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Troy Irish Genealogy Meeting Minutes

Moscatiello’s Family Restaurant

April 18, 2013

  • Members Present: Donna Vaughn, Timothy Stone, Gail Landrigan, Kristin Ayotte, Lizette Strait, Grace Bulger, Barry Considine , Kathy Buckley, Bill McGrath, Gerri Sherry, Jeanne Keefe and Patrick Surace.
  • President Tim Stone called the meeting to order.
  • Lizette Strait submitted the November 2012 treasurer’s report that reads as follows:
  • The previous balance as of March 2013: $3837.48 Recent expenses; None Deposits $60 new memberships . April balance = $3897.48, Petty cash totals $21.63. Total assets are $3919.11. Paid members total 64 as if 3/20/13. Total members 2012 = 80 It was noted that some members gifted extra money over and above regular $10 annual dues.
  • To date TIGS has 262 list members and 358 likes on FaceBook. Anyone can post of the FaceBook account. Pictures and scans of records are highly encouraged.
  • The new database of the State Street Burials Grounds in Albany (now Washington Park) has been finished and sent to Jeanne to put on the website.  There are 3,685 names in this new data base.  Data base will also list in separate files  the 15 different church congregations that were identified in the Burial grounds.
  • New database, Newspapering in Rensselaer County, has also been finished and sent to Jeanne to put on  the website.  Series covers the 240 different newspapers published in Rensselaer County from 1787 until the current day.  Also, identifies which newspapers are available at the Troy Library on microfilm or hard copy.
  • Book 5 of interments at St. Mary's Cemetery in Troy has been scanned.  Jeanne needs helps to come to her office to "stitch" the page scans together. As each page required two scans, the right side of the scanned page has to be linked to the left side of the scanned page.
  • Work is continuing on Deaths Reported in the 1904 Troy City Directory.  Names with letters A to Q have been completed so far.
  • A new song (Two Little Orphans) has been added to the TIGS website under RESOURCES and then under Stories, Poems and Songs.

New Business:

The group has been discussing causes to support. Three members, not present tonight asked to have the topic tabled until they could present their ideas at the next meeting.The item was tabled.

The weekly Fiddlers at the South End Tavern were mentioned and members were encouraged to try to make one of the sessions, every Tuesday for the month of April.

Website was once again discussed; do we leave Rootsweb and create our own site where we could grow and improve. Ideas are being worked on that would allow for a “search” of the entire website versus project by project.

This year TIGS will be 10 yrs old on September 18 th. Donna Vaughn will be looking into a way to celebrate that occasion.

Election of officers will take place in May with officers beginning their term at the June meeting.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Kristin Cooney-Ayotte for Kelly Grimaldi, Secretary

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