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The Nail Factory Cemetery - Troy, NY

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McMahan, A.

See: Kelsey, Penelope

McMahan, C.

See: Kelsey, Penelope

McNeil, Eva

June 1, 1875

Eva died at age 2 years and 9 months.  She was the daughter of John McNeil.

McNeil, J.

See: McNeil, John

McNeil, John

August 10, 1865

John died at age 3 years.  Parents were J. & M. McNeil. 

McNeil, John

See: McNeil, Eva

McNeil, M.

See: McNeil, John

McNeil, Mary

April 27, 1870

Mary died at age 34 years and 7 months.  Her parents were M. & M. Almond.

Melville, C.

See: Melville, Peter

Melville, Peter

June 16, 1863

Peter, born in Troy, resided at the Nail Factory with his parents W. & C. Melville.  He died at the Nail Factory at age 5 months of whooping cough.  (Melvell is name spelling on other records)

Melville, W.

See: Melville, Peter

Merchant, Hannah

See: Merchant, Rhoda M.

Merchant, James E.

August 10, 1865

James, born in Northumberland, N.Y., died at age 21 years 10 months and 9 days.  His parents were L. & R. Merchant. 

Merchant, L.

See. Merchant, James E.

Merchant, Philo

See: Merchant, Rhoda M.

Merchant, R.

See. Merchant, James E.

Merchant, Rhoda, M.

May 9, 1872

Rhoda was born in Nassau, N. Y. to Philo and Hannah Merchant.  She died at age 69 years.

Merchant. L.

See: Tripp, Susan M.

Merchant. R.

See: Tripp, Susan M.

Milles, George

July 18, 1869

George, born in Wales, died at age 57 years.  Parents were J. & M. Milles.

Milles, J.

See: Milles, George

Milles, M.

See: Milles, George

Millington, J.

See: Millington, Moses A.

Millington, Moses A.

August 1, 1864

Moses died at age 2 years, 7 months and 17 days.  His parents were William & J. Millington.

Millington, William

See: Millington, Moses A.

Morgan, J.

See: Morgan, John

Morgan, John

July 23, 1869

John died at age 1 year, 1 month and 4 days.  Parents were J. & R. Morgan.

Morgan, Martha

April 16, 1867

Martha, born in England, died at age 70 years and 9 months.  Her parents were J. & M. Southett.  .

Morgan, R.

See: Morgan, John

Mulpollon, F.

See: Mulpollon, Margaret

Mulpollon, Margaret

September 23, 1854

Margaret was born in Troy to F. & S. Mulpollon.  She died at age 6 days. 

Mulpollon, S.

See: Mulpollon, Margaret

Myers, J. Nelson

December 24, 1874

J. Nelson was born in Greenbush, N. Y. and he died at age 56 years.  His father was Matt Myers.

Myers, M.

See: Myers, Peggy

Myers, M.

See: Myers, Matilda

Myers, Matilda

February 21, 1867

Matilda died at age 21 years.  Parents were N. & M. Myers.

Myers, Matt

See: Myers, J. Nelson

Myers, N.

See: Myers, Matilda

Myers, Peggy

October 14, 1861

Peggy lived at the Nail Factory.  She was born in Schodack.  Father was M. Myers.  Died of palsy at the age of 67. 

Myres, Child

September 3, 1854

Parents names not given.  Child adopted by Daniels E. Myres.  Died at age 4 months.

Myres, Daniel E.

See: Myers, Child

Myres, Levina

July 30, 1858

Levina lived at the Nail Factory with her parents N. & M. Myres.  She died at age 14 days.

Myres, M.

See: Myres, Levina

Myres, N.

See: Myres, Levina

Nichols, Henrietta

March 16, 1871

Henrietta died of suffocation at age 4 months and 26 days.  Lived with her parents W. H. & N. E. Nichols at the Nail Factory.

Nichols, N. E.

See: Nichols, Henrietta

Nichols, W. H.

See: Nichols, Henrietta

O'Brien, Michael

September 10, 1880

Michael, son of William O'Brien, died at age 5 years, 2 months and 2 days.  He is buried at the Iron Works.

O'Brien, William

See: O'Brien, Michael

Olmstead, E.

See: Olmstead, Jabez

Olmstead, Jabez

March 28, 1872

Jabez, born Derby, Conn., died at age 76 years.  His parents were Joseph and E. (Eliza ? Elizabeth ?) Olmstead.

Olmstead, Jane

March 21, 1881

Jane died at the infirmary at age 80 years.  Cause reported as "old age".  She was the daughter of Mr. Bailey.  She was buried at the Iron Works.

Olmstead, Joseph

See: Olmstead, Jabez

Olmsted, S.

See: Olmsted, Zelia L.

Olmsted, W.

See: Olmsted, Zelia L.

Olmsted, Zelia L.

October 2, 1854

Zelia was born to W. & S. Olmsted. Died at age 8 months.

O'Neil, James

See: O'Neil, Julia

O'Neil, Julia

August 1, 1874

Julia, born in Troy, died at age 26 years.  Her father was James O'Neil. 

