY to John Ryemiller & Catherine Herman Teal, Myrline Born to Henry Teal & Anna Rollman May 5, 1917 in W Sand Lake NY  
Ryemiller, John See Ryemiller, Charles J.        
Safford, Louisa See Sprague, Charles Benjamin        
Salmson, Ida Born to Peter H. Salmson & Mary Norman Collins, Cornelius "Neil" V. Born Jun 20, 1856 in Greenwich, NY to Thomas Collins (born Cross-Keyes, Co. Tyrone, Ireland) & Elizabeth Valance (born Scotland). Dec 11, 1879 in Troy NY McGonigal
Salmson, Peter H. See Salmson, Ida        
Salt, John G. Born Jul 5, 1876 at Poukeepsie, NY to Thomas H. Salt & Alice Gledhill        
Salt, Thomas H. See Salt, John G.        
Sample, Nancy See Caldwell, James Bell        
Samson, De Ette Born to Frederick Samson & Sarah D. Welch Warren, Chester Ingersoll Born Feb 22, 1880 at Troy, NY to Walter Phelps Warren & Martha M. Warren; family history; photo Oct 23, 1907 in Hartford CT  
Samson, Frederick See Samson, De Ette        
Sands, Margaret See Kirwin, Sarah E.        
Sargeant, Mary See Wheeler, Henry (2)        
Sargeant, Mary See Wheeler, James S.        
Satterlee, David G. See Satterlee, John H.        
Satterlee, John H. Born Jan 1, 1862 at Berlin, NY to David G. Satterlee & Euretta Davis Bree, Eliza Born to Alonzo Bree & Elizabeth Smith Mar 9, 1884 in Berlin NY  
Sattrlee, Sarah See Davis, Byron A.        
Savage, Mary Ella   Ide, George Peck Born Feb 28, 1836 in Corinth, NY to William Ide & Sally Carpenter; family history   Eaton
Saxe, Lizzie W. Born to Judge R.J. Saxe & Rebecca Weed Bascom, Henry Clay Born Sep 3, 1844 to Daniel W. Bascom & Pamelia Shearer; photo 1874 in Sheldon VT  
Saxe, R. J. See Saxe, Lizzie W.        
Schemerhorn, Eugenia   Hubbard, Michael Joseph Troy Battalion Chief May 9, 1898  
Schermerhorn, Fannie M. See McKnight, John Wood        
Schoneman, Elizabeth Born to William Schoneman & Emma Fuller Malone, Joseph Charles Born Jul 4, 1885 in Troy, NY to Charles Malone & Anna Meehan Nov 23, 1905 in Albany NY  
Schoneman, William See Schoneman, Elizabeth        
Schwarz, C. Fred Born Feb 14, 1880 at Troy, NY to Martin J. Schwarz & Josephine Marie Bode Fox, Katherine Born to Joseph Fox & Katherine Fox Jan 12, 1913 in Geneva NY  
Schwarz, Francis Stenard MD Born May 9, 1894 at Troy, NY to Martin John Schwarz & Josephine Bode Luby, Genevieve V.   May 9, 1919 in Troy NY  
Schwarz, Martin J. See Schwartz, C. Fred        
Schwarz, Martin John See Schwarz, Francis Stenard MD        
Scobell, Jennie E. Born to John Albert Scobell & Jennie M. Wickham White, Neil Kirk Born Jul 11, 1872 at Johnston, PA to Alexander C. White & Mina Douglass Gageby Jan 27, 1903 in Cape Vincent NY  
Scobell, John Albert See Scobell, Jennie E.        
Scott, Anna Mary See Brashear, Peter Cominges        
Scott, Edmund See Scott, James S.        
Scott, James S. Born Aug 2, 1878 at Hoosick Falls, NY to Edmund Scott & Mary Newman Higgins, Anna   Oct 30, 1908 in Cambridge NY  
Seeley, Arlington James Born Sep 5, 1885 at Isabella Co., MI James H. Seeley & Margaret Armstrong Fargo, Ruth Olive Born to Nelson E. Fargo & Evelyn Munyon Grand Rapids MI  
Seeley, James H. See Seeley, Arlington James        
Seitz, Frank V. See Seitz, Helen V.        
