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Prominent Citizens Of Troy And
Rensselaer County, NY.

Troy and Rensselaer County, New York: A History
by Rutherford Hayner, Volume III,
Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York and Chicago 1925

T-U surnames cited in Volume III of the 3 Volume History.

Taylor, Fannie See Cowee, Clarence Harold        
Taylor, Fannie Born to William F. Taylor & Sarah Green-Dennison Cowee, Willis Judson Born Jul 19, 1861 in Berlin, NY to Farwell Malcolm Cowee & Sarah E. Godfrey; family history Apr 4, 1883 in Berlin NY Gutermuth
Taylor, Jeannette See Ferguson, C. W.        
Taylor, John See Taylor, John P.        
Taylor, John P. Born Apr 16, 1874 at Troy, NY to John Taylor & Mary Anderson Simmons, Jessie   1900 in Troy NY Schilling
Taylor, Margaret L. See Thomas, Fayette        
Taylor, William F. See Taylor, Fannie        
Teal, Henry See Teal, Myrline        
Teal, Myrline Born to Henry Teal & Anna Rollman Ryemiller, Charles J. Born Dec 2, 1886 at W Sand Lake, NY to John Ryemiller & Catherine Herman May 5, 1917 in W Sand Lake NY  
Thaliner, Anna S. Born to Peter Thaliner & Susan F. McEdson Shields, William Hamilton Born Aug 8, 1853 at Troy, NY to Hamilton L. Shields May 20, 1886  
Thaliner, Peter See Thaliner, Anna S.        
Thibordence, Matilda See Longyear, Gertrude Griffin        
Thomas, Albert P. See Thomas, Fayette        
Thomas, David D. See Thomas, William D.        
Thomas, Fayette Born Oct 6, 1857 at W Sand Lake, NY to Albert P. Thomas & Margaret L. Taylor; family history Hastings, Ada C. Born to Roswall Hastings & Catherine Cipperly Dec 24, 1879 in W Sand Lake, NY Ferguson
Thomas, Harriet M. See Frederick E. Bowen        
Thomas, Henry B. Born Apr 15, 1844 at Middleboro, MA to Oliver Thomas & Johanna Stewart Bainbridge, Charlotte   1864  
Thomas, Henry B. See Thomas, Orton Henry        
Thomas, Oliver See Thomas, Henry B.        
Thomas, Orton Henry Born Sep 16, 1872 at Troy, NY to Henry B. Thomas & Charlotte Bainbridge Tucker, Harriet Frances Born to H. O. R. Tucker & Elizabeth Louise Brownell    
Thomas, William D. Born Mar 22, 1880 at Granville, NY to David D. Thomas & Mary McKenzie Haffner, Carolyn   Jul 24, 1907 in Brooklyn NY  
Thomas-McLean, Susan See Gilbert, Uri        
Thompson, Charles E. See Thompson, Iva Ellizabeth        
Thompson, Clara B. See Bennett, Thompson Newton        
Thompson, Hobart Warren Born Apr 2, 1862 at Troy, NY to John Isaac Thompson & Mary Mabbett Warren; photo; family history McLeod, Grace Born to Charles A. McLeod & Harriet Rockwood Apr 16, 1895 Houghton; McKean; Greene
Thompson, Iva Ellizabeth Born to Charles E. Thompson & Minnie Thompson Rickerson, Robert L. Born Apr 17, 1894 at Troy, NY to LeRoy Rickerson & Margaret Murphy; family history Aug 9, 1912  
Thompson, John Isaac See Thompson, Hobart Warren        
Thompson, Minnie See Thompson, Iva Ellizabeth        
Tierney, Michael See Tierney, Michael Ambrose        
Tierney, Michael Ambrose Born Mar 11, 1869 at Salem, NY to Michael Tierney & Bridget Dowdell Carpenter, Bessie M. Born to Beecher E. Carpenter & Jula E. Clark Mar 3, 1908  
Tilley, Merritt Elmore See Tilley, Nellie        
Tilley, Nellie Born to Merritt Elmore Tilley & Caroline E. Snyder Hull, Eugene Fellner, MD Born Oct 4, 1888 in Whitney Farm, Berlin, NY to Alson J. Hull & Lillian Allen; WWI Vet; photo Jun 14, 1914 in Berlin NY  
Tinley, Charles See Tinley, Mary E.        
Tinley, Mary E. Born to Charles Tinley & Sarah Ann Tinley Plumb, Henry H. Born Jan 1, 1857 at Peekskill, NY to Thomas H. Plumb & Lucy Pateman Oct 1, 1890 in Loudonville NY  
Tinley, Sarah Ann See Tinley, Mary E.        
Tobey, Mary E. See Holmes, Northrup R.        
Tobey, Mary E.   Holmes, John B. Born Aug 13, 1852 in W. Davenport, NY to Elkanah Holmes & Betsey Burdick 1878 in W.Davenport NY  
Tolls, Palmyra See Doty, Clara Louisa        
Tomlinson, Elizabeth See Madden, William B.        
Toolan, Margaret See Graser, Charles B.        
Townsend, Ella See Sherman, Essie        
Traver, Mary See Foley, Hugh Vincent MD        
Treanor, Hugh See Treanor, Sara E.        
Treanor, Sara E. Born to Hugh Treanor & Anna B. Goode Brearton, James F. Born Nov 11, 1874 in Troy, NY to Thomas Brearton & Margaret Walsh; photo    
Troman, Sarah Ann See Woodhouse, John H.        
Trotter, John See Trotter, William MD        
Trotter, William, MD Born to May 2, 1888 at Troy, NY to John Trotter & Mary Kiee; WWI Vet Stewart, Margaret Miles Born to William Stewart & Susan Miles May 28, 1919 in Troy NY  
Tucker, H.O.R. See Tucker, Harriet Frances        
Tucker, Harriet Frances Born to H. O. R. Tucker & Elizabeth Louise Brownell Thomas, Orton Henry Born Sep 16, 1872 at Troy, NY to Henry B. Thomas & Charlotte Bainbridge    
Twining, Alfred C. See Twining, Frank B.        
Twining, Frank B. Born Sep 3, 1856 at Lansingburg, NY to Alfred C. Twining & Mary F. Barton; family history Bucklin, Nomina Born to Daniel E. Bucklin MD & Dec 12, 1889 Perry; Cox
Tyron, David See Tyron, Delbert Benjamin        
Tyron, Delbert Benjamin Born Jan 20, 1875 at St Lawrence Co, NY to David Tyron & Malinda Jenkins Keller, Anna C. Born to Hiram E. Keller Oct 6, 1899 in Malone NY  
Ulrich, Emma   Doring, Henry Born in 1872 in Hanover, Germany to Joseph Doring (immigrated in 1864) & Caroline Nolte; photo    


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