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Troy, New York

Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2013

Members Present: Mike, Debbie and Katie Gilligan, Heidi Klinowski, Gerri Sherry, Timothy Stone, Bill and Cathy McGrath, Jan Sullivan, Noreen Lacobucci, Kelly Grimaldi, Jeanne Keefe, Gail Landrigan, Kathy Buckley, Barry Considine, Lizette Strait

President Tim Stone called the meeting to order. There were no guests and no new members present.

Treasurer’s Report

Lizette submitted the December 2012 treasurer’s report that reads as follows:

The previous balance as of December 31, 2012: $3,173.48. There were no recent expenses. Deposits were made in the amount of $210. January 2013 balance is $3,383.48. Petty cash totals $21.00. Total assets are $3,405.11 Paid members total 24.

Dues for 2013 continue to be collected.

To date TIGS has 256 list members and 316 likes on Facebook. Anyone can post of the Facebook account. Pictures and scans of records are highly encouraged.

On-going Projects

Bill McGrath discussed finished and on-going projects. A summary of his report is as follows:

Book Four of St. Mary’s Cemetery is now online with 5,112 names. Interments from St. Mary’s Cemetery online now total 17,000. Jeanne Keefe has Book Five and thus far 50 pages have been scanned. There are 150 pages left to scan. Jeanne called for volunteers to help with the scanning process. The TIGS website shows 400 hits looking for interments in St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Three hundred eighty pages of the West Troy Advocate have been scanned and the index was redone by transcribers. The index used to be by surname only but now it references article topics from 1837 – 1864. There are 6,248 surnames and 1,437 subject names for a total of 7,700 index names. Thank you to Peter Reilly for scanning the West Troy Advocate. Peter also finished the website link for the Troy Daily Whig’s 10 th installment. Currently there are 10,175 deaths and 1,377 marriages listed. Death records pre-1880 total 28,000.

The Rensselaer County Newspaper project is on-going. There are 209 newspapers from 1790 to present. Bill McGrath is compiling a list of where microfilm and hard copies of these newspapers may be found.

Rebecca Rector reported to Bill that St. Joseph’s books will be printed and ready for sale in a few weeks.

Tim Stone announced that Genealogy Day will be held on March 9 at the Lansingburgh branch of the Troy Library. This event also serves as a membership recruitment day for TIGS. Handouts and membership applications will be available.

New Business

The package that came with the TIGS computer has expired making a need for the purchase of Microsoft Office software necessary. Jeanne Keefe will purchase the package through RPI to get a better price. A motion to approve the purchase of Microsoft Office was made by Cathy McGrath, seconded by Lizette Strait and approved with none opposed.

TIGS membership dues of $100 payable to the Rensselaer County Historical Society are now due. Lizette Strait made a motion to pay the dues, Heidi Klinowski seconded and all approved.

The next meeting will be held at Moscatiello’s Restaurant on February 21, 2013.

With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Tim Stone and seconded by Cathy McGrath. The meeting was adjourned at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Grimaldi, Secreta

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