Seitz, Helen V. Born to Frank V. Seitz & Caroline Leffler Louden, Victor Michael Born Apr 29, 1882 in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland to John James Louden (talented barrister of Dublin) & Erina M. Gibbons Jan 20, 1918 in Troy NY  
Seward, Elizabeth   Madden, William B. Born Dec 11, 1859 in Troy, NY to William Madden & Elizabeth Tomlinson New York NY Fenton
Sewell, John I. Born to Dec 20, 1872 at Cambridge, NY to Robert Sewell & Ruth Ann Rundell Skiff, Hattie Born to Samuel M. Skiff & Martha Edie Sep 24, 1896 in Buskirk NY  
Sewell, Robert See Sewell, John I.        
Seymour, Delia A. Peet Widow of Henry I. Seymour Guy, Thomas J. Born Feb 4, 1833 at Troy, NY; expert organist & conductor at St Joseph's Church, So Troy; history of St Joseph's organ; photo    
Seymour, Henry I. See Seymour, Delia A. Peet        
Shanley, W. Joseph Born Apr 16, 1897 at Troy, NY to Owen Shanley & Ellen O'Donnel Cavanaugh, Rose Born to James H. Cavanaugh Aug 30, 1920 in Watervliet  
Shannon, John See Shannon, John Francis        
Shannon, John Francis Born Mar 3, 1889 at Norwich, CT to John Shannon & Carrie Kniffen; family history, photo Fitzgerald, Elizabeth T.   Aug 18, 1912 in Troy NY  
Shannon, Margaret L.   Cary, John E. Born in Troy, NY to James Cary & Mary A. Dunn    
Sharp, James E. See Sharp, Josephine        
Sharp, Josephine Born to James E. Sharp & Jane Roberts Kennedy, Howard Samuel Born Jul 11, 1858 in Troy, NY to Peter H. Kennedy & Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh; family history Dec 17, 1879 Van Valkenburgh
Sharp, Josephine A. See Kennedy, Richard Oakley        
Sharpe, Buddington Born Jul 27, 1874 at No. Greenbush, NY to Marshall H. Sharpe & Mary Van Husen; family history Garrison, Jennie Born to Frank Garrison & Mary Lillian Garrison Feb 20, 1902 in Rensselaer NY  
Sharpe, Marshall H. See Sharpe, Buddington        
Shattuck, Harriet M.   Ludlow, Henry Gilbert Born Mar 28, 1823 in Nassau, NY to Samuel B. Ludlow & Nancy Douglas Burlington VT  
Shattuck, Rose See Norton, John Thomas        
Shaughnessy, Lawrence See Shaughnessy, Michael W.        
Shaughnessy, Michael W. Born Apr 16, 1871 at W Troy, NY to Lawrence Shaughnessy & Johanna Sheehan        
Shaw, Burt Luverne, MD Born Jun 1, 1874 at Smithville Flats, NY to John V. Shaw & Florence E. Bundy; family history Christopher, Gladys Anne Born to Walter Christopher & Emilene Wallace    
Shaw, John V. See Shaw, Burt Luverne, MD        
Shaw, Mary See Gorman, Mary        
Shea, Bridget See Rourke, John Francis        
Shearer, Pamelia See Bascom, Chester        
Shearer, Pamelia See Bascom, Henry Clay        
Sheehan, Johanna See Shaughnessy, Michael W.        
Sheehan, Mary Agnes Born to Michael Sheehan & Bridget Reagan Casey, Frederick Clement Born May 8, 1883 in Troy, NY to Philip Casey & Elizabeth Connery Oct 18, 1911 in Troy, NY  
Sheehan, Michael See Sheehan, Mary Agnes        
Shenley, Owen See Shanley, W. Joseph        
Sherman, Calvin See Sherman, Essie        
Sherman, Essie Born to Calvin Sherman & Ella Townsend Edwards, Glenn Perkins Born Dec 27, 1887 in New York, NY to Robert E. Edwards & Etta L. Perkins Oct 16, 1913 in Ellenville NY  
Sherman, Sarah E. See Hayner, Herbert V.        
Shields, Caroline A. See Caldwell, James Henry        
Shields, Hamilton L. See Shields, William Hamilton        
Shields, William Hamilton Born Aug 8, 1853 at Troy, NY to Hamilton L. Shields Johnston, Sarah Born to David J. Johnston Oct 4, 1893 in Cohoes, NY  
Shields, William Hamilton Born Aug 8, 1853 at Troy, NY to Hamilton L. Shields Thaliner, Anna S. Born to Peter Thaliner & Susan F. McEdson May 20, 1886  
Shimpf, Alfred See Shimpf, Marie K.        
Shimpf, Frances See Shimpf, Marie K.        
