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Troy, New York

General Meeting
Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Mosciatello’s Restaurant


Call to Order and Welcome to our Guests at 6:40 PM by VP Tim Stone

Attendees: Tim Stone, Kris Ayotte, Heidi Klinowski, Kristine White, Bill McMahon, Cathy and Bill McGrath, Barry Considine, Debbie, Katie and Mike Gilligan, Grace Bulger, Kathy Buckley, Gail Landrigan, Paul and Lynne Cole, Nicholas Delicco, Rachel D.Bliven and Dick Boland.

Kris Ayotte agreed to take Meeting Minutes, April meeting minutes are posted on the TIGS Website

Treasurer (Lizette) No Report
List Administrator (Brad) 255 List Members
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Ongoing Business
The slate of officers for the annual election was presented to the Mailing List for voting by paid members. Brad Miter has been supplied a list of paid members and is tracking the votes. The new officers will begin their term at the June 2012 meeting.

Tim Stone is working on a Genealogy Day at a local library wherein TIGS members will man a table and answer questions and/or assist with research for anyone asking for help. The Troy Public Library has turned down the opportunity. We will be looking for another site to do this.

Troy Newspaper Project (Bill) A total of 46,314 Troy Newspaper Records will be on the TIGS Website when this latest set of records is put on-line.

Church Memorial Project (Bill) St. Patrick’s, Watervliet, is now finished and sent to Jeanne Keefe to put on website. Thanks to Stan Broderick and Mike McAlonie. The project contains a history of the Church, 7 pictures and 286 memorial names.

Nail Factory Cemetery Project (Bill) Is finished and sent to Jeanne Keefe to put on website. There are a total of 273 graves with an index of 667 names, mostly children.

St. Mary’s Cemetery Book 2 – Sent to Jeanne for website. This book contains 3,434 names.

New Business
The Irish Acts of Kindness page will be updated. Kris Ayotte will ask for volunteers from the TIGS Mailing List and make changes to the existing list as needed.

Tim informed the group of a trip to Ireland sponsored by the Irish Ancestral Research Association. Information can be obtained at

Heidi Klinowski, TIGS member, is also very active with Oakwood Cemetery. TIGS has been invited to tour the Earl Gardner Chapel in lieu of our Aug 16th meeting. We will meet at the Chapel on Oakwood Avenue at 6PM. TIGS will make a donation of $25 to The Friends of Oakwood as a thank you for the tour. In addition, individual members participating in the tour are encouraged to make a personal donation the night of the tour.

Bill talked about an existing database on the TIGS Website that has death records for 1902 and 1903 that were reported in the Troy City Directory for deaths in Troy, Watervliet, Green Island, Cohoes and Waterford and suggested that someone might want to continue this project and work on the 1904 City Directory. Since the meeting two TIGS volunteers, Barry Considine and Gail Landrigan have started to work on this new database.

Genealogy Table – A short power point presentation was given to the group by Paul Cole of the Kate Mullany National Historic Site. Assisting Mr. Cole was Rachel D. Bliven who is developing plans for exhibits at the Mullaney House that will be open to the public and her Assistant,Nicholas DeLicco. Mr. Cole and Ms. Bliven are asking for your help in finding records about Kate Mullaney, her family and the neighborhood that they lived in. There is also a $500 reward for a verified picture of Ms. Mullaney.

The June meeting will be held on June 21st at the Map Room of Historic St. Agnes Cemetery. TIGS was invited to use the Map Room at the request of the St. Agnes. St. Agnes will host a buffet for members as a way of thanking the group for the work they have done transcribing records.

The July meeting will be held at Moscatello’s Restaurant. The August meeting will be held at the Earl Gardner Chapel at Oakwood Avenue Cemetery.

Meeting Adjourned by Vice President, Tim Stone.

Respectfully Submitted by Kristin Cooney-Ayotte

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