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Troy, New York

Meeting started @ 6:42 by Tim Stone
15 members in attendance
Welcome to guest Sylvia Pruzenski

Treasurers Report- Lizette not in attendance. Total in account $ 3,332.86. Number of people on list 253, Number of likes on Facebook 273.

Bill McGrath gave his report. as follows:

1- St Mary's Cemetery, Troy
Books 1,2,3 are on the website. Book 4 which consists of 225 pages is just about finished. Only 11 pages remain with transcribers. Will be over, 6000 names. Covers period March 1935- November ,1942. A number of WWII and Korean War causalities are listed. Project only started on June 28 Email on TIGS list brought in 10 more transcribers.

2- State St Cemetery, AlbanyCovers removals from State St Cemetery, now site of Washington Park. Thirteen non Catholic denominations were removed to a section of Albany Rural Cemetery and the Catholics were removed to St. Agnes. Data Base of 3,800 names is finished and most of the introduction with photographs is done. Added over 300
additional cross references to parent's names and obvious family surnames to the index.

3- Troy City Directory DeathsThe TIGS website has long had deaths in the 1902 and 1903 Troy City Directories on line. Barry and Kathy have started work on deaths reported in the 1904 directory. Letters A to I have been completed.
Note that deaths also include Green Island, Watervliet, Waterford and Cohoes.

4- Rensselaer County Newspapers:This is an alphabetical and Chronological listing of the 209 newspapers in Rensselaer from 1790 to the present day. Adding 3 additional columns to indicate holdings (Microfilm bound copies) at 1: The Troy Library, 2- State Library in Albany, 3_ Other locations, colleges, museums, historical societies, etc.

5- Church memorials and family Names:The 18th church to be added to the Church Memorials and family Names section of the TIGS website will be Historic St. Mary's Church in Albany.
Introduction with photos and listing of memorial names were sent to Jeanne today.

Kris Ayotte spoke about International Fest which will be held on 9/22 at the troy Marketplace. We will have a booth which will go to 4 PM

Cost of New Brochures $60.75. We need to look for better price for next time


Ongoing business:

Irish Act of Kindness: Needs to be updated. If anyone has a source of records, it would be helpful. IF no
help available, it may come down.

Victorian Stroll: 1st Sunday in December 12/2. Will be setting up a table

Essex County Historic Society has a book. Port Henry Library has a scrapbook All sorts

Oakwood Cemetery: Literary tour on Edgar Allen Poe 10/17 $15 pp as well as a Celtic crosses tour on 10/6 $12. Kris Ayotte noted that we are fortunate we have people who attend the meeting and bring information.

Thank you to Heidi for the Oakwood cemetery tour.

Watervliet Historical Society is going to catalog all directories

Bill Mc Grath: Irish museum has information on Irish Brigade. TIGS should join for $25. per year. Seconded by Mike Gilligan Motion approved.

Genealogy lookup day is still in planning. Hopefully by November.

Next meeting is 10/18. Looks like the Mt Ida cemetery tour. Will check on parking with Congress St. construction. Kris Ayotte will confirm.

Meeting adjourned @7:15

Respectfully Submitted by Tim Stone


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