Shimpf, Marie K. Born to Alfred Shimpf & Frances Shimpf Waugh, Earl Maxwell Born Jun 17, 1897 at Rensselaer, NY to John Waugh Albany NY  
Shoemaker, Frederick A. Born Aug 25, 1877 at Averill Park, NY to Peter Shoemaker (wounded in Civil War) & Catharine Gula Hack, Ora M. Born to Edmund M. Hack & Ellen F. Hack Sep 27, 1899  
Shoemaker, Peter See Shoemaker, Frederick A.        
Shrader, Caroline See Rendert, Edward        
Siegel, Florence Born to John Siegel & Margaret Mulrooney Westbrook, John Harold Born Apr 6, 1890 at Troy, NY to Robert M. Westbrook & Cathrine Flynn; photo Sep 24, 1912 in Troy NY  
Siegel, John See Siegel, Florence        
Silliman, Loranda See Parmenter, Frank Silliman        
Sillman, Lorenda Born to Capt Robert D. Silliman Parmenter, Franklin Jay Born Aug 28, 1829 at Pittstown, NY to Azel F. Parmenter & Lavina Ray; family history 1872  
Sillman, Robert D. See Sillman, Lorenda        
Simmons, Jessie   Taylor, John P. Born Apr 16, 1874 at Troy, NY to John Taylor & Mary Anderson 1900 in Troy NY Schilling
Simon, Eva Stowell Born to John Simon & Addie Stowell Brown, Edward M. Born Jan 5, 1877 in Petersburg, NY Jun 15, 1913 in Petersburg NY  
Simon, John See Simon, Eva Stowell        
Skiff, Hattie Born to Samuel M. Skiff & Martha Edie Sewell, John I. Born to Dec 20, 1872 at Cambridge, NY to Robert Sewell & Ruth Ann Rundell Sep 24, 1896 in Buskirk NY  
Skiff, Samuel M. See Skiff, Hattie        
Skinner, Mary Harper   Heaton, Willis Edgar Born Sep 15, 1861 in Cicero, NY to Charles Edgar Heaton & Sarah Ann Gates Dec 27, 1888 in Hoosick Falls  
Slade, Benjamin J. See Slade, George D.        
Slade, George D. Born Jun 15, 1868 at Waterford, NY to Benjamin J. Slade & Elizabeth Flagler        
Slater, Mary See Van Buren, Elbert N.        
Slattery, John Theodore Catholic Priest, Domestic Prelate to the Pope, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, South Troy. Attorney for Albany Diocese, & editorial advisor in publicaton of this history book.        
Smith, Adam See Smith, Frank Templeton, MD        
Smith, Agnes Born to John Smith Ryan, Edward Leo, Lt. Born Jun 27, 1895 at Troy, NY to James Ryan & Mary McAuliff Feb 9, 1920 in Brooklyn NY  
Smith, Anthony Ogden See Smith, Cornelius Ogden        
Smith, Cornelius Ogden Born Nov 15, 1874 at Brooklyn, NY to Anthony Ogden Smith & Sophie C. Van Ness; family history Weaver, Clara Louise      
Smith, Elizabeth See Bree, Eliza        
Smith, Frank Templeton,MD Born Feb 29, 1876 at Troy, NY to Adam Smith & Reseltha Hackett Durant, Julia E.   Jun 2, 1907 in Troy NY  
Smith, George E., MD Born Mar 22, 1895 at Troy, NY to Thomas Smith & Susan Connell        
Smith, Henry W. See Smith, Sheldon B.        
Smith, James W. Born Mar 29, 1885 at Troy, NY to William E. Smith & Fannie Lang Ewing, Helen L. Born to William Ewing & Clara Liberton 1911 in Norwalk CT  
Smith, John See Smith, Agnes        
Smith, Margaret E. See Williams, John Francis        
Smith, Martha See Van Amum, Martha        
Smith, Nancy See Gray, Jennie        
Smith, Sarah See Brown, Alice        
Smith, Sheldon B. Born Mar 13, 1889 at Troy, NY to Henry W. Smith & Anna Bainbridge; family history Halla, Julliette D. Born to Julius F. Halla & Emma Lucas Nov 26, 1917 in Troy NY  
Smith, Thomas See Smith, George E., MD        
Smith, William E. See Smith James. W.        
