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Troy, New York

Troy Irish Genealogy Meeting Minutes
Finnbar’s Restaurant -May 16, 2013

Members Present: Heidi & Carl Klinowski, Grace Bulger, Timothy Stone, Kelly Grimaldi, Kathy Buckley, Lizette Strait, Kris Ayotte, Gerri Sherry, Jan Sullivan, Kris White, Bill and Cathy McGrath, Noreen Iacobucci

1. Call to Order:

President Tim Stone called the meeting to order. No new members present. List members total 269 and Face Book likes total 364.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Lizette submitted the treasurer’s report that reads as follows: The previous balance as of April 30, 2013: $3,894.48. Expenses: none, Deposit made in the amount of $55.00, April balance was $3,949.48. Petty cash is $21.63 making total assets: $3,971.11. Total paid members: 68. There were 80 paid members in 2012.

Funding was approved for the purchase of St; Joseph’s _ook; One copy will be donated to the

Troy Public Library with a donation acknowledgement for TIGS. Lizette announced it is time to decide on a project to fund. Heidi suggested a donation towards Oakwood _emetery’s archival project including funding for acid-free Mylar page protectors to preserve a cemetery interment/ lot book. Kelly Grimaldi suggested funding the restoration of a marble monument for the McCabe Family dated 1875. The monument was blown over in a storm last December and broken in three places. It is a beautiful example of 19 th century marble-work and is rich with genealogical information. A vote by count of hands was taken and all were in agreement to donate $200 to the Oakwood book project and $200 to the St. Agnes Cemetery monument restoration project.

3. Project Updates

Since the last meeting there are two additions to the website. Newspapers in Rensselaer County 1787 to present lists 240 papers and where bound copies and microfilm copies may be located. The Troy Whig 1869 –1878 is now on line featuring 10,175 deaths and 1,377 marriages. In all 10 sets of newspapers there is a total of 28,254 deaths and 18,060 marriages. Notice of the new databases was sent to 78 lists netting over 1,000 hits on the TIGS website. TIGS was mentioned in two genealogy newletters – Eastman’s Daily and Weekly Gen; Troy City Directory deaths in 1904 have been compiled by Kathy Buckley and Barry Considine. There are seven letters left to complete: R-S-T-W-X-Y-Z. West Troy Advocate 1837 – 1864 includes 380 pages which Jeanne has loaded into PDFs. When index is completed there will be links to 6,248 surnames and 1,473 subjects. Removals from St; Mary’s _emetery !lbany 1875 – 1885 includes 910 names. Bill is currently searching for history on the old cemetery where Albany High School is now located.

The St; Joseph’s Records have not gone to the publisher but according to Rebecca Rector they will be “going soon;”

4. Elections

A vote of officers was taken and the slate remains the same as last year with Tim Stone as president, Lizette Strait as treasurer and Kelly Grimaldi as secretary. Gerri Sherry volunteered to serve as vice president. All officers were approved by voting members with none opposed. The names of the officers will be posted on the list and on Face Book.

Respectfully submitted by Tim Stone.

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