Ostrander, Margaret

October 23, 1855

Margaret, born in Schodack, N. Y., died in the Sixth Ward at age 23 years.  Parents were D. & C. Decoby.

Padget, C. L.

See: Padget, Charles E.

Padget, Charles E.

April 19, 1861

Charles, born in Little Falls, resided at the Nail Factory with his parents W. & C. L. Padget.  He died at age 3 years, 4 months and 2 days.

Padget, W.

See: Padget, Charles E.

Pamlett, Child

September 1, 1875

Unnamed Pamlett child, died at Batavia, N. Y. Childs father was John Pamlett.  No age was given.

Pamlett, John

See: Pamlett, Child

Parcells, E.

See: Gregg, Elizabeth

Parcells, L.

See: Gregg, Elizabeth

Peabody, H.

See: Peabody, Lucretia

Peabody, H.

See: Peabody, Mary A.

Peabody, I.

See: Peabody, Lucretia

Peabody, J. A.

See: Peabody, Mary A.

Peabody, Lucretia

July 11, 1854

Lucretia was born in Troy.  Parents were I. & H. Peabody.  She died at age 5 years.

Peabody, Mary A.

April 19, 1865

Mary, born in Booneton, N. J.,  died at age 8 years and 1 month.  Parents were J. A. & H. Peabody. 

Peabody, Talmadge

February 27, 1872

Talmadge was born at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.  He died at age 33 years.

Pierce, A.

See: Pierce, John

Pierce, J.

See: Pierce, John

Pierce, John

June 8, 1864

John resided at the Nail Factory with his parents J. & A. Pierce.  He died at age 3 years. 

Pinlott, F.

See: Pinlott, Harriet

Pinlott, Harriet

June 27, 1867

Harriet died at age 9 years.  Parents were F. & M. Pinlott.

Pinlott, M.

See: Pinlott, Harriet

Pitcher, E.

See: Pitcher, John A.

Pitcher, J.

See: Pitcher, John A.

Pitcher, John A.

April 10, 1868

John "died by hanging" in Brunswick, N. Y.  He was 37 years old and was born in Germany.  Parents were J. & E. Pitcher. 

Plunkett, M.

See: Plunkett, Thomas

Plunkett, Thomas

March 15, 1869

Thomas, born in Ireland, died at age 45 years.  Parents were W. H. & M. Plunkett.

Plunkett, W. H.

See: Plunkett, Thomas

Poole, Elizabeth A. 

October 11, 1862

Elizabeth, resided at the Nail Factory with her father Henry Poole.  She died at age 9 days.

Poole, Henry

See: Poole, Elizabeth A.

Post, E.

See: Post, Martin

Post, H.

See: Post, Martin

Post, Martin

August 20, 1857

Martin's parents were H. & E. Post.  He died at age 14 days.

Pratt, Angus

See: Pratt, Jannette

Pratt, C.

See: Pratt, William T.

Pratt, E. (Father)

See: Pratt, L.

Pratt, E. (Mother)

See: Pratt, L.

Pratt, Jannette

March 15, 1881

Jannette, born in Scotland, was the daughter of Angus Pratt.  She died at age 57 years on Willis Avenue of consumption.  She  is buried in the Iron Works Cemetery.

Pratt, L.

September 28, 1869

Baby L. Pratt died at age 3 months.  Parents were E. & E. Pratt.

Pratt, T.

See: Pratt, William T.

Pratt, William T.

June 21, 1871

William died at age 23 years, 8 months and 7 days. His parents were T. & C. Pratt.

Price, David

March 31, 1865

David, born in Wales, died at age 65 years. Parents were R. & M. Price.

Price, Female Child

January 24, 1865

Henry Price's girl, stillborn.  Parents were H. & L. Price.

Price, H.

See: Price, John

Price, Henry

See: Price, Female Child

Price, John

November 13, 1856

John resided at the Nail Factory with his parents H. & S. Price.  He died at age 1 year, 3 months and 19 days.

Price, L.

See: Price, Female Child

Price, M.

See: Price, David

Price, R.

See: Price, David

Price, S.

See: Price, John

Prinlott, A.

See: Prinlott, Frances

Prinlott, Frances

June 2, 1870

Frances was born in England to J. & A. Prinlott.  Another record has surname spelling as "Pinlott".  She died at age 47 years and 3 months.

Prinlott, J.

See: Prinlott, Frances

Probert, D.

See: Probert, David B.

Probert, David B.

January 24, 1871

David, born to D. & P. Probert, died at age 3 years and 21 days.

Probert, P.

See: Probert, David B.

Proene, H.

See: Proene, Samuel

Proene, L.

See: Proene, Samuel

Proene, Samuel

August 30, 1854

Parents were H. & L. Proene. Samuel died at age 10 days.

Purcell, John 

See: Purcell, John A.

Purcell, John A.

January 15, 1873

John A. died at age 4 years and 11 months.  His father was John Purcell.


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