Snow, Henry See Snow, Susan Elizabeth        
Snow, Susan Elizabeth Born to Capt Henry Snow & Susanna Stoddard Giles, Leonard House Born May 23, 1841 in Rome, NY to Henry G. Giles & Harriet House; family moved from England to Co Wexford, Ireland; family history; photo Jan 20, 1869 in Cohasset MA Ripley; Paine; Collens; Dyer; Hopkins; Chase; Todd; Tifft; Whipple; Curtis
Snyder, Albert B. See Snyder, Bertah M.        
Snyder, Bertah M. Born to Albert B. Snyder & Francena Younghans Hayner, Franklin J. Born Jan 18, 1855 in Haynersville, NY to Isaac Hayner & Rebecca Fake; family history Jun 7, 1904 in Troy NY  
Snyder, Caroline E. See Tilley, Nellie        
Snyder, Estella M. Born to Jacob L. Snyder & Mary Ann Bornt Holmes, Northrup R. Born Jan 17, 1879 in E Worcesterm, NY to John B. Holmes & Mary E. Tobey Oct 10, 1878 in Haynersville NY  
Snyder, Jacob L. See Snyder, Estella M        
Solchom, Caroline See Kosegarten, Charles W.        
Spaulding, Abbie L. See Aldrich Charles Spaulding        
Spence, George Sr. See Spence, Jane        
Spence, George, Jr. Born Nov 8, 1871 at Troy, NY to George Spence & Jane Cairns Galusha, Mary A. Born to Mark Galusha & Cora E. Galusha Oct 4, 1916 in Williamstown, NY  
Spence, George, Jr. Born Nov 8, 1871 at Troy, NY to George Spence & Jane Cairns Link, Ella F.   Jun 14, 1899 in Wynantskill NY  
Spence, George, Sr See Spence, George, Jr.        
Spence, Jane Born to George Spence, Sr. & Jane Cairns Buchanan, Edward Christian Born in Troy, NY to John E. Buchanan & Daretta Goss; photo Jun 28, 1893 in Troy NY  
Sprague, Charles Benjamin Born Jan 21, 1872 at Essex, NY to George M. Sprague & Louisa Safford Irving, Elizabeth Born to Alexander Irving & Stella Wright Sep 4, 1900 in Troy NY  
Sprague, George M. See Sprague, Charles Benjamin        
Springer, Jessie Louise Born to John Springer & Louisa M. Springer Hayner, Elmer I. Born Nov 19, 1863 in Haynersville, NY to Isaac Hayner & Rebecca Fake (drove British soldiers away from her chicken coop with pitch fork); family history Dec 21, 1891 in Haynersville NY  
Springer, John See Springer, Jessie Louise        
Springer, Louisa M. See Springer, Jessie Louise        
St. John, Theodore L. Born Jul 6, 1848 to Thomas Taylor St. John & Olive Cole; family history Filkens, Caroline Augusta Born to William Filkens & Mary Van Heusen Apr 11, 1878 in Sodus NY Film
St. John, Theodore L. See St. John, Warren Wallace        
St. John, Thomas Taylor See St. John, Theodore L.        
St. John, Warren Wallace Born Jan 14, 1882 at Center Brunswick, NY to Theodore L. St. John, & Carrie Augusta Filkins Staude, Grace D. Born to Adolph Staude & Katherine Case Oct 5, 1914 in Troy NY  
Stahl, Virginai May See Pullen, Anna May        
Stanhope, Martha Jane See Young, William Henry, Jr.        
Stanton, Elijah R. See Stanton, Elmer E.        
Stanton, Elmer E. Born Mar 15, 1862 at Saranac, NY to Elijah R. Stanton & Amanda C. Haynes; photo Booth, Jennie E. Born to Joseph Booth Jul 16, 1866 in Troy NY Meehan; Stockwell
Staude, Adolph See Staude, Grace D.        
Staude, Grace D. Born to Adolph Staude & Katherine Case St. John, Warren Wallace Born Jan 14, 1882 at Center Brunswick, NY to Theodore L. St. John, & Carrie Augusta Filkins Oct 5, 1914 in Troy NY  
Stewart, Johanna See Thomas, Henry B.        
Stewart, Margaret Miles Born to William Stewart & Susan Miles Trotter, William, MD Born to May 2, 1888 at Troy, NY to John Trotter & Mary Kiee; WWI Vet May 28, 1919 in Troy NY  
Stewart, Mary See Leonard, Mary O.        
Stewart, William See Stewart, Margaret Miles        
Stickney, Eliza See Beard, Mabelle E.        
