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The Troy Daily Press - Death & Marriage Records

The Troy Press published by Yates and Richards started in 1832 and suspended publication in 1834. These records will be of particular interest to Troy area genealogy researchers since the dates of death and marriages predate the 1880 N.Y.S. law on reporting of this information. A number of the death records show the age of the individual at the time of death and for many of the married women, the first name of the husband is also shown. Military ranks (Gen., Lieut., Captain, Col., etc.) are indicated for a number of the names in both the death records and the marriage records.

Most of the marriage records show the residence of the bride and groom and for those records where the bride is identified as a “Mrs.” this is a clue that the marriage was a second one.

The numbers shown for page/column identifies the page and column number in the Troy Daily Press where the death or marriage notice was published. Death and marriage records published in newspapers for this time period were limited to very brief information such as the name, age and date of death or date of marriage. If the individual was of some prominence, then it is possible that there may be a further story in the paper.

Deaths – February 11, 1833 – June 30, 1834

Marriages – February 11, 1833 – June 30, 1834


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