Stillman, Luan Born to William Stillman & Serapta Stillman Geel, Charles W. Born Aug 16, 1849 in Guilderland, Holland to William Geel & Johanna Klomps; some immigration history Nov 25, 1875 in Berlin NY Hewitt
Stillman, Serapta See Stillman, Luan        
Stillman, William See Stillman, Luan        
Stilson, Florance L. Born to George R. Stilson & Emma Cole Waterman, Edward Coburn Born Jul 2, 1881 at Troy, NY to F. Irving Waterman & Elnora Nichols 1912  
Stilson, George R. See Stilson, Florance L.        
Stoddard, Susanna See Snow, Susan Elizabeth        
Stone, Charles See Stone, Delia B.        
Stone, Charles A. Born Jun 19, 1881 at Troy, NY to Charles R. Stone & Katrina B. Akin; family history Payn, Hazel K. Born to Howard K. Payn & M. Alida Dennison Jun 20, 1908 in Albany NY  
Stone, Charles R. See Stone, Charles A.        
Stone, Delia B. Born to Charles Stone & Agnes Roy Clarke, William Edward Born Oct 2, 1881 in Troy, NY to Francis E. Clarke & Anna Braun Aug 23, 1909 in Cohoes NY  
Stone, Ethel C. Born to Thomas H. Stone & Charlotte Chandler Becker, Dr. Edward W. Born Apr 20, 1876 in Central Nassau, NY to Henry C. Becker & Emeline Waterbury Troy NY  
Stone, Thomas H. See Stone, Ethel C.        
Stowell, Addie See Simon, Eva Stowell        
Strait, Fred Born Feb 3, 1894 at Poestenkill, NY to Lorenzo Strait & Alletia Littlefield; family history Burdick, Alice Born to Elmer Burdick & Nellie Jones Oct 10, 1916 in Berlin NY  
Strait, Lorenzo See Strait, Fred        
Strecker, Edward Born Feb 28, 1867 at Boston, MA to Werner Strecker (born Alsfeld, Germany & Walburg Kirchner Green, Alta Born to William Duane Green & Martha Main Jun 5, 1889 in Troy NY Thornton; Strecker
Strecker, Werner See Strecker, Edward        
Streever, Prudence Born to Thomas H. Streever & Prudence Higgitt Hill, Robert H. Born Jul 17, 1891 in Troy, NY to Thomas Hill Oct 8, 1913 in Troy NY  
Streever, Thomas H See Streever, Prudence        
Stubbs, Katherine   Draper, Frederick E., Jr. Born Apr 3, 1873 in Troy, NY to Frederick E. Draper, Sr. & Anne J. Woodcock Troy NY  
Stumpf, Josephine See Wainman, Archie        
Sturges, Joseph See Sturges, Robert        
Sturges, Mary See Sturges, Robert        
Sturges, Robert Born Sep 5, 1863 in England to Joseph Sturges & Mary Sturges Greiser, Barbara   Watervliet NY  
Styles, Thomas Augustus Born Jan 14, 1884 at Troy, NY to William Styles & Katherine Keys Fox, Mary Agnes   Jun 2, 1907 in Troy NY  
Styles, William See Styles, Thomas Augustus        
Sullivan, Carolyn Elizabeth   Collins, Michael F. Born Sep 27, 1854 in Troy, NY to Patrick Collins & Alice Cullen Dec 20, 1880 in Troy NY Armstrong; Bohrer; Wales
Sullivan, Cathrine See Mulholland, Joseph B.        
Sulzman, Charles A. See Sulzman, Frank M.        
Sulzman, Frank M. Born Aug 6, 1875 at Waterford, NY to Charles A. Sulzman & Rose Roe Daley, Helen J.   Jun 20, 1905  
Sutherland, Charles See Sutherland, Frances        
Sutherland, Frances Born to Charles Sutherland & Jane McLean Crowley, Alonzo James Born in 1826 in Ireland to William Crowley (made harnesses for Civil War horses) & Jennie Leonard Apr 19, 1910 in Troy NY  
Sutherland, John A., Jr. Born Apr 9, 1888 at Holland to John A. Sutherland, Sr. & Cathrina Flishard DaCosta, Kathleen   Jan 22, 1916 in New York NY  
Sutherland, John A., Sr. See Sutherland, John A., Jr.        
Sweet, Mary See Binck, Charlotte        
Swensson, Emil See Swensson, Otto J.        
Swensson, Otto J. Born April 1880 to Emil Swensson & Catherine Jordan Leggett, Ethel Belle Born to Joseph A. Leggett Oct 24, 1911 in Troy